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Michael Fassbender & James McAvoy Get Dual 'Details' Covers!

Michael Fassbender & James McAvoy Get Dual 'Details' Covers!

Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy look handsome as can be on their dual covers of Details magazine‘s June/July 2014 issue.

Here is what the X-Men: Days of Future Past co-stars had to share with the mag:

James on keeping his personal life private: “You just choose the things you want to keep private and keep them precious. And if you sell them cheaply, then the become cheap to you also.”

Michael on their bromance: “James came in to do the screen test with me, and from there, there was a respect and friendliness between us. But then as it developed, there was more trust, and you realize that the other person’s got your back. Then the trust becomes deeper and it goes somewhere else, for sure.”

James on co-star Jennifer Lawrence: “She’s a demon, period. She can throw a punch, she’s got a good shot, she can drink. She’s proper. I like that girl.”

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10+ pictures inside of Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy in the magazine…

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  • Lena

    Why are these people CONSTANTLY whining about their right to privacy? And then they go to a magazine to whine PUBLICLY about their whining about their wanting a right to PRIVACY. I’m surprised there wasn’t a trilogy magazine cover with Hugh Jackman also begging for the public to respect his right to PRIVACY while crying with tears rolling down his face right after he let the ENTIRE world know he just had another basal cell skin cancer removed (visual: wife Deb busy gathering all our our emails so we can get email alerts the next time he gets a new growth or has a bowel movement). By the way basal cell rarely metastasizes and rarely kills and 3 out of 10 people will get it. It is very common. They’ll do ANYTHING for publicly while whining about getting attention and no privacy.

    Is this the same article where Fassbender also whines about not getting privacy but then tells the ENTIRE world the identity of all his core best friends as well as their ethnicity, and location of birth or something like that? (I presume those fellas are private citizens and did not inject themselves into the spotlight like Fassbender’s PR lady who photobombs most of his public pictures and climbed on the 12YAS Golden Globe winners picture pyramid thereby almost successful pushing poor Lupita out of the shot entirely). Google it. You’ll see…it’s pathetic.

    Or is the rule this? it’s okay to discuss your private life and in fact do things like Fassbender’s comparison of his childhood friends to X-MEN mutants if revealing portions of your private life can help you make $$$$$$$$$$$$, but it’s NOT okay if the public gets an interest in you or your life beyond what you have decided UNILATERALLY they should think and feel about you.

    These guys are CONTROLLING little cry babies aren’t they?

    Hmmmm…. Lightbulb idea? Retire… Go away… Then people will forget your names and your faces. All your problems solved. Get a new career OUT of the PUBLIC eye, Kay? Sound like a plan? Oh, don’t like that idea eh? AHA, so these guys are just basically lying about hating all the attention everyone gives them. Right? I think so.

    It’s like…give me your $$$$…give me your admiration… give me your time…listen to my advice even though it’s dumb…Yet don’t you dare don’t think or say things about me I disapprove of. Folks. If you ever take the time to listen to these actors and celebrities in general that’s their position. I have a feeling most celebrities don’t really even like their fans. I think they believe fans violate their privacy, even the ones who adore them.

    Which is why I don’t get why the public admires or defends them even when they engage in squirrely or deceptive behavior.

  • Lena

    For publicity, not for publicly (spell check auto correct malfunction)

  • Seriously

    @Lena. Question. Why do you read these magazines if they just make you angry? I would just like to tell you one thing – Hugh Jackman is an absolute champion, as is his wife. As an Australian I could not be prouder to have them representing Australia to the world. They do much charity work, especially in regards to adoption, seem to be very much in love, and also seem to be decent people. Yes – he is in the public eye and can expect that his privacy is going to be compromised. However, asking for privacy is not unreasonable – especially when he has two children who do not need to have cameras shoved in their faces. Children don’t have a say in what their parents do. As well, talking about his skin cancer was a good way of showing that people need to look after themselves. Regardless of the “serious” nature of his particular case. Thanks for your diagnosis Dr Lena. In Australia, skin cancer is serious and 1 in 3 will get it before they are 70. I can’t believe I have taken your bait, but seriously back off. If these people cause you so much anger, walk away and read a book instead. So, I await the vitriolic reply, where you will probably accuse me of being some celebrity’s paid mole with my job to defend them at all costs. Honestly, if you hate Michael Fassbender so much, why troll his boards? It’s not a public service to point out the perceived flaws of someone you don’t even know. Most people acknowledge that no one is perfect. Get over your issues. Isn’t it enough to enjoy these people’s movies without analysis their every move on the internet that, let’s face it, you do.

  • Seriously

    analysing, not analysis. Spell check auto malfunction. :-P

  • @seriously

    I wonder why people spend the time to defend what is indefensible. Many things are obvious to those who have brain and some decide to write it. If you do not like, refugees on some other part.

  • Interesting

    Here we go AGAIN, another MF thread, another bashing. Are u a fan or what cuz if u are act like it if not then STFU……and on that note they are looking very gorgeous, sexy, delicious esp Michael

  • Well said

    @Seriously: Well said, why would someone who hates Michael Fassbender so much spend so much time and energy on him? And no, it doesn’t make you a paid mole to speak out when people are tearing somebody’s reputation to shreds. I don’t claim to know Michael Fassbender but he is a near neighbour of mine and I see him around the area. And guess what? He seems like a very sound down to earth guy, he doesn’t promote himself but neither does he hide away, albeit he seems to go unnoticed in the main. He does really outrageous things like walking through the streets and park, supports local businesses by eating out locally, has a few drinks in local pubs. I’ve never seen him scare a child, kick a dog or even drop litter. He’s a very talented actor and from what I’ve seen lives a fairly normal private life so why the hate? I’m betting this person has never clapped eyes on him and must be basing her perception of him on exaggerated media tales. If she saw what I’ve seen with my own eyes she’d realise he’s actually a likeable regular guy in private. The only crime I’ve seen is those trackie bottoms he likes to wear, with his “build” it’s enough to make you blush!

  • Seriously

    @@seriously: Yeah, I know I took the bait. But just having been browsing this site over the last few days, @Lena is all over it – and she has nothing to contribute. Not responding to her might make her go away, but I doubt it. I know she can be entertaining in parts, but seriously, she has some kind of problem but this latest post really annoyed me!

  • Lena


    Uh oh… did someone give Gary Quinlan the bad news? This is the very FIRST I heard of Hugh Jackman, actor, representing Australia to the world. LOL :) You know who he is, (without Googling him right?)

    You missed the point. But I think it was cute the way you use “mole” seeing as how you clearly rely on Hugh Jackman and Debbie Furness to “remind” YOU to take care of YOUR own health. Especially since you are from Australia and I am thinking that in that type of climate kids in school are taught to get their skin checked from an early age, just like the CDC has health education curriculum for “mole patrols” in the United States. Does Jackman even KNOW THIS? Aren’t you just thrilled that instead of wasting time on medical or nursing school, geniuses Hugh and Deb decided to fast track medical expertise through show biz fame and fortune? LOL :) What would all the ignorant masses do without THEM to remind US to take care of our OWN business. Thank God for super hero movie press tours. None of us would remember to get PAP smears, mole patrols at the skin doctor, get our 6 month dental cleanings, blood pressure, do our taxes, take out the garbage, etc. without movie stars lecturing us to do these things on comic book movie press tours eh?

    So, you’ve decided Hugh/Deb “seem to be in love?” The relevance is? What? Is my love life relevant to my doing MY job? Or yours? Just curious… You called me Dr. Lena. You do realize that I have a degree that says the words “Doctor” right? Funny you should say that. Perfect statement for my point though. I have a Juris Doctor. I am allowed depending on the state to call myself “doctor” but we don’t generally do that, RESERVING, medical advice to medical doctors, sweet pea. But, funny how you seem to call me Dr. Lena to try to put me in my place, when I, having a degree with the words “Doctor” on it, have more color of right to call myself Doctor than freakin’ Hugh Jackman, but I’m not announcing my weird looking moles on press tours. And he and those like him (i.e., celebrities) have what kind of expertise and authority to give advice in love, child rearing, finances, relationships, how to get success, be happy, etc? And, it’s relevant to the plot of X-men how again?
    Then you say “However, asking for privacy is not unreasonable – especially when he has two children who do not need to have cameras shoved in their faces. Children don’t have a say in what their parents do”
    You CANNOT be serious with that NONSENSE. I’m supposed to pick up where this guy fails as a parent? It’s somehow MY duty to make sure the world doesn’t bother HIM or HIS children because HE decided to voluntarily inject and hurl HIMSELF on to the world, thereby opening HIMSELF and his OWN family up to that? If I have children (which I won’t say whether I do or not) I don’t have people shoving cameras in my own children’s faces because I didn’t seek fame and fortune to bring that on my children. I could have chased fame and exposed myself and my family to that, but EVERYONE makes a free will choice whether they want to expose themselves or their family to the risk of what they do. He can STOP going on world wide press tours. Get another job. Or stop whining and grow up.

    Likewise, if I am single and I don’t want guys hitting on me, then I don’t go to nightclubs dressed like a hooker. Period. I stay out of bars altogether. But, celebrities don’t do that do they? They have GOT to go party and go out, but then they demand that rooms are cleared so no one looks them in the eye. Have another shot of Kool Aid. LOL. :)

  • Lena

    @Well said:
    ” If she saw what I’ve seen with my own eyes she’d realise he’s actually a likeable regular guy in private.”
    If I saw with my eyes what you saw, I probably wouldn’t give a sh/t. Seriously, do you really spend a lot of time thinking about what random people who are “practically your neighbor” are like in private? I don’t. The ONLY reason you do this to THIS guy, is because you have seen him in movies, and based upon a carefully crafted image glued together by spin doctors, publicists, and ugly PR lady, which has pushed all the right emotional human buttons in you, you are obsessed with him and idolize him. And, unless you are around him intimately, you pretty much are clueless about his character, aren’t you? And, this is outrageously LAUGHABLE:
    “he doesn’t promote himself”
    So, what are you saying? Those Russian photos with ugly PR lady looking like she was ticked b/c she wasn’t allowed to walk arm locked with Michael through Moscow, and goofy looking agent oaf guy wandering around aimlessly with Fassbender, were ACTUALLY depicting a scenario where Michael was being FORCED to PROMOTE himself against his will? Those were Russian Bodyguards coercing him? So, you are saying Michael was somehow forced to become an actor, and chase fame, fortune, and public acclaim and admiration, and that he has been FORCED to go on press tours (against his will) and has been FORCED against his will to do magazine articles, and Graham Norton, and go to red carpet events, and do all kinds of movies? Or…ooooh…ooooh…ooooh… ugly mousy pathetic dodgy sketchy blonde PR lady isn’t just photobombing all of his photos, she’s actually armed and packing a piece, and somehow FORCING him do all these red carpet interviews to “promote” himself? Oh, I get it. The old, he is a movie star AGAINST HIS WILL thing coming up again. Goes hand in hand with James McAvoy’s whiny face tantrum of “please respect my privacy when I want it, and give me tons of attention when I demand it please.” You people are incredible, you know that? So, my getting “charmed” by Fassbender would suddenly make me want to support his “brand” and turn over all my $$$$$$$$$$$$ to him? Wouldn’t bet the farm on that, dear. Yes, sweetie, I do believe you have made my point. Of course Fassbender wants everyone to LIKE him. Because that way, if they like HIM and he and those of his ilk (celebrities) can get people to support HIM and not just his movies, people will be more inclined to go see his latest film to support “him” as a “brand” and not the movie. They will support him and not judge the movie on it’s merit. It goes hand in hand with my criticism of the Hollywood PR machine deception. They lie to us in order to get us to like “them” so we will support their “brand” so that we will forgive bad work product and go give them $$$ because they are swell people. It’s a big huge scam, and it is spiraling out of control. Especially now that Kardashian is getting into the relationship and child rearing advice business.

  • Miss

    Here for James! He’s been looking extra good lately.

  • Bwhahahahaaa

    @Lena: What is your childhood trauma?

  • Lena


    Interesting dig there. Your moniker is bwahahahahaha and then you write “what is your childhood trauma?” Here is the irony of that. You are ATTACKING ME. Who are you? Have I attacked YOU? Or, someone you DON’T even know? So, if I am criticizing someone you DONT even know, then my question would be this: What is YOUR childhood trauma? Or is it merely divorce? Parental abandonment? What causes someone like you to bond so much to an absolute stranger that you would come on to a public board where people are able to criticize and praise PUBLIC FIGURES and decide to attack another private citizen who didn’t even know you existed before you launched your attack?

    Again, celebrities are fair game for attack as they hurl themselves into the spotlight. But, I am just criticizing the public figure. But, you are absolutely hurt aren’t you? Your feelings are hurt. And you are emotional because I did something to someone you feel “close” to yet you probably have NEVER even met. Nor will ever meet.

