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Michael Fassbender as 'Macbeth' - First Look Image Revealed!

Michael Fassbender as 'Macbeth' - First Look Image Revealed!

Here’s the first look image of Michael Fassbender in the upcoming Justin Kurzel-directed movie adaptation of the Shakespeare play Macbeth!

The 37-year-old actor plays the title character in an ensemble cast which includes Elizabeth Debicki as Lady Macduff, Paddy Considine as Banquo, and Marion Cotillard as Lady Macbeth – check out Marion‘s first image below via HitFlix!

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Also pictured: Michael looking dapper in a suit while attending the premiere of his latest film X-Men: Days of Future Past held at Oktyabr Cinema on Tuesday (May 13) in Moscow, Russia.

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michael fassbender as macbeth first look image revealed 01
michael fassbender as macbeth first look image revealed 02
michael fassbender as macbeth first look image revealed 03
michael fassbender as macbeth first look image revealed 04
michael fassbender as macbeth first look image revealed 05

Credit: Epsilon; Photos: Getty
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  • Henry

    No, not marion, she’s such a horrible actress. Couldn’t they get a real actress for this?

  • Burp

    This movie will bomb. It’s going to be bad.

  • GFW

    It won’t bomb. Marian can act. If anything’s going to fizzle it’s Frank. Michael might not be very good at picking women but he can pick projects.

  • Belle

    omg i’m so so excited for the film! Marion is a great actress! I hope she’ll get nominated for an oscar for this. <3

  • Sam

    Marion can’t act, she’s so strange. Michael was great in the tarantino movie.

  • Jake

    Geez, Marion’s voice is so annoying, a nasal voice. I hope she doesn’t do her same old overacting thing in this movie. I always get the feeling she went to a bad acting clown school. She has those weird habits of making bizarre faces.

  • Pauly

    @Sam: Michael is a good actor, he might do something interesting, Marion is a bad choice for lady macbeth though. She can hardly speak english.

  • Belle


    Marion is far from a horrible actress. You should watch La Vie En Rose! She’s incredible in that film.

  • Rand

    @Belle: No, she’ll probably get nominated for a razzie award for this. Playing Shakespeare does not mean oscar bate by the way. That’s an old cliche.

  • Henry

    @Belle: I’ve seen her in that movie. the makeup does the work for her and she was terrible in it. Like a bad SNL imitation. She was overacting in that, it was too much. She did the biggest oscar campaign in Hollywood. her performance as Piaf was like a bad joke or something.

  • Martha

    La vie en rose was such an annoying movie.

  • Richard

    Who did she sleep with in Hollyweird to play lady macbeth?

  • Julian

    The actress is unable to act without her French accent. While Fassbender will do a wonderful job as useful, I think she was miscast.

  • Ring

    Her accent is so thick and the sound of her voice is horrible. The way she talks and acts is always awkward. The results are always mediocre.

  • Anita

    Marion is a bad choice, Michael is a good choice. The movie will be half bad.

  • Jason

    I think Fassbender will overshadow Marion big time.

  • Tray

    She’s too much of a stereotype. Her acting is over the top. bad bad choice to cast her.

  • annie

    Idk, but since House of Cards came out, I can’t imagine another actress playing Lady MacBeth if not Robin Wright. She gives the chills.

  • Pol

    Oh no, not marion again. She can’t act. She doesn’t have the depth.

  • Garry

    who cares it is not like a Shakespeare movie ever makes a dent at the box office.
    Based on Marion Cottilard’s death scene in The Dark Knight Rises, she should never work again.

  • At last

    She had a boob job and an eye surgery, her eyes used to be like a frog’s eyes.

  • Nina

    Always the same troll commenting on Marion Cotillard’s articles… EVERY 5 MINUTES!!
    Please, just shut the f*** up and go find another hobby! You’re pathetic!

  • that’s right

    Marion had a nose job too.

  • Keys
  • Keys

    @that’s right: yeah i know, her nose is so different now. All the pictures prove it and her old movies too. The eye surgery is so bizarre. who gets eye surgery geez. The boob job is so weird. she’s addicted to plastic surgery!

  • Bobby

    @Keys: yuk! she’s gross

  • Mike

    She did her bobs, her nose, eyes surgery and i don’t know what. The proofs are all over the place; I don’t understand women like her who change everything. She’s so weird and ugly.

