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Jamie Dornan Channels a Sexy Christian Grey in First Official 'Fifty Shades of Grey' Still!

Jamie Dornan Channels a Sexy Christian Grey in First Official 'Fifty Shades of Grey' Still!

Jamie Dornan looks broody while getting behind the wheel of a car in this first look from his highly-anticipated upcoming film Fifty Shades of Grey!

The 32-year-old actor plays the leading role of Christian Grey.

Based on the book by EL James, Fifty Shades of Grey centers on a literature student Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson) who meets the handsome, yet tormented, billionaire.

In case you missed it, formerly casted Christian Grey Charlie Hunnam recently opened up about how it was heartbreaking to let the role go.

Mark your calendars now – the film hits theaters on February 15, 2015!

Bigger still inside…

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  • Caryn

    Just doesn’t have the Christian Grey charisma. Great actor in The Falls, but this isn’t working for me at all.

  • 50shades

    I’d prefer Charlie even tho when I read the book I imagined Chris Pine would be fit as Grey

  • Whoo


  • Admin @ German FSOG Fanpage

    He’s just sooooo perfect – he looks like Erika described CG in the books. He’ll be amazing in the movies!!!

  • Sater

    He looks good.

  • Jenna

    How can people judge how someone is going to be in a movie by one picture? Jamie’s a great actor, he’ll be able to bring this character some depth.

  • Ruth

    Jamie is a fine actor and I just hope that this role won’t ruin his career! There is just so much hype surrounding this film!

  • mimi

    He looks more like a psycho role rather than a sexy man role.

  • sweetness

    Ok he is a good looking man..but he still doesn’t mean he matches the interpretation of Christian Grey.

  • Ethan Wilfork

    In related news, Charlie Hunnam revealed in shocking interview the reason he quit “50 Shades” and it’s not the reason most have thought, here’s the link

  • http://TWITTER.COM LU

    I love him for this role tbh


    50 SHADES OF FAGGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Trishhaa

    Yup. He’d do fine as CG.

  • Nicole

    This is not making me as happy as I hoped it would. I really like Jamie but I’m not feeling it. I’m gonna need less Norman Bates and more sexy if this is going to work!

  • Nikki


  • Shame

    Too creepy stalker Ted Bundy-ish.

  • jj

    I think once the movie comes out all the chicks will be flocking, just like they went mental for Rob Patterison.

  • Jesse

    Most have lost interest in this due to the casting errors.

  • scarlett

    CG may be sexy but he’s more than got a controlling, stalker element to his character so actually all these people saying he looks a bit creepy is probably quite fitting. He’ll be great I’m sure, you can’t write an entire film off on one still. We all know everyone will hate Dakota too and blah blah blah, Sam T-W is never going to satisfy everyone with the movie is she, it’s how she interprets the story and everyone has fixed ideas about this just like they do with all big book adaptations, but just b/c it’s not your interpretation of the story or characters doesn’t necessarily mean it’s bad. Of course there’s a 50/50 change it’ll be a whole load of Showgirls worthy crap too so I guess we’ll have to see

  • rach

    People who don’t like the casting I’m not sure what they expected the producers to do about it. Force Matt Bomer at gunpoint to do it or something? Blackmail Alexis Bledel into it? They can only cast actors who want to do the movie and maybe Matt & Alexis or whoever else would be preferred didn’t want to. Give it all a chance.

  • Nnn

    Jamie is very handsome, he’s just quite different from how I imagined CG..
    This is more like it ;)

  • troll

    The film will flop. That’s why they keep giving surprises to keep you interested, because they know it’s going to fail.

  • krell

    @scarlett: Sam Taylor-Wood could have easily pleased the fans by doing everything that was written in the book, but she chose not to. After all that’s what we fell in love with in the first place. Jamie and Dakota aren’t the problem, the director is! The way she casted everyone and the way she changed the very important details of the book. That’s what everyone has been complaining about, a simple task ruined. We want Christian and Ana, not Sam and Aaron.

  • Rheema

    That’s too cute! We’re seeing how vulnerable Ana made him feel in the books come to life. Not to be crude or anything but now when i read the books I can’t help but feel I’m reading Aaron Taylor-Johnsons future. Ever since i found out about his marriage to the director of the movie it’s just so odd. Like he’s married to Mrs. Robinson only with kids and that his Ana is somewhere out there.

  • dee

    He is ridiculously GORGEOUS. BUUUUUTTT he needs his beard, or a bit of stubble. It completes his face. They shouldve let him keep some stubble. It adds to the sexiness.

  • Nat

    I’m a fan of Jamie Dornan, but this still proves he’s no Christian Grey. It reminds me of his character in The Fall, which I was afraid of. I wanted to see Christian, not the murderer he portrays in the show. Both he and Dakota don’t have the height, hair, or build as the book characters. I hope for all the loyal fans of the story, the film works in their favor. Although, I’m not getting my hopes up. Only time will tell.

  • troll

    @Rheema: God i hate when they bring up her and her stupid marriage!…Honey that little man is a lost cause, he’s been gone since he got involved. As long as the brainwash continues, she’ll be sinking her teeth deeper and deeper into that poor boys soul. He’ll never find his Ana, she’s made sure of that. A true Mrs. Robinson by heart.

  • Christy

    I honestly fail to see the appeal of this book, and I’ll pass on the movie as well. How can anyone looking at a “relationship” like this and think it’s “romantic” or that love is involved? Guess it’s the same women who thought it was “sexy” and “romantic” for a teenage girl to be stalked and turned into a vampire. A lot of lonely desperate women out there looking for something to spice up their boring lives, I reckon.

  • Sam + Aaron = Forever

    @troll: They will be together forever and ever you fat blocke! How come it’s okay for an older man to be with a younger woman? It’s completely sexist and a double standard!

  • Consuela

    His face looks like a baboons bare ass cheeks!

  • Fiftyshadesofgay

    I’m sorry but the director is ugly as fug! No wonder she chose Dakota to portray Ana THEY LOOK LIKE EACH OTHER! She should have casted herself as Ana and had her husband portray Christian it would have made perfect sense. One big happy film of the Taylor-Woods!

  • Caryn

    @Jenna: It isn’t just the pic. It s all the info/pics pre-released. James emphasizes CG’s appearance constantly in the 3 books. Doran looks nothing like the description. Tall, dark, piercing eyes. Charismatic. He’s, Doran, is a fine actor, but he is not Christian G.

  • anya

    He’s not sexy

  • Haha


  • guest

    hes perrrrrrrrfect!

  • Umm

    @Jenna: They’re not judging his acting, they are apprehensive about the look and considering how vivid the description of Christian’s appearance is..,it matters.

  • Yolanda P. Drew

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    Sexy man! The real Mr. Grey! I’m so excited! Waiting for the film!!!!!

  • val


  • allison

    He looks like that tv serial killer Dexter. Maybe they are going for that look.

  • betch

    Man you Fifty Shades of grey fans are brutal. Still decent compared to those Brangelina psychos.

  • Jane

    I’ve just started interning for a production company and it’s very difficult to read stuff like this, because it’s so hard to face the facts that we can’t punch every annoying comment in the face. Not because you like or don’t like the film, but because of the constant talk of “cosmetics”
    We can’t force actors to work a job. Maybe if this were the 1930s, but personally, I’m not into cruel and abusive labor on actors. Maybe you all do, but that all went out the window when The Civil Rights rolled in. It’s kind of illegal to mistreat actors now. Sorry. So we can’t force any actors that YOU want to do this role. In the beginning we ask the many who first come to mind. “We envisioned you in this role, will you do it?” If the answer is no, than it’s no. Than we move on to the next potential actor we had in mind. Once we go through the list, than we focus on TALENT and hold auditions. Complaining over height, eye color, and weight is something that is pretty much IMPOSSIBLE to do, girls. Sorry. Yes, actors can wear contact lenses, but many are proven to be fatal to their eyes and many have been hospitalized over it. Again, not exactly legal to mistreat actors anymore, let alone any employee, at any job. Hair dye is simple. And here your precious CG has dark copper hair. They did their best as far as looks, the rest is focused on talent. Now, as far as fifty shades goes, it’s going to probably be another Magic Mike. A fun see for most women around the world. I can’t say if the Director and producer is taking it seriously or not, all I am saying is, a lot of our actors become depressed, get involved in drugs and alcohol or commit suicide mainly because of certain comments like these. You’re forgetting that their name is repeated everywhere, especially now with social media. You all need to understand that it’s a lot of pressure on them. Opinions can be said without calling an actor ugly, old, or fat. They wouldn’t be human if comments like these didn’t follow them and nag at their brain for a long time. I don’t want to hear, “they’re actors they should expect it” you’re all also human and should EXPECT to treat another human the way you would want to be treated. Conclusion… We try not to encourage cruel and inhumane behavior against our actors and I almost feel like people out there expect us to, treat them that way, just so that they get what THEY want at the expense of the actor’s mental state.

  • http://MargaretaStam AmberHeardPLASTICmade

    SO SEXT as if he is mental status and outlook when somone one take the bottle with breast milk and his lego away.

  • Argyle Blend

    For some reason, that shot of Dornan reminds me of David Hasselhoff. Some resemblance. Anyway, it would great to see some behind-the-scenes shots (even carefully made ones) to give us an idea of what else to expect from the film.

  • lidy

    yeah,jamie dornan is a perfect christian grey!!! =)

  • damndirtycougar

    @Jane: Shut up Sam! We don’t want to go watch your lame movie! Those actors look so much better than you anyway!

  • GFW

    Still have issues with glamorizing love as The cure for everything. It takes more than love. As for Christian Grey, it takes intensive care psychotherapy and a year sorting it out with group meetings and no fking for a good spell.
    This movie is pitching just romantic love as a cure. No. Takes more than love. So how many are going to feel like failures when they meet some tortured soul (the silent type) from and emotional abandonment background, or worse, who’s fearful of emotional intimacy that takes more than (just) love to cure? A lot, trust me.

  • Carey


    Who the hell are you calling “Sam” you psycho? She’s a student intern at a production company. No where in her comment does she claim to be saying she is the Director. And if you were educated you’d know that the Director would get FIRED if she posted in a public site like this. It’s against policy and being professional. So you condone cruel and inhumane treatment on actors???? May God bless your sad and cold hearted soul

  • Jane


    I have to FULLY agree with you 100%. That’s why J didn’t really like the books. That “love” is a cure for someone like Christian. If love did cure someone like him it wouldn’t exactly be stable. What happens in the future? It’s implying that he can only be mentally stable if Ana is around. But when they get old it is unlikely that they’d die peacefully in their sleep in the same bed, at the same time. She could very well pass away first, and what would that do to him? Make him return to his old ways? A person like Christian needs to learn to overcome his problems for himself not for someone else. I think I would’ve enjoyed the book a lot more if it was from Christian’s POV and if it was mostly focused on him as well. I didn’t like the girl, I found her character to be very frustrating to read. She needed a spanking. No sexual pun intended. I mean, I felt like she acted like a spoiled brat most of the time. So I stopped reading by the beginning of the 3rd book because I just couldn’t get into it anymore. The aspects I did enjoy were Christian and his struggles. But like you, I didn’t agree with Christian being that overly dependent on her to keep him stable. That is actually one of the first ingredients to a dysfunctional relationship. He needed to be stable with or without her

  • jemimaswitness

    @Jane: I like how you’re the same person on here posting as Carey, GFW, and Jane pretending to be some intern. If you don’t like the plot of the book or how the actors are being judged, then just leave it alone. You made your point we get it now go preach to people about something else. I recommend you go on the celebrity couples threads you will have tons of fans responding to you.