    See, here’s the thing. My parents are still married. I never had a parent leave me. I never saw one parent fall out of love with the other. They are nearing 50 years and very much still soul mates. Is that what drives celebrity worship syndrome? The childhood “trauma” of seeing one parent abandon the other parent, and leave you as well? Is that what drives people to fantasize about these actors and actresses (singers, celebrities?) That void that was created by the childhood trauma of parental abandonment. I am starting to wonder.

    So, bwahahahahahha, is that YOUR childhood trauma? Childhood parental abandonment, alienation? Is THAT what causes you to take up arms to defend your favorite celebrity and go after my jugular? My childhood was great. I got to live in a foreign country, play tennis competitively, scholarship to college. Never had acne, both of my parents are physically tall, attractive with perfect bone structure, so I lucked out. I have an advanced degree. I don’t do drugs. I don’t drink alcohol. I don’t have a mental disorder. I don’t have low self esteem and don’t sleep around to make myself feel pretty or worthy of love. I have a professional license. Great friends. No divorce in my immediate family. I rescue animals. Perhaps you just don’t like the truth about Hollywood? Hollywood which is a small opportunistic cut throat society which is filled with narcissistic fraudulent con artist sick mentally unhealthy vermin who have too much control over the media and who are increasingly overstepping into decent society?

    Perhaps you are simply upset because I speak out about Hollywood farce, deception, and PR mind games, and overreaching which I think is spiraling out of control? Perhaps it upsets you because idol worship is the drug that somehow sustains you whereas I think it is destructive to society? I hardly think that means I had childhood trauma. I just think you are probably an a$$hole…

  • Anon

    The fact that this Alena character is writing essays to “defend” herself is laughable.. I hope you know no one is going to bother to actually read the sh*t you’re writing. Get a life, since you CLEARLY don’t seem to have one, dude

  • Anon

    Sorry, meant Lena.. Shows how much I care lol

  • Bwhahahahaaa

    @Lena: “The lady doth protest too much, methinks”

  • Interesting

    @Well said:

    Oo should u see him around in the near future please tell Michael that Mel says hi

  • Bookworm

    Sat down with my coffee this morning, came on this site and thought great a new thread, 17 new comments to read only to find more reams of irrational, illiterate, ranting verbal diarrhoea from Lena. Lena may well have some interesting, relevant points to make but frankly I can’t be bothered to wade through the mass of verbiage to find them.
    @Lena – try fewer words and more spacing. Bullet points are good with brief, pithy explanations where required. That way the rest of us will be able to read and understand your posts more easily.

  • Lena


    How curious,

    You’re NOT reading essays about me. Yet you came here to read an “essay” about some guy dressed up in a comic book character superhero outfit lecture people about “right to privacy.” What a laugh. Or a movie star give medical advice? Or another actor give philosophical lectures on DIVERSITY during a comic book movie press tour? Very sophisticated you are. The cat’s outta the bag on that one. With that knowledge, could one reasonably expect you to read anything much over 3rd grade reading level at all? LOL. :) Yes, sweetie, way to mess up my 4 LETTER internet moniker to diminish MY intelligence. LOL.:) As you choose one called “anon” evidencing, AGAIN, the depths of your intellectual sloth.

    I also love it when people tell someone to get a life AT THE SAME PLACE while DOING the EXACT same thing. Clever. Very Very clever. Got me there. Sarcasm intended. By the way, these guys know they aren’t educated or smart. That’s the one thing they DO know in the back of their minds. Why do you think Fassbender keeps telling people he considered being a lawyer? But decided against it because he didn’t want to read so much. Then in the next breath says he reads scripts ALL the time. Eye rolls….But he definitely has to keep telling people he “thought” about being a lawyer. Why? Because he associates status and intelligence and societal authority with being a lawyer. Whether you ding dongs do or not. He does. Oh yes…sweeetacomes…tis very true…. Your idol is in AWE of lawyers. So is George Clooney. Which is why he might need a wife like Amal if he’s worried about getting dragged into the Singer scandal as a witness, eh? Michael says things like that because he knows that dumb @$$ fans like you immediately go “he’s so SMART. He COULD have been a lawyer simply because he “thought” about it. Fassy’s smarter than everyone cause he’s in my favorite movies; he just didn’t want to do that even though he had POTENTIAL.” LOL. :) Yes, just like serial killers have the POTENTIAL to NOT kill folks. Right ding dong?… And YOU even have the POTENTIAL to follow educated experts for guidance in life instead of uneducated flaky actors. LOL. :) Actors know they are dumb and know they only have an audience because of their movies and high profiles. And I think you’d probably be quite shocked to realize that they think you fans are dumb as dirt for listening to their so called expertise. Gullible cows are you?

    And if they would just stick to discussing the MOVIE alone? That is, to selling the movie and not themselves as “BRANDS” on these press tours and in their careers? Then I would probably not have any reason to complain as they would be just promoting their work product like everyone else. And not themselves as snake oil salesmen. You probably would buy Paris Hilton cologne wouldn’t you? Giggles. Can’t wait for Fassbender’s brand cologne. Called “Everwet?” Made up of the essence of 1. The remnants of what he ate for breakfast 2. Cigarettes 3. Stale alcohol and (how was it put by @Interesting a/k/a Allegory from Purse forum,) ” panty cream” from a gaggle of thirsty pathetic fan girls? Whoa….he’d probably get a million zombies to pay $100 an oz for that nasty cr/p…LOL. :)

  • nuala

    @Lena: Lena, to be honest, I happened upon a Fassbender thread at IMDB sometime ago, and your posts intrigued and amused me at the same time, such that I would look for Fassbender threads just to read your posts. But I’m beginning to think that maybe you should stop reading about Fassbender, or researching him, or watching his interviews, or posting on his threads. He seems to make you so angry. I don’t think he is worth it. On my part, I’m also going to stop looking for your posts. They’ve ceased to be interesting, and instead have become repetitive. But if you’re posting on other topics, please let me know. I would be interested in reading those. Regards.

  • Interesting

    There this dumb a$$ b!t@h go calling my name in her mouth. Like really lena. Do u have a crush on me or something? Sorry hun but Im a d!ck lover so look somewhere else. Whoever this Allegory is on Purseforum I can guarantee u she is absolutely NOT me. Now do me a favor and find a man to hut u up already, u have waaaay too much time on ur hands

  • Interesting

    @Lena I think ur so much in love with Michael Fassbender u dont know wtf to do with urself. U got it bad for him ur losing control. I know Im a fan but this thing u have for the man is consuming u til I doubt it if u know ur head from ur a$$. Ur literally all over the place on every blog and gossip site talking about him. Not that I personally know, but from what uve said and what others have said. Sweet pea if u dislike him so much why the interest? Why talk about him so much. Why think about him? And don’t say ur not thinking about him cuz to be all over writing long a$$ post means ur thinking well enough about him to talk every detail, and not about his work but mostly his personal life…OMG has he banged u? Hmm that would explained it huh. He f@cked u and didn’t call. Ugh the nerve of him, how dare he do that to sweet pea, $h!t no wonder ur so pissed at him. U hate the fact that what hes given u hes giving to others huh and u don’t wanna share. Shoot I don’t blame u, I wouldn’t wanna share everwet either. But get tf over it. Either hunt him down and have hin bang that outta u or try find a man who can live up to the prowess. Get over him sweet pea

  • Lena


    Thank you. I post on lots of things. Animal rescue, child abuse, celebrity worship syndrome, choosing education/ inner strength over physical beauty/gold digging, building self esteem/ common sense, deceptive advertising in Hollywood, and also consumer safety (ie, chamber of commerce infiltration of justice system as depicted in documentary “Hot Coffee,”). I also lobby for legislation (animal welfare). Right now I’m at IMDB, praising Pamela Anderson for bravely coming forward with her childhood sex abuse. Unexpected bravery. Bravo!! And on Bryan Singer’s board. RE: Fass… NONE of these people make me ANGRY. Not in the SLIGHTEST. I write w/a calm hand but w/a strong tone. People get upset when they see their lawyer laughing/ joking w/the other attorney and assume he is conspiring to throw them under the bus. But, the truth is, folks like me argue ISSUES sweetie. We debate ISSUES. We dont EMOTIONALLY invest in STRANGERS. We fight like lions over fresh kill and laugh about it seconds later. I have no control whether you feel this actor, Fassbender, makes me personally upset inside. Nor can I worry about that. But would I go spread myself on 50 different celebrity boards to be cleaved by exponentially more zealot fans just so people like you won’t think a certain way about me? That would be silly. I’m libertarian. I care about people in general, society as a whole, our future as humans. My friends, family, a person or animal in need. Not people in the middle of negative schemes. I say live and let live but don’t abuse your power to slime the masses or brainwash them to following bad examples…

    If you can’t handle what I’m saying on ISSUES b/c you believe I’m a bad messenger, then what can I do about that? Or perhaps, deep down, you really just don’t want to face the message because in the end, you like the cozy comfort of snuggling up to idols like Fassbender in your MIND. The message his manipulative puppet master PR lady and he delivers to you (whether it’s the truth or a lie just to get your $$$) makes you feel good inside. Offers comfort to you. An escape from real life problems. Its human nature. People turn to Jesus, Buddha, for the same kind of comfort celebrity worship offers.

    The only catch is Jesus, Buddha stood unequivocally for positive human qualities and behavior. Celebrities promote negative behavior while asking you to admire and follow suit. Jokes about Weinstein’s infamous “casting couch.”. Fassbender’s recent comment about how he wish he could “take Jesus out for a drink” and it’s always been his fantasy to “rob a bank.” After he was just outed w/a rumored prostitute/high paid escort, boasting about crashing golf carts (property destruction) in the workplace, endangering journalists while recklessly driving a race car, smoking pot on camera in Canada, etc.

    Yes, you condemn ME for pointing things like this out. Paint me as a sad have no life angry female. Accuse ME of having the problem. Your prerogative. But it’s not going to stop me from pointing out (for as long as I want to) folks are idolizing gutter punks who have little regard for others and use their power over the media to teach and preach destructive human behavior. And, I’m just vocal about it. People agree with me on boards where a celebrity has finally outstayed his/her welcome in the public eye. I could go get people to agree with me over there. But that’s easy, sweetie. :) I don’t expect everyone to agree. So much energy to attack me. NONE to prove me wrong. Interesting. And I see no problem with enjoying (as entertainment) the movies that a guy like Fassbender makes. I just see societal harm in elevating him or any celebrity to “brand” status as objects of worship and go to folks for guidance and comfort.

  • Well said

    @Lena: Wow, what a long diatribe! However you have completely missed my point which is that Michael Fassbender is a normal guy not some totally amoral meglomaniac. I say this not because I idolize him or am obsessed with him, how ironic you should accuse others of obsession! No I don’t know him intimately but I have seen him away from the public eye when he is living his private life. Whatever impression you have gleaned from the public persona or publicity is incredibly distorted. No I don’t generally speculate about neighbours but other people in my locality are not, to my knowledge, having such vitriol written about them. If they were I would speak up for them too. All I can say is I have encountered Michael Fassbender the man on several ocassions, not the movie star. I have had a couple of pleasant exchanges with him and I take people as I find them. The stuff you have written about him bears no resemblance to the real person.

  • Interesting

    @WellSaid I like what u said there. Unfortunately shes not the only one who has felt the need to assume things about him. Everyone screws up but because hes in the public eye its magnified. Some ppl are just worse at tearing ppl apart than others (btw Im serious about the shout out from me)…And on that note

  • Interesting
  • Well said

    @Interesting: Nice photos, he scrubs up well! Can’t say I’ve personally seen him dressed so smartly, always seems to be wearing t-shirts and shorts or trackie bottoms not that I’m complaining! It really is strange the way some people make assumptions about people they’ve never even seen in the flesh yet think they have the right to tear them to pieces or lecture them on how to live. I’m not kidding, he really is a regular down to earth guy, no airs and graces, no big ego. Most people round here either don’t know who he is, don’t recognise him or don’t care if they do. His private life is far removed from all the celebrity stuff, lord knows there’s plenty of opportunity for him to attend showbiz functions in London but he doesn’t seem to be interested, I’ve only seen photos of him at events that are directly relevant to his work in the London newspapers. I saw photos of him at the recent premieres all suited and booted being given the VIP treatment then a few days later I see him strolling past in his tracksuit with nobody taking a blind bit of notice, completely different world! Re the shoutout, you really want me to go over to him and say Mel says hi? Would he know who you are? He may know many people called Mel…..that could be awkward!

  • Lena

    @Well said:

    You said this: ” Whatever impression you have gleaned from the public persona or publicity is incredibly distorted.”
    And WHO distorted it? PR la/dy Pau/la who it seems has been around since Ing/lori/ous Bas/ter/ds days? If she’s not behind the scenes crafting his image, then what’s she doing pray tell? She’s running through airports with him, arms locked with his in pics, she’s basically stuck to him on the red carpet, and now more and more in public shots, including coming out of his hotel, they eat together, etc. They’re obviously together all the time. What does she do with her time then? Mic/key Rou/rke said she told him what to eat, what to do, when to do it, and what to “f**k.” Did she suddenly change her ways w/Michael? Doubt it. So, are Michael and her just victims of the world here? Is that your point? Spare me. Seriously. You trying to blame ME for distortion? And not Fassbender and P/R Pau/la? Not Hollywood? Wow. He said he crashed a golf cart. He said he wants to rob a bank. He said he wants to “buy a drink for Jesus.” He said he wants to “smash sweetshops” of women. He was the one who went full frontal nude in a picture. He’s the one who was outed with a rumored very much passed around high paid Hollywood escort (and gossip blinds were pretty confident on that one; so much so that they revealed it to be him). His cast mates talk about his hard partying (I didn’t make that up) Is he a victim of them too? A journalist talked about how he was incredibly drunk for his scenes in 300. Hugh Jackman boasted about him taking the crew around to party. Michael and Hugh talked about his obsession with Blurred Lines. He has a many years long reputation for being a player, womanizer and cheater. I didn’t just pull that out of thin air. A journalist wrote about being worried at his lack of regard for safety on a race track during an interview. Michael himself has talked about how he is selfish and in a German magazine dates around w/ “some escort.” He was photographed smoking what that S1m0ne said was pot (in Canada). He was accused by a former girlfriend of domestic violence (I do not assume it was true, but someone else accused him; not me). He was known for going after the girl of his own producer. Are you saying all this was FABRICATED to create an IMAGE of Fassbender that is DISTORTED and is NOT the real man? Because you know him and his reputation at home?
    If so, I am even more worried. What would possess Michael and his PR lady to go out of their way to paint him as a Hollywood bad boy player giving young impressionable kids the idea that it is cool to be a bad boy player, if he is this sweet, loyal, well behaved family man in reality? That would be pretty disgusting wouldn’t it? In order to make $$$, Michael and his PR lady concoct a scheme to convince the world that he is some Hollywood playa’ and then sell to folks that if you want to be cool like Fassbender, you need to wreck sweet shops, be promiscuous, drink, smoke, party, be reckless, womanize, date escorts, act like a kid? Knowing that people look up to him and might mirror his behavior? Knowing that people follow his lead? Knowing that he (as bad as the idea is) is a role model to impressionable people?

    So, you are actually saying that a really calm, nothing “ever happens to this Family man” guy is deceiving the public with a bad boy image and that is the fraud he is perpetrating here? Trying to sell a negative message to folks to make $$$ when that isn’t even who he is?Oh my Lord. That would be nothing short of unconscionable. Is that Hollywood 101?

  • Interesting

    @Well said:

    Thanx for the insight into who he is, more or less. Even if its just a little piece. I really appreciate it. I like hearing or rather reading stories of ppl who’ve met him. Its very insightful and to me its way better than reading the ish that ppl say about him and the assumptions ppl make re every aspect of his life. Ive read how ppl have met him and how cool he is and that’s what I like because it kinda lets me know the “real” Michael, more or less. LOL as for the shoutout just say a fan of his name Melissa says hi and lets hope he doesn’t ask who I am and where u met me LM@O

  • Nurse Ratched

    Seriously guys, stop engaging Lena and hopefully one day she’ll go away. She has taken over jj. This site has become a vent for her psychosis. She clearly has serious mental problems. It’s obvious she is obssessed with Fassbender. And she’s delusional. A person with a perfect childhood, great parents, a lot of friends, a doctoral degree, a job and hobbies would not spend 24/7 on gossip sites and forums to spew venom on people she has never met. Her whole life revolves around celebrities. Her obssessive hate is just as sad and pathetic as some fans’ adoration.

    Lena, sweet pea, if you have such a full and perfect life, why do you spend all your time ranting away on the internet? Oh wait, I forgot…You’re not Dr Lena, you’re just a sad little basket case who probably lives in her parents’ basement.

    Bye sweet troll! Sweet dreams!

  • Lena


    Well, Mel, (lol…:)…)…EVERYTHING I wrote, came directly from HIS mouth, pictures, co-star interviews, or journalist first hand representations subject to journalism ethics rules and publication legal department concerns about misquoting him and slander suits I’m confident. So, you can throw as much shade as you want my way suggesting that I’m making “ish” up about him, but I literally have no control over what that man says or does. And I will say this though. If I did somehow miraculously get the Gift of THAT kind of control over human thought, behavior, and speech, I’d skip right over Fassbender leaving him to your and PR P@u/la’s velcro hands to split like a wishbone, and I’d high tail it to every county commissioners meeting to force all the animal shelters in the world to stop kil/ling shelter animals, and then I’d end war, all forms of abuse, and all kinds of other more pressing crap first.

    And right now, I’m going back to staining furniture and watching A Turtle’s Tale, starring Sammy the turtle, in my 5th favorite movie ever, so you all can shove it….

  • Lena

    @Nurse Ratched:

    Is this @Interesting again? How do you know what all happy persons would do? Did you poll everyone? No name calling by you will change my history, present or future. I have nothing to prove to you. The best you can do with calling me names is gather allies in a hate army against me. Why would I care what those people think either? But I also don’t appreciate your games. Nurse Ratched? Give me a break. Someone thinks they are a master puppeteer. Whatever gets you off. Free will. Doesn’t increase respect for you on my end. Just sayin… But realize my blood pressure NEVER gets raised. You get that right?

  • Lena’s lies

    “He’s the one who was outed with a rumored very much passed around high paid Hollywood escort (and gossip blinds were pretty confident on that one; so much so that they revealed it to be him)”
    Gossip blinds?Seriously? I’ve read speculation about M.Ghenea only here,there’s absolutely no evidence that she’s an escort and I’ve not read any blind gossip in that sense with her name.

    “Michael himself has talked about how he is selfish and in a German magazine dates around w/ “some escort.” FALSE AND ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS.
    There is no interview in which he says something like that and it would be absurd.