  • That’s right

    The boob job is awful. the nose job is obvious. her eyes used to be so bubbly, now she just looks like someone is pulling her face. ewwww

  • Jim

    Yeah, i’ve noticed the difference with her eyes too, now it’s like she has a hard time opening them or something. She looks bitter an mean now. her eyes used to be wide open, now she had an operation. I can’t believe women who get those plastic surgeries. She’s looking more and more like an alien.

  • Richard
  • Henry

    @Richard:She changed her whole face or what?

  • Quentin

    @Richard: the worst part is that those surgeries make them age faster and makes them look worst, she was better before, i don’t know what she was thinking. she looks so fake/phony now; i just think her face looks like crap. it’s not natural. And that bimbo boob job is just awful.

  • Kate

    She’s too scary to look at now, forget about it!

  • Oliver

    @Richard: oh man! wtf happened to her?!!!

  • sarah

    I’ll never understand these women (also men) who rely on plastic surgery. Never. Sooner or later they will be weird and gummy.

    Better Anna Magnani, who said to the make-up artist: Do not erase even a wrinkle. I paid a lot for all of them.

  • Shamu

    I see the womenhating Fassmember fanfreaks are out and about. Marion Cotillard is far from ugly, but you lot certainly are not.

  • @Shamu

    @Shamu: You are a womenhating Fassmember fanfreak.
    Hi Madalina.

  • Pizza

    @sarah: I agree with you a 100%. Marion is such a fake anyway. bad actress, mean person and plastic surgery addict. We want natural people! At least when they are natural their acting is more real.

  • Nick

    Marion as lady macbeth? Is this a joke? Come on!

  • Bart

    I have a feeling that movie won’t work.

  • Clev

    Who is Marian Cotilar?

  • Julie

    OMG! the french jealous loser troll with mental issues again! LOL
    I laughed so hard when I saw her talking to herself! she’s so ridiculous! HAHAHA
    This loser is not even a fan of Michael Fassbender! she’s just a jealous hater of Marion Cotillard! she is ugly inside and out, has a sad and empty life and does nothing in her life besides leaving stupid comments here! you can see that her comments have only 2 minutes apart and she really thinks that no one can notice that is same loser doing that! LOL
    Go back to your strength jacket, you LOSER! your jealous comments about Marion won’t change your pathetic life! GET A LIFE OR KILL YOURSELF ALREADY!!!

  • Bookworm

    I am really looking forward to this film. I love Macbeth and this looks as though it is going to a really gritty, dark production. Can’t wait to see what Fassbender and Cotillard do with it. The rest of the cast looks good too. Don’t understand all this invective being spouted against Cotillard!

  • not fassbender

    Not fassbender trolls. Marion has her own haters here.

  • fassy forever

    Im not haters but lady macbeth don’t speak with french accent in the act , if she was a real actress would have to learn to act with a perfect accent .M.Streep learned Polish for a movie .

  • Accent

    I don’t have a problem with Marion as Lady M. and Michael speaks highly of her so wait and see. But as far as accents go I think they made the right choice to have her speaking English with a French accent, Scotland and France were frequently allied against England in the Middle Ages and members of each nobility would often spend time at the respective courts as well as intermarry. I seriously doubt that Marion could manage speaking English with an authentic Scottish accent, although Michael should have no problem living in London and being from the British Isles where the English, Irish, Scots and Welsh accents are easily distinguished from each other. He has played roles with different perfect English accents many times so I’d expect him to make a good job of a Scots accent.

  • Bookworm


    I agree Accent. Just heard that Fassbender is due to be in ‘Light between Oceans’, a book I have not previously heard of. Now I have to download and read that, sigh, the reading list is never ending!

  • Accent

    @Bookworm: Yes, that looks promising. I can understand why Michael is attracted to it as he hasn’t really had the opportunity to explore issues like marriage and fatherhood before in a film and by all accounts it’s a moving story. But he’s been linked to other projects recently that haven’t materialized like The Mountain Between Us and Genius, so I wouldn’t rush to read the book – at this stage he’s only “in talks”!

  • Bookworm


    I saw that Nicole Kidman was going to be in Genius. For me she will always be Virginia Woolf’s nose in The Hours, which was otherwise a good film. I was amused when Michael dropped out and wondered if it had anything to do with her being In it.

  • Marion can act

    @<aShe did win an Oscar.: