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Busy Philipps Says Gwyneth Paltrow's 'Truth' About Motherhood Is Not Her Own

Busy Philipps Says Gwyneth Paltrow's 'Truth' About Motherhood Is Not Her Own

Busy Philipps is bright in a yellow dress while teaming up with Banana Boat to launch the Best Summer Ever Sweepstakes on Thursday (May 29) in New York City.

The 34-year-old Cougar Town actress stopped by the Huffington Post offices that day and was asked to comment on Gwyneth Paltrow‘s statement that was misconstrued into saying she thought normal mothers had it easier than her.

“God bless her, she really just says what she feels,” Busy said. “That’s her reality. That’s her truth. It’s just not mine. I have a different reality and a different truth.”

“I don’t ever feel like I have to stop myself from complaining about how hard it is to be an actress,” she added. “I mean, it’s not that hard.”

“As a parent, I have it made,” Busy said. “I’m on a TV show where my hiatus is [my kids'] summer, so I’m free to be with them in the summer time. I’m able to afford full-time help because of what I do. My husband also works, and my nanny makes my life doable and so easy.”

10+ pictures inside of Busy Philipps looking bright and beautiful in New York…

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  • eternalozzie

    if you have “full time help” and a nanny you are not a parent … parents do more than just pay for stuff.

  • tonya

    Some parents need full time help, like doctors, people in the military. That doesn’t make them less of a parent. They just don’t have lots of time to spend with their kids, so they have to go for quality time. What I like about Busy is that she is being honest, and she’s not trying to put us “mere mortals” down like Gwhiny always does.

  • Bianca

    Here we go, HONESTY!! She owns up to it, as opposed to some celebrities who live a double standard and try to feed the public an image that is not true. I respect her for that and if her arrangement works and her children are being take care off, who are we to judge.

  • Arrow 12

    I love her honesty.

  • Lena

    That’s the way to do it Busy! That’s what I call skill at a backhanded smackdown of a pretentious tw/t while not only rising to a power position but also soothing tension with folks who might condemn her for being part of the entitled elitist brigade.

  • Truth

    I just cannot stand celebrities who lie and put a fake mask and persona on. They seem to be cut from reality or living on a strange cloud.
    They do not realize how lucky they are, they hit the jackpot. Not many people get that lucky in life.
    Therefore I prefer honesty.
    Didn’t know much about Busy, but I’m going to get to know her work.
    She doesn’t seem to feed the phony hollywood beast like many celebrities.
    The media feeds us fake messages. It’s wrong.

  • Lola

    Liked her approach as to how she answered the question. Very astute that Busy P.

  • Julian

    @Truth: I agree with you. really well said. Most celebrities are ordinary people who get dressed up and think there are royalty. They live in their own little world, then they open their mouths and they say the dumbest things.

  • Steven

    anyway, celebrities are all phonies. They all have had so many plastic surgeries and show their fake faces to the public.

  • Tardis

    Busy look so beautiful and kind! I never heard of her but love that she seem “down to earth” unlike Gwyneth.

  • Bud

    @Tardis: gwyneth is depressing. she’s a boring and lame actress. her real hair color is brown and her real eye color is brown. She dyed it blond and has blue contacts. maybe that’s why she feels miserable, she’s not herself.

  • anyway

    Just because Gwyneth and Busy are both actresses and moms does not mean they have to experience life in the same way. Yes, Gwyneth is insensitive to the fact that most people have to cook clean and care for their kid themselves while also working. But I still think Gwyneth ha a point about being harshed on in the public which is true.

  • cate

    Nice of her to be honest and that she is appreciative of her position.

  • Laters

    @Bud: Look at what the media is feeding us: untalented overrated wannabe “artist” perverts like James franco, plastic surgery addicts selling a brand like angelina jolie, wannabe porn stars trash like Miley cyrus, depressed boring whiny plain twits like gwyneth palthrow, and the list goes on and on and on… is going on?
    It’s not about brains and talent anymore, it’s about exhibitionism and self centeredness now. Fvck talent, fvck hard work, fvck creativity, today’s values are about showing yourself off and being attention whooores!
    I mind sound harsh but where’s the quality? Everything is so staged.

