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Beyonce & Jake Gyllenhaal Leave Jay Z Out of Their Conversation - See the Funny Pic!

Beyonce & Jake Gyllenhaal Leave Jay Z Out of Their Conversation - See the Funny Pic!

Jake Gyllenhaal sits next to power couple Jay Z and Beyonce while attending game three of the Eastern Conference Semifinals during the 2014 NBA Playoffs on Saturday evening (May 10) at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, N.Y.

The trio rooted on the Brooklyn Nets, who beat the Miami Heat 104-90. It looked like Beyonce and Jake were in a conversation during the game that Jay was not interested in. Lol!

Bey and Jay were last spotted earlier that week attending the Met Ball, where he staged a mock proposal after her ring fell off her finger and he picked it up!

Jake has been spotted hanging out in the city over the past few days wearing his camouflage jacket to shield himself from the rainy weather.

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  • Aye

    J-Z looks like he’s a hundred miles away…on the bin…squeezing out a loaf.

  • Jane

    He’s always angry when Beyonce is talking to someone else that is not a woman, seems like a jealous and controlling husband to me.

  • Jordan

    Wow Jake’s shoes!

  • Ned Flanders

    @Jane: Nah Jay-Z & Byonce are close friends with Jake

  • Tiana

    Jay-Z is giving me Michelle Obama face expression right now LOL!

  • LOL


  • Kerry Louise

    Jayzee is upset with being photographed with a closeted homosexual

  • roll eyes

    @Kerry Louise: F.u.c.k you disgusting idiot

  • george

    @rollseyes Who cares if someone doesn’t agree with someone being gay? is that a problem? all of a sudden its bad if you don’t like gays! give me a break!

  • chrissy

    They look like two kids trying to get Jay Z’s attentions (Jake and Beyonce).

  • Brenda

    I watched that game and all three were court side and Jay Z & the actor talked it up most of the game. Beyonce hardly said a word all 4 quarters…

  • Selena

    Is Beyonce ever seen without her ridiculous wigs, look at the thing on her head , must take 3 people to put it on, and why is she dressed for a business meeting instead of ball game .

  • You give me a break!

    @george: There is nothing wrong with being gay, and everyone has the right to have their opinion even if this opinion is the most bigoted and ignorant ever, but to declare that someone else you don’t personally know is gay just for your own wishful thinking because since when you watched Brokeback Mountain you have on Jack Twist the big crush ever and you keep repeating the same old story, though You know that is not true is disgusting and pathetic George

  • Broken Record

    @You give me a break!:

    No one had even brought up the subject of Brokeback Mountain until you did. What does Jake Gyllenhaal being closeted and gay have to do with Brokeback?

    It’s time to let go of that tired old argument. Jake G can pose with a cast of 1000′s; it’s not going to change the conclusion many people have already reached.

  • nev



  • gay is OK

    Are they f***ing?

  • zzz

    They dont look like kids. My “friends” are between 27 and 30 and do this to me everytime I hang with them.
    Well it’s been happening to me my whole life. Maybe Im a retard lol

  • Exactly.

    @You give me a break!: I totally agree with you. This people wish sooo bad that Jake Gyllenhaal is gay, its almost eating them up alive. Jake doesnt seem like a guy who would have a problem to admit that he is gay. He doesnt seem like a person who cares much about the opinion of strangers. So as long as it doesnt come out of his mouth, you all are wishfully thinking he is.

  • yeah

    @Exactly.: True

  • fangirls are so stupid

    “This people wish sooo bad that Jake Gyllenhaal is gay”
    YOU wish sooo bad that Jake Gyllenhaal is straight.

  • bets

    Who was the kid sitting next to Beyonce and she spoke to him all evening? If Jay Z is jealous, then that is his problem – he created this monster. What does he think men think of when they see Beyoncé – reality.

  • LOL what?

    @fangirls are so stupid: Yeah becaus fanboys like you are sooo super smart LOL, how you wish he is gay is just too funny to a lot of people :) What you’re gonna do? Force Jake Gyllenhaal to be gay? Good luck with that LOL :)

  • Ha

    Jay’s face is SO funny

  • NIN

    @Broken Record:
    I agree with you. Why do some people claim it’s because he was in a gay movie? That was like 10 years ago, get over it. He’s always seemed gay to me, like there’s something about him that just screams gay.

  • wow

    @NIN: very important for everyone.


    @Broken Record: This argument never gets old, because it is the only argument to justify “Jake is gay” and “oh my God I desperately want him to be Gay” argument

    Before the movie he was just the weird guy from Donnie Darko and the boyfriend of the queen of Hollywood Kirsten Dunst, but after the movie all those fag hag desperate for a bit of slash cheap and pathetic liars like ted casablanca rose to edge of the wagon “Jake is gay because I want it so much,” and yet, after 10 years, several girlfriends and after all the evidence now, do not want to get off

  • http://JustJared celestialacademician

    @NIN: I don’t understand your last comment. There are no clear distinctions between straight males and gay males. There are guys who act and look super masculine and are gay. This argument won’t end because no matter what Jake does there will always be people who want to believe he is gay (for whatever reason).

