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Johnny Depp Keeps His Mind on Music While He's Away From Fiancee Amber Heard!

Johnny Depp Keeps His Mind on Music While He's Away From Fiancee Amber Heard!

Johnny Depp shows off his guitar skills while performing live with Willie Nelson at the Blue Hills Bank Pavilion on Tuesday (June 17) in Boston, Mass.

Earlier in the day, the 51-year-old actor’s fiancee Amber Heard donned a pair of chic ripped jeans while grabbing a coffee at Starbucks during a break from shooting her film The Adderall Diaries in New York City.

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Over the weekend, Amber and James Franco were seen wrapping their arms around each other while filming scenes for their movie.

10+ pictures inside of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard staying busy in different states…

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  • delicious!

    Johnny looks HOT!!
    well, Amber also looks pretty, but Johnny’s HOT
    And poor Amber if she missed the concert, because she was with him the monday. But the movie wrapped today -or i think the director said it’s only one day more- and she can be in Boston 24/7 if she wants to

  • assman


  • Faye

    It’s like your dad getting up there still trying to be “hep”. I get it, music is his first love, but when I see him nowadays I find myself thinking “no dad, please sit down, you’re embarrassing me.”

  • JDF

    He looks amazing!

  • JDF

    @Faye: What’s “hep”? Oh you mean hip? Well, he’s hip without trying!.

    He’s just playing guitar with his legendary friend and having fun, give him a break! He’s always played guitar on stage so what the hell is different now? Are all these old people on stage trying to be “hep” too????

    The only embarrassing thing here is you and your pathetic comment, there’s nothing “embarrassing” about a man playing guitar on stage with his friends. Do you think he cares about what losers like you think of him to try to be “hep”? Nobody cares about what you think you embarrassingly petty troll.

  • mmm

    LOL! @ the comment about “dad trying to be hep”. Willie Nelson has 81 years old ahahahaha! how ignorant some people are
    And I couldn’t believe Johnny is 51 years old, he looks so young. It looks like he hasn’t aged a day from that performance in 2008 minus the sweaty and blue shirt with holes

  • Casi

    It seems that Johnny has put fillings which he uses to film. I do not think that he have gained so much in so little time, but it looks good anyway
    Sorry my english

  • Oprah

    @Faye: Ugh, why do people like you even exist? Should he stop doing something that he loves just because some nobodies on the internet don’t like it?

  • Luv

    Cute & sexy as always!

  • herta

    Johnny looks very young. I hope Amber wasn’t with him….

  • be real

    @herta: as it makes any difference. she’s with him most of the time, she’s with him at home. she sleeps with him, she makes love to him, she kisses him, she watches tv with him, she talks with him, she hears him snoring, she argues with him, she laughs with him, she lives with him, etc, etc, etc, she will marry him. and the sooner that you and other people get over the fact that she is part of his life, the better for all

  • sexy

    Johnny you are HOT!

  • Toni_Soprano

    @Faye: Oh please, Johnny looks as good as he always has. I don’t see him as some old man, get over yourself. And what is hep? Funny how you tried to be witty with a cute little insulting comment & ended up looking like a fool.

  • li

    Johnny is so hot woow I bet one of those juices that leads to lily rose amber is:)

  • attentionnip

    LMFAO he looks hotter than her now and I think she’s realizing marriage is more important than what she thinks? That means longer time to stay and stand Johnny.

  • PS

    @li: ??

  • Me

    @li: do you have any reason to believe that Lily-Rose is with Amber in NYC?

  • Faye

    C’mon people, I was saying it lightheartedly. I still like the guy, but when plays with these bands, he does remind me of someone’s dad tring to relive the glory days- just my LIGHTHEARTED opinion. “Hep” is old slang for hip.

  • jacki

    johnny is so happy full of joy full man, reborn from the ashes like a complete man see me happy

  • li


    lily is there in boston and then went with amber.

  • Me

    @li: Ahhh!! ok. could you give any more details?
    Anyway, i suspected that the children may be in Boston, because Johnny was working until saturday and then on monday he was working already, so i thought that maybe the children went to Boston for Father’s day
    And if Lily moved to NYC with Amber, then that’s great too. Let’s hope the girls have a great time together on the big apple

  • mmm

    If I were a 15 years old teenager it would be alot funner to move with my young stepmother to a city like new york instead to be with my dad- it doesn’t matter who my dad is- in Boston LOL

  • Nikki

    I just don’t see them lasting long-term. The fire will burn out.

  • 3nickim

    @li: if true is cool! but does she even went to new york?

  • caro

    Lily and Jack are neither in Boston, nor in NY city : they are in Europe with Vanessa who is on tour, tomorrow in London

  • tell

    Are not Europe is wrong, can see venessa in concert tomorrow, are with their father

  • 3nickim

    @caro: who prove first i believe .. lol

  • tell


    This Lily in boston with his father even jerry loaded puppy lily

    Not be if attending the concert by her mother.

  • li

    You can clearly see the lily and amber and Jerry dog charging dog lily is obvious are with their father.

  • JDF

    @Nikki: Did anyone ask for your opinion about whether they last or not? Nobody cares about what you think and you should be happy for them instead of saying nonesense like this.

    They will last as long as they are in love and happy together.

  • JDF

    @Faye: Well, no, he’s not trying to relive the glory days or anything, he’s just doing something that he loves, he’s a musician.

  • li

    lily and jack passed birthday and Fathers day with her ​​daddy
    are still there; D

  • herta

    No,she doens´t makes love to him. He has a face “i need sex”

  • herta

    @li: I love Lily and Jack.I hope they are with their father,but without amber. She is a “strange”woman

  • Yuri

    @be real: wow! You are a stalker!

  • Yuri

    Johnny is a good guy. Most people don’t like arrogant people as Amber is. See Johnny along with Amber’s bringing a bad stigma for Johnny. Unfortunately when they marry it will only get worse, but if Johnny will retire, so…

  • Yuri

    Johnny is also a very good musician

  • Yolanda P. Drew

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  • Mr. Pitiful

    @Toni_Soprano: Yeah, you’re right. It’s just that she’s an arrogant poser. Maybe with time we will not want to hurl every time we see her.

  • Mr. Pitiful

    @JDF: How do you know?

  • Ehy

    Why does an atheist and free spirit like Amber want to marry? Johnny for sure doesn’t want a marriage, his mind is better than this, so only Amber wants this ridiculous thing. Why? For a show. What a showy she is. Nasty Amber

  • Ehy

    @Mr. Pitiful: agree

  • free bird

    @Ehy: not only the people who believes in god want to marry, you silly! There are marriages that are only under the law and because two people want to consecrate their lives to each other

  • free bird

    @caro: i have no idea if lily is with amber or not but i’m totally sure that none of them, nor lily and nor jack, is with vanessa in europe. They are in america, boston or new york, i don’t know for sure but not with mommy

  • Ru

    Apparently Johnny’s next movie is also a stinker.

  • lol

    Article indifferent already the movie is recorded and johnny is not a protagonist
    Go to the devil.

  • katt

    @Ru: How is it a stinker just because they toned it down???? Oh so it’s a stinker just because some stupid geeky blog said so?

    People who have seen the movie at private screenings PRAISED it and we haven’t even seen any footage yet to judge.

    The movie’s gonna be a critical and commercial hit. Eat your heart out.

  • Ben

    Johnny’s last efforts were neither critically acclaimed nor financially successful, LOL! They will edit this to just another Johnny Depp in heavy make up Disney snore fest.

  • Ehy

    @free bird: why? Amber said she is a free spirit, isn’t she?
    Love is consecrates in the every day. Someone like Amber and Johnny only marry for legal reasons as they are old or because they want children or for selfish issues as being a golddigger or for wanting to do a show, something unhealthy and ridiculous. It would be the big joke. Poor Johnny

  • Haz

    Are you sure, is this girl Amber? what happened to her? She was pretty but now she is depressing.