    “A journalist talked about how he was incredibly drunk for his scenes in 300″ ANOTHER LIE
    It was Gerard Butler who said that all the cast went out for some celebratory the night before the final day’s shooting,suggesting that they ALL party hard.
    100% of people who have interacted with him praise his professionalism.This is the real Fassbender:
    “It was exhilarating to work with him,” Abrahamson explained. “There is no pretension with Michael; all he cares about is the work and he will go to any lengths to make it good. He’s mercurial and he will challenge you up front if he doesn’t agree with how you are approaching a scene — but I welcome that and it almost always leads to better work. I think if I were just starting out, or was a nervous director then it could be tough. So he’s demanding, but not about his trailer or his car, only about the things that matter. And when he hits his groove and the scene is working properly around him, he is something to behold.”

    But according to Lena he’s a very,very bad guy because:
    “Hugh Jackman boasted about him taking the crew around to party. Michael and Hugh talked about his obsession with Blurred Lines. (OBSESSION!!Ahaha!). A journalist wrote about being worried at his lack of regard for safety on a race track during an interview…(BEING WORRIED!! Ahahah!)
    He said he crashed a golf cart. He said he wants to rob a bank. He said he wants to “buy a drink for Jesus.” He said he wants to “smash sweetshops” of women. He was the one who went full frontal nude in a picture” .
    Are you serious,Lena? If so, you’re unable to comprehend what you read, what you hear,what you see,if a person is joking or not.
    Please,leave Lena alone with her rants.

  • Interesting

    -sigh- there u go AGAIN saying I use different names on here. Im starting to think u got a serious girl crush on me, no thanx sweet pea. Kindly keep ur lusts to urself. Only name I use on here 99% of the time is “Interesting”. Which means I cant be bothered changing when I have to say something. Im not bipolar like u. Im guessing on EVERY Michael Fassbender gossip site u use different names right. Keep my name out of ur mouth tyvm

  • Well said

    @Nurse Ratched: Yes, I’m getting the vibe now. I only arrived at this site by clicking on a link from Twitter and the first thing I read about the article was this Lena diatribe and I was a bit shocked by all the anger and accusations. I know very little about Hugh Jackman and James McAvoy but they seem like good actors and decent types, never heard anything bad about them. I don’t claim to know all the gossip about Michael Fassbender either. I do know he’s an exceptionally good actor and is well respected. I’m sure he’s no saint and locally he’s known for having an eye for the ladies. But hey he’s an actor not a politician, his morals are his affair. I’m not aware of him broadcasting his conquests or telling kids to copy him, well not in the newspapers I read. As for all the PR woman stuff, makes the mind boggle how that’s been twisted! Whenever I’ve seen him eating around here recently he’s been on his own except for a couple of times with a male chum, never seen any PR women types or escorts around here. Now for all I know he could take a different woman home every night but if he does that’s nobody’s business, his sex life is his
    concern. He’s a single man and doesn’t have to answer to anyone least of all people who have never met him on the other side of the world! I wont be responding to that hateful person again, I’ve said my piece which is at least based on real observation and interaction with Michael Fassbender on a human level, and from what I’ve personally seen he is a very likeable guy. The really funny thing is that he doesn’t seem the type to care about his “image” at all, yet gets accused of cynically constructing one. Hey ho, guess it’s a waste of time to try to rationalize with someone with that mind set. Normally I wouldn’t bother expressing my thoughts on such matters but the sheer venom written was so way off the man I’ve seen over a few years away from the cameras. Guess I’ll be accused of being part of his team now, suspect that some people don’t appreciate having their theories challenged, but honestly surely there are other people more deserving of her scrutiny than Michael Fassbender….if she ever met him, though that’s thankfully very unlikely, I’m sure she’d be surprised. Truly he is a likeable guy.

  • Well said

    @Interesting: Well you know he might very well ask questions, he can be quite chatty! It would be a bit weird if I went over to him and just said that, he’d probably be like ok, so who’s Mel and how do you know her…..Hmmm, would have to create a persona for you……but woudn’t that defeat the purpose??!!


    Lena, I understand what you write and especially the concern about the model for the youth. On the last number of Gioia, an Italian women’s magazine, there is an article entitled “Michael Fassbender, the ultimate alpha male”, why? Because he chooses vulgar women interested in making a career jumping from one bed to another? It’s an insult to the intelligence of women, really.

  • Lena

    @Lena’s Lies

    So desperate you can’t think of a better moniker jack@ss? What? You think I won’t cite quotes and articles scumbag? You’re the one looking to impress Fassbender, cocoa puff. Not me. Lena gives no f##ks… Let’s get to it…
    M. Ghenea speculation about being an escort ONLY here? Hardly…
    Only 1 example (there are more) but… AGC Blind Gossip Rehash: 58. THE DAILY MIRROR 03/05: Which Hollywood A-lister’s latest partner is a very, very expensive hooker? Hollywood A-lister: Michael Fassbender; Partner: Madalina Ghenea (Lena note: They listed the names on their site; not me)

    Michael said he is SELFISH: October 15, 2013 GQ article entitled “Michael Fassbender: I’m “Kind of Selfish” With Women, Longest Relationship Was Two Years” and (Italian Vanity Fair 2011) “But I’m too selfish and too much in my job to give myself in a serious relationship.”

    Michael statement on prostitution and drugs:
    (Italian Vanity Fair 2011; at ONTD); “Q: What is the boundary between criticizing the COMMERCIAL USE OF SEX AND MORALISM? “MF: I’m against all kind of censor. We must rely on adults’ personal responsibility. And I think so for drugs too, every type of drugs: I’d legalize everything, I’d tax them and put on warnings about risks and consequences. Like on cigarettes packs.”

    About “Some ESCORT” See Dreamfassynation tumblr 9/25/2012 with full text of Italian article: “Q: About news. Still single? Single. With some ESCORT. For now, I’m focused on work. “

    RE: Incredibly drunk for 300? SEE 300 commentary (as related by “I Think Therefore I Review” 2/11/11) “Gerard Butler also served up a Fassinating bit of information in an interview. This may or may not be TMI, depending on your point of view. Apparently, all the boys went out for some celebratory the night before the final day’s shooting. Hey, you have 300 plus guys running around getting hot and sweaty for a movie, they have to let off steam somehow, I can respect that. Gerard Butler doesn’t drink, but buffy skinny Fass apparently drinks enough for both of them. In that absolutely lovely and tearful beautiful death scene that Stelios had been so longing for, Michael Fassbender was so off his rocker he couldn’t shut up long enough to play dead.”

    FASSBENDER THE ADMITTED WOMANIZER: 7/13/12 Playboy interview: “PLAYBOY: Mr Fassbender, are you a womanizer? Fassbender: One could say that—or what do you mean by a womanizer? (NOTE: S1m0ne then writes “FF: he’s so young). (Lena note: He’s not that young. He just realized that maybe he shouldn’t say that publicly and couldn’t take it back because it was ALREADY on the record. GOTCHA!) Then he talks about how his “hunting ground” has increased through his travels and he talks about how bedding every woman is a bit exaggerated and he doesn’t go out purposely to pick up women but if something arises he’s not averse. s1m0ne then goes into a rant saying the article is skewed. UHHHH… It was a VERBATIM interview. Excuses excuses…pathetic.

    RE: “Sweet shop wrecking:” I forgot in that GQ article he talked about the BUFFET OF CHOICE too. Women are “buffet items?” Crashing Golf Carts: That’s in the recent X-men articles. Not repeating here. GQ Cover story 11/2013: “It’s hard to tell if he’s badly HUNGOVER or just rakish.” He screams “f**k you buddy!” when the safety guy screams no passing on the walkie talkie on the race track. And then he spins out. (Lena’s note: I just think he’s an IDIOT). It’s one thing to GROW UP! and CHANGE. It’s another thing to try to SCRUB a ding dong’s past. And, then you have the nerve to call me crazy to cover up your support for a potential scrub of a reckless idiotic past? That’s insane.

  • Get real

    @Lena: So is this really the best you can come up with? The dirtiest dirt you can dish? So what!!! He’s been drunk a few times – who hasn’t?? He’s against censorship and prohibition – not for you but popular viewpoints in Europe in case you didn’t know and also where audiences are comfortable with the sight of an adult man’s pen1s in a film ( his willingness to display his pen1s in a film also seems to enrage you). Oh and his biggest crime – he’s a womanizer and he likes sex. SO WHAT!!! How does that affect you or anyone else? It’s not illegal, he’s single and makes no pretence that he’s too selfish for a serious relationship. Do you really expect him to live like a monk?? He’s a man, he gets horny, he needs sex, women are happy to provide it for him – what’s your problem with that? His sex life is not your concern. Get real and stop imposing your morals on others.

  • Lena

    @Get real:

    First of all. Who the f**k are you? You thirsty morons keep shuffling your monikers to try avoid argument by me. What was your last post? That’s cowardice epitomized. You and other posters contend what he does ENRAGES me. That’s YOUR fantasy. It makes you feel better to think a person is mentally shaking than criticizing aggressively yet logically and without raised blood pressure. Touche. Those tired personal attacks stopped being effective after around 5 years of litigation. And I have gone well beyond that. LOL. :)

    And are you really so DUMB that you said THIS? “His sex life is not your concern. Get real and stop imposing your morals on others.” Wait a second…..Wait a second….I thought Fassbender was the one who said he wants to legalize all drugs and end all censorship. In a widely distributed magazine. Millions of readers? I’m talking to what? 4 people? None of whom are Fassbender? Whose imposing their morals on who? His love life is NOT my concern? He’s entitled to PRIVACY? Then how come he talks so much about it to Playboy, GQ, Vanity Fair, and every other damn news outlet. We’re going in circles here. It’s EXACTLY what I said in the VERY FIRST POST in this thread. They want to give global lifestyle advice, for instance “don’t censor ANYTHING and make ALL drugs legal and make the COMMERCIAL USE of SEX (ie, prostitution) legal as well” and then they only want you to AGREE, and if you don’t, you are violating their privacy, and stalking and are haters, blah blah blah. Fass wants you to know he’s a womanizer, but don’t you dare form an opinion about him that is negative. Go ahead and be allowed to have an opinion if you agree. But if not, don’t violate his privacy..says Mr. So called “anti censorship.”. Such hypocrisy….is the lack of logic ADHD based?

    Okay, look…if you want to debate me. Fine, but enough changing directions on topics. I’m enjoying my “A Turtle Tales: Sammy’s Adventures” marathon replay way too much to tolerate your biting your fingernails to the nub panicked Fassbender rehabilitation campaign. “Oh but Lena doesn’t want Fassy to be a real man….wah wah wah…”. Remember? I started this thread with the premise that these guys need to GROW UP and stop whining about their PRIVACY rights when they purposefully inject themselves out into global campaigns to beg for love and admiration.

    And, you can sit and spin with this “is this the best you can do?” It’s not your kingdom and my job to keep proving my points to you. Make whatever conclusory statements you want to make. Michael’s past, his statements, his reputation is all over the internet. What is bizarre is that this desperate attempt to SCRUB his “image” and the image of Madalina is happening only like a month after the 11,000 just Jared thread. Regardless of the fraud and deception they plan on implementing to make their pasts POOF go away, they can’t erase their own cognitive recognition of the same. People can justify to the world all kinds of things for $$$. But it is impossible to argue with your own soul. It is really interesting to see that critical Madalina site disappear, and that ridiculous article calling her Hollywood’s newest leading lady and Michael’s new “family man” statements suddenly appearing with him going to schools, etc. It’s got nothing to do with changed character or behavior, but rather just a surface image scrub. The public deception is the real injury here if it’s going down right? It would just be easier for him to GROW UP for real and be a real man than to just image fake SCRUB it via unethical PR strategies and rollouts that treat the public like fools.

  • Interesting

    @Well said:

    Again thanx for the peek at who and how he is. I too came here just for info on a man that I am a fan of, and was/am shocked at the things being said. I guess it comes with being famous huh. If only Id stayed with watching youtube videos -shrugs- o well, glad u came on the scene. And yeah Im sure he’d be aware if u say hey this chic on a gossip site is a fan of urs and she says hi lol. gah just tell him already should u see him Melissa from Florida says hi. Thanx


    @Well said: THANK YOU so much for your posts! I have yet to read a Lena post. I see her name and scroll right past it.

