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Michael Fassbender Works His Leather Jacket at the 'Frank' Dublin Premiere!

Michael Fassbender Works His Leather Jacket at the 'Frank' Dublin Premiere!

Michael Fassbender is so easy on the eyes as he hits the red carpet at the Frank premiere held at The Light House Cinema on Thursday evening (April 24) in Dublin, Ireland.

The 37-year-old actor was joined on the carpet by his co-star Domhnall Gleeson as they both signed autographs and took selfies with fans. So cute!

Frank follows Jon (Gleeson), a young wanna-be musician, discovers he’s bitten off more than he can chew when he joins an eccentric pop band led by the mysterious and enigmatic Frank (Fassbender).

Earlier in the day, Michael was spotted arriving to his hotel.

10+ pictures inside of Michael Fassbender at the premiere of Frank

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michael fassbender works the red carpet in a leather jacket 01
michael fassbender works the red carpet in a leather jacket 02
michael fassbender works the red carpet in a leather jacket 03
michael fassbender works the red carpet in a leather jacket 04
michael fassbender works the red carpet in a leather jacket 05
michael fassbender works the red carpet in a leather jacket 06
michael fassbender works the red carpet in a leather jacket 07
michael fassbender works the red carpet in a leather jacket 08
michael fassbender works the red carpet in a leather jacket 09
michael fassbender works the red carpet in a leather jacket 10
michael fassbender works the red carpet in a leather jacket 11
michael fassbender works the red carpet in a leather jacket 12
michael fassbender works the red carpet in a leather jacket 13
michael fassbender works the red carpet in a leather jacket 14
michael fassbender works the red carpet in a leather jacket 15
michael fassbender works the red carpet in a leather jacket 16
michael fassbender works the red carpet in a leather jacket 17

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  • MaryB

    He’s beautiful!

  • unff

    How could you not want to sit on his face?

  • Betty

    Yup…he’s got that sexy strut about him. But his taste in women is horrible personality-wise. Never seen him with a mentally stable woman, just crazy ones

  • amelia

    Apart from Madalina he’s only dated black women since he’s famous. I didn’t know he dated Zoe Kravitz, god, that girl is only 25 and she’s gone to bed with at least five men that we know.

  • Gina

    He’s cute. I wish he would take care of his skin more + stop smoking, because he’s starting to look older than his age.

  • Interesting

    D@mn hes so freaking gorgeous smh. d@mn d@mn d@mn, sexy as hell

  • Kiki

    @amelia: re Zoe Kravitz, didn’t know it was such a “shocker” to have slept with 5 men at the age of 25, but yeah okay LOL!

  • Nasty

    @Kiki: 25 and 5 men in the industry(an industry where they pass partners around) :/ There’s def more we don’t know about. And yes, it may be a “shocker” to some individuals who are able to hold down a relationship for a long period of time and not open their legs to a new man every few months.

  • babysitter

    And the PR Lady is always there, he just needs babysitting or there are also another one or two hypothesis…

  • going to bed

    Bedding 5 men at 25 isn’t that outrageous! And how many women has he bedded??? He doesn’t do dating there all flings and don’t last long and there only the ones we hear about, must be many more on the DL

  • hollywood bike

    Gone to bed with 5 men, or more, if you are 25 years is not a strange thing. The problem is that Fassbender ran into the Hollywood bike and so all the women he touched have bad reputations.

  • Nasty

    @going to bed: it’s not outrageous to me but don’t be so damn surprised when it is to others. Did I let him off the hook? No, I didn’t even mention him because Amelia was talking about her. He’s a whore, I don’t think anyone can honestly deny that.

  • Nasty


  • going to bed

    @Nasty: Get your point but personally I woukdnt use the term wh*re about him or any women he’s been with. He’s just very horny and after easy lays and there’s plently of them around in that industry they must know his rep. But he dosent pretend to be boyfriend material. Live and let live

  • Nasty

    @going to bed: you’re right, he’s not a wh*re but a sl*t. I agree with everything else you wrote.

  • valentina

    Fassy I love you!!!

  • Lena

    You wouldnt call a person who beds tons of people a wh*’re or a sl*t? What words would you use to describe them then? The phrase I love hearing most about people with lack of sexual DISCRETION and lack of SELF PROTECTIVE instincts, and self esteem is that they are just “free spirits” who just really really really LOVE sex….Oh really? Is that so? Interesting how the folks in monogamous committed long term relationships always get labeled with boring sex lives and not “loving” sex because they stick with ONE partner. As if staying put and EXPLORATION of sex with someone you have bonded with and can trust your life with means you don’t like sex as much or have a boring sex life. How ridiculous and insane. I knew this very promiscuous girl when I was younger and we were talking about or/gasms. She had TONS of partners and yet never had an orga/sm. I was like, “what about sticking with ONE partner long enough to figure out TOGETHER how to get you there instead of working your way through the entire male side of the species trying to get guys who don’t care about you to think you’re desirable and accept you for 15 minutes before they forget your name?”