    I typed this out before but it didn’t go through. Years ago I had an ex-friend (who was a l e s b i a n). Our friendship ended because she couldn’t accpet that I wasn’t gay (because she was interested in me). The more I kept trying to make that very clear to her, she would believe even stronger that I was. She would try to convince me that I was just “scared” and I need to explore that side of my sexuality. I told her over and over that women do absolutely nothing for me sexually. She still didn’t want to hear it. I couldn’t take it anymore. So I stopped being her friend. When I look back, I know now she just wanted me to feel and be the same as her for her own peace of mind because she was fighting internally with her own sexuality. This is why it is so important to know deeply who you are because if you have a strong sense of self no one can come in and try to change that and you in the process.

  • chop chop

    @NIN: “there’s something about him that just screams gay. ”

    Oh honey that’s just the fact that, as an old hag who you are, you get all hot and bothered thinking about two guys making out

  • you are not fooling anyone

    @fangirls are so stupid: What are you doing out of the cage, retarded f-a-g hag? Back on WFT to write crap like” Jake moved to NY to be with Jay-Z”

  • Tired of the b.$.

    They say it isn’t because of his character in a movie, but it really is. They might even say they support “the gays” but they really don’t.
    There are probably about 6 of these lunatic harpies who are on a crusade. They are as predictable as the sunrise. Every single time there is any publicity about Jake they have to run wild posting about him being gay, and they are very ugly about it.

    They even invented six kids and a steady boyfriend for him. They are homophobes who use being gay as a problem. They “accuse” Jake of being closeted and gay and they are absolutely crazy. Jake’s not gay. He said so at least twice that I know of. I remember him saying, ” I wouldn’t be afraid of it if I were.” If he was gay he would be out.. He is very gay friendly and supports Gay Rights.

    I hate these ignorant people who act like there were “in the room” and think they know all about his sex life.

  • yep yep

    Jake G looks like he wants to get down on his knees and blow Jay Z right then &there.

  • the same old stuff

    @Tired of the b.$.: Yes, we know by now, they always give themselves, they are always the same, the 2 idiotic harpies from the “blog” WFT, they are the worst, because, they are old sour, ignorant, and with an idea of homosexuality which was considered ancient even in the 50s, and they are nasty about Jake because by now even rocks have gotten he’s straight, and they are too stupid to argue their “wishful thinking” based on Ted casablanca’s bullshit, the perfect example of their idiocy and “modus operand” is the pathetic @ yep yep ,right over here, (poor soul),and the six moody from OMG blog, which is a crazy place with six regular posters, where is corroborated the even more crazy idea that Jake is married to Austin Nichols, and have together 7 or more hidden children, they are completely out of any reality, but at least they are not nasty and foul-mouthed as the two hags from WFT

  • Shar

    I am tired of Beyonce and all her wigs why can’t she rock her short hair. She has no guts like Rihanna.

  • http://JustJared celestialacademician

    @Tired of the b.$.: This just shows you that people who sit around and make up elaborate stories and rumors about other people they don’t personally know have no life. What’s even worse is when you present these individuals with the facts, they will deny or dismiss those facts even more intensely. Arguing with people like that will wear you out and it’s just a waste of time.

  • Lee

    Just study Jake’s serial dating. How he uses women for publicity purposes. He looks like a complete slob, yet his management team is always at the ready to knock down any gay rumors. Why is it so important that Jake not be thought of as gay? Clooney doesn’t care. Doesn’t bother Brad Pitt. But, Jake is manic about it. Why? Because he is the closet. Probably, one of the biggest closet cases around.

    When he was with CAA they tried to sell him as a leading man, love interest. That didn’t take. Not with WME he’s the womanizer. The tough guy who appeals to the male audience because he treats women like dirt. That’s why the model route all of a sudden. Suddenly, he’s the love ‘em and leave ‘em type. Jake is one of those self hating gays. He wishes every night to the powers above that he would have been born straight. And, no I’m not a slash fan. And, no I’m not a f*g hag. And, no I’m not a spinster. I’m a 45 year old gay guy who has watched Jake over the years. He use to have so much promise as an actor and a man. In my estimation he has failed at both.

  • lol


  • Pamela

    LOL this is nothing more than Jay-z thinking,
    “I think I left the iron on.”

  • Andrea Yellin

    Jake is gay and Alyssa Miller is his beard. She had a photographer-boyfriend three weeks before the contract with Jake went into effect.

