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Keith Urban Performs 'Good Thing' on 'American Idol' - Watch Now!

Keith Urban Performs 'Good Thing' on 'American Idol' - Watch Now!

Keith Urban arrives at LAX Airport to catch a flight out of town on Friday (May 2) in Los Angeles.

The evening before, the 46-year-old entertainer performed his hit song “Good Thing” on American Idol.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Keith Urban

“Good Thing” is the latest single off of Keith‘s album Fuse. He performed the song during the live Top 5 finalists show to show the current contestants how to work the stage!

Check out the performance below…

FYI: Keith is wearing Leisure Society sunglasses.

15+ pictures inside of Keith Urban arriving at the airport…

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keith urban performs good thing on american idol watch now 01
keith urban performs good thing on american idol watch now 02
keith urban performs good thing on american idol watch now 03
keith urban performs good thing on american idol watch now 04
keith urban performs good thing on american idol watch now 05
keith urban performs good thing on american idol watch now 06
keith urban performs good thing on american idol watch now 07
keith urban performs good thing on american idol watch now 08
keith urban performs good thing on american idol watch now 09
keith urban performs good thing on american idol watch now 10
keith urban performs good thing on american idol watch now 11
keith urban performs good thing on american idol watch now 12
keith urban performs good thing on american idol watch now 13
keith urban performs good thing on american idol watch now 14
keith urban performs good thing on american idol watch now 15
keith urban performs good thing on american idol watch now 16
keith urban performs good thing on american idol watch now 17

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  • ???

    what is the matter with keith’s face? his cheeks bloated and his eyes not coordinating with his smile! weird! if you are using botox keith, STOP IT! we all gonna be old, grow old gracefully for heaven sake!

  • 1urbanfan27

    My sweet Keith… :)
    It would kill me, if he ever did anything to is sweet face…
    He’s wearing his Zen Paint Can tee… :)

  • Oh dear

    Keith Urban RINGS THE PAPS BEFORE HE arrives at LAX Airport to catch a flight out of town on Friday (May 2) in Los Angeles.

  • Marsha

    1urbanfan27 oh I am sure you mean Nicole’s sweet Keith. To bad he is only in Nashville a very short time. Then it’s back to LA And on to Australia to see his family. He planned a special Mothers Day with his girls for Nicole, or as he recently said, everyday is special in their marriage. You remember Nicole his wife and the Mother of his children.

  • sorry

    @1urbanfan27: he has ALREADY done too much to his face and now resembles a butch lesbian. Probably now a turn on for his wife.

  • http://yahoo lizzie

    @Oh dear:

    Do you have his phone tapped? Unless you’re a Government spook, that’s illegal.

    Keith’s hair looks good in these photos; whoever styles it on Idol should be shot. I can’t speak for all of his fans, but I prefer it straight. Watching a video of ‘Sweet Thing’ yesterday, made me realize how much he’s changed. I miss the long hair and plaid shirts. In fact, he doesn’t need to dress up, ala Connick, on Idol, but a plaid shirt wouldn’t hurt before the season’s over.

  • Georgia

    The paps are at LAX 24/7. Somebody needs to step away from the keyboard, leave their house, and see what’s going on in the real world.

  • curious

    @Georgia: yet Keith seems to come and go via LAX, unannounced and unnoticed when it suits him. Funny about that.

  • Becca

    Glad to see the Paps caught Keith coming home to Nashville since several folks spotted him at BNA. Guess he’s working on the AllForTheHall planning and truly working, rather than traveling to Oz to see his family. You know, since they are so tight-knit and NIcole claimed they’ve only spent 14 days **cough, cough** apart. I laughed right out loud when I read that interview the other day. They spend 14 days apart each month…

  • Georgia

    @curious: No he doesnt. You can think that but just because Jared doesnt buy every single set of photos when Keith is at LAX doesnt mean they werent taken. There’s many other sites that post photos that I’m sure you don’t care about because either you don’t have press credentials to view them or they don’t have a comment section where you can spread your lies.

  • Jess

    Keith could flip off the paps like some celebs do and then he could be the dirty dog. He is too much of a gentleman to do those antics. Please notice Keith drives himself to the airport. He is a very humble man, and totally appreciates his fans. Thanx, Keith, for your music.

