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Michael Fassbender Wears a Mask & Reunites with Ex-Girlfriend Zoe Kravitz at 'Frank' After Party!

Michael Fassbender Wears a Mask & Reunites with Ex-Girlfriend Zoe Kravitz at 'Frank' After Party!

Michael Fassbender hits the stage in the mask of his character while attending the after party for his latest film Frank held at The Westway on Tuesday (August 5) in New York City.

The 37-year-old actor was joined by his co-stars Maggie Gyllenhaal, Carla Azar, Domhnall Gleeson, as well as his ex-girlfriend Zoe Kravitz, Alia Shawkat, and Maggie‘s hubby Peter Sarsgaard, who all came out to show their support at the event hosted by Tommy Hilfiger and Dark Horse Wine.

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That same day, Michael and Maggie hit the red carpet at their screening for the new flick held at Sunshine Landmark.

FYI: Zoe is wearing a Reformation dress and a Pamela Love necklace.

15+ pictures inside of Michael Fassbender and others at the Frank after party…

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michael fassbender rocks mask reunites with ex girlfriend zoe kravitz 01
michael fassbender rocks mask reunites with ex girlfriend zoe kravitz 02
michael fassbender rocks mask reunites with ex girlfriend zoe kravitz 03
michael fassbender rocks mask reunites with ex girlfriend zoe kravitz 04
michael fassbender rocks mask reunites with ex girlfriend zoe kravitz 05
michael fassbender rocks mask reunites with ex girlfriend zoe kravitz 06
michael fassbender rocks mask reunites with ex girlfriend zoe kravitz 07
michael fassbender rocks mask reunites with ex girlfriend zoe kravitz 08
michael fassbender rocks mask reunites with ex girlfriend zoe kravitz 09
michael fassbender rocks mask reunites with ex girlfriend zoe kravitz 10
michael fassbender rocks mask reunites with ex girlfriend zoe kravitz 11
michael fassbender rocks mask reunites with ex girlfriend zoe kravitz 12
michael fassbender rocks mask reunites with ex girlfriend zoe kravitz 13
michael fassbender rocks mask reunites with ex girlfriend zoe kravitz 14
michael fassbender rocks mask reunites with ex girlfriend zoe kravitz 15
michael fassbender rocks mask reunites with ex girlfriend zoe kravitz 21

Credit: Amanda Schwab, Neilson Barnard; Photos: StarPix, Getty
Posted to: Alia Shawkat, Carla Azar, Domhnall Gleeson, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Michael Fassbender, Peter Sarsgaard, Zoe Kravitz

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  • dolce

    They are friends, Micheal you are wonderfull!!!!!

  • Lola

    I know the responses are going to be about him, but I liked Zoe’s dress. Not feeling the shoes though and I would have worn a shorter necklace with color, or if longer also with color, but that is just me. And I LOVE Maggie G. dress, Loved it. You can’t really appreciate it in this picture though.

  • Effy

    What happened to Zoe? She use to be really pretty, now she just looks like she’s stopped taking care of herself.

  • whatever

    @Effy: b*tch looks like she stinks/ never washes. The whole Bonet/Kravitz family looks stank.

  • GetTheD

    Jared you didn’t post the pic of her wearing the Frank head. Love this chick

  • stfu

    @whatever Maybe you’re smelling yourself you hating bitch. So go take good bath. You stink all haters stink. Zoe’s hot and still making it while you sitting behind your computer screen typing up dumb shit about her and her family.

  • whatever

    @stfu: still making it??? As in she’s an actress and singer who hasn’t had any moderate success even though she’s riding mommy and daddy’s famous coattails?
    You’re one of the sheeple who think because of “celebrity” one has “made it/ making it”. I’ll assume you also associate happiness with “celebrity”! This girl has admitted to anorexia and rumors of drug abuse have popped up. Who knows what she’s going through now but if this is what you call “making it”, I’ll pass.
    Fortunately for me I have common sense, something you obviously lack, many people can sit behind a computer screen and still be successful, I for one am but I doubt you’ll believe me since my pics aren’t posted here on JJ.
    You keep stanning for someone who doesn’t even know or care you exist.