  • Grandoli

    @anyway: ’cause gwyn is ignorant and ungrateful. That’s it. Maybe she should experience real life and open her eyes.

  • Rinda

    The thing I like the best about Busy is that she appears to always wear the SAME favorite pair of sunglasses, unlike most of the other celebs who have a gazillion different pairs!! She seems to be the real deal to me.

  • Grandoli

    @Rinda: yeah she looks sweet.

  • Farrah

    “God bless her, she really just says what she feels,” Ha!

    I really like Busy Philipps. She’s beautiful, funny and honest. Yes, please don’t act like you have it difficult as actor-parents when we know the privileges that go along with acting and the Hollywood lifestyle.

    I think a lot of celebrities will learn a lesson from the backlash Gwyneth Paltrow has received on social media.

  • nana

    Well of course she needs a nanny – she’s Busy

  • Lizz

    GO BUSY!! Love her!

  • Andrea


    Gwyneth is blonde and has blue eyes. Look at her childhood photos.
    Her hair just got darker as she grew up, it happens to blondes FYI. Just because she dyes her hair like everybody else does doesn’t mean she isn’t a natural blonde. Your hatred and unbiased opinion towards her seem to cloud your judgement and intelligence.

  • Harpo

    Although Gwyneth may have exagerated a bit when she said that, it doesn’t mean it isn’t hard. All Hollywood stars know that while being a star has its perks it comes with certain challenges and sacrifices. Busy can say whatever she wants, but she can’t compare her career to that of Gwyneth’s. Gwyneth is a world known actress while Busy isn’t. Gwyneth isn’t just an actress; she’s an academy award winner, she’s also a mother, a book writer, an entrepreneur. Can Busy say that about herself? I don’t think so. She’s just another envious person like all Gwyneth haters, who can’t stand to see her succeed at everything she does.

  • Bud

    @Andrea: no, it’s true, her eyes are brown. she wears blue contacts. It’s a known fact but she hides it. And it’s not called “hatred” like you enjoy saying. Because I dislike Gwyneth and find her a terrible actress doesn’t mean that my judgment or intelligence are biased. Wake up, we all have different tastes.

  • Keila

    @Harpo: that i kind of agree on. I don’t think actors who don’t get as much fame are envious or jealous though. But what surprises me the most is an actress randomly commenting and comparing herself publicly to someone else. But Angelina jolie did that as well, but “indirectly”.

  • Shoes
  • Shoes

    @Shoes: she has brown eyes. And I think her real eye color is much more intense, natural and beautiful than the blue contact lenses she wears.

  • Versailles

    Those two are spoiled women with little consideration for others.
    It’s selfishness and vanity. That’s it.

  • 555555

    Busy is the chubby girl with a nose job and a boring “career” who tags along at the oscars with michelle williams.
    Gwyneth is the overrated bad actress with an underserved opportunity.


    Busy is such a hypocrite.

  • Kestrel

    What a stupid thing to say. Not everyone is broke and not everyone should feel like they are less of a parent if they can afford help. I have a housekeeper because I have 2 boys and my husband has an office at the house where he occasionally sees patients. Is it better for me to try to keep it clean and sometimes fail just so I can be real and do it all by myself? Of course not. She has a nanny to do the stuff she wouldn’t normally be able to do so well. Maybe this enables her to spend more time with the baby when the older child goes to school or she can take one out shopping and leave the other behind for a nap. Who knows? The point is that she can afford it and she is using her money to the best advantage. I cold say that I’m going to stay home with both of my kids their entire childhood and that another mother who doesn’t do that shouldn’t have kids. I mean, if you LOVED your kids, you’d be with them, right? Obviously not.
    Don’t begrudge her the right to making her money help her family to work the best way it can. You look petty, mean and classless.
    Your welfare is showing.


  • reeser

    except its not ‘her’ truth since she was saying she has it tougher then others…she was projecting her ‘truth’ onto others….