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Gisele Bundchen's Amazing Bikini Body Is a Sight to See in Costa Rica

Gisele Bundchen's Amazing Bikini Body Is a Sight to See in Costa Rica

Gisele Bundchen shows off her rockin’ bikini body while spending time at the beach on Sunday (July 27) in Costa Rica.

The 34-year-old Brazilian supermodel was joined by a close gal pal and her pet pooch Lua.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Gisele Bundchen

“Nova campanha @Colccioficial 🌴🌴🌴 New @Colccioficial campaign,” Gisele recently wrote on Instagram with a video. Check out the video below!

In case you missed it, check out Gisele looking gorgeous for the Sonia Rykiel campaign.

Gisele Bundchen – Instagram Video

10+ pictures inside of Gisele Bundchen flaunting her bikini body during a beach vacation…

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gisele bundchen bikini body is a sight to see 02
gisele bundchen bikini body is a sight to see 03
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gisele bundchen bikini body is a sight to see 05
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  • Drats

    Whoa! She’s put on a good ten or twelve pounds from a year ago! She looks more like most women. What’s to account, though, for the weight gain?

  • me

    she needs to squat a little bit, she’s not toned in the butt

  • Sassypants

    Where is her waist?

  • MANwitch

    What hot body? She’s a walking stick with a manly face that won’t make up for it. All models have hideous bodies and starving yourself is not a body type. At least most of them have beautiful faces. I don’t care what she’s been voted as or given awards for her manly looks it still won’t convince me how “hot” she is.

  • asa

    What’s amazing about a flabby, flat ass?? lol

  • Gazelle

    her body has always been’s her face that’s the problem.
    her twin sister looks so much more feminine, but Gazelle was probably born a boy.

  • oh god….

    The other woman looks like her, she has the same hideous face. Neither should be wearing a bikini, eeeewww.

  • Caitlin

    Articles like this can be really hurtful to women – if you agree, or even if you want to know how, you should also check out a really great organization seeking to change girls’ negative body image by raising media awareness called About-Face. It’s based in San Francisco, but if you’re out of the area, it has a lot of great web resources to raise girls’ media literacy. The website can be found here:

  • fer

    Beautiful! shes there with her mom,sisters and kids unlike most models always handing kids off to dad or partying around the world!

  • mama

    @Drats: she is pregnant again. a little bloat on her bottom tummy…

  • dreamstrackcorner

    @me: What does sitting on the internet do for one’s behind? Get you multi million $ modeling jobs?

  • Body

    Beautiful body. Her butt looks good. She looks so serious.
    @mama: Pregnant?No way. Pregnant women don’t look like that.

  • anna

    I have no idea why she’s a supermodel.

  • Go

    She is beautiful. Those of you that criticize every little thing should be ashamed. Put a bikini on and put pics on the internet and see what nasty people will say. She is a Lucky woman who married TB. Eat your heart out.

  • Maria

    I wish everyone writing comments here would do what @Go says. Take a pic of yourself in a biking, with daylight, and walking around and let’s see what kind of results you get. She is a model because she is not only gorgeous, she has personality. To be a model, you don’t have to have only a pretty face and great body. Clearly there are tons of models in the world with those requirements checked. There must be many reasons why she is the most hired model in the industry, she SELLS! and she does not have to be perfect! and that is the BEAUTY of Gisele Bundchen. I wish we all would accept the fact this is a very profesional woman, focused on her family (clearly, she is the one taking care of her kids) and work. Other models are partying taking pictures of her butts.

  • poor

    @anna: Because she was able to date royal Orlando even though they dumped each other.

  • ivy

    @Maria: I totally agree. It seems that every time a post about Gisele appears, the same boring, tired commenters make the same negative comments…as if those comments will change the facts or anyone’s mind. It does not matter what some negative internet commenters think. Gisele is a supermodel for many reasons…looks, body, personality, likability, professionalism,versatility, intellegence.She has made a huge career for herself through hard work and intelligent choices.

  • Sassypants


    I take it you know her personally? If not everything you said you just pulled out of your ass.

  • ivy

    @Sassypants: You have such a classy, sophisticated way of commenting. You must be such a pleasure to know in person. You are exactol one of the boring, pathetic negative commenters I referenced. You certainly are entitled to your opinion but fact are facts no latter how much you protest.She is super successful and I wager, you have no clue what that is like.
    That said, no I do not know Gisele personally but I have read various other articles quoting people who do know her and have worked with her. I was simply stating what others have said about her and I was also stating the obvious. One does not have the successful career she has had without some level of intellegence and hard work.

  • archangelmichael

    @me: agreed her booty drooping. Probably due to aging.

  • Sexythang

    What are all these people on that think this scrawny, manfaced plank, with no talent gets fawned over so much. She’s unfeminine and snotty and has a huge mouth. She must be what jews think is hawt, but no one else I know thinks she’s all that. She never looks that attractive, she has loads of freckles. Not jealous either, just don’t find her attractive at all.

    She was nothing special until she dated DiCaprio, she isn’t that prettiest model out there. SHE JUST SCREWED THE RIGHT CONNECTIONS.

  • pinchefea

    @Maria: You first!

