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Robert Pattinson on Kristen Stewart's Cheating: 'Sh-t Happens'

Robert Pattinson on Kristen Stewart's Cheating: 'Sh-t Happens'

Robert Pattinson looks so handsome on the cover of Esquire UK‘s September 2014 issue.

Here is what the 28-year-old actor had to share with the mag:

On Kristen Stewart cheating on him: “Sh-t happens, you know? It’s just young people… it’s normal! And honestly, who gives a sh-t? The hardest part was talking about it afterwards. Because when you talk about other people, it affects them in ways you can’t predict. It’s like that scene in Doubt, where [Philip Seymour Hoffman is] talking about how to take back gossip? They throw all those feathers from a pillow into the sky and you’ve got to go and collect all the feathers.”

On getting chased by the paparazzi: “I used to dress up my assistant as me, and get him to drive off with like five cars following him around for hours. I think it goes through periods where you’re assigned ‘this is the guy to follow.’ But whenever I see a bunch of paparazzi hanging out, I always think, ‘Oh God, what have they found out!’ Oh, THAT love child! I totally forgot!”

On talking about his “heavy saliva” on Jimmy Kimmel: “I was literally pouring with sweat. And I felt myself drooling. I thought, ‘Oh my God, I’m starting to drool.’ So, I made up this stupid story about having heavy saliva, and Jimmy’s face just went, ‘What the f-ck are you talking about?’”

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  • British Latin American

    Rob is always too easy on Kristen.

  • Jenna

    That was more of a comment of his regarding his relationship ending publicly, it wasn’t a direct response to what she did…especially since he was still dating her after the scandal. He was just saying sh*t happens and people break up, and that there’s gossip and you can’t take all the gossip back. The interviewer took those quotes and related it to the scandal.

  • Jenna

    @British Latin American: Well, he knows her better than you do and anyone else who will comment here does. However he is with her, that’s his business and his alone.

  • Jenna

    @British Latin American: By the way, please don’t take that as me being rude to you. I’m not saying I personally support Kristen or what she did, I was just saying that people always have a lot to say about their relationship and about how both parties publicly treat it, but the fact is that anything to do with Robert and Kristen is no one’s business but Rob and Kristen. I could post theories, positive comments or negative comments, but nothing you or I ..or anyone else.. says really makes a difference to Rob and Kristen. You know?

  • Casey

    I don’t believe they dated at all. It was hype for the Twilight series. So of course he would not care.

  • RE: Jenna

    All due respect, but don’t you have a life? I mean, posting theories? Like, seriously? Don’t you guys have anything else to do? Leave them be. Kristen cheated, fact. It wasn’t just her fault, but that Sanders’ guy too, but come on – get a life.

  • Natalie

    @RE: Jenna: Do you have a life? You’re the one policing comments like it’s your duty. This is a gossip website where people are free to post their opinions and that includes ones that don’t agree with yours.

  • Jenna

    @RE: Jenna: That’s you being respectful? I have no invested interest in their relationship. I made a comment and then I commented someone else and cleared up what I meant by it because when I re-read my comment to that person, I noticed that it could have come off as rude. How did you nab “posting theories” out of everything I said? Anything I commented had to do with the fact that JJ referenced what he said as “On Kristen Stewart cheating on him” when in fact he was just talking about their relationship ending. Anything else I said was directed to another commenter about me saying that Rob and Kristen’s business is theirs and theirs alone. I don’t have ANY theories on the scandal. I’m just saying that I *could be* one of those people who post negative, positive or theoretic comments, but *I’m not* …and those people making those comments have no impact on Rob and Kristen. I have no idea how anything I said warranted such a response from you. It’s as if you didn’t read anything I said at all and just went off on me. So, so sum it up in words you might respectfully understand… Rob and Kristen’s business is theirs and theirs alone. I don’t support Kristen, but I’m in no position to judge how Rob and Kristen handled their breakup and neither are you? AND I have a life, thank you. I didn’t realize making a comment on a message board was wrong.

  • Jenna

    @Natalie: DUDE. WTF? I commented something POSITIVELY, mind you and you’re annoyed because I was nice? I didn’t tell anyone how to feel. I didn’t tell anyone what to say. I didn’t tell anyone they couldn’t comment however they liked. I just stated a FACT, and the FACT is that no matter what anyone says, it doesn’t have any impact on Rob and Kristen and how they live their lives. It’s an amazing shame that if someone tries to be neutral on a subject or be nice about anything, it brings negative responses. SMH. Do YOU have a life?

  • Jenna

    @Natalie: AHH oops– sooo sorry!! I saw that you were responding to the person who was rude to me, but it looked like you were responding to me. I saw your comment above and thought you were directly that towards me because of the user. My apologies, I guess I was still annoyed that the “RE: Jenna” person had such a bug up her butt about me for no reason at all..

  • British Latin American

    @Jenna: I will be nice. Even if I do not know Rob or Kristen as a rader of the magaines they appear in and a viewer of websites likethis one I’m entitled to my opinion, which is that Rob is too easy on Kristen.

  • Jenna

    @British Latin American: You most certainly are entitled to your opinion, and I respect your opinion. I have my own opinions as well. I was just saying that I doubt he cares about our opinions lol.

  • pup

    “It’s normal!” Yaaaa, tell that to the ex-wife & innocent two kids. . .

  • Oh Robert

    Poor Robert, no it is not “normal” to get cheated on. What Kristen with this old married guy did was just wrong. “Normal” is not the right word to describe it, “wrong” is the right word to describe it.

  • cali

    It was a fake relationship. She never cheated on him… she just did a breach in contract.

  • Smh

    @pup: @Oh Robert: Just Jared labeled the reference quote wrong. He wasn’t saying what she did was normal, he was saying that they were young and it’s normal for the relationship to fall apart.

  • Elisa

    I have always thought that they never really date :/ because if you really love someone you can’t take it so lightly and be more concern about what people say

  • yes

    Rob is so douche to be so easy on her.


    Now Rob is sending a message it ok to CHEAT when you are young. Rob is talking such crap

  • L

    Like a normal dude, he’s playing it off as if it wasn’t a big deal, but real or not(their relationship) the girl humiliated him big time with the whole world watching, that’s gotta hurt.
    With ks foul attitude, it is obvious that she doesn’t give shit about hurting anyone.
    He clearly moved on tho.

  • SMH

    @GINSA: No, you’re just an idiot who is taking an incorrectly labeled excerpt JustJared posted to sound that way. If you actually read the interview, you would know that he was referring to the fact that it’s normal for young relationships to end…not that cheating is normal when you’re young. You’re the one talking crap.

  • Diane grace

    Kristen Stuart’s behavior helped destroy a marriage that involved 2 innocent small children. Nothing to laugh off! That’s not just being young, that’s being self-centered and immoral.

  • Jessie

    I can’t imagine how tired he is of people asking him about this. He’s been over this a long time, but interviewers never tire of dragging up old news.

  • Liza

    What a fantastic guy he is. Men have pride and when they get cheated on, it hurts. Of course it hurts just as much if a woman gets cheated on, but men take it hard sometimes because of their ego. For him to have taken her back after she not only cheated on him, but HUMILIATED him in front of the WORLD, shows he was able to put that all aside for the person he once loved and was with. That really takes a lot for any man to do that. And now for him to be able to look back and say, look stuff happens in life, is really great. We can’t dwell on the past and be angry & bitter about the bad things people do to us. Sure, don’t be a pushover and learn who your true friends are, but you have to learn how to forgive people. Forgiveness doesn’t mean you are weak… it means you are so strong you’re willing to take in the bad stuff in life so you can set it aside, grow, and be free to take in all the good.

    I’m glad he seems happy in this next phase of his life post-Twilight. He’s done really interesting and unique projects so far and I think he is truly proving himself as an actor. Seems like a genuinely down to earth guy from the article.

  • Liza

    @Diane grace:

    Of course she had a part in it, but it was mostly the guy’s responsibility. He was the husband and father. Not saying what he did was right, it was totally wrong, but Sanders is to blame too. Also I’m sure Robert Pattinson doesn’t see that as a laughing matter, but he’s only talking from his perspective. From his perspective, he’s moved on and forgiven enough to look back at that experience and not hold onto bitterness, which is a great thing – that’s probably where the laughter came in. Because honestly, we can’t control everything in this life. Sometimes bad stuff happens and you gotta learn how to be tough and deal with it.

  • someguy

    The bit about being chased by the papz is effing hilarious :D

  • dee

    Its absolutely HILARIOUS to me that people keep *strictly* blaming KS on *her* behaviour….because …you know… the married man with 2 children who was 22 YRS OLDER THAN HER was not at fault at all, I mean he just couldnt help it right? She seduced him and his penis just could NOT control its reaction right? WOW.

  • archangelmichael

    @also… GO TO SLEEP.

  • http://N/a Cherub

    I love Rob!he has substance he’s witty and smart.Dude has a heart.

  • Clare

    @dee: What are you talking about? EVERYONE blamed him and said what a scumbag Rupert Sanders must be to betray his wife and children like that. Look past the feminist issue FOR ONCE, please, and recognise that Kristen Stewart IS responsible for her own actions. She was a fully grown adult when she had an affair with the man, and she jeopardised her relationship with Robert Pattinson – who, clearly, is enough of a kind-hearted man to NOT bear a grudge against her, at least not when he’s asked about it in public.

  • gio

    He knows she’s a lesbian, so he worries nothing.

  • E!

    Tune in next time on Keeping up with the Curdassians.
    Jamie Dornan realizes he has feelings for Dakota Johnson, so he ends up divorcing his wife to satisfy billions of FSOG fans that think they make a great “couple”.

  • lame

    Kristen Stuart’s behavior helped destroy a marriage that involved 2 innocent small children. Nothing to laugh off! That’s not just being young, that’s being self-centered and immoral.
    Its so stupid of Rob to call it normal

  • EWWW

    Robert Pattinson is off his rocker to defend the cheater and calling it normal

  • EWWW

    Thought Robert Pattinson was sane but to say cheating is normal . HE is so FOS

  • EWWW

    He really needs to get his act together, to say cheating is normal is not normal

  • Ohno

    who cares if he looks handsome he is so full of SH!T to support cheating

  • talia

    I really hope the people who think rob is saying cheating is normal aren’t fans of his but if they are why not wait till the magazine actually comes out and read the article yourself and you will probably find he is not supporting cheating, all he is saying is that $h*t happens in lie and that is true. Everybody involved has moved on apart from the media and some rob fans.

  • Kay

    His fans are obviously NOT the ones calling him out, if you truly think so, you need reading comprehension 101. KS fans on the other hand, went on a mega rant, harassing the poor interviewers twitter.
    k was the first one to move on for sure, she’s very comfortable with her mistakes, as she has stated, like someone who doesn’t give a shit about anyone else would.

  • talia

    @Kay: and how do you know what mistakes she was talking about when she made that statement that wasn’t even in context. You would be surprised that it probably is rob fans calling him out cause there is about 0.1% of Kristen fans who actually still care what Ron does while the other 99.9% couldn’t care less what he said.

    Also people like you have got to stop bal!ing Kristen fans for every negative thing said about rob and face the fact that there are other people who don’t like,the same goes for Kristen fans who blame rob fans for every negative thing said about Kristen.

  • ha

    its strange how Rob is always supporting kristen even after she cheated.
    Kristen holds something over Rob’s head, she knows his secret that Rob doesnt want people to know. He must be gay

  • ha

    its a shame instead of admiring the Esquire cover , the talk is only about him supporting the cheater and cheating

  • Sim

    @lame: rupert is what, Kristen was 22 and he was 42, who was to have more responsibility, with one learns from mistakes, and do not say licks kids when we still talking about the same thing if you said nothing, you feel sorry for them,

  • hehe

    I don’t really care if that was a show or they really dated, but saying ”It’s normal” is the stupidest thing I ever heard from a celebs mouth. And they say a lot of stupid stuff. She didn’t bang just anyone. She destroyed a marriage. I believe that it’s possible to fall in love and all.Sometimes cheaters get married and they are happy. But in this case that s-l-u-t made Rob look like a fool and cheated not only his wife, but their kids. Yeah, Liberty got money and their kids can get anything. But not a family. And that’s all because acording to Rob, Kristen acted normal…

  • Me

    @Jenna: How long did it take you to write this comment? Seriously? Geez.

  • Oy

    Why don’t you read the interview here: Maybe then you’ll understand that he wasn’t directly saying her cheating was normal but that it’s a normal thing for young couples not to last because all of you clearly don’t understand what he was saying at all. It was the interviewer who added all the deets about the scandal. Robert never brought up the scandal or directly answered anything about the scandal at all.

  • Oy

    Sometimes I wish Rob would just reply to anything about women in his life with “no comment”. It would be a whole lot easier than interviewers/media spinning his comments to mean something different than what he said. No matter what he says, they will twist it around to fit the way they want it to and then a whole slew of people who don’t like him to begin with will insult him and drama will ensue. None of what he said was in reference to the scandal. He said something, the interviewer twisted it and then everyone who reported about it twisted it again…smh smh.

  • Sim

    @hehe: You do not know about what is coucit how old you are, so of brown leather criticize wife, do not even know, everyone makes mistakes, and liberty was immediately after the scandal Noveho guy, so you’re an idiot …..

  • hehe

    @Sim: and she did the right thing. no need to cry over some douche.

  • Meg

    wow bunch of kfans bashing Rob no news here cheating not all have the experience of living it, but this s**t its common in life relationships, young or adults. so he only said a true