  • Bookworm

    @Well said:
    Well said. Who was it who said ‘no publicity is bad publicity’ or words to that effect? Of course backers and promoters of movies want to keep them and their stars in the public domain. That’s why they have PR people with them. Celebrity interviewers ask dumb questions and get dumb answers. It is puff not in depth character analysis or biographical fact.
    I was recently discussing an MF film with a friend and was surprised when she said, quite heatedly, that people talk a lot of rubbish about him and he is a really nice, genuine human being. There wasn’t time to explore this further so I was left wondering where that came from. I do know that she has other friends in East London and over the years has been there to parties, gigs, clubs. Maybe she has met him? She also has a friend who works in radio on the celebrity side, attending red carpet events and interviewing stars so may also have got some buzz from there.
    I agree that there are debates needed about drugs, prostitution etc., so do many respectable, responsible people of all ages. Michael is a single man. That’s his choice. How he chooses to spend his money and leisure time affect no one but himself. If he had a wife and children then, as with any married man, I would question his wasting money that should be spent on his family. Also I presume that any woman who sleeps with Michael does so because she wants to and probably sleeps with many other men for the same reason. I can’t see how he could cast a magic spell on a woman to make her throw off her clothes and leap on him if that is not her normal behaviour and not what she chooses to do.

  • pkn

    @Bwhahahahaaa: It’s easy to guess. Lena is uber-jealous that she doesn’t have a film career and frankly, probably sits at home in her mother’s basement stuffing her piehole with candy and starches. She hates because she’s a hater with no life. Who cares what he does with his personal life? Or how he acts? The only thing he owes us is a good performance in the films he chooses to star in. He’s a fun guy to watch and has tons of talents. I find him very entertaining and could care less what jealous old hag Lena thinks of him.

  • Lena’s lies

    If a BLIND ITEM says that.. It must be true!
    In the author’s mind : who’s Fassbender’s latest partner? Madalina Ghenea,brief search… Hmm,she allegedly dated Di Caprio,she dated Butler,now she’s with Fassbender… I must write a blind item about fassbender and an hooker!! Ahah!

    “About “Some ESCORT” See Dreamfassynation tumblr 9/25/2012 with full text of Italian article: “Q: About news. Still single? Single. With some ESCORT. For now, I’m focused on work ”
    ITALIAN article (translated)… Ahah!

    “Michael said he is SELFISH: October 15, 2013 GQ article entitled “Michael Fassbender: I’m “Kind of Selfish” With Women, Longest Relationship Was Two Years” and (Italian Vanity Fair 2011) “But I’m too selfish and too much in my job to give myself in a serious relationship.”
    He’s selfish NOW because he’s too much in his job. He’s sincere.What’s the problem?
    He’s against all kind of censor. Again,what’s the problem?

    “Apparently, all the boys went out for some celebratory the night before the final day’s shooting. Hey, you have 300 plus guys running around getting hot and sweaty for a movie, they have to let off steam somehow, I can respect that. Gerard Butler doesn’t drink, but buffy skinny Fass apparently drinks enough for both of them”
    Butler (NOT A JOURNALIST),as I’ve previously written, said in an interview that he drinks enough for both of them. The girl ,who seems to be his fan,sums up his words saying that,presumably, the day after (the final day’s shooting) he was still a little drunk. If Butler said exactly that,it’s just a funny story.
    He’s selfish,he’s a womanizer (ahah!),he’s against all kind of censor,he crashes golf carts!!! Was he hungover or just rakish?Ahahah! ( I remember that interview and you
    ,obviously,totally misunderstood everything ).
    Do you have a Fassbender’s archive,Lena? You’re just an obsessive person and this is very sad.

  • Bloody Hell….

    @Lena: For someone who professes to be so busy saving animals, working, being all self-esteemy, watching movie marathons on turtles etc. etc. etc. I have to wonder… how do you have the time to sit in front of a computer all day reading and analysing the inner workings of the film industry and its flaws? Big woop, so you have a degree. A degree (of which I have three before you accuse me of jealousy) does not make a person wise or correct in their opinions. You seem to have a lot of time on your hands, and at some point you mentioned 50 boards that you are all over at the moment. Where do you find the time? And your resistant use of CAPITALS, is perhaps WHY some people might suggest that Fassbender makes you ANGRY. Bloody hell Lena, are you even capable of a rational response? You are clearly just a troll, baiting and then laughing as we all fall for it and respond. You have some kind of Messiah complex in that you believe your opinions are the only valid and correct ones. Why do you even invite “comment” when you just want to spew your venom and rant and rave about the ills of the world.

  • lol

    @Lena: “What is bizarre is that this desperate attempt to SCRUB his “image” and the image of Madalina is happening only like a month after the 11,000 just Jared thread. Regardless of the fraud and deception they plan on implementing to make their pasts POOF go away, they can’t erase their own cognitive recognition of the same. People can justify to the world all kinds of things for $$$. But it is impossible to argue with your own soul. It is really interesting to see that critical Madalina site disappear, and that ridiculous article calling her Hollywood’s newest leading lady and Michael’s new “family man” statements suddenly appearing with him going to schools, etc.”

    Here , this is what gives me annoyance. Personally I do not give a damn about how people can behave in everyday life but I hate when I see clearly the lies and an attempt to clean up the image . If you are what you are you do not need to use strategies. I hate the fact that Madalina Ghenea has deleted all the images of her clues games and uses some excuses of health problems when she is simply a fameseeker , and tries to clean up her image with pictures of family and churches, and crosses. LOL
    And I hate the contradiction in the image of Fassy, a normal guy or testosterone man? LOL Because they simply do not know how to deal with the damage and the way he acted so unintelligent .

    And I hate the fact that these people act thinking the audience is a mass of idiots. Idiots who will swallow any lie because in the end we are all equal, all unstable and looking for money and fame. But no, there’s honest people who work hard and who respect self and others and just want to recognize this.

  • just suggesting

    I think we need to remember that that interview where he supposedly said he’s with an escort was written in Italian, and the translation everyone is relying on is probably Google translate, which is not really that accurate. The word “scorta” in Italian is actually translated as “companion”, and does not necessarily mean a paid escort. The connotations we attach to words does not carry over to another language, or vice versa. For example, if you look in the Italian telephone directory under church or “chiesa”, you will find only Catholic churches, because the other denominations are listed under “otra culti” or other cults.


    I’m Italian and I do not believe Fassbender was able to declare such a thing in an interview in Italy. Probably will be written in Italian like “compagnia,” which means like “fling.” If you post a link I’ll translate.
    However, the fact remains that he attended women of dubious morality (see bunga bunga girls).

  • Oracle

    The verbal bashing of this actor is ridiculous! So much venom for no apparent reason.
    @Lena Why have you chosen this man as your object of hate against celebrity? I am genuinely curious as there are bigger more famous people than him, yet he is your focus.
    he has obviously done something to offend you more than others, I have never seen this level of trashing for anyone without much stronger provocation.