  • Lola

    WOW! What is up with the negative comments?! Why the hate?! She was there with her kids and probably family. I don’t understand why she gets so much hate … love the fact that she is not with the rest of the celebrity crowd that apparently are in France and Spain … Thank you girl! for thinking about places that are in Central America!

  • Likeable

    @ivy: I agree! Sean O’ Pry (the model in the video) said she is a nice person.
    “Ela é um ícone. Ela é incrível, mais do que uma modelo. Também é uma ótima pessoa. E as pessoas que são assim, são lindas.”
    (She is an icon. She is amazing, more than a model. She is a nice person. And people who are like her, are beautiful.)

  • Looselipz

    While I agree that her face is not beautiful, she photographs well which is all that matters in that world. As for her body, jeez you critics, she’s had a few kids! It’s obvious she’s had a tummy tuck but the rest of her looks pretty darn good. It’s nice to see her looking a few pounds up from her normally too thin frame. She should stay this way as I’m sure she’s enjoying life, food and relaxing her exercise program a bit and spending time with her family.

  • PrettyKa

    Oh you silly haters, tsk tsk. Gisele is looking gorgeous as always :-)

  • Veruschka

    Dear Leonardo DiCaprio fans:
    She was very successful when she met Leonardo. Her career has nothing to do with him. Leonardo fans know nothing about fashion.
    - First British Vogue cover: August 1998.
    - Vogue US: 1999.
    - Model of the Year: 1999.
    In this picture she is collecting the Model of the Year award. It’s very important. She was 19 and she wasn’t dating Leonardo. Look at that perfect body. And some people want to know why she is a model? Because her body is perfect, she is talented, etc.

  • What

    @Looselipz: ‘It’s obvious she’s had a tummy tuck.’ It’s obvious she DIDN’T. She is slim. She doesn’t need a tummy tuck. Slim + gym.
    @poor: Royal Orlando? She never dated a guy called Orlando.

  • Veruschka
  • archangelmichael

    @Veruschka: STFU. LEO MADE GISEle the gazelle. Talented? Since when being SKINNY and wearing some designers clothes TALENTED. I DON’T UNDERSTAND WHY SHE IS SO HUGE. Her face is hideous compared to bar, erin and toni garrn. Yet she makes more. What a JOKE, THE MODELING INDUSTRY.

  • Lee

    @Veruschka: “She was very successful when she met Leonardo. Her career has nothing to do with him”
    Good joke!
    Please tell me, why no one cared about this woman before DiCaprio f*cked her? why the world only found out that she existed after the first rumors about her and DiCaprio began at the end of the 90′s? even in Brazil no one knew about her before this PR relationship! plus, she started to spread her legs to him between 98-99, when she was dating another guy who was a model and she cheated on him with DiCaprio! not to mention that she was a party girl who used to spread her legs to impresarios and other millionaries (men that were much older than her) in Brazil since the beginning of her career! she was nothing but a escort and a gold digger at that time! but her brainless fans believe that she is some kind of saint!
    It’s funny how people have short memory nowadays! LOL

  • Oz

    @Veruschka: Who cares about what an ugly and empty-headed model have to say about another ugly and empty-headed model exactly like her? oh wait, both have shared the same semen! they must be part of a secret club called “DiCaprio’s call girls get famous! come in and join us now!” hahaha

  • PaulinaT

    @Verushka -
    In her younger years, she used to have an agent who made her work a lot. She used to do just about everything. She was a very willing and available model. She didn’t know the meaning of censure or moral.
    So she became very popular, her face, body and “crotch” were seen everywhere…
    After all, besides her huge ridiculous breast implants for which she was so popular, and her long skinny boney legs, the girl never had a waist or hips.
    Watching her mother on the pics, I wonder if Gisele is going to have her figure in 30 years?

  • Isa

    She has a great body for a mum of 2 children !

  • Veruschka

    1. No one cared about her? YOU didn’t care about her because she wasn’t dating your idol. US Vogue covers, runways, contracts, etc. And you think no one cared about her? LOL.
    “Even in Brazil no one knew about her…” I am Brazilian and she was famous in Brazil. Brazilian models wanted to be like her.
    2. She didn’t cheat on her ex. Yes, Leonardo wanted to meet her, but she didn’t want to be his friend.
    3. She doesn’t have implants. She had big boobs when she was 15 and she always wanted smaller boobs.
    Of course she never had hips. Is this a joke? She is a MODEL. Models don’t have hips. They are not fat like you. Duh.
    4. “In her younger years, she used to have an agent who made her work a lot.” Used to? It’s the same agent. Her crotch? I never saw it. You can’t see her “crotch” or nipples in photoshoots. You can’t see anything.
    5. “It’s funny how people have short memory nowadays.” People don’t have short memory. You are a liar. People don’t remember about things that NEVER happened. She wasn’t a partygirl and your comment is 100% FALSE.
    6. No offense, but I feel sorry for Leonardo fans. They probably think they will date him. They sound so bitter. It’s funny that they think she is a successful model just because she dated him.
    (archangelmichael, etc.) Go read some gossips about Leonardo and RELAX or GET A LIFE.
    In this quote she says she wanted small breasts when she was younger. And some people still think she has implants: