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Amal Alamuddin Celebrates Bridal Shower at George Clooney's 'Ocean Thirteen' Co-star Ellen Barkin's Home

Amal Alamuddin Celebrates Bridal Shower at George Clooney's 'Ocean Thirteen' Co-star Ellen Barkin's Home

Amal Alamuddin dons a chic pair of camouflage pants while arriving at the airport on Friday (August 1) in Milan, Italy.

The 36-year-old lawyer and fiancee of George Clooney was accompanied by her mom Baria.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Amal Alamuddin

Earlier in the week, Amal reportedly celebrated her bridal shower, which was hosted by George‘s Ocean’s Thirteen co-star Ellen Barkin, according to Page Six.

The bridal shower, which took place at Ellen‘s home on Tuesday (July 29), included friends and family, such as Alamuddin‘s mother and sister.

A few weeks ago, Amal and George were spotted holding hands while heading to their car in Cernobbio, Italy.

20+ pictures inside of Amal Alamuddin and her mom Baria touching down in Milan…

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Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • susuan12

    I fell sorry for her, she is marrying a drunk.

  • Asa

    Beard needs to eat a burger.

  • What a snooze!

    Why feel sorry for her. When one is a golddigger, I think the fact he is a drunk is a plus for her. r to get her hands on the goods. They are using each other.

  • observer

    Ugly. Amal Alamuddin is ugly. Transvestite dead ringer.
    Imagine her & her mother speaking Arabic snorting like pigs & spraying saliva all over the place. Ugly woman, ugly language, ugly soul (pretentious, cunning, & corrupt -> client representation).

  • Fed up

    Seriously, this woman has zero dress sense, zero. Those shoes are the worst kind of fug. She needs a make over stat.

  • what a drag!

    George Clooney is a mega loser. Look at this hideous dude he selected. Her face is gross.
    Skinny, but she’s a tall, broad shouldered, drag queen.

  • so transparent

    Note how the tranny is screaming out for paparazzi attention: flashing her ring in obvious poses. Delusions of grandeur.
    Clooney’s 3rd world ugly refugee embarrassment…

  • Karen Sherry Brackett

    @Fed up: Good thing for the shoes or else at a distance she could have easily been mistaken for Howard Stern in that outfit.

  • freya


    Why is he in the same substance abuse rehab that you are in? I never heard George Clonney exhibiting shameless behaviour as a drank in fact by marrying a well educated woman who is not your average blond and fake boobs big butt staples in Hollywood but somebody who is smart and a brainy beauty says much about George Clonneys soberness and sanity.

  • patchwork

    @freya: wrong.
    She’s no beauty. She’s generally regarded as unattractive big lanky & educated. But not intelligent. Obnoxious conceit.
    It states George Clooney is a complex-stricken insecure idiot with so much shameful concealed scandal in his past.
    It states George Clooney is a desperate loser who is marrying someone he does not love just to change his image.
    An illusion of a mediocre actor who got some breaks after years of obstinance.
    No wonder he’s an alcoholic.

  • soul

    Clooney’s drunk and disorderly behavior:
    *flipping off women calling them “cows” who dined with Fabio:
    *sucker-punching producer Simon Franks in a dark alley.
    *impulsively making fun of Charlton Heston for having Alzheimer’s illness.
    *swigging pewter flask drunk on red carpet in ’10 after he ripped Canalis’ zipper of her gown on way to Oscars….

    Much much more.
    This ugly shemale lawyer won’t clean up his image.
    Whole world is screaming “beard.”
    Like with Tom Cruise.
    Prop IVF & adopted babies didn’t help Cruise. And his beards were actually attractive.

  • Clooney loves Anal


  • Newsflash!

    George Clooney engaged to corrupt scum Hamas supporting terrorist drag queen who defends fellow Islamic Abdullah Senussi known for torture & mass executions in Libya; King of Bahrain for human rights violations on political prisoners; Alleged rapists like Julian Assange.
    Paid in blood money.
    Amal Alamuddin is an ugly, manly, big insatiable fameho corrupt to the core.
    Clooney is rendered a loser by association… Escorting him for fame & fortune. With her namedropping Hamas supporting Muslim mother.

