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Michael Fassbender's New Film 'Slow West' Will Screen at Cannes!

Michael Fassbender's New Film 'Slow West' Will Screen at Cannes!

Michael Fassbender keeps it cool while exiting his hotel on Friday (May 9) in New York City.

The day before, the 37-year-old actor made an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to promote his upcoming film X-Men: Days of Future Past.

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It was recently announced that Michael‘s upcoming film Slow West is scheduled to screen at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival, which kicks off next week. We can’t wait!

Slow West centers on “a 17-year-old boy on a journey across 19th Century frontier America in search of the woman he loves, while accompanied by mysterious traveler Silas.”

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  • I

    Blind Item

    89. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 05/09 **#4**
    This foreign born Academy Award winner/nominee B+ list mostly movie actor went out on a date with his B list celebrity girlfriend as part of a bet but is still dating her because he says the sex is the best he has ever had. I have to say she doesn’t look the type. Michael Fassbender/Naomi Campbell

  • Interesting

    Here we effing go. There cant seem to be a Michael Fassbender thread without some ish starting. Really ppl? smdh

  • scarlett

    Your saying it’s screening at Cannes is totally misleading, it’s one of the films Film4 are slated to take out there to shop around with a whole load of others. You make it sound like it’s pat of the competition line up or the Certain Regard line up when it’s not.

  • talia

    @scarlett: not really,the film will probably have a market screening at Cannes.

  • ???

    @I:@I: You’re making it seem as if the blind has been revealed. It has not. And Naomi def seems like sex would be hot. I doubt Michael would go on a date with her as a bet, more like the other way around

  • @I

    She is Crazylina.

  • Meh!

    No doubt Fassbender is a very good actor but looks wise he’s soooo

    He’s so bland really not “handsome” at all, just average!

  • European

    @Interesting: I know! Any blind about a European actor and sex and Michael’s name is put in the frame! Since when was she his girlfriend anyway? He’s single as far as anyone knows and mainly has flings rather than relationships.

  • Shamu

    Ewww, can you imagine Naomi in bed with that half bald head! This guy has the worst taste in women. Trash loves trash.

  • giazpt

    Michael is the sexiest actor to appear on screen in years. Hes not your typical pretty boy (zac efron or changing Tatum) . Fassbender is a mans man. Hes got wrinkles but that only makes him sexier

  • whoareyouagain

    @Shamu I can imagine him bed with her naked body. When you make millions off of your beauty let me know LOL. Anywho I don’t think it’s him. He was just nominated for an Academy award and how exactly is he B list. He’s definitely A list at this point in his career. Campbell just had a Vogue cover, I think Russia or something so she still gets high fashion gigs I wouldn’t consider her B list either. I don’t think the actor is Michael.

  • Shamu

    @whoareyouagain Naked body and no hair. Aye, sexy! The woman has such a bad rep and so does Fassbender, when it comes to women, they actually could be a match made in heaven.

  • Interesting

    …Besides Im sure Michael is not the only foreign born actor out there smh

  • jane

    At the end of the day unless your paying his bills who he goes with isn’t really any of our concern because he can be with whoever he wants to be with period. I think blogs have given people some sort of imaginary powers. I’m not his mom or his dad, he’s not paying my bills therefore his personal life falls into the category of none of my business. That’s the reality isn’t it.

  • Wiki
  • Wiki
  • Lena


    How many posts, and NO ONE has pointed out the OBVIOUS ATROCIOUS point about this BLIND item yet? Whoa…as USUAL, the task of telling everyone there is no Santa falls upon the shoulders of divorce lawyer… LOL…:)…

    So the focus of discussion is on whether it’s about Fassbender and Campbell and which one took the bet,m? And NOT that:

    1. Some disrespectful subhuman life form went on a date with a human as a result of a BET and not because they liked and respected that person?
    2. The reason that subhuman blob of toxic garbage is only staying with the human and wasting that person’s time is because of sex, and not because they actually like that person’s company? and
    3. That mass of garbage with a cell phone, driver’s license, and bank account is running around proudly bragging about what a useless piece of sh/t he is…?