    Seriously, some of you make it seem like having tons of sex partners is no big deal. It IS. Its not Scarlet letter offense worthy, but it’s not an admirable quality either. Nor should young kids learn to emulate it. Wanting lots of partners (or f/ck buddies) just means you like to COLLECT and CONTROL HUMANS, not that you have a big libido or enjoy sex, as you can fulfill that need with sticking with ONE partner you trust and love.

    And it’s not a free spirit or laid back attitude towards sex or better skills in bed or more enjoyment of sex. These people just lack sexual discretion and personal protective instincts which is really what it is when you trust people you don’t know really really well with your (1) overall health (HIV or AIDS) or sexual health (STDs or herpes) (2) physical safety if you are bringing them home to your home to lay next to you as you sleep, vulnerably; (3) social health, as they get access to your secrets to spread in society and harm you reputation wise if they want, and even (4) economic health, if during that one stand or relationship, they get your credit card info or become pregnant and get you on the hook for child support for an unplanned illigitimate child (which you love as it is yours of course). And if this friend with benefits sex partner is your trusted friend who you enjoy sex with, why are THEY not your committed partner? What are you looking for? Maybe someone who has more self respect???? Someone who wouldn’t lower themselves to settle for just f/ck buddy? Yeah…think about it…LOL…:)

    A lot of sex partners is not a hang draw and quarter worthy crime but it’s not a “high fiver” thing either. It leans more towards pathetic and lazy self esteem actually and lack of SELF control. Huff and puff as you will, but logic and reason separates us from other animals. As does the barn usually…

  • Trouble

    He’s nothing but trouble. He’s playing the field and never going to settle down with one girl. He’s just one of those guys, he’s trouble. There’s no evidence he even really cares about any of the women he’s been with. He dumps them and moves on to the next victim.

  • Lena


    I’m not sticking up for the women. It’s not Michael’s turn to babysit the character and self esteem of what appears from my vantage point to be vain physical appearance driven self entitled divas who probably use sex to get what they want from life. It’s free will for all concerned. My beef is with the culture (which appears to be gaining in aggressive strength with the advent of the internet) of idolizing “dead end” negative soul eroding behavior and the peer pressure and conditioning in society pushing kids at an early age to emulate that self destructive spiral downward. I mean TIME magazine has Beyonce as the most influential person? Sure, she’s married. Are they faithful? Is there cheating? Three way sex romps? Open marriage? What? Either way…she’s still an entertainer who sells a sexy image to kids while confusing them with strange lyrics about getting another somebody in 5 minutes after booting the last one out. Nothing against Beyonce. I prefer liquid or thrash metal personally, etc. So, nothing against adult content lyrics, or sex, etc. I just don’t think she needs to be influential for WHO SHE IS in the world. Same with Miley Cyrus. Madonna. Pitt-Jolie. That’s all. Charitable examples if they head a charity. Sure. Lead the way and use your image to spread the word. But BEHAVIOR icons. No effing way…

    Unless of course all of you believe the statistics of increasing one parent households living below the poverty line, increase in STDs like super gonorrhea and super syphillis (resistant to antibiotics), the spread of AIDS, and increase in children having to live through their parents divorcing is just a fine and dandy free spirit lifestyle choice, and where “it’s at”as far as the future of the human race goes…

    Oh, at some point, someone will call me names, saying I’m bossy, or preachy and a know it all. But I never said I haven’t made mistakes. Or am perfect. Or that I don’t have certain vices like everyone. But at least I recognize it. Some people actually idolize these fools and emulate their behavior and don’t GET that being famous doesn’t automatically make you smart, wise, good, or better in some way. Or that PR folks are often selling false unobtainable images to the masses. And, as I hope the Singer/Egan, et al lawsuits will show that often those folks are willing to do more degrading things than the average person to get that shot at fame. Things the average person would never do. It’s called selling your soul, and in my book, it HARDLY makes that kind of person worthy of idolizing, emulating, or the go to person for influencing the masses.

    I think something has changed in the last 20 years. Celebrities no longer get asked just about their music or movies. Now, it’s about (1) how they stay happily married (2) recover from stress (3) lose weight (4) balance work with kids, etc. That’s where things went wrong (in part) I think. And bearding, and fauxmances, etc. Just my opinion. If my posts are too long…then don’t points are not for everyone. I get that. Some people like to debate me or discuss these issues with me. Others not.. :)

  • Oh Lena dear

    Regarding post #19: your point would be considered by one and all if only you had one.

  • Lena

    @Oh Lena dear:

    Oh my, arent you such the clever fishy swimming in circles in the fish bowl…I bet you found yourself to be so impressed with yourself with that comment eh? Put me in my place didn’t you? My knees are simply quivering at your sharp wit and mind numbing knack for having just the exact right zinger… LOL…:)

    Well, thanks for making my point. Which is that some “zombies” require pop culture nonsense just to snap to it and get a clue…. So, perhaps this will better drive my point home for you..


    ETA: I’m patient and kind. If that doesn’t do it, perhaps I can see if I can find a Sesame Street clip or something…

  • Sad

    Sad that not one person mentioned the film FRANK in these comments.
    It appears Michael’s private life takes precedence these days over his work :(

  • going to bed

    @Sad: Well observed, Michaels personal life always seems to take center stage. Guess it dosent help that nobody has actually seen Frank yet so can’t comment on it. But all these people passing judgement on Michael is wrong. They don’t know him and its none of their business who he chooses to sleep with or how often. Everyone has free choice in UK where he lives and if he wants to have sex with lots of different women he dosent need anyones permission.except the women concerned. We all have our own moral standards and he obs has no problem with having lots of sex with lots of women. That obs dosent suit everyone but he’s not saying people should do what he does or interfering or passing judgement himself on anyone else. I’d guess most posters on here are women like me and a lot of us know that men don’t view sex the same way as women. Many of them can enjoy it on a purely physical basis without needing any close emotional attachments and Michael is a man with a strong libido and a lot of opportunity to satisfy it. Like I said before live and let live!

  • Lena

    @going to bed:

    My oh my, you are certainly a creepy form of thirsty…

    Hypocrite + thirsty Michael Fassbender zombie excuse maker = zzzzzzzzz ….yes best you go to bed….I can’t imagine you are all that interesting. I mean, seriously, you whine about people having an opinion, and then vomit yours all over the page.

    And, get real, you and the other thirsty Fassbender suck ups are pathetic excuses for women. Guarding his rear like that. What fools. Michael would poop himself if people STOPPED criticizing him. He loves it!!! Why else do you think his girlfriends are getting progressively more DEMONIC? To me, the more DEMONIC they become, the more you can tell he feels he’s not getting enough attention. And, pahleese…he begs for attention in his personal life. Every damn thing he does screams it. He shows his pee pee any chance he can. Shame…on set at Slow West…He talks AD NAUSEAM about his relationships ie, the shape, skin color, wrists, character…well…he lies about that last one obviously…LOL…:)….that women want him for his money and fame….And so on and so on…zzzzzzzzzz

    He spews sex messages with his films….The guy might as well get a tattoo that says, “please talk about my sex life or I will cry like a toddler and pee on your leg for attention.”

    I say we keep playing this game and maybe we can get him to go to Cuba and start dating Joanne Deborah Chesimard after he gets done with Naomi. That would be funny to watch. Although sharky might get fed to the sharks if he broke that poor fragile girl’s cold dark heart…

    She’s up his alley possibly eh? That is, if Naomi becomes too boring. Shares some similar tendencies with Naomi but not all. I haven’t heard of Naomi killing law enforcement. She just assaulted them, whereas Joanne finished the job. She’s a black female, doesn’t like America, violent, claims racism to excuse her violent rages, has fans that blame white folks for her criminal behavior, abets radical dictators, the authorities can’t get her to answer their requests for her to appear. And, like Zoe and Maiko, Joanne has show biz, connections so she can help his career. She’s the step aunt of Tupac Shakur. So, Fass did Frank, and he likes music. Maybe with her connections, he can venture into a second career in music..or become shark bait…LOL..:) always fun to watch a rebellious fella stick it to the world by burying HIMSELF alive in poop…always brilliant, the rebels…LOL:)…And fun to watch…

    Oh yeah, feel free to bite me @go to bed…I think I will comment just like you felt free to do so after criticizing everyone else for doing the same.


  • Lena

    @Sad: What more can be said about it? It’s coming out. No one has seen it. End of story. So there!

  • going to bed

    @Lena: Why do you waste so much energy on a man you obs hate?? “Judge not lest you be judged”

  • Pro Lena

    I like lena and am interested in what she has to say
    I don’t know anything about fassbender except he is a perv and i am not interested in him
    I am only here to read her articulate intelligent views
    It is so rare to run into an actual smart educated woman on jj.

    I know you don’t need me to say this Lena, but keep posting.

  • Pro Lena

    Yes, you caught me socking. I’m Lena. Good night.

  • Lena


    Wow!, 2 Lena’s on here. Cool!!! More succinct than me. But no worries… with practice, you can get better and maximize your words…


  • Lena

    @going to bed:

    Wow, you are a nervy little without boundaries sort of ding dong aren’t you? You’ve decided that my writing is a waste and expends so much energy.** How would you know? I thought you just finished lecturing the world about not purporting to step into someone else’s shoes while espousing a live and let live attitude. I suppose that only goes for fangirls who properly worship and drool and admire consistent with your beliefs? Well, the last time I checked, JJ, like every other gossip site is for discussion and is not a celebrity homage depository and fangirl roll call. And do you monitor what I write all over the internet and my topics of interest? No. Your perspective of MY perspective is defined by your obsession for this man… not by any unusual energy expended by me out of proportion to other topics I discuss and/or criticize as I see fit under my own free speech rights. And I would similarly ask you? If you DON’T know this man PERSONALLY, why do YOU spend so much energy loving on him, lusting after him, and blindly worshipping him? I mean, shoot, at least I offer variety and realism as a skeptic given his odd behavior at times which doesn’t jive with some of his comments. Is it that you feel a sense of security and acceptance and belonging as well as group identity when you can agree with a bunch of other women that so and so actors eyes or thighs or sighs are hot hot hot? You don’t know him, so your efforts are just directed to bonding with other like minded idol worshipping zombies right?

    LOL…:). Yeah….go back to bed…I think we’re through here…:) LOL…


    **I wrote this post on my cell phone while watching season 1 of South Park on DVD. During a short break from writing a brief which is due soon. I personally don’t think tons of energy was wasted or expended. Still don’t see how it’s ANY of YOUR business, or who appointed you my time keeper…or my personal critic…LOL..:)

  • going to bed

    Both Frank the film and Michael’s performance received great reviews following Sundance here in London – look forward to seeing it when it opens here in 2 weeks!

  • Great

    @going to bed:

    I am looking forward to seeing as well.

  • Me too!

    @going to bed: I’m excited to see this. Love Michael in indie films best so disappointed he’s not doing Genius now :( Guess his schedule is too packed.

  • Lena

    @Pro Lena:

    I’m confused. You’re socking for Lena? Not me “Lena” but the other Lena??. The more succinct new Lena? Are you that weirdo from Canada from purse forum??? You already gave yourself away before on the other thread by accusing me of being a fat bald guy. I’m not. But, since you used that to describe me, to me that was a subconscious reveal of who you are. It’s okay sweet pea. I like you. :). Put the ice cream down and step away from the comb over. Just shave it all off like VIn Diesel and wear sunglasses and a worn leather jacket and motorcycle boots and the ladies will think you look hot. Then limit the carbs. The fat will melt right off. Although some ladies like pudgy wudgy. Just be nice. So, it’s all good. No biggie…Anyway, I don’t like to assume someone is trying to pretend to be me as that is presumptuous as there are lots of people named Lena in the world. But in the off chance that the 2nd Lena and Pro Pena are pretending to be socks of me, the 1st Lena…then feel free to suck my toes. Actually, no. Don’t do that…sadly for you, you don’t deserve it. I have textbook perfect and gorgeous straight toes and beautiful feet. That would be too much of a treat especially if you have a foot fetish and I’ve come across way too many dudes with those. Oddly enough. LOL. :)…So, please allow me to offer up the toes of a mythical basilisk soaked in vinegar instead. Still protein though and no carbs. So it’s all good. Bob appetit! Where was I? Oh yeah…suck on it! LOL :)


    Lena :)

    ETA: it’s good Mikey Wikey boo boo isn’t doing Genius if true. What a snooze fest…a story showchasing the gentle manly love and respect between a not so globally known writer and his publisher as they roll around on the ground in vicious fights pummeling each other with rolled up paper seems a wee bit gay…zzzzzzzzzzz.

    Well done Snoopy…. :). Although, now that I’ve slammed the film, it’s probably going to win 7 Oscars if it gets made.

  • Frank
  • Interesting

    Ha, she had to ask him about getting nakie smh

  • going to bed

    @Frank: Interesting stuff, thanks for the link. Hope they make a video of the Q & A available.

  • Pro Lena

    28 is moniker stealer of 27
    27 is me saying i like to read your posts
    that is all
    carry on

  • Interesting

    I went straight to the interview with Michael Fassbender. Love the commercial, hes a good singer too :)

  • Pro Lena

    In case there is any confusion, I mean I like reading the posts of the Real Lena who writes the long posts.

