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Scout Willis Goes Topless in NYC To Protest Instagram!

Scout Willis Goes Topless in NYC To Protest Instagram!

Scout Willis goes topless while doing some shopping in these newly posted pics on Twitter on Tuesday (May 27)!

“Legal in NYC but not on @instagram,” the 22-year-old daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore captioned the pic.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Scout Willis

She added, “What @instagram won’t let you see #FreeTheNipple.”

Scout was protesting Instagram’s policies which says, “You may not post violent, nude, partially nude, discriminatory, unlawful, infringing, hateful, pornographic or sexually suggestive photos or other content.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Scout Willis’ actions to protest Instagram?

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  • guest

    Someone’s got too much time on her hands if she’s protesting Instagram… if you don’t like it, don’t download/ use it. Not a real cause.

  • Dummy

    I wish she had gotten arrested. Instagram is a business and it their policies and their right to enforce their policies. If you don’t like then either create your own company and run it how you want, or leave Instagram and find somewhere else to post.

  • loe

    just another excuse to show off her nipples

  • Meg

    But…there are so many other things that are actually worth protesting… smh.

  • Seriously

    God this is so dumb. Does she not have anything better to do? It shouldn’t be legal in NYC and regulating (similar) content to exclude questionable material should be in Instagram’s policy.

    I hate people sometimes.

  • Tom

    Bring it on, women!

  • what is wrong with this planet

    hah so i can’t use the f-word on the internet but her going naked is brave and fresh

  • NYC

    Best Answer.
    If you idiots want to walk around naked, go ahead.
    Bunch of morons. BTW, so many better issues to think about in this country and elsewhere.
    Poverty, War, Kidnapping, Child Porn, Sex trafficking, drug addiction, gun laws, homelessness, mental illness, crime, hunger, water, our food supply, organic farming, fracking, the economy, illness, cancer, AIDS, disease, etc etc etc……..

  • Lost

    Wow…crazy…this is the most ridiculous thing I ve seen all day…take your boobs and go to the beach girl..

  • David

    There’s nothing wrong with her without a shirt, especially if it’s legal where she is (NYC). I don’t use Instagram, so I’m not familiar with their policy. What bothers me is people’s negative reactions to stories like this. If it were a man without a shirt, I bet 9 out of 10 people wouldn’t even bat an eye, much less say anything.

    This sexist attitude seriously needs to stop. Either both genders can legally be shirtless in public or they both should be illegal. I refuse to play this sexist game. And, nothing anyone says to me will make me change my mind, so don’t waste your time trying to “convert” me to your sexist attitude. That is final.

  • Idril

    @Meg: i couldn’t agree more !

  • http://1 ffggrdfhfd

    She has no reason to protest

    topless is topless. period.

    Kids use instagram.

    I don’t really see any point in this.

    Speaking of points, lets all just whip out ours then.

    Although, if hilary duff ever did free the nipple, then Everyone would do it

  • Stupid Is

    Stupid is as stupid does.
    Rich celeb kid issues.
    Non-celeb females going topless in public (or Instagram) isn’t their number one concern/priority to protest for.

  • @10

    This is not a sexist thing! This is a tasteless and very tacky thing, there is a place and a time for everything. If you want to go topless go to the beach or do itin your own private grounds. With this reasoning, I don’t want to be looking at old women with hanging boobs out there on the streets all because someone just gone crazy…protesting…something that doesn’t even make sense. There needs to be control over all of things and I am with Instagram on this, because social media has huge power over setting has nothing to do with sexism, it has to do with class. Take your boobs and go to the beach please. Next thing you know people will start masturbating on the streets and people will not even be calling that..crazy.

  • soy

    great thought process idiot.
    just because something is “legal” in one city of the US doesn’t mean a (global) private company should allow it.

  • nikky

    This is sooooooo dumb and ridiculous, she does not even have a cause, what an attention seeker!

  • h

    @David: Lord! You’re joking right? Please tell me you’re joking. Are you Sam Taylor-Wood?

  • Ita

    SL UT!

  • jazzischrist

    Moore of the Willis clan. I thought it ended with Demi’s meltdown over Ashton coochie. Good God celebs make ugly looking kids, and stupid to top it off. They shouldn’t be able to procreate, period.


    Instagram is a fad and a joke, who cares

  • dumb protestors

    @David: I’m all for equality, but really? You’re comment was very stupid.

  • liz

    get a life. nothing better to do then protest INSTAGRAM? um, what the f*ck?

    no one wants to see your ugly body girl. have some respect for yourself andfor your body

  • liz

    MEN AND WOMEN both should both get arrested for being shirtless in public. especially to a grocery store. it’s indecent exposure. unless you’re dirt poor and can’t afford clothes or an immigrant from a tribal community where that’s the norm… you have no excuse. just be decent and wear some f*cking clothes.

  • Tina

    I have no problem with people wanting to walk around naked I’m all for that but doing it to protest instagram is a little on the stupid side.
    1. Instagram is used by everyone included young people, plus some people don’t want to see naked people and I’m sure they have those rules so porn isn’t illegally uploaded so they can avoid lawsuits etc.
    2. Couldn’t you think of something better to protest about or a better cause to support – I mean walking around without a top to try and support breat cancer awareness or walking around topless to make a statement that you don’t support sweatshops, child labor or fur wearing etc etc. there are so many worthwhile things out there besides protesting a freaking websites policies.

  • Kiri

    The point of this isn’t to flout her breasts just for the sake of it. It’s to show the hypocrisy that exists in our society today, that something like walking around topless is legal in the state of New York but showing a woman’s nipple (and not a man’s) is not allowed on Instagram. This is sexist because it is sexualizing a woman’s body in a way that makes them into objects rather than people. She is showing that she can walk around the streets of a city and not have to be seen as ‘slutty’ or a sexual object, because that is a societal construct that has been forced upon women. Hopefully this stand will also translate to pictures of women breastfeeding, which a lot of people feel uncomfortable with because of the sexualization of breasts, while in fact it is simply an act of motherhood that should be celebrated and supported. The fact that there are so many negative comments in response to these pictures proves that there is a problem with the way women are viewed today. Let go of the idea of women as sex objects, and you will see that this is just another brave woman making a stand for equality.

  • Verity

    @SHINE: 150 Million active accounts; that’s some fad. Scout Willis needs to go get a life. If she doesn’t like the rules, don’t use the service.

  • scoot

    @jazzischrist: They do considering how “beautiful” they are. Just like that Baldwin daughter who’s a model, i forgot her name i think it starts with a U, oh well we’ll call her Ugly Baldwin. You would think she’d be a beauty, because let’s face it the Baldwin men were attractive in their day, but she is not model type.

  • dumb protestors

    @Kiri: Pipe down Sam we get it already! You married a barely legal teen boy and had kids with him you proved your point. Now decompose somewhere already.

  • nannymcphee

    I’m beginning to think nobody raised these girls. Ashton didn’t raise them or they wouldn’t have turned out the way they did. Demi definitely didn’t raise them she practically did a stripper movie with her daughter in it and Bruce…was nowhere to be found.

  • Nicole

    Wow, she clearly has zero problems in life if this is her hugest concern.

  • salma


  • Katie

    Couldn’t agree more

  • Lyn

    What I think is she’s a full-on narcissist, desperate for fame and publicity. Sad, really.

  • laura

    Well put NYC=]]]]]

  • OnlyMenAreAllowedToGo topless

    You are all some hypocrites. You all now damn well if this would be a man nobody would say a thing. In summer you see so many men without tshirts beeing around the city. And you also see maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanyyyy topless men flaunting around on Instagram to show of ther physics. AND NOBODY SAYS A THING. So please stop, at least admit that you all are some sexist who only have a problem about this picture BECAUSE SHE IS A WOMAN AND NOT A MAN walking around without a shirt.

  • siennagold

    Instagram is a private company and they have their own rules. If you don’t agree with the rules then don’t join instagram. Form your own company and make your own rules.

  • OnlyMenAreAllowedToGo topless

    @siennagold: Instagram has obviously no problem that men are shirtless on insta, only if you are a WOMAN then it GETS to be a PROBLEM for them.

  • Putain

    It’s MORONIC to compare this to zoofilia. And it’s sad to see women shaming her, goes to show how afraid of their own anatomy american people are.

  • reddley

    that is what you call hollow technic or bucket head which is a empty vessel shall I go on just a poor excuse for attention. shame on you to use profanity to protest ,your poor parents must be so sad for you !

  • http://elo_sandra Sandra Elo Asangono

    serious? , What a stupid, why not protest more interesting things like gender violence. stupid brat.

  • Sarah

    there is a difference between a man and a Woman. It shows that you have no shame. It is not sexist. sexist is not even a thing. It was Formed just to mess with your minds. Basic purpose of women’s breast is to feed her children and not to flaunt around.

  • Sarah

    are we no different than animals?

  • Love The Shoes

    @guest: Could NOT have said it better! One more bored, rich HW kid with waaaaaaaayyyyyyy too much time on their hands.

  • Maria

    I am happy that there are rules regarding what can be posted. Imagine if topless is allowed for women, then what is next?? This is not sexist. Women’s breasts ARE sexual, unlike men’s. It’s just the way it is. Maybe if we lived in certain African tribes, it would not be that way, but THAT is our society. THANK YOU, INSTAGRAM. Scout, you need to worry about more important things in life. Ahh, to be young and stupid…….

  • Very Nice!


  • LoMo


    OK, male nipples (bare chest) is allowe don instagram and female nipples don’t? THAT’s double standard.

    And don’t tell me, it’s bc of the “size”: some male boobs are bigger then some flat chested girls boobs.

    It’s bc the female organs are oversexualised and male tits are not.

  • evie

    I agree with instagram’s policy! Why should someone post nude pictures there?!

  • Jo.

    @Kiri: I agree with you. Especially on the breastfeeding, this have nothing to do with sexuality, it ‘s natural!

  • Jim

    Would love to see all women protest this sexist policy and go topless. So unjust and unfair. Fight for your rights women!

  • meow

    Scout is obviously doing this to distract us all from her face.