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Gisele Bundchen & Tom Brady Pack On the PDA in New York!

Gisele Bundchen & Tom Brady Pack On the PDA in New York!

Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady share a super cute kiss while meeting up for an intimate dinner date on Sunday (June 29) in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City.

The 33-year-old supermodel and the 36-year-old football player held hands as they strolled down the sidewalk on their way to the restaurant.

Gisele is featured in the brand new campaign for Balenciaga and now designer Alexander Wang is talking to about how they pulled off her shaved head look.

“We had a specialist [Jane Choi] come in who actually works on movie sets doing prosthetics. We spent two days making a prosthetic bald cap on a Gisele body double. And then we had to get another body double who we had to give the exact same haircut,” he said. “So for every picture we took with Gisele, we had to take another picture with the body double. Then we fused those two together. It was the first time I’ve ever worked in that way, and [master retoucher] Pascal Dangin, he’s just incredible. He’s a true artist and a painter. When he was showing me the mock-ups, I was blown away by what he was able to achieve before we even got to the shoot.”

30+ pictures inside of Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady packing on the PDA…

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gisele bundchen pda new york 16
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gisele bundchen pda new york 18
gisele bundchen pda new york 19
gisele bundchen pda new york 20
gisele bundchen pda new york 21
gisele bundchen pda new york 22
gisele bundchen pda new york 23
gisele bundchen pda new york 24
gisele bundchen pda new york 25
gisele bundchen pda new york 26
gisele bundchen pda new york 27
gisele bundchen pda new york 28
gisele bundchen pda new york 29
gisele bundchen pda new york 30

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  • Derek117

    Glad to read that Gisele didn’t actually let them shave her head. She too gorgeous, and the shaved head look does nothing for her.

  • Sayer

    Did she dress him? Gosh,no!

  • Sayer

    @Derek117: Gisele CANNOT pull off a shaved head look. She does not have the “feminine” face for it.

  • Bobby

    DUH…how stupid were all those people blabbing about her shaving her head…seriously she would never do that to her beautiful hair…and I love her, naturally sexy and an amazing supermodel

  • killy

    LOL she cant shave her head. Pantene pays her 5 million a year. its probably in her contract to not drastically change her hair.

  • Abby

    @Sayer: I doubt you can either fat head. Gisele has amazing cheekbones and bone structure, she looks like art in her fashion ads, unlike a porn star which is why she is hired by every brand under the sun for 20+ years. Those lame boring panty models have zero versatility. Gisele will always get work over them because shes not a cheap derp face in her pictures.

  • lol

    I like her dress

  • ace11

    Dude it was 90 degrees in Nyc yesterday

    and he’s wearing a sweater and long pants?


  • Sexythang


    + One million.

  • Chace

    Chanel, Pucci, Marant, Balenciaga, Stuart Witzeman
    How many blue chip campaigns this season already?
    Sexy for Pucci,
    Earthy for Isabel Marant,
    Edgy for Balenciaga
    Can’t wait to see what her Chanel evokes

  • Sexythang


    Style over comfort.


    she had plastic surgery. people worked on her face and body. that is so strange.

  • miniluice22

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  • strange

    @TYUIO: Someone must work on your brain. That is so strange. You are so stupid. She is 100% natural.

  • Love

    I love them. They look so happy.

  • johanna

    They are so perfect together cause they are both so fake!!!!!!!!!!! They kiss for the camera and that’s pathetic. She is really ugly and he is gay. Moreover she will never forget SuperLeo….

  • johanna

    They are so perfect together cause they are both so fake!!!!!!!!!!! They kiss for the camera and that’s pathetic. She is really ugly and he is gay. Moreover she will never forget SuperLeo….He is her obsession

  • johanna

    They are so perfect together cause they are both so fake!!!!!!!!!!! They kiss for the camera and that’s pathetic. She is really ugly and he is gay. Moreover she will never forget SuperLeo….He is her obsession

  • Fair

    Gisele had a nose job, a boob job etc… it never ends.
    @johanna: Wow, is leo still in love with phony looking Gisele?

  • Password

    They are such posers. These photos are so staged.

  • Fug

    Whats up with the sweater in heat and humidity, and a hat? Lol ridiculous..

  • LOL

    @Fair: boob job? really? have you seen her boobs without a push up bra? google it she is probably not even a B cup. no one gets there boobs done to go to a 32B. you sound like a hater.

  • iknowright

    @Fug: he looks like a wannabe leo except leo looks better because he doesn’t try as hard

  • grace

    @johanna: I think it is so pathetic and obvious when posters call names and make statements that make themselves look ignorant. Most likely these pictures were taken from a distance and Tom & Gisele were simply greeting each other…with no care about the cameras. She has clearly moved on from the immature serial model dater, Leo. She wanted kids and a family and a mature relationship. She has that and both Gisele and Tom appear very happy. You are entitled to hate if it makes you feel better but really, your ignorance is showing big time.