  • Bump

    Worth noting……
    He now dodges questions that even slightly veer on private, bringing it right back to a professional focus immediately. Nipping it in the bud early shuts down the possibility of any follow up questions on dating or relationship status. Candid info from him about his love life is unlikely to happen anymore.
    Another note the Publicity woman is a lot less visible now.

  • Interesting


    Ha maybe she reads here and see some comments re her being interviews and pics with him. Hel/l I even said something about it on Twitter lm@o

  • Then and Now

    “If you live recklessly without responsibility there are casualties left around you” Michael Fassbender 2011

    I love the way Cronenberg outs him for being like his character Brendan, I know he is meant to be joking but you almost get the impression he means it too

  • lol

    @Bump: He is implementing a cleanup of its image. As I have written many times, damage control! LOL

  • Snarky

    @lol: No damage control if he’s with that violent freak Campbell. There’s a reason she’s not married and in a solid secure relationship. All her hookups are problematic.

  • Lena

    @Pro Lena:

    Oh, thank you, @Pro Lena…hugs and kisses to you for being nice to me! You get a special treat. Something I reserve only for my friends. Probably, my ALL TIME favorite TIMELESS favorite song. When I hear it, I feel like I’m laying in the middle of a wildflower meadow on a warm sunny day as kittens and puppies climb all over me. LOL :). Hope it brings a smile to your face too…

    Yes, it’s a wonderful world indeed. :). I just love Louie…watching him smile makes me smile…


  • worth noting

    @Bump: Apart from the reference to him liking Blurred Lines and its video there weren’t really any personal type questions Could be his parents and teacher sitting in the audience made him feel embarassed? And the interviewer was lame imo. Pretty sure the PR lady was the blonde sitting next to his dad, saw a lot of her at the Dublin premiere but he seemed to manage himself in London?

  • worth noting

    @Then and Now: Lol very true! Theres the old saying, many a true word is spoken in jest!


    @Interesting: Thanks for sharing the link. I enjoyed the video.

  • Lena

    @worth noting:

    That PR lady….oh my dear…saw a picture of her just staring at Fassbender while he was signing autographs. Yeah. it’s creepy to me. Even if they have a personal or sexual relationship, the way she looks at him (like she’s guarding him) is weird. I don’t see wives on red carpets looking at their husbands that way time and again. Yikes. And, maybe it’s because people have pointed it out here, but, yeah, lately, it seems to me more often than not, if he’s at an event, and he’s photographed and it’s not just him in the picture, she’s going to be in the shot. Sorry. It brought back traumatic memories quite frankly.

    I remember ages ago, going on this date with this guy. He was very quiet. Hard to have a conversation with. No match for my outgoing personality. Kind of just there. I quickly knew I wasn’t into him. So, the next morning, I come out of my apartment, and I see him sitting in his car staring at me. At first I was going to wave and smile and say hi, and then he took a nose dive into his seat to hide. I was like whoa… What a weirdo. There was a reason he was so quiet and just looking back at me blankly during dinner. Then, at another place, I lived right next to a cop who used to try to just come in my apartment. I never said he could. Id hear him jiggling the lock. And when the chain was on and the bolt not locked (if I forgot), he’d open it to see if I was in. He’d call for me through the space through the chain. Tell me he was concerned for my “safety.”. Oh, yeah, sure, thanks…. I finally moved after he jumped out of the bushes to surprise me when I got home one night after work. Oh I have more stories like this. Lots of women do. But men? Kind of unusual for men I think. But maybe not with Michael. Wonder why he didn’t hire a guy to begin with? Especially if the guy has a problem with women getting googly eyed around him. LOL. :)He must enjoy her hovering over him or something, especially if she’s always around the family. But honestly, her weird staring at him gives me the creeps. I mean, in that one picture, she’s not looking at the fans, but looks like she’s zoned in on his face. Like looking around fans, to watch his face. Seriously, was he going to cry out for to save him at any second? LOL… :)? That with those other creepy photos of her clinging to him from before. It’s odd in my opinion. And, that one article someone posted about Mickey Rourke, I got the impression the author was put off by the way she was hovering/lurking behind or was on top of that guy too. Just my personal observation from the pictures Ive seen published and articles and other comments. I didn’t bother to watch Michael that blurred lines nonsense so I didn’t see who was next to his dad. Can you imagine his folks have not noticed her hovering and studying? LOL… :). Oh my word….

    Any opinions about the Clooney news? I’ve been discussing the topic of beauty vs. brains with Clooney fans over there. Haha haha. :). I don’t think they like me much there either. :)