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Johnny Depp Rocks Discolored Teeth For 'Black Mass' Scenes with Peter Sarsgaard

Johnny Depp Rocks Discolored Teeth For 'Black Mass' Scenes with Peter Sarsgaard

Johnny Depp shows off his fake discolored teeth while shooting scenes for his upcoming movie Black Mass on Friday (July 11) in Revere, Mass.

The 51-year-old actor was joined by his co-stars Peter Sarsgaard and Rory Cochrane, who previously worked with Johnny on their 2009 film Public Enemies.

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In the film, Peter plays Boston hoodlum and James “Whitey” Bulger murder victim Brian Halloran.

In case you missed the news, Black Mass will hit theaters next fall.

10+ pictures inside of Johnny Depp and Peter Sarsgaard shooting scenes for Black Mass

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johnny depp discolored teeth for black mass 01
johnny depp discolored teeth for black mass 02
johnny depp discolored teeth for black mass 03
johnny depp discolored teeth for black mass 04
johnny depp discolored teeth for black mass 05
johnny depp discolored teeth for black mass 06
johnny depp discolored teeth for black mass 07
johnny depp discolored teeth for black mass 08
johnny depp discolored teeth for black mass 09
johnny depp discolored teeth for black mass 10

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  • Sage

    He transforms into any character they ask of him. Such a legendary actor!

  • li

    I see him so happy and relaxed woww

  • Kat

    Awesome transformation

  • bb

    Oh Johnny,those godshaped cheekbones don’t lie despite all the amazing transformation

  • Yuya

    He has already rotten teeth, no need to blacken them. Who knows he might actually give a good performance in this since he likes criminals so much.

  • Sasha


  • tell

    excellent actor

  • Jada

    @Yuya: No he doesn’t, do not tell lies, If he had rotten teeth they would not have nedded fake rotten teeth.

    Johnny always gives great performances and when has he ever said that he likes criminals? Do not make up stuff.

  • Tina

    I wonder how much money paid to johnny for this movie

  • Jada

    @Tina: And why do you care?

  • Miss

    He got fat a little and at the same time he does not look good ! And this has nothing to do with the make-up !

  • Jayne

    Yeah Johnny needs to hit the gym if he’s going to keep that young girl he’s marrying. Even Peter has a perkier backside and toned abs than he does.

  • Isa
  • kary

    No what you mean that this fat johnny and not one you invent these in your head, but johnny looks great at 51.

    I bet your father is not as good as johnny

  • kary

    This pictures are from last week that you speak your hate so much that you have worms in your head

  • kary

    These very close is better than ever a beautiful smile a simple and humble man loved by all.

  • Meh

    yeah! he’s not “fat” at all. he’s obviously padded for the role because for real he seems very fit. Actually, i think he is “hitting the gym” very often or maybe it’s just Amber who keep in shape with steamy love ;)

  • Meh
  • li

    This urgently gym if you lack your body seems filled gelatin and bed hair yuck

  • li
  • AM

    Johnny looks great for his age and he is nowhere near fat.You should check you eyes.Also.even though I don’t like bringing on Vanessa on these articles but there is this photo of her sister and Biolay in 2008.Did he have a relationship with her sister too?If so, EW!!!

  • li

    If that is so wow allison sisters share the same man that sucks.

  • JDF

    @Miss: Lmfao this comment can’t be serious! Do you not realize that he is padded and is wearing aging makeup for the role? Or can’t you read?

    He looks great when he’s himself.

  • JDF

    @Jayne: Are you the same troll or just another moron that can’t read? He doesn’t need to hit the gym because he’s fit.