    But honestly, I am NOT surprised those of a FAN mentality are too ignorant to see how awfully vile the human behavior is in that blind as they are too preoccupied with dumb statements like Michael can get any woman he wants. Not true. Plenty of women wouldn’t touch him with a barge (for starters out of fear of contracting herpes or hepatitis not to mention not wanting to be treated like throwaway nothingness). @Jane. Yes @Jane. Just because you have NO self esteem, sexual standards, protective instincts, or self pride, that doesnt mean all women are THAT way.

    And please…to call what those people are doing in that blind “dating” is an insult to love, romance, or even friendship. The human dynamic described in that blind reeks of anger, sexual aggression, exploitation, rivalry, bitterness, “revenge fc/king” for past disappointment, but nothing positive. Is anyone supposed to gather from that blind any remote possibility of a happily ever after when the alpha and omega of that relationship is rooted in negativity on so many bizarre and unnecessary levels? As the saying goes….Dear Lord I’ll take care of my enemies but please protect me from my friends.

    As for Slow West, what a joke the director is. He has never done a feature film before. It’s Fassbender’s friend who thought he’d TRY directing but said he thought you had to earn the right to work in color. A true idiot. His previous award winning short which won a BAFTA (what a joke that award is) only because of Fassbender connection, was in my opinion a blatant ripoff of Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs. Down to the heist, the warehouse, the dad/son mentoring relationship dynamic, the twist at the end, and what I consider an almost verbatim ripoff of the “are we going to use our real names?” scene. The lack of originality by the director/writer is obnoxious. I suspect that he chose a Western because he was writing it when Tarantino’s Django Unchained (a brilliantly done film) was having so much success. This movie Slow West like the Pitch Black Short would go unnoticed if Fassbender were not attached. I doubt the movie will be any more than a ripoff and just people talking for 2 hours…LOL…:).

    And that suit Fassbender wore to the X-MEN premiere with the tight pants and long feet make him look like an ELF. Really sort of greasy and sleazy. There’s something bizarre and off putting about a man who tries too uber hard to be [fill in the blank with anything you want, ie, fashionable, sexy, edgy, romantic, manly, rough, intelligent, strong, charming, aloof, arty, pretentious, jet setting, trendy]. At the other end of the spectrum is Alfonso Cuaron who is a good example of a man whose persona is really sexy. Salt and pepper hair. Seems a bit tired and weathered, self deprecating humor, flip flops and jeans, a little chubby, brilliance in cinema, not afraid to bring God into it, etc…

  • Interesting


    Wiki he looks so yummy I wanna bite him

  • baci da firenze

    @ l If Crazylina ia b list celebrity ,fassy is A+++++ list actor ,lol


    Who or what is Michael checking out??

  • Lena


    Who cares? It’s possibly staged anyway. That blonde puffy face PR lady with the gross too tight jeans trying to look 21 at 50 is not very good at looking natural for the camera. But, when clothing is so tight around your inner thighs that it actually accentuates and specifically defines fat pockets, it might be a clue that you need a reality check and to go up to the next size, sweet pea. Like I said, every woman has problem areas. What we do is get clothes to hide those, not accentuate and bring all eyes there right? Seriously, she can’t seem to decide if she wants to appear as a cute sorority girl, sexy, trying to be sophisticated, or a little miss hot pants. It’s all over the place and ill defined whatever she thinks she’s doing. Perhaps she’s just thrilled she’s getting another photo with him. And perhaps he’s looking at the hard hat construction worker guy thinking he’d prefer to be photographed next to the Village People along with some sort of homoerotic story line than get another locked in hell photo connection to puff mama smiley face herself. LOL. :). Or maybe he saw the Wenn photog and is trying to look like he’s not paying attention to her so people will stop sticking him in a cage with the cougar and commenting on line. LOL. :). I’m fine either way. Its pretty fun. Love to see what outfit she picks out for us next. LOL. :)

    Has anyone noticed that the women of PR, especially the ones in London seem to either be really huge and round with dark shoulder length hair. Or blondes with straw hair, brown eyes, and that sort of face that just seems like huge pores which ages all puffy like? And then they get that orange fake tan and wear low cut shirts and trendy too tight jeans with stripper heels?

    It’s a very odd sort of look. The whole too tight jeans with tall heels look doesn’t really work well for anyone other than rock stars or models. I find it odd when women who are at 50 or are pushing 50 try to compete in style with 20 year olds. And I also find it weird how people follow trends in fashion rather than just wear what highlights their best features. Best examples. Audrey Hepburn. Black turtleneck, slim flattering pants and flats. Beautiful on her. Lauren Hutton and her classic style. Diane Keaton and her signature Annie Hall look. Uma Thurman looks great in flat shoes as well. Lupita looks beautiful in those pretty little girly dresses that she wears. She just needs a bit more hair and head bands look very adorable on her.

    But, that tight hot pants look on older women with stripper heels makes them look silly. More like costumes than style.

  • Interesting

    Ok first of all I don’t think Michael has to bet anybody anything, least of all date anyone. From the outside the man has it like that to the point where if he were to walk into a room full of women 3/4 of them would start creaming and drop their panties (snap). Secondly I dotn who the fk u think u are calling ppl subhuman blob, lifeform and toxic garbage. Ur some piece of crap to be calling a fellow human being such names. That truly shows me u have serious with Michael. What I don’t know. Since ur hatred for him is so overwhelming maybe u need to step back and breathe. Go to a liquor store and calm ur nerves, call Dr Phil and get some therapy, go to a mental hospital and get some shock therapy and call Iyanla and fix ur d@mn life. IF Michael reads here, then I bet if anything ur the reason he wont ever do social media cuz he would say “d@mn if she saying that bout me on JJ what would she say if I were on twitter or instagram” or even if he don’t read here his pr or pa would at least have good sense to tell him not to do social media cuz of whatever reason. Whatever reason u hate Michael so much, uve allowed it to completely consume u, the intense dislike pours out in every post and u need ur head examined. Hell I wouldn’t be surprised if u have pics of him posted allover ur room, or even pis face as ur screensaver

  • fangirl

    “I have to say she doesn’t look the type.”

    Then for sure that´s not Naomi because she is his type.
    If the guy in question if Fassbender,then the woman just can be Madalina,because she was his last “official” girlfriend.
    Naomi is just a supposition since we did not see any proof of both being dating.

  • fangirl

    Correcting: If the guy in question is Fassbender,then the woman just can be Madalina,because she was his last “official” girlfriend and she does not look to be his type.

  • Lena


    I can’t prove it, but I sense you may be mad at me? So I’m going with it…kay? First of all I think you said “what right do you have to call people blobs or toxic waste?” or something like that, and then you call someone a piece of “crap.” Does that seem inconsistent to you at all? I just feel bad for the poor soul who got a date thinking it was because they were worthy when in reality its because people were laughing at them behind their back. And when I say “people,” I really mean, vile mutant vermin from the planet mucus sporting maggot eyeballs, poopie slime tongues, and roaches coming out of their noses when they go to speak. But, no offense of course. Also, I’ve heard this “creamer” term before. Seems crass like something a male sailor would say, not a classy nurse like yourself… truth be told. But, regardless, I’m wondering if these women who you reference were left alone with Michael before this started happening? And did any report any burning, itching or oozing as well? Because I googled it, and the term “cream” just seems a wee bit abnormal. I mean sour cream, whipped cream, creamer for coffee, heavy cream?… Are you sure whoever crafted that urban dictionary term didn’t have gonorrhea, or at minimum, a yeast infection? Perhaps these 3/4 of the women should pull up their undies and high tail it to the doc for a lab culture instead of exercising their free will right to be hoe bags? Just a thought….

    So, you think Michael doesn’t do social media because of me? Oh, now I feel bad. Here I thought it was because his hooked on phonics audio cassette got mangled and he was waiting for a new copy and more time to expand his vocabulary before tackling the real hard fan questions like: does Mandalina accept competitors coupons? Is he planning a big bash for his 50th birthday… next year? And, is that blonde lady Mickey Rourke’s PR lady, and if so, does she tell Michael what to eat also, and if so, how often is her ***** on the menu? @interesting, I think you might have nonspecific rage management issues…I don’t know what I did to you personally sweet pea… :)

    Oh my

  • @fangirl

    I think the writer of the Blind was not referring to the Actor’s type of girlfriend. To me he meant that the person did not look like the type with whom anyone would describe the sex as the best sex they ever had.
    So if the Actor in question is Michael, it would be unlikely to be MG since she looks like hot sex personified. It could be Naomi, because one may think of her as bitchy and self centered and therefore assume not a great lover. Then again it may not be Michael at all and like a lot of blinds, just made up BS.

  • Lena

    @Interesting..i forgot cookies and cream and ice cream… tragic… just tragic…

  • Interesting

    LM@O there u go again with ur endless rant against Michael. tsk tsk tsk, get it together “sweet pea”

  • fangirl


    “This foreign born Academy Award winner/nominee mostly movie actor went out on a date with his celebrity girlfriend as part of a bet but is still dating her.”

    1- Naomi is not Michael´s girlfriend since we did not see any single proof /report about it. She´s just a supposition,at least yet(until now). His last “official” girlfriend is/was MG.

    2- The report says: he´s STILL dating her. That means she was his girlfriend once before. And that he´s still dating her. He´s still dating the same woman reporting as his girlfriend. Crazylina. The woman simply cannot be Naomi.

    But maybe you´re right and the report is not referring to Michael.

  • http://NYC @fangirl

    Guess the name of the female who has been in New York all week into this weekend.
    Very high profile at start of week , but low profile at end.

    .Fassbender came in to NY later in the week. Crazylina has been in Italy and she is definitely not B List Celebrity, not even close.

    They have not seen each other since February. I do not place much stock in blinds, but I admit it is interesting, we’ll see.

  • fangirl

    Fassbender came in to NY later in the week

    Of course…the X Men world premiere was in NY. Where do you think he would go?
    That´s no proof that Fassbender went to NY to see her or the fact that both were in NY would mean they are together.
    I don´t think he´s still with Madalina,but also is not dating Naomi.
    Until I see a pic of MF and NC together or hear from one of them assuming the supposed dating, I won´t believe it.

  • lol

    Enough about Crazylina. If Fassy is stupid enough to continue a relationship with her, his PR team is smart enough to know that this story has to remain secret. For one simple reason: even if Fassy declares eternal love, marriage and children, his connection with the crazy woman would only say farewell to his career. It’s a fact. LOL


    And this account twitter about Madalina has been suspended.

    He is trying to protect her…

    Lobby and only lobby.

  • truth

    Also Madalina will be in Cannes.

  • Lena


    I just Googled her and there is a “ridiculous” article about her moving on from Butler and how she is allegedly dating Fassbender and Dom Hemingway was “critically acclaimed” ??? and she is a huge “star” and something about Hollywood insiders are chuckling about how the focus on her past relationship with Butler ignores that she’s gone from one of the most “in demand models” in the world to a successful rapidly rising actress or something and she’s fast on her way to leading lady and she’s sending a message to all the would be suitors in the world like the Butlers of the world that she’s focused on her career first..what a joke…

    It’s a very scary article. Delusional to me. Nonsensical and disjointed in it’s writing. Was she in demand as a model? I didn’t realize she was the face of Revlon, was a Victoria Secret Angel or Chanel contract holder? And, to have Hollywood all conspiring to send her to the top when someone like me sees a video of her with Anca and thinks she suffers possibly from a learning disability of sorts but mostly from just being a significant bimbo? Curious. She doesn’t speak English well enough to be a leading lady. And I have NEVER seen a model or actress who is so uncomfortable looking and awkward in presence. She never looks relaxed with a commanding presence. Dream far as leading lady. She might get something through the casting couch, but the public is not going to propel her and keep that one around….I seriously doubt it.

    Okee dokee… Interesting about the Twitter being suspended. Is that going to stop the entire internet world from speculation about her being a high paid escort? Funny if Fassbender is trying to scrub her image now. Why do people try to scrub images? And not their OWN behavior? Curious thing really…. Like instead of controlling yourself you have to control all 7 billion of us and what we see, think, and feel. If he’s doing that, wouldn’t that be pretty sleazy of him and inconsistent with an upstanding great guy from Killarney and more in line with a guy that is willing to engage in cover ups and deception in order to make money? Wondering what you all think? The IMDB zombies are whining about the posters on JJ having an “agenda”….Interesting… so, it’s okay for a celebrity like Fassbender to scrub his or her past and/or the past of his/her girlfriend to deceive the public and sell a fake image, and the folks who don’t accept those kinds of deceptive shenanigans are the bad guys? I’m not saying Fassbender is doing that or participating in that. But it would be EXTREMELY sleezy for him to treat the entire world and public like a bunch of fools and try to scrub Madalina’s reputation right underneath everyone’s noses. Just my opinion.

  • Loons

    You guys are killing me. The bi/tch can’t walk outside without you guys linking it to Michael and his PR team. Maybe there’s another reason why the account is suspended. Michael’s team have bigger issues to deal with. They aren’t even together.

  • what issues

    He has no issues
    He is having the time of his life with xmen and general high profile etc

  • Sigh

    Lena – you are an f-ing psycho.

    Just saying.

    So many opinions. So much time on your hands.

  • shamu -you sir are idiot!!!!

    @Shamu: I’ve met fassbender at the comic con he’s a gentlemen and why are you so concerned about who he dates if hate him so much? it’s not your business. So if thrashing fassbender gets you through your days then keep on hating on this stud who could get more women than you ever possibly could. and keep on trolling just jared posting moronic comments about him. the only one that’s pure trash on here is you!

  • Lena


    Just saying? What does THAT mean? Who are you and why did you jump on Just Jared merely to call me psycho???? So nothing to say about FassdisplacedbyLenaonceagain? Oh my word…

  • mistaken

    @Lena: There you are! Haven’t seen you posting for a couple days and thought we had finally rid ourselves of you, I’m sadly mistaken.

  • Interesting

    “Michael Fassbender is a man. He just looks at you, and you want to take your clothes off. Let me just say this — once he kissed me on the mouth to say hello, and I almost fainted. The kiss was very platonic on his part. I could smell what he had for breakfast in the morning, you know what I mean? He could eat a pile of shit, and it would smell good on him.”

    Sarah Paulson‘s description of Michael Fassbender in the new issue of New York confirms first hand what I always suspected about the “Shame” actor — he is sex on a stick

  • Tina Fay

    Haha!!! I love you Lena!!! I just Do not get the attraction to Michael Fassbender. He is an abuser, drug addict, alcoholic, womanizer all of 5 feet 8 inches and going bald with green teeth. He seems to only be able to play a douche bag and that seems to be his natural gift not a talent. Maybe beating women and spreading hepatitis is cool in Irealand but my parents taught me better. The fans that defend him are just in an unhealthy place and attracted to his unhealthy character. Any self respecting woman would run and never defend his behavior.

  • yes


    i agree x1000