  • Paula78

    “Look at my diamond ring” the picture says

  • People

    All you haters should shut shut the f*ck up! Whats your f*cking problem with that woman? What has she done to you?! You all behave like a bunch of motherf*cking N*zis…uneducated and full of jealousy and hate!

    Hahahhahahhahahahhah….she is going to marry George and you will always be the poor and uneducated and ugly human being that you are! HAHHAHAHHAHHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAH in your faces!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And now DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • archangelmichael

    It ain’t the BEAUTY its the BOOTY..!!!!!!!!!

  • Haterswillhate

    @People: Totally agree with you! It’s clear that these pathetic broke losers need to get a life. Amal has done what hollywood bimbos have failed to do: Get George Clooney to put a ring on it. Congrats to her for being beautiful, rich (she comes from major wealth), educated and altruistic. May they have a long and happy union. Who gives a s*** what internet trolls have to say?! Do you boo boo. #TeamAmal

  • Bailey

    @Haterswillhate: This entire thing is fake. That “ring” on Cousin It is a cubic zirconia that sells at Sears for less than sixty dollars. Clooney is a pathetic coward afraid of living a real life.

  • Bailey
  • Lorenzo

    Before you throw it into people’s faces, wish them death and look down at poor uneducated human beings, just make sure that you did your homeworks properly.


  • *eyeroll*

    @idiot PR troll 15 & 17.

    Many educated people here. I’m highly educated from an top university, intelligent & multi-lingual. But you losers do the useless, parasitical job you do because you’re low life dropouts….
    Clooney himself calls her Conchita Wurst. #FACT.
    SHE HAS EDUCATION but she’s quite average intelligence.
    Big difference.
    She’s wasn’t wealthy. Her mother lives in a humble £400K home in Buckinghamshire.
    Her Islamic polygamist camel-humped father who she was cursed to resemble had average wealth. Some relatives might be wealthy, but many of us have those……….
    ABOVE ALL, she is GROTESQUE featured UGLY like A GYPSY EUNUCH. Photos don’t lie.
    General comments everywhere globally describe her as “not attractive, but educated, ” at best.
    You morons PR hacks sound like used car-salesman selling bombs.
    Hysterical too!

  • Newsflash!

    @Bailey: no…no… Cousin Itt is too cute.
    Amal Alamuddin is a dead ringer for Lurch with a Morticia Addams wig on.
    And her bald gimp cousin Tarek Miknas (who married spread-legged poser Bulgarian Ventisislava Pavlova, spawn of crime) can be Uncle Fester. Fugly family of Gypsies, criminals & terrorists.

  • Levi

    Lol . I too thought she was Howard Stern when I first saw the photos .

  • Lionwolf

    Well said, now let’s see him run for an Americsn election with his Big Cow in tow. His career of movies are done & his handsome father Nick looks better then him lol…

  • porca miseria

    G ended up settling even though he stated he hadn’t met love of his life in W magazine interview last December, despite dating hump-nosed Amal for several months._
    And he never will._
    Btw, college/university education is common. But no reflection on intelligence or a pleasant disposition.

  • Emerald

    Newsflash!@ 08/02/2014 at 1:02 am

    Thank you for adding yet another moronic post to your already hilarious repertoire. I’ll add it to your other equally hysterical posts on the bulletin board at my office so others can, once again, laugh at what’s taking place in that seriously deluded mind of yours.

  • Emerald

    *eyeroll* @ 08/02/2014 at 3:41 pm

    “I’m highly educated from an top university, intelligent & multi-lingual.”
    Please Alsomart!! You highly educated from a top university etc. etc? Only in that seriously deluded minded of yours. And yes, I know it is you. Gave yourself away by referring to other posters as PR trolls. That’s your favorite line of attack.

  • Nurse Cratchet

    @Emerald: Are you going to take your meds willingly this time, or is it going to be suppositories and a butt plug again?

  • WTF

    Howard Stern and George Clooney are engaged? WTF? Is this a joke?

  • What a snooze!

    I have a question. Since when did this ding ding become a celebrity and gets papped? Her and her walrus of a mother has to be behind this.

    Once again George has hooked up with a gamew*h*o*r*e*. She is just as classless as the rest. I have a compelling urge to kick him in the head for this garbage! He wonders why people are calling him gay? Uh hello!

  • Newsflash!

    .Emerald: desperate PR troll trying to sound intelligent & witty, once again showing your incompetence & leeching vocab of others. That’s how useless you are. You get paid to spin s.h.i.t & you’re going mad that you cannot convince.
    You have no argument to win.
    These are the blatantly obvious facts for the world to see:
    *Amal Alamuddin is a physically ugly woman. Face & body. Freak ugly.
    People are not blind. Hook schnoz, bucky beaver mouth, zombie droopy eyes like a horror show. Sk.ank defective body. Arab terrorist scary.
    You cannot promote her as attractive because it’s counterproductive & people think he’s gay more than ever.
    *Clooney is undergoing an image change & she was chosen for the part. He’s slept with hundreds & hundreds of people. One more ugly one in his repertoire…true. And he’s constantly drinking to block her out.
    *She has an obnoxious personality.
    *Controversial. Represents dregs of society.
    *She’s getting paid for this.

    SPIN AWAY, IDIOT. What a mess you’re making! Your client hired you for promotion & damage control??? Lol.
    You’re desperate. Too bad you PR hacks are so arrogant you still think you can sell anything in this day & age.

  • I like her

    I like that she doesn’t seem to GAFug about what people think.
    In this vid about 4 min mark you can hear her talk –

  • Ronia

    @freya: That’s what Clooney wants everyone to think.

    No doubt he chose Amal to improve his image; she’s the only girl foolish enough to marry him. Middle-Eastern people never talk about alcohol or drug abuse. I think she is ignorant on this topic, at her own peril.

  • Bailey

    @Newsflash!: “Clooney is undergoing an image change & she was chosen for the part. He’s slept with hundreds & hundreds of people. One more ugly one in his repertoire…true. And he’s constantly drinking to block her out.”
    An image change??? LMAO. He’s doing the exact same thing he’s done for years, which is have fake girlfriends for d-list publicity, and at the expense of any chance of ever being with Anna. He has completely and irrevocably destroyed his life, unless he actually gets a soul and does the right thing, but no one is holding their breath. As for sleeping with hundreds, as if, how come the man can’t even get a date and uses contract escorts? He’s a waste of air, a complete sellout who will never amount to anything important.

  • Bailey

    Separated at birth?
    Clooney is an ugly man with no soul. He doesn’t know the difference between right and wrong, or between fake and real.

  • Bailey

    He shot the albatross that would have brought him good luck, and in doing so, cursed himself forever. He’s too stupid to see that his enemies, the ones who pretend to work for him, planned it this way. He killed the albatross in an act of narcissism and arrogance, and keeps arrogantly pretending that it doesn’t matter. However, it does matter, and I think very deep down somewhere in that vapid head of his, he knows and fears this fact. He has cursed his own life.

  • Newsflash!

    @I like her: in that narcolepsy-inducing video, the ugly looking Amal has more grease on her pinhead than a Saudi oil field. And she lisps her diatribe in a feigned arabo-Brit accent.
    Ugly woman. Desperate PR trolls trying to make a grotesque arab terrorist appealing.

  • exhibit A & B

    She most certainly gives a damn what people think. Narcissistic & deluded, she relies on the PR image consultants’ guidance.
    When she showed up at Heathrow in ripped jeans looking like trash & treating airport staff like infidel slaves, she panicked about the criticism.
    Ugly stinking Islamic Arab who will undermine insecure alcoholic George’s image. Just by her mere unattractive features (face, bony masculine body & ugly crooked chicken legs…let alone other factors.

