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Justin Bieber Instagrams a Photo of Orlando Bloom 'Crying'

Justin Bieber Instagrams a Photo of Orlando Bloom 'Crying'

Justin Bieber is adding more fuel to the fight between him and Orlando Bloom – he just posted a photo on Instagram in which the actor appears to be crying!

The photo was taken on the opening night of Orlando‘s recent Broadway production of Romeo and Juliet. It’s clear though that he really is just wiping his eye in the photo.

Orlando and Justin clashed last night (July 29) while at the same venue in Ibiza, Spain. After exchanging some heated words, Orly appeared to throw a punch at Justin and it was all caught on video of course.

The fight reportedly brewed over Orlando‘s ex-wife Miranda Kerr, who Justin was rumored to have spent a steamy night with back in 2012 while they were still married.

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  • Idiot

    If Justin ever wants to be taken seriously by anyone over the age of 13, he needs to stop acting like a 9 year old.
    He’s just trying to cover for the fact that he hid behind his bodyguards like the little b-tch that he is.

  • ok

    Justin is mad because A List celebs dont love him as he wanted to. Next post on his account will be himself pretending to cry

  • szamka

    it’s official, justin is just an idiot…. or Braun told him to make it more public.

  • loreta


  • sx

    I dont remember being this idiot at 20

  • escapizm


  • germ

    I dont think Orlando is crying in that picture. He looks more like smiley and sleepy.

  • Rob

    He looks very cute in the picture.

  • /sigh

    I dunno whats more pathetic, Bieber or the silly little kids commenting on the picture

  • Moi

    This just gets better and better. Hilarious!

  • kris

    Miranda Kerr is disgusting. I’ve thought so before but more so now. Yuk.

  • Deborah

    What an idiot..

  • videogame

    I wonder whats Justin’s next victim to get a crown :D

  • Are You Serious?

    This kid is so immature. I bet his little rat whiskers are jumping up and down, giggling with *glee!* at the thought that he ‘up-upped’ Orlando when in reality he looks like a cheap imitation of “Vanilla Ice”. RME.

  • Cate

    He is ridiculous. One day he is going to mess with the wrong person without his bodyguards around and get his comeuppance.

  • forget it

    where’s the news… right now? bieber is still an idiot. bloom can’t change the fact that he still gotta pay his – cheating with bieber (HAHAHAHAHA) – ex wife for the kid. kerr… no words.

    so far… BS.

  • Nani

    Big Bieber, hiding under his bodyguards skirts first, now posting a picture on instagram, wow such bad boy!

  • No.

    He should post a picture if himself crying. After all, it wasn’t Orlando who ran and hid.
    Justin is nothing but an immature punk who is doing his best to ruin his own career. The only friends he has left are the druggies who only hang around him because of his money. Orlando, on the other hand, has some very powerful and influential friends. Bieber better watch it.

  • Sarah

    The beliebers gang are so proud of Justin right now, being the bigger man and not hitting back. Posting a pic on Instagram is soooo much classier and the way to go. Grow a pair kiddo.

  • Nancy

    Orlando did the right thing. Justin is in the wrong and should be careful what he says to people. Nothing wrong with what Orlando did.

  • Ness

    The only thing more athletic than the post was blooms attempt at punching bieber or the fact that he tried to punch a guy 17 years younger than him in the first place.

  • 2late

    @Ness: He needed that since his father never put a hand on him.

  • corea

    You do know Justin is poking at Orlando because he’s really jealous that Orlando was hanging out with Selena Gomez, and jared ran pictures of them. That’s what this is all about. little baby Justin is having a hissy fit because Selena was with the grown ups. Justin is really fortunate to have body guards because there is no way he could get away with his arrogant behavior if he was out here on his own.

  • Jasmine

    Didn’t JB just have some religious conversion a month or so ago? I guess it didn’t take.

  • Hannah

    I’m sorry, but I think what Orlando did was pathetic. I don’t care what Bieber has done before, it wasn’t enough to give anyone the right to try to assault him (Orlando missed, anyway). And praising this man for picking a fight with a boy barely half his size? Disgusting and cruel. You people act as if he killed your mother! You don’t have to like Bieber, but he isn’t a demon, he’s troubled and needs help. I have a 23 year old son who was bullied for getting into trouble when he was 16, and it continued up until he was 19. I thought he was getting better. He stopped using Facebook and Twitter, and he actually looked happy for once. But one day, he almost died from excessive blood loss due to chopping his arm off while cutting down a tree that was leaning on our patio. I was so scared that I was going to lose him. Thank God he has family and friends who care so much about him. I hope people can stop being so sickeningly cruel and evil to that boy Bieber. It’s unnecessary.

  • Peter Griffin

    You know what really grinds my gears? That Orlando missed and Justin didn’t get his face fuqed up.

  • EB

    Yay Team Legolas! Go go! He should have shot him with three arrows! lolz I love him

  • @25

    It’s that attitude that caused all his problems.
    Ohhhh, poor Justin. People are mean to him just because he acts like a spoiled two year old, willingly damages other people’s property, does drugs 24/7, and has enough ego for a small city.
    Poor, poor Justin
    A good @ss kicking would do him good.

  • Willie

    Orlando was wrong, even though I cant stand Bieber. His ex wife is a slu+ who gives it up to everyone and it’s not Justin’s fault. She is a grown woman, 10 years older than Justin. He did not force her to sleep with him. She did it willingly. Justin is a single young guy with no wife or kid. Miranda is a mother and was a wife at that time. Both Miranda and Orlando show immaturity by associating themselves with Justin.

  • Toni_Soprano

    She’s an idiot; she had a gorgeous sexy man at home & cheats on him with this little ugly immature punk. This kid is so obnoxious & annoying, takes a real man to hide behind some body guards.

  • Toni_Soprano

    And who are these morons that agree with this kid? They’re just as stupid & bratty as him.

  • Non

    I cant believe orlando is fightinh with a teenager, comon people! Miranda and justin hihihi thats so funny and unreal, she is so tall and he is so small and young hahaha no that is a funny lie!, honestly n if orlando believe that , honestly he dissapoint all the fans im sure 😒…sigh

  • freya


    True Hannah but you know what Justin’s should quit while he’s ahead it shows how poorly he was raised by his parents and negates everything that he is doing to help mankind.

  • @33

    What has Justin done to help mankind? What exactly?
    And no. Make a wish doesn’t count. That is a great program for the individual child, but ha nothing to do with helping the people of the world.
    Orlando, as a UNICEF ambassador, has helped bring awareness to the plight of poor children around the globe. That is someone who cares about others. Not like that punk, who only cares about how it looks.

  • As

    That Justin & Miranda rumour… LOLLL PLEASE

  • Millie

    Someone needs to deport this little skinny thug back to Canada, stat!

  • biener

    if you hate bieber, you should be happy that shits like these are happening. i dont want him to change and be nice, i want him to rot, and continue rotting, up till the day he get overdosed on drugs, rape someone, or get into an accident. so why stop him?

  • justina boober

    legolas was trying to punch gimli

  • Molly H.

    This kid needs to be punched in the face…so hard that he regrets everything he has ever done or his momma needs to put him in his place. I don’t care if she says he’s old enough to do what he wants…apparently he isn’t mentally old enough and she needs to yell at him.

  • PuppyLove

    @justina boober:
    Gimli had REAL facial hair, not some sorry tufts.

  • Ash

    @Hannah: Yeah it’s easy for you to dismiss everything Bieber has done, but for someone who’s lost someone to an idiot drunk driver, it’s just a taaaaaaaad bit harder to let it go. He’s not troubled, he’s a spoiled brat and Orlando had every right to attempt to punch him.