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Leonardo DiCaprio Shows His Generosity By Donating $7 Million at Our Ocean Conference!

Leonardo DiCaprio Shows His Generosity By Donating $7 Million at Our Ocean Conference!

Leonardo DiCaprio suits up while speaking onstage during the second and the final day of the Our Ocean Conference on Tuesday (June 17) at the State Department in Washington, DC.

The 39-year-old actor was on hand to donate $7 million to ocean conservation. Watch the video below of him speaking at the conference!

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“It’s the Wild West on the high seas,” Leo shared at the conference. “These last remaining underwater bio gems are being destroyed because there isn’t proper enforcement or sufficient cooperation among governments to protect them.”

Leonardo DiCaprio – ‘Our Ocean Conference’

10+ pictures inside of Leonardo DiCaprio speaking at the Our Ocean Conference…

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  • Leokas

    That’s my baby boy right there, making the world a safer and cleaner place! I hope he destroys my a hole tonight ;) Leokas 4 life <3

  • Enviro Leo

    LOL he looks so gross and greasy like look at that hair…
    He took a break from yachts and other things that hurt the environment to speak here!?!?
    How does this make sense?!!?
    He should just stick to partying and sleeping with tons of women

  • chanel

    Is he gaining weight for a role?

  • lol

    Good for Leo. Heyyyy Leokas

  • …….

    First he wanted to donate half of that but after his Brazilian yacht trip he probably doubled it. Hypocrite

  • Girl

    He looks awful. Is he getting ready to play Raspoutine?

  • WHAT

    “…These last remaining underwater bio gems are being destroyed because there isn’t proper enforcement or sufficient cooperation among governments to protect them.”
    How about first starting by avoiding to pollute the waters on indecent yachts as the one you were seen on a couple of days ago with 50 girls in bikinis?

  • OH

    Freshly off that insane yacht he went to DC to tell what’s wrong with the ocean? What a man!

  • Whatsup

    His girlfriend was there with him…ho hum ho hum.

  • also…

    He donated 7 million and 3 million to ocean plus 1 million for the elephants. Very generous of him.

  • @OH

    Right. How indecent from a guy who just left one of the biggest polluting yachts in the world.

  • Be honest

    If I had his money, I would also give a lot to these organizations.
    Yes, that is great from him.

  • also…

    @11 how do you know is one of the most polluting yatchs?Trolls making stuff up as always. I wanna see the receipts

  • Dave’s Babe

    Toni knows she’ll always have Dave.

  • @Leokas

    Honey, U need to move on!!!!!!

  • lurkin

    Sorry he looks bad. His face looks swollen and puffy. There is nothing hot about the man in those pics.

    Thanks for donating

  • Topaz the Real love boat

    30 women from Rio and 20 from Buzios are missing Leo’s scholarship.

  • also…

    @@OH: I posted as OH ( I started typing in the screen name bracket on a different thread without realizing it and kept posting like that ): I think he has the right intentions because he has been supporting the environment for a long time now. I believe he cares but recently his jet setting lifestyle seems to have priority over this. He knew he was going to this conference so why stay on that yacht instead of a villa. He gets off the yacht and goes to a conference to tell the world what’s wrong with the ocean? I believe he cares but this is just so hypocritical of him!

  • Ocean care
  • Blacksharpie
    OT but this is bizarre. Note the comment – are they engaged?

  • Soulmate says

    He should be ashamed with such hypocrisy.

  • also…

    @18 He was there to talk about marine life in the ocean and saving those animals. In no way him using a yatch contradicts that. Yatchs or boats in the ocean aren’t responsible for the death of these animals. It’s people who fish and kill them.

  • also…

    @Blacksharpie: There were rumors but I don’t think it’s true. WTF is that photo? Creepy!

  • also…

    @Soulmate says: Indeed he should be. If he talks the talk he should walk the walk as well.

  • also…

    Soulmate = Leda LOL!

  • Lydia

    I guess that super yacht is powered by solar energy, right? Right?

  • also…

    @Lydia: I’m sure it’s actually good for the ocean. That’s why he frequents yachts. :sarcasm off:

  • also…

    Those calling him a hypocrite have you listened to his speech? No! He was talking about stopping illegal fishing that kills these animals. He was asking them to put a stop to it because he wants to help save these animals. Again in no way using a yatch or any kind of boat contradicts that message. Boats don’t kill animals. Humans who illegally fish do. JFC listen to his speech before criticizing.

  • Zack

    With all those 30 women on board it ‘s officially the Tuna Boat if you know what I mean *wink

  • Amy

    Hey, do people pay to be featured at the top of Just Jared because how is Leo’s last thread not up there when it had over 1500 posts?

  • Obsession

    According to the troll every poster is also or Leda. Seek therapy.

  • Nessa

    I mean, good for him for actually showing up to an event supporting his environmental causes. It seems… Umm… Less than genuine at this point, considering he has been jet setting/yachting/partying (Aka wh0ring) solidly for over a year. Bringing Toni seems like a desperate attempt at PR. Also, he looks like absolute $hit. Like seriously, I don’t think I’ve ever seen him look so awful. Ugh. Leo, babe… Get your $hit together!!

    Haven’t posted in a while. Hope all is well with everyone!!

  • Zack

    Does Toni need to smell Leo’s fingers to smell the stinch of pu$$y to get a clue.

  • also…

    Did anyone listen to his speech? Anyone?


    *waiting for answer*

  • Amy


    I think it’s funny how Toni was just standing off to the side and not participating in the conversation at all…

  • @Zack

    Even that wouldn’t wipe that dumb smile off her face.

  • poor leo

    Llook at his face. He’s experience remorse or a sense of guilt by his inner desire of take me back to my yacht.

  • also…

    @31 Well she already admitted to being Chillidog in the last thread and the previous page she admitted to be OH. Which tells me she’s done this so many times before. Why change the name?

  • also…

    @Amy: Do you think she had a clue what the whole event was about?

  • Zack

    @also: Nope I think at this point people are kind of aware of his preaching when he is not taking his own advice.

  • Amy
  • Amy


    I’m sure she was really confused. She doesn’t strike me as being very bright.

  • Blacksharpie

    From BZ – a comment about the pics from today at the conference

    Today, 09:48 AM
    lol, and again she’s not next to him.

  • also…

    @Amy: What makes you think that? LOL!

  • Dumb butt

    @Amy: With her blank stares of wtf they are talking about? Cant I take some pictures for my IG?

  • @also

    Come on you of all people know that Toni is dim and has no social skills or personality the girl is clueless lol!

  • also…

    @Zack: I think he lost his credibility when it comes to environmentalism. He says what needs to be done but he doesn’t do it.

  • Amy


    Besides the two reports that she had nothing to say when Leo was at another environmental event and when Leo asked her about a painting?

    How about copying Hillary Clinton’s pose in a painting? She doesn’t seem like a serious person at all; just silly.

  • also…

    @@also: I was joking ( see LOL! )

  • also…

    @Zack That’s what I thought no one listened to his speech. He was there to help put a stop to illegal fishing to save these marine animals and you would know that if you listened to his speech. JFC at least listen to it before trashing him for being there. How can you criticize him being there if you don’t even know why he was there? Like I said using a yatch doesn’t contradict that message but I’m sure you’ll try to link a yatch with the killing of all these animals.