  • Wut

    Oh God it’s been so freakin hot in nyc these past few days.. This man is wearing a long dress shirt, and if that wasnt uncomfortable enough, he wears a sweater over it hahahahha

  • johanna

    @Fair: Leo is not in love with that bitch for sure

  • johanna

    @iknowright: Haha you’re funny & so true!!!!!!!!!

  • johanna

    @grace: I’m pathetic just in one thing: losing my time in reading about some brainless’ people life! Yes, they are in love but they want to show that everywhere, gisele’s twitter Always shows that, she’s really pathetic. Leo was too much for her and she knows that. You are very naive/stupid

  • no way

    @iknowright: Wannabe Leo? He wants to be fat and unattractive? No way.
    @johanna: No, johanna. You are pathetic in TWO things. a) you are losing your time reading about that fat guy Leonardo DiCaprio. Stupid fangirl. b) you are losing your time reading about a happy couple. So jealous.

  • Jan

    Another PR stunt from the attention-seeking horse-faced tranny and her gay husband.
    Funny how she is always wearing makeup and huge sunglasses after that horrendous pic of her without makeup come out last year and proved how ugly she is without photoshop! LOL

  • Giselle Buttchin

    @LOL: Kaley Cuco admitted to having a boob job, her boobs aren’t even close to a B.
    Agree 100%! They would have mistaked her for a man on set.

  • @LOL

    She had a boob job but took out her implants later. Her breasts made her famous and was why she was called the ‘Boobs from Brazil’
    Go look on youtube at her runway in the early 2000s. Her boobs were almost a D cup

  • @johanna

    You really think Gisele misses the immature aging modelizer?

  • @@LOL

    Yeah but she started to make her fortune thanks to these ridiculous breast implants! Can’t believe her mom let her have that surgery at such a young age. But I was told that in Brazil, it,s commun to let girls go under the knife to have fake boobs.
    Glad she came to her senses and got them removed, it was grotesque.

  • jealousmodelfans


    Chanel Beauty,Chanel no.5,Emilio Pucci Spring,Emilio Pucci Fall,Balenciaga,Isabel Marant,Louis Vuitton,Carolina Herrera in less than 6 months. Her money jobs like H&M and Pantene are just her side jobs, not her bread and butter unlike most models. over 20 Elle covers in3 month,can keep a marriage,does numerous charity work,has the most successful well selling sandals in the world, was chosen by Fifa to deiver the world cup,is opening her first lingerie store in Paris,Brazil and China. Made 47 million last year due to the success of her brands and looks,was the only model to make Forbes celebrity 100 list because of her earnings,media mentions and cultural impact.. and what else?Unlike most models you cant count her successes on one hand….haha stay pressed bitter model fans, I know she continues to leave your faves in the dust but take your anger out on your lame faves who prefer to sling panties around their heads their whole careers instead of venturing out. Your faves demise is not Gisele’s fault.

  • jealousmodelfans

    @johanna: Gisele denied photoshoots with Leo and has denied them with Tom. She hasnt done one potoshoot with Tom. All the other model famewho*es did shoots with their men,and they’re divorced now… She didnt sell her wedding photos nor her children’s photos to tabloids unlike most models do. Even turned down People covers and Vanity Fair covers. She only shares photos of Tom when they do the Met gala or to wish him a happy fathers day etc. Please her instagram is the least show offish compared to Bar,Miranda,Alessandra,Candice,Izabel G and many more. keep hating she keeps stealing your faves jobs left and right and always will. HAHAHAH.

  • jealousmodelfans

    @Jan: Jan you can read on twitter and instagram every time someone sees her in real life they rave about her beauty. They say she is stunning in person, prettier in person,made their self esteem low after they saw her in real life etc. and with her success and epic career and the fact that she only dates good looking men, you know its true! haha. Someone saw her at spin class and their tweet read “so that is what perfection looks like” and they were going on and on how perfect looking she is. Like she is a walking photoshop. you cant be ugly and get all the jobs she gets, sorry. she proves all her haters wrong time and time again. Love it. What is even more funny is the models who everyone says are so beautiful, sightings of them are not as positive. People say theyre prettier in pictures. With Gisele its always saying shes prettier in real life. but I dont need to explain that, her career already does the talkin.

  • Sayer

    Gisele just breathing continues to make other models careers look like a joke. Thats where most animosity stems from. I can guarantee almost 95% negative comments are from other model fans because theyre just pressed.

  • Sayer

    Forbe’s celebrity 100 2014

    No. 56 (TIE): Gisele Bundchen

    Supermodel Linda Evangelista famously wouldn’t get out of bed for less than $10,000; this year it could be said Gisele did not leave the house for less than $128,000 a day. The Brazilian powerhouse pocketed $47 million in the last 12 months before taxes and fees, making her the world’s highest-paid model for the eighth year in a row. Along with lucrative contracts for H&M, Chanel, and Carolina Herrera, Gisele gets a cut of sales from the jelly sandals she designs for Brazilian shoemaker Grendene. The face of Pantene hair products and Oral-B in Brazil, Bundchen’s line of Hope lingerie — Gisele Bundchen Intimates — also plumps up her paycheck. A Goodwill Ambassador of the United Nations Environment Programme, Bundchen sits on the board of the Rainforest Alliance, a non-profit dedicated to conserving biodiversity and sustainability.

  • Sayer

    GISELE BÜNDCHEN is the new face of Chanel No.5, following in the footsteps of Nicole Kidman, Audrey Tautou, Catherine Deneuve and most recently, Brad Pitt and Marilyn Monroe. She teams up with director Baz Luhrmann, the man behind the epic 2004 advertisement for the scent – which saw Kidman don a series of increasingly extravagant Chanel Couture creations to play out an on-screen love affair with Brazilian actor Rodrigo Santoro.
    Bündchen herself is no stranger to the brand either – the model was chosen as the face of Chanel’s Les Beiges make-up in 2013. Luhrmann’s most recent work was last year’s much-anticipated The Great Gatsby, preceded by Moulin Rouge, Australia, Romeo + Juliet and Strictly Ballroom.
    In a statement, Chanel stated that Luhrmann was chosen to “bring, once again, his creativity and very personal aesthetic to the House and its iconic fragrance, Chanel No.5,” revealing that Bündchen had been chosen for “her natural beauty and modern femininity”.
    Luhrmann and Bündchen are said to be filming the new No.5 campaign – which will arrive in late 2014 – in the Hamptons, with filming expected to continue in New York City. Previous directors of Chanel No.5 adverts have included Ridley Scott, Luc Besson and Jean-Pierre Jeunet.

  • grace

    @johanna:You are living in a delusional state if you believe Leo was too much for her. She left him because he clearly is an immature, serial model dater. She was tired of his inability to grow up and become a real man. He still is dating 20 year old models and she has the adult, loving relationship she wanted. I don’t follow her on Twitter or Instagram but clearly you do. If you dislike her so much, why??

  • bostongrl

    Gisele does not exploit her relationships everyone knows this. If so where are her photoshoots with Tom ? Leo? remember Heidi Klum and Seal? they did like 10 photoshoots per year together. There still is not even an official picture of Gisele in her wedding gown because she didnt sell the picture to a tabloid. According to The Boston Globe she has turned down Vanity Fair covers with both Leo and Tom:

    “Good luck with that
    Give Graydon Carter credit: At least he’s trying. The editor-in-chief of Vanity Fair wants to put Tom Brady, Gisele Bundchen, and young John Edward Thomas Moynahan on the cover of an upcoming issue, but he’s being rebuffed. We’re told Carter isn’t giving up easily, though, and is still hoping the Pats QB will do a photoshoot with his son and supermodel sweetheart. Like a lot of guys, Graydon seems enamored of Bundchen. Back when the Brazilian beauty was dating actor Leonardo DiCaprio, Carter tried to put the couple on the cover, but they refused.

    Source: Boston Globe”

  • grace

    @bostongrl: Hell will freeze over before a photo shoot with Gisele, Tom and Jack happens.
    Various pop culture sites still post paparazzi photos of the family but Tom has made it very clear he has no interest exploiting/publicizing his relationship with his wife and certainly not with his kids. Gisele occasionally posts Instagram photos of the kids but they are almost always ones in which the kids faces are not seen. She has posted a few shots that are already public..the Father’s Day picture for example. This couple has no reason/need to put themselves on the cover of Vanity Fair. There is absolutely no benefit in it for them at all.

  • Randy83

    @grace: I saw gisele’s twitter twice just for boredom and I understood that SUPERSTAR LEO was very smart to cheat on her. She is Ugly, Bitchy and Stupid, the only thing she really has is a big EGO.

  • Randy83

    @no way: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA you think people are jealous of that horrible couple? I bet most people are not so desperate as you are

  • grace

    @Randy83: Along with that ego you claim she has is a multi-million dollar empire started from her earnings as a beautiful supermodel. No model earns what she has by being ugly. She can’t be too stupid to have climbed to the success she has. Leo is an immature serial model dater and he is looking more and more like an aging,paunchy Hollywood “bachelor”. Gisele was wise to leave him…he is a mess and clearly shows no signs of growing up anytime soon.

  • Goldgirl

    I am very very sorry for their children, they’ve 2 idiots as parents!

  • Goldgirl

    @grace: As many people who become billionaires illegally, gisele doesn’t deserve her money cause she’s soooooo ugly but she has a disgusting ambition in her heart. Leo thinks that it’s better to be a bachelor than to be married to these fake women!!!!!!! Leo is genuine and after all we’re talking about LEONARDO DICAPRIO, the guy who stole the heart of the entire planet. period.

  • First

    Gisele had a nose job.

  • crazy

    Leonardo fans: masturbation. You know what it means. Do it. That’s what you all need.
    She was called the ‘Boobs from Brazil’ because she had a boob job??? LOL. People are so stupid. She was called the boobs from Brazil because her REAL boobs are beautiful. Yes, it’s real.
    “But I was told that in Brazil…” I was told you are stupid. You don’t know Brazil so why you are talking about it?
    “Kaley Cuco admitted to having a boob job.” Gisele is NOT Kaley.
    “I can guarantee almost 95% negative comments are from other model fans…” And the other negative comments are from Leonardo fans.