  • maclen


    “what is the matter with keith’s face? his cheeks bloated and his eyes not coordinating with his smile! weird!”

    Yes…this video reveals blatantly orb’s facial work in the closeups. His cheeks are inflated and mighty “polished”… like a cueball. They get inflated any more and they are going to burst. Again, drawing a season LOW of 6.9 million viewers last night…seems all that facial work is simply going to naught…as no one is interested in his dismal music. His cd sales continue to be ridiculously low and his ticket sales this summer will no doubt follow suit.

  • duh

    @Georgia: A skeptic playing games again. She says Keith comes as goes as he pleases, trying to make it look like she knows where he is without the help of the internet. Funny how skeptics find the photos never published on JJ but act as if they don’t exist, like Keith and the girls at a smaller LA airport, before the nokids policy.

    And then we have Granny Maclen trying the old failed strategy of Keith and/or Nicole having yet another plastic surgery procedure done which needs no recovery time at all.

    Can’t wait for the Keith was never with the girls and Nicole for Mother’s Day stories next week!

  • x

    As much as it pains me to say it, I think “Good Thing” is a good song and if Urban and his band have some success with the new single, they probably deserve it.

  • curious

    @Georgia: the only credentials you have is an automatic, no questions asked, entry into every psychiatric facility in the USA.

  • Oh dear

    @x: Are you having a brain freeze @x?

  • Georgia

    @curious: You really are a miserable person inside and out who can’t accept facts.

    @duh: I know they both are playing games. They think we all should accept their made up version of life and when nobody does but their aliases you can see how nasty they get.

  • duh

    @Oh dear: No brain freeze, just another hair-brained scheme from a skeptic. 1. Post I like a song. 2. Post that same comment on the bait thread at the it’s a slow day every day cuckoo board. 3. Try and fail to make it look like I’m not having a conversation with myself 4. Hope that this does something because just like every ”new” poster that comments once or twice never to be heard from again, it’s all been one big failure.

  • http://comcast Audra

    @???: Don’t worry about his cheeks The Crazy One, Keith looks fabulous. Saw him on Idol OMG what talent. You always have the #1 comment, stalk much.

  • http://comcast Joni

    There wouldn’t be but a few comments if it weren’t for THE CRAZY ONE !!For example #1, 3, 5, 8, 9 and 12 comments were made by THE CRAZY ONE. I believe x was made by The Crazy One also, something must have popped in her head to give Keith a complement.

  • http://comcast Joni

    Also, Keith was Great on American Idol last night, really enjoyed his music.

  • http://comcast Audra

    I love the judges this year on American Idol, my favorite Keith Urban. I do have to say Keith’s hair looks horrible on Idol, he should let it grow a bit. Keith is a sensational performer.

  • maclen

    Unfortunately, the single “Good Thing” is simply a lazy retread of his 2008 single “Sweet Thing”.

    Good Thing

    Sweet Thing

    The reason the album “FIZZ”…fizzled so rapidly in sales is because all the “music” on it was HIGHLY derivative of his past music…among being as orb himself explained…derivative of alot WHAT he heard on the radio…and was “co-opted” courtesy of Shazam. He “copied” the “sounds and melodies” and pasted them together. Even his monkeys had no desire to waste their money on what they were clearly aware was recycled music. Orb was in rush because he was too busy touring and taping Idol last year…so he took the easiest way of putting together this album…which turned out be NOTHING like what he originally…and subsequently…stated it was intended to be. And what it turns out…orb simply wanted to join the “bro-country” movement being exploited rather successfully by luke bryan, shelton and florida georgia line. He was VERY unsuccessful.

  • x

    @maclen: You are right again maclen. Have listened to both and Good Thing IS Sweet Thing!! Wish I could delete my compliment.

  • curious

    @Georgia: you run around accusing everyone, who doesn’t agree with you, of being a liar and apparently, in your warped view of common courtesy, that is OK. We don’t blindly worship KUNK, we just tell it like it is.

  • http://comcast Joni

    # 23, 24 and 25 same person The Crazy One. This person talks to them self.

  • http://comcast Dave

    I see he drove up in his McLaren auto–I am really jealous !! LOL

  • Chris Mentillo

    “For 46 years of age he looks pretty damn good. However, my wife and definitely think his older hair style fit his personality better. Regardless.., Keith Urban from what I hear may be receiving a Green Star Nomination for This month of May, 2014. From “The Creative Arts Awards” (T.C.A.A.) So hope he has a good head shot on their roster GMR Records. lol Esh TheSinger aka Red & Reckless, a former American Idol contestant won the overall Creative arts Awards For the month of April, 2014… plus a respectful sum of $25,000 worth of promotion money. Hope Keith wins this month. He deserves it. Have fun with mothers day Kieth and see you soon.” – Chris Mentillo

  • Holly

    @Georgia: Jason Alexander confirmed on TMZ that paps are called to LAX by celebrities. He was filmed in LAX and asked the TMZ guy who was on their schedule to appear at LAX that day, and the TMZ guy said Britney Spears. How did TMZ know in advance that Britney was flying out of LAX? How did Jason know there was a schedule? With all the celebrities from sports to music that fly through LAX, it may appear to YOU that the paps sleep there, but they are scheduled by the usual ones. You mean to tell me all those paps hung out at the airport late in the evening when Kidman exposed her little girls to them? That’s a lot of paps just hanging out that time of night in hopes of getting a shot of a celebrity.
    Keith is looking pretty foolish with the haircut and bleach blonde highlights. He needs to stop listening to his wife when it comes to facial procedures and his music.

  • http://comcast Joni

    @ Holly, probably The Crazy One. Yes I am sure that some stars call the paps but I will bet Nicole and Keith don’t. They don’t have to because people want to read about them so the paps follow them and other stars people are really interested in. Happy they get photos of Nicole and Keith, love this couple.

  • Holly

    @Joni: Sorry to burst your bubble, but the paps needed Nic and Keith’s permission to photograph their little girls at LAX; you know, the night when Faith was pointing her fingers at strangers and yelling at them. California law.

  • ”Holly” The Crazy One is lying

    @Holly: You were wrong 5 months ago and you are wrong now. They don’t need anybody’s permission to take photos in a public place like LAX. The paps were doing nothing but taking photos. They weren’t breaking the law because they were not harassing children while taking photos. Faith’s reaction came only from photos being taken – not name calling or scare tactics. The law does not make the sole act of taking photos harassment. As well, Jared never published those photos and many others since they were not taken with permission. Go back into the archives and you’ll see how many photos of celebrities with their kids at LAX there were after Jan 1. until Jared stopped posting them.

    From 5 months ago when the skeptics were lying

    Skeptics haven’t actually read the law which does not ban across the board photos of celebrities’ children in the state of California. What the law states is that paps can be fined and/or jailed for ”harrassing” a child of a celebrity 16 and under WHILE trying to take their photo or shoot video of them. ACTUAL WORDING OF THE LAW Any person who intentionally harasses the child or ward of any other person because of that person’s employment shall be punished by imprisonment in a county jail not exceeding one year, or by a fine not exceeding ten thousand dollars ($10,000), or by both that fine and imprisonment. ”Harasses” means knowing and willful conduct directed at a specific child or ward that seriously alarms, annoys, torments, or terrorizes the child or ward, and that serves no legitimate purpose, including, but not limited to, that conduct occurring during the course of any actual or attempted recording of the child’s or ward’s image or voice, or both, without the express consent of the parent or legal guardian of the child or ward, by following the child’s or ward’s activities or by lying in wait. 3. Walking through public areas of an airport for 2 minutes to get to the car will not be covered by this law. They would have to be visibly/audibly taunting/harrassing the girls , not just taking photos with a flash, and only then would Keith or Nicole be able to tell them they have to stop. If they don’t then they can sue them in civil court. 4. Anti-paparazzi laws often have loopholes because it is in fact a business. There are stricter laws in Europe but it doesn’t really matter because photos are still sold with children’s faces blurred out. You can still see where they are, what they are wearing, what they are doing, 5. A pathetic rumor was posted on the cesspool CDAN which was instantly proven by video to be false. Nicole did not walk through the airport checking paps shots every few seconds to make sure they were good enough. No celebrity, even d-list ones that plant paps, do that. This is how desperate the skeptics are. They believe cr@p thst is in no way possible.

  • ”Holly” is lying

    More relevant info from that previous

    The law is based on pap behavior other than taking photos out in the open. If they do nothing but take photos out in the open and a child cries they are not legally responsible. They did not jump out from behind bushes, stalk the kids, yell at them, say provoking things. Only a hack lawyer would try to claim that what happened at LAX with the Urbans was seriously harmful. Laws have loopholes and this is one of them. I know you don’t get out much or travel because that would mean keaving your computer but paps live at LAX. Stars walk through and they take their photos including the kids. The video shows the paps doing nothing but taking photos in a public area asking about New Years resolutions. Nicole did what any mother of a toddler would do – acted calmly, carried her child through the airport, and held her in order to get in the car as quickly as possible. The law does not completely ban celebrity kid photos taken without parental permission. You were too lazy to read the law before spouting lies. That’s your problem. Your own stupidity and hatred brings you down every time. If you were so concerned about the welfare of children you’d get off your a$$ and off the computer and do sonething constructive with your life. But we all know that won’t happen because if it were up to you Nicole and the girls would just disappear. After all, skeptics called both of the Urban girls ”things” before and after they were born. Everyone can see right through you.

  • Eve

    @Holly: Its LAX. Celebrities fly in and out every day. If skeptics can track when Keith flies via public knowledge, and you do, then paps certainly can too. But I’m also guessing youve never been to LAX and seen a mad rush when paps are photographing one celebrity and then when they find out someone else who has a higher profile is there they drop everything to go get the bigger payday. Paps are at LAX all the time. You just choose not to believe it.

  • Once Again

    Keith Urban ALWAYS RINGS THE PAPS BEFORE HE arrives at LAX Airport to catch a flight out of town on Friday (May 2) in Los Angeles.

  • Oh dear

    Monaco royals slam Grace of Monaco biopic as a ‘FARCE’.

  • Reality

    Here is why ‘maclen’ is so infatuated with Keith Urban’s CD sales– posting endless lists of sales numbers from who knows where! HE/SHE/IT (whatever we can classify a useless person who spends a LIFETIME trying to demean and destroy another human being!) “maclen” is the one who posts all the FREE DOWNLOADS for Keith’s albums! GET CLOSER went Gold very quickly, and as soon as that was announced, the free torrent downloads were all over the place.

    Then came FUSE, and the FREE DOWNLOADS began the DAY the album dropped for sale. And as soon as those free downloads began, “maclen” started ripping apart the sales numbers. No wonder “maclen” knows all about the sales numbers; he/she/it has worked tirelessly to destroy the sales!

    WHY would anyone be so EVIL to attack another person, especially one who is trying to offer some happiness and good times to others with his music?? If you don’t like the music, the man, or his wife– then IGNORE him. What goes around comes around– Maclen and his/her/its evil step-sisters will certainly pay for their EVIL actions in the end, and I doubt that you’ll be laughing about it, either

  • maclen


    “You are right again maclen. Have listened to both and Good Thing IS Sweet Thing!! Wish I could delete my compliment.”

    Rehashing EVERYTHING is simply in orb’s desperate nature these days x…as he tries to save his declining career. As I just posted on the cynic’s forum…orb decided to roll the dice on Idol saving his dwindling cd sales…and the album simply turned out to be mediocre mess. Ive said it before…and it’s more true now…orb is attempting to be a “jack of all trades”…music…reality show…touring…HSN salesman…BUT he is the “master of none.” All that sloppy and sub-par product simply ensures he puts out slop no one is interested in.

  • Warped Reality …

    … is now blaming FREE DOWNLOADS for Urban’s pathetic sales figures. Can’t wait for Warped Reality to invent an excuse for Urban’s dwindling tour ticket sales.

  • Reality

    “Warped Reality”/aka: “Maclen”!! That’s funny– I attend at least 10 to 12 of Urban’s concerts every tour, all over the country. EVERY SHOW is jam-packed and the audience is crazy alive with excitement at Keith’s shows. Keith has NEVER sold tickets right along the side of the stage or behind the stage, NEVER. WHY would he, as no one could see anything, with that HUGE screen on the stage blocking the seats. Other artists sell tickets without a view, but not Keith. Maclen bases the numbers on what the venue holds in ‘general’ concerts, not in KEITH’S concerts.

    The amphitheaters last summer were over-flowing, they were so full. And Keith is the ONLY artist I’ve even seen in my life who goes INTO the audience at least twice or three times, every show. Keith Urban puts on an AMAZING concert to HUGE audience numbers, and all of maclen’s twisted numbers prove absolutely NOTHING. As always, they are NOT factual
    based on anything REAL. Keith’s FANS absolutely LOVE him, as a person, as an artist, and as an AMAZING ENTERTAINER! Choke on your silly numbers ‘maclen’— they ‘prove’ NOTHING!

  • lolololololol

    @Once Again: Once again you’re wrong and lying and you know it.

  • 1urbanfan27

    @Marsha: Oh…Fiddle-Dee-Dee…You’re ridiculous…And someday…Some sweet day…

    Will you ever be brave enough to use one username on JJ?

    No…Probably not…

  • 1urbanfan27

    @Georgia: That isn’t true…The SM’s would make sure .net knew about it…No doubt…

  • http://Yahoo Lizzie


    He/she/it (probably it), isn’t necessarily evil, just pathetically craving attention. Laugh at the absence of any logic or intelligent thinking, and continue appreciating the nice fans who have continued to follow Keith, Nicole and their two little girls.

  • Sorry

    @Reality: unlike you, Warped @Reality, maclen doesn’t hide behind multiple aliases.

  • Lelia

    Just FYI the night that Nicole and the girls flew out of LAX the paps and police were out in full force because someone was accused of stealing out of the fliers luggage. It was a madhouse that night.

  • Louis

    Keith seems to be spending less and less time with his family. How many days did he spend with them in the past month? Seven or eight, at most? He obviously only cares about his music and his career. He’s not a family man, he is a liar. Nicole has a career too but shooting movies means she is in the same place for two or three months, providing a stable life for her daughters (they are always with her). Keith, on the other hand, seems to enjoy being away from them. Look at him on Idol, he’s so happy, acting stupid with Harry Connick Jr and Ryan Seacrest and taking the same idiotic selfies with girls who could be his daughters (yuck). It seems that he does everything that allows him to be away from his family : American Idol (two days every week for more than three months), talks shows, festivals, more shows for his summer tour. He’s a very weird man. One day he will wake up and his daughters will be adults and he’ll be sorry he wasn’t there to see them grow up. I hope Nicole dumps him and finds a real man, not a 46 year-old man who acts like a teen (look at his haircut and listen to his songs) and calls every woman “baby”.

  • ?

    @Louis: it appears the girls are spending time with Kidman’s parents (in Sydney) on this occasion, while Kidman films in the outback. Mostly, Keith and the nanny look after the girls while Nicole lives her life on movie sets, selfishly filming box office flop after box office flop. Let’s hope Keith’s parents are given the opportunity to spend time with the girls while they are in OZ.

  • Louis

    @?: Um, no. Nicole and her family are taking care of Sunday and Faith. Nicole doesn’t work all week, she has days off (and she’s not in the outback, she’s in Sydney). And the kids are often on the set with her, according to her co-stars (Paz Vega said that Nicole is a fantastic, hands-on mother).

    My question is : how is Keith taking care of them?! He’s never there! He finished filming American Idol on Thursday and instead of going to Australia to be with his family, he chose to go to Nashville. He has 5 days off and he goes to Nashville. What a great dad and husband! And he did the same thing last week, he didn’t go to Australia during his days off, he was on talk shows in America. It made me laugh when he said in an interview that he would be with his wife and daughters on Mother’s day and the next day, it was announced that he will be on the Ellen show on Mother’s day. What a liar! His family is obviously not his priority, his career is.

  • ?

    @Louis: um, No. Nicole has been filming in Canowindra and more recently, Broken Hill. Not Sydney. As per usual, the girls have remained behind with the nanny.
    My question is: why does Nicole constantly choose to work abroad, split the family and leave Keith and the nanny to care for the girls? In the past 12 months, Nicole has chosen to work for extended periods in France, London, Morocco, Australia. I agree, Keith is a liar but to be fair, he does take care of the girls more than their increasingly absent mother.