  • Mike L

    @exhibit A & B: barf.
    that Lainey photo above with her back to camera shows such lame legs. Drag queen.
    She looks like one of the terrorists who blew up the World Trade Center

  • smooth out the creases…

    @Bailey: Irrevocably, yes. He subconsciously knows this, yet defiantly dismissed.
    Controlling yet disorientated.
    Bitter price he’ll pay..

  • The Scoop

    This desperate fameho has been trying to score a famous rich white man for years. Camel cross-breed Amal Alanuddin dated & lived with quite a few non-celebrity white guys from as far back as Oxford university & NYC, but all dumped her for she is too unattractive, incompatible or manly.
    Those few Arabs who pursued her demanded passivity & a dowry but she rejected them because she & her sister want to be modern liberal elite Westerners. Their mad wart-faced mother fameho Baria Alamuddin thinks she’s a Hollywood star.
    Amal’s sister Tala Alamuddin was married to fellow Islamic Arab Nagi Hamiyeh. Had kids & then divorced him to pursue a white studhorse Nico to whom she’s now engaged. This moocher Nico is totally starstruck about Clooney so is using Tala Alamuddin. She’s not as transvestite looking as Amal, but still quite gross with unkempt serpentine Medusa hair.
    They’re a family of trashy wannabe transplanted Islamic Arab refugees with kitsch taste. Ramzi the fuchsia satin wearing dad even has two wives.
    They’re pro-PLO from Hezbollah heartland village & antil Israel.

  • Riley

    George often gets wasted drinking when at studio city. Loaded he has balls to do his booty calls around 3am. Drives over to whoever’s crib for some quick sex & leaves b4 daylite. Baseball hat & shades on. Same routine with variety for years & like, I mean even now.
    This dude amal is a bluff.

  • observer

    George Clooney is the ultimate loser when it comes to love.

  • notyouranna

    @ Bailey

    No, he failed to kill the bird, maybe he was too tipsy.

    It survived, but something went wrong with it.
    Now it only comes back to give unwanted advice or to dump a fish on his head.

  • A different observer

    @observer: His luck will soon change. He deserves to be happy, and many people know it.

  • What a snooze!

    @notyouranna: Oh this is too funny! This made my day!

  • What a snooze!

    @The Scoop: Wow! George just loves schemers and cons don’t he? Sounds like Amal and her sister are so desperate nothing is too below the belt. Bash America,and yet want to be American? Jealous much?

  • The Sccop

    @What a snooze!: fundamentally Amal & her family of greedy refugees loathe Christians & Jews but hypocritically participate in or covet Western culture (fashion, lifestyle, even alcohol & cuisine).
    Oompaloompa Baria Alamuddin is proactively fanatically vocal in the Islamic / Muslim world via some Islamic propaganda media outlet.
    The hermaphrodite-looking Amal Alamuddin is corrupt to the core with retainer fees paid by Islamic terrorist clients like Abdullah Al Senussi.

  • Google

    So destructive to see an American legendary icon like George Clooney (the last remaining movie star) linked to this physically & morally unattractive individual..
    If it’s true about allegations that A-list stars’ management decide on their public image, & override the celebrities’ choices if management disagree, (much like the Studio system did years ago), then they’ve made an awful choice/ maybe in conjunction with George too. Plus he won’t be happy.
    That aside…
    There is no chemistry. They look awful together. She’s more manly than him and drags his image down.
    Very dull union. Boring & unappealing. Not a beautiful, admirable couple nor or even a supporting loving relationship.
    This is unbalanced & unattractive. Cold.
    She is so controversial too as well as very unattractive like a man.
    She has allegiances with enemies of the US.
    I fear that George Clooney’s image will be compromised & his popularity will wane as people are turned off & lose interest.

  • Anna