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Katie Holmes Channels Belle in Yellow Dress at Met Ball 2014

Katie Holmes Channels Belle in Yellow Dress at Met Ball 2014

Katie Holmes looks like she just came out of the storybook while walking the red carpet at the 2014 Met Gala held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art on Monday (May 5) in New York City.

The 35-year-old actress was channeling Belle from Beauty in the Beast in that yellow dress!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Katie Holmes

This year’s Costume Institute Gala Benefit – celebrating the opening of the Charles James: Beyond Fashion exhibition – is co-chaired by Bradley Cooper, Sarah Jessica Parker, Vogue editor Anna Wintour, and others.

FYI: Katie is wearing a Marchesa dress and Harry Winston earrings and ring.

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  • amelie



    Why does she make it sooo easy for her critics?
    Unkept hair AGAIN.
    Bad posture AGAIN
    the dress? where do we begin.Does not flatter her and makes her waist look big
    and it does nothing for her boobs
    saying something nice? I do like yellow
    Oh Katie, pls fire suri

  • Elder

    Milk maid is fashion too!

  • suze

    Who hates Katie.. because only someone that hates her would give her this dress or let her go out wearing this UGLY dress.

  • Not a fan

    Oh yes, I was totally right earlier with my Gone with the Wind comment. Those dresses just keep showing up. Floral and poufy.

  • Suze

    Oh my….who told her this is a good look?

  • Contesta

    She really lacks delivery so it makes it even worse. It’s like her body language is saying “I know, I know”.
    Something about the dress looks unfinished.

  • K-FLOP – 0_0


    Doesn’t quite fit the theme:

    “His fascination with complex cut and seaming led to the creation of key design elements that he updated throughout his career: wrap-over trousers, figure-eight skirts, body-hugging sheaths, ribbon capes and dresses, spiral-cut garments, ad poufs. These, along with his iconic ball gowns from the late 1940s and early 1950s — the “Four-Leaf Clover,” “Butterfly,” “Tree,” “Swan,” and “Diamond” — will be showcased in the exhibition.”

    More like failed Scarlett O’hara dipped in butter

    Tara! Home. I’ll go home. And I’ll think of some way to get him back. After all… tomorrow is another day.

  • haha

    really bad interpretation of belle’s dress lol

  • haha

    taco wrapper

  • Toni

    The big bird jokes are going to write themselves.
    No one warned her of that?
    Suze is right. Someone hates Katie and it’s someone in her inner circle.
    Katie “The calling in coming from in the house”.

  • Toni

    Correction” The call is coming from in the house”.

  • anne

    I think the dress has to do with the party theme. Last year she dressed better. Disaster was the Age TomKat she wore a red and blue shoe …. She and Tom looked like two plastic dolls. Artificial. David and Victoria are at the party Beckram. I hope Katie put the gossip in the day. They were such good friends. Post divorce I never saw pictures of them together, with only Tom in a basketball game. I think friendships during marriage were with Tom
    Poor Katie. So alone. Make new friends.

  • mom50

    the rotten banana she is wearing is starting to peel.

  • Gravitas

    something Katie lacks.
    That is the biggest issue(well and the dress is ugly). Some of those others dresses are horrid as well but some stars are able to carry it off.

  • annie

    well what can i see?
    I see beautiful shoulders, lovely curly unruly hair, a beautiful face, and skin all round look that is different from anyone else in there, she doesn’t seem to take herself too seriously. for what the event is supposed to be, i like it, probably what she’s going to be wearing in the Traitors Wife.
    and compared to others, most of what has come up she looks gorgeous, playful and fun, not stiff and pretending she looks” fierce”‘.

  • aquarius64

    I just can’t here. NOOOO….

  • rubyz

    Oh.My.God. Puh-lease GIVE IT UP, Holmes!

  • K-FLOP – Beauty and the Beast

    Some Marchesa fans not happy –

    “todo me sale mal”

    Some think she looks like Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

    With her hair style they may be on to something, but a Tim Burton version of Belle.

  • K-FLOP – Beauty and the Beast

    correction – “todo mal osea todo”

  • anne

    Katie is having fun. And we here at JJ talking about her. Poor losers.
    K-Flop having a life.
    Tom Cruise is the party?

  • anne


    “probably what she’s going to be wearing in the Traitors Wife.
    and compared to others, most of what has come up she looks gorgeous, playful and fun, not stiff and pretending she looks” fierce”‘.”

    Friend, I do not understand what you mean. Can you be more clear?

  • http://comcast Alecia

    I cannot figure this out, I like Katie a lot but can’t she see this is awful before she walks out the door. Katie is beautiful but it is like she is trying not to be.

  • K-FLOP – Marchesa’s Fall 2014

    Georgina, in the 4th pic, is looking like “What can i do? My hands are tied.”

    The same gown modeled at NYFW – Marchesa’s Fall 2014

    The gown doesn’t look totally awful on the model, who has better posture, makeup, earrings and went with a bun.

    But either way mustard color is hard to pull off and any attempts should be left to the pros.

  • K-FLOP – Life’s a Party


    Trust Anne, I am having fun. Life in general is sweet.

  • Ali

    She should have tried to put her hair up or something and tried to make her middle section appear smaller. It just looks too big and puffy which makes it seem to lack any real definition. The model did know how to work it better though.
    The back of the dress is better than the front.

  • Ali

    She might be having fun or might not. We don’t know but being at a party with a bunch of people you are not close to doesn’t always equal a good time.
    Maybe after party pictures will reveal who the stars spent time with.

  • susan

    don’t these women own mirrors?? man, it just goes to show she is either dressing herself or taking bad fashion advice from someone. either way she looks horrible

  • anne

    @K-FLOP – Life’s a Party:

    You only sees bad things about KH. Have a good night.

  • Smile

    @OMGGGGGG!!: I agree with everything you say.

  • annie

    @ anne
    remember some weeks ago where katie was at a lunch with Harvey Weinstien, and other people. Allison Pataki wrote a book, The Traitors Wife, and they want to turn it into a movie. I think that HW and the author of the book want katie for the wife, but in those days, they wore similar dresses like the one katie is wearing here.
    the other comment is pretty clear. if you look at some other stars, so serious with their hands on their hips, tilting their head in the right way perfecting their pose. you can see katie is having fun with it. she looks so playful, it’s great!

  • yuck

    So, when she tried on this dress, what made her think this was the one???? She is the worst dressed there!

  • duh

    This is what happen when you dont have fashion senses. She often ask other people opinion. She could have pick any simple evening dress from wall mart and be confident to carry it but we are talking about katie here! I really pity this girl! all Tom cruise exes are doing bad except for Mimi rogers

  • anne


    hugs! Good Night

  • Criss

    Maybe not the worst. C’mon. I hate the dress its absolutely horrid but the competition is pretty steep for worst dress tonight. Have you seen Lena Dunham? Chloe Moretz? Katie Upton? Kristen Stewart? They are all tied for first.

  • yuck

    @K-FLOP – Marchesa’s Fall 2014:

    I clicked on your link and she would have been better off with one of the gray tighter gowns. Any of them, but this one. It just looks sloppy on her. Even her hair would look better in another dress if she wasn’t going to do anything special with it. This mustard color is sooo wrong for her.

  • Alicia

    It’s a pity that most of the uninformed, unintelligent commenters above don’t know how things work with the Met Ball before they opened their big, ignorant mouths.

    The designers CHOOSE who’s going to wear their design. Most design the entire look worn by their “model”. In Katie’s case, Marchesa picked her to wear his specific design and had input in the hairstyling and makeup as well. It’s the way it’s done for the Met Ball. You’re invited by the designers, so instead of insulting Holmes hair and dress and talking about how she didn’t look in the mirror and all that, you really should be blaming Marchesa for the whole deal.

    Please get informed before you spew nonsense. The reality is, no matter what Katie Holmes would have worn, how she styled her hair, or what her makeup looked like, the same, sorry, sad people would be here insulting her. Why don’t you comment on what and whom you do like rather than making it your life’s work to pick on specific celebrities.

    Just keep in mind that Katie is being invited to the Ball by famous designers while you’re sitting home, all alone in your Mother’s basement, in your pajama’s, probably with pimple cream on your face, eating Oreo’s and criticizing a girl who makes her living as an actress and model. Let’s face it, you couldn’t get invited to the Home Depot ball, let alone the Met Ball. Hahahahahahahaha.

  • Joelle

    Awful dress and color.

  • Cess

    What happened?

  • I hate Oreos

    Question for Alicia
    You are not at the Met Gala either but are posting on Jared.
    Does that mean you are posting from your mother’s basement too?

  • yuck


    LOL….. She is pretty close to the worst…. LOL…. The reason why I say it, is because she even had her own line of clothes ( Katie and Holmes), so she should know better. I do have to agree Kristen Stewart looks pretty hideous too. My best dressed it Karolina Kurkova in the blue flowered Marchesa. The fabric is hand painted. I just feel it looks like I piece of art which is what the Met Gala is all about.

  • anne


    I agree, this especially goes for K-Flop.

  • Welly

    What the hell is she wearing. Looks like a dress from some kind of movie. Like the yellow.

  • Welly

    The dress looks like it falling of her body. Don’t like the women or her spoiled brat kid.

  • Nathan

    Katie looks the best. There is so many ugly dresses at this Met Ball I think the theme this year was a bad idea.

  • annie

    thank you!

  • Belle of the Ball

    @K-FLOP – Beauty and the Beast: More like Cinderella step sister then Belle. Go to Toni Garrn’s link from tonight and see 4th picture with Holmes in the background. It looks like she is Cinderella’s step sister looking on at the beauty queen.

  • lulu

    @ WELLY
    THEN DON’T LOOK AT HER————YOU IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • K-FLOP – RadarOnline

    From my mother’s basement:

    “Worst: Katie Holmes: Sad. That’s all you can say about Tom Cruise’s ex-wife in a baggy, saggy yellow strapless gown by Marchesa. Holmes makes her look even worse by wearing a messy hairdo. The theme is white tie, not Southern gothic! A horror that deserves to be thrown in Dawson’s Creek.”

    I’m done! ☕️

    ***2014 Year of K-Flop***

    Next Up “The Giver” August 15th

  • Jeannie

    This year, Anna Wintour picked which designers, which dresses, and which celebs would wear them. Katie didn’t pick the dress or the designer. She wore what she was given, just like everyone else.