    Miller’s a beard, just like Emily DiDonato. Just like Taylor Swift. Just like Reese Witherspoon. Just like Kirsten Dunst. Do you notice how many articles about Jake talk about a Mystery Gal, or discuss whether he is he or he isn’t dating so and so (examples: Katie Holmes, Anna Kendrick, Minka Kelly, Natalie Portman,Jessica Lowndes, Lea Seydoux ?

    Yet, somehow, you never see him on the Red Carpet with any of these women. Including, Reese Witherspoon and he was supposed to have “been” with her for two years. Nor, does he discuss these girlfriends in interviews. The question completely off limits.

    Last night many of the blogs/tumblrs that were circulating the Jay Z photos were also commenting that Jake was hitting on Beyonce. There were even stories several years back that he was secretly seeing Rachel Bilson and we all know that she’s Hayden Christensen long time beard.

  • Jake is a better actor now

    You’re trippin’ Lee! Jake is a better actor now than he was 10 years ago. With each movie he shows more acting range than people thought he was capable of. His performance in “Prisoners” was more subtle and deeper than in any other movie he’s done before. Critics and audiences took notice. He’s maturing, proving that substance matters more than looks or style.
    Just admit you hate him ’cause he’s not what you desperately want him to be so you can somehow. feel validated. And start taking your meds, you’ll feel better.

  • come on Lee

    Geez you’re so bitter and boring, you are angry with him because his real life doesn’t fit with your gay wet dreams, just accept that the guy is not gay and move on, stop with these crazy conspiracy theories,and sad bitter rants, really, you are just making a fool of yourself
    Enough is enough, it was fun six or seven years ago, now is just pathetic, not for him, who obviously don’t give a f-ck , but for you and for all those who can’t let go this fantasy
    And Lee, you know he is a top notch actor, that’s why he was so convincing in the role of Jack Twist, he was that good even in Donnie Darko Which does not make him a time traveler

  • She’s the one ;)

    @Andrea Yellin: Nah Alyssa is not a beard and you know it, it’s obvious by now Jake is smitten with her, you’re just melting because she is still around and I think she will be around for a long, long time

    Rachel Bilson?!? red carpet? interviews?

    What are you talking about gurl? He was with Alyssa yesterday, before the game, privately and away from prying eyes, because that’s how decent people act

  • Nurse Jackie

    Jake got the best reviews of his career for Prisoners, better than Brokebak Mountain which is the only movie gays wanna see Jake for obvious reasons ;) Gays like Lee or Andrea Yellin hate seeing Jake playing cops, detectives, marines, fighters because he plays them well and it ruins their theory: he played Jack Twist well – he must be gay. Fact is Jake excels at playing cops. He must be a secret cop, right? LOL As long as Jake doesn’t play weak sissy characters, they wish for his career to fail and refuse to see it’s actually blossoming, he got more kudos for Prisoners and Enemy then ever.

  • agree

    @Nurse Jackie: With Enemy he has proven to be one of the greatest actors of his generation,
    His powerful weird charisma take your breath away, if any of you have seen the music video The shoes, you know what I’m talking about

  • Poor dudes

    @agree: right, he is getting better and better. Great actor. Stupid people don’t watch movies, they are too concerned by their own sexual problems. Poor.

  • agree

    Correction, the name of the music video where Jake plays a scary but sexy as hell serial killer is “Time to dance” The shoes is the name of the band. Sorry

    If someone wants to have nightmares tonight
    Here it is

  • jon m’shulla

    Beyonce: Didja see his big arms Jakey?
    Jake: So strong. Fabulous.

    JayZ: Pass the damn ball. Pass it!

  • eww

    @jon m’shulla: You’re homophobic and anti-Semitic, with a latent homosexuality never accepted, and your comments some how manage to be more disgusting every day

  • Happy

    There’s so much hate and fighting going on right now..can we all just get along and just appreciate that jake was watching a game with friends :)

  • Jake is not all that

    Jake is neither decent, (because he’s not an honest guy) nor a great actor. He’s all about the hype these days. Remember the butt ugly photos that were everywhere on the internet not too long ago of his naked and supposedly in Rome. Then he plays the victim. That people are mean to him. When he is the one created on the drama for cheap publicity.

    He had an opportunity to have his girlfriend introduced to the world at the basketball game, but didn’t. Once again he shows up for these things by himself. Jake is not private. He uses the internet to promote his phony relationships and then pulls back when it suits his purposes.

    He is gay. Trying to change his image no doubt. He has fake girlfriends and has for years and years. Nothing is going to change that.

  • so boring

    @Jake is not all that Deny deny deny, hate hate hate, wishful thinking wishful thinking wishful thinking, and then again deny deny deny hate hate hate, wishful thinking wishful thinking wishful thinking,and so on…..