  • Pink
  • Rain

    Johnny is ok. The belly is fake. But his eyes are tired and for me it is because he is not living as he would like, Amber is not the person to make him happy. His eyes are so since he and Amber are together

  • get real

    @Rain: LOL! he’s wearing lots of make up and blue contact eyes and you can’t see the reason why “his eyes are tired”? maybe it’s because the killer Whitey Bulger have tired eyes after being the killer of many people and the weight of his concience.
    Also stop with the nonsense. You can’t even see his eyes actually never, because Johnny always wear those blue tinted or grey tinted glasses.
    And he looks happier than ever since he’s with her, just accept it.
    Or do you need a “remember” of how “happy” looked when he was with Vanessa, falling down drunk, always alone and looking miserable and bloated by how much he was drinking ar how unhappy he was? get real

  • tell

    Johnny is now happy with a woman and dedicated to the children who love him and support him man.

  • Rain

    @get real: If you were a fan of Johnny, you would know that his eyes are tired, swollen, lifeless, with bags since he is with Amber, just after a few months living with Amber since last August that Johnny is so and he is getting worse every day.

  • tell

    The photos say otherwise, I see johnny happy and attentive to his fans

  • Rain

    @tell: Johnny is always attentive to his fans and I’m sure he’s trying to be happy, but look at Johnny when he isn’t wearing the glasses and you’ll see what I mean. He chose a path (Amber) and he’ll go down that route, but this is not the path that makes him happy

  • tell


    He’s happy in his prime have no evidence of how unhappy he is, he is at his best

    Now Amber is pregnant and happy.

  • rirette

    But dad of Amber doesn’t want that she is pregnant before a mariage without contract ! ?

  • perfect Amber

    why does nobody like Amber? Amber and Johnny aren’t in a shotgun relationship. Amber loves Johnny and Johnny loves Amber. They will have children, but when the two get to program for it. Johnny said that he is not a savage. They will get married, have children and be happy.

  • li

    Who told you johnny amber and have 3-year relationship and are also about to get married that is not the real father of amber is parenting.

  • rirette

    It is not Allisson, the sister of Vanessa. Perhaps the sister of Biolay, he has one too !

  • Aim

    Without his fortune and notoriety, a woman as Heard wouldn’t date JD ! Nothing has changed. Amber Heard is a home-wrecker and a gold-digger ! And one day she will go far away from this tired middle age man, with man or woman more young and attractive !

  • Aim

    JD was gorgeous but to day he is not anymore !

  • li

    She if allison and seek information from the subject and if biolay apparently had a relationship with fno allison was not anything serious, but if you were related to disgust.

  • li

    This is the sister if biolay

    And this is his name were brothers of the same father Coralie Clément.

  • biolay is a drug addict

    Vanessa doesn’t learn! This is Benjamin Biolay according to his own words. She went from the troubled Johnny to a man far worse, the king of addictions Benjamin Biolay
    In an interview as close as in 2009 to Marie Claire, Biolay confessed that he was so lost on the “night life”, drugs (he does everything from cocaine to hachis), alcohol to consider himself as a drunker, sexual debauchery, domestic violence, and even he think he may be schizophrenic
    What a catch Vanessa! you sure have the worst eye ever…or maybe she enjoy these troubled up men, so she can play “mommy” and to be the heroíne.
    Great that her children are living in US then. They are better far away from this man

  • johnnylooksgreat
  • Amber & Lily had a lunch

    And Amber and Lily-Rose had a lunch the monday in Los Angeles
    the american media missed it! but Lily’s russian fans are always right!

  • li

    Vanessa is with biolay by despair when separated from johnny was desperate for a new relationship biolay have horror stories about the mother of his daughter thank god that children living in Los Angeles.

    I think this is related to vanessa types of men to capitalize well as all her boyfriends have sameness pattern are musicians and producers with her ​​too money goes greatly benefit with this type of man.

    As they give him fame and fortune that is also passed by victim

  • li

    Thanks for this photo of lily and amber for which I did not believe that the child was in Los Angeles and they have the test

    The difference in the face of this with amber lily when to when is with his mother and biolay.

  • She

    @Amber & Lily had a lunch: Amber always calling the paparazzi. Shame!

  • She

    Unfortunately Johnny’s eyes looks lifeless

  • li

    Johnny is more handsome and happy every day

  • She

    Johnny’s eyes sad and lifeless – facebook

  • li

    The photo was not taken by paparazzi.