  • lena is on his imdb mssg board

    @whatever you’re one to talk didn’t you just say quote unquote the b#### looks like she stinks and never washes then said some dumb shit about her family. i don’t know who the hell you’re suppose to be other than some loser talking #### about a celeb over the internet. go out get laid and try to enjoy your life. because by the look of those comments you’ve posted you don’t have much of a life at all.

  • whatever

    @lena is on his imdb mssg board: okay, but you’re the loser (your word) stanning for a celeb (who doesn’t even know you) over the Internet.
    Obviously, I’m dealing with teenager; not wasting my time with another petty fight. This board is all yours now and feel free to continue stalking Lena from site to site with the entertaining life you led.
    It’s really not that serious!

  • thinksthat

    whatever aka Lena

  • lena is on his imdb mssg board

    @whatever and that’s something for you to keep mind instead of being an immature ass####.
    go get laid.

  • lena is on his imdb mssg board

    @thinksthat you know something I think you’re right. how pathetic.

  • PLZ

    Yessssssssssssss! Zoe and Michael!

  • Agreed

    @PLZ they were a much cuter couple.

  • Lena

    5 out of 14 posts are about me???? (My fictitious internet moniker “Lena”?) Sheeple we are going in the WRONG!!! direction. Moses said No! No! No!!!! (See Ten Commandments Nos. 1-4, Bible Stories, var. Circa B.C.). Just say no to idol worship…. in any form! That’s how they can extract taxpayer money from you….wake up! Don’t you get it? Sighs…
    Oh @whatever… xoxo…I think I love you. LOL. :). How do you say??? Right on daddy O! Those words! Spot on! Im so moved, I think a dedication is in order for you sugar plum!

    Oh, I think the irony of the video is funny… He’s so dreamy. My knees go weak for a guy with feathered Breck guy hair in green velvet (as long as it’s not fuggin’ pu$$/y girl Jared Leto….Jared Leto can su/ck it….) Haha haha haha…:)

    By the way, I think Zoe’s problem is that she really is not dynamic at all. No charisma. She’s just a slutty dressing blob…sorry…just my opinion. Nothing against the girl. She just is kind of there…nothing more or less. Quite ordinary across the board except in the “name dropping” department (rolls eyes…LOL :)…). She’s pretty but who isn’t when they are in their teens or twenties? Same with the figure. A great figure is NOT a life accomplishment. It’s what happens to ALL young women. So she’s anorexic? And into drugs? Whatever. Not my problem. Maybe Fassbender can hook her up with a taxpayer fund just to cover the rehab and counseling expenses of Hollywood elite (sorry… ordinary folks need not apply….but here’s some forms…for a loan…blah blah blah)

    And sadly, more often than not Zoe presents like a greased down sl/ut…fresh off the slip and slide pole at the local strip club…. Listen up ladies! Spandex is not a religion or lifestyle choice. And if you want guys to think you’ll put out, just TELL them…. Easy as pie…

    If she didn’t have famous mom and dad, she wouldn’t get roles. I don’t care how greasy, cheap and easy she makes herself look or is. That song she did with that guy Drake in the video. Seriously??? No, Seriously??? Why do offspring of famous people assume they are talented? Her voice is ridiculously weak and unmemorable. Fassbender’s voice is memorable. Like, when you’re reminiscing about that goat that used to live down the lane by the meadow? Remember when it got stuck in a barbed wire fence? Yeah…like that…that’s the sound…

    Say, @Lola, I heard Zoe’s band (that’s funny…band…oh dear…) is called Lola woof…..LOL. :)

  • Lena

    Jared beeps the phrase slu///tty dressing blob? WTF???? That gives us nothing to talk about when addressing most of the dingaling starletts in Hollywood…

  • Lena

    @lena is on his imdb mssg board:

    What do you mean HIS board? I thought we went over this sheeple. If you keep traveling all over the friggin’ internet hijac/king celebrity boards and articles to follow me around and to focus your posts only on my fictionalized internet moniker “Lena,” instead of the target idol, more often than not, those boards turn into Lena boards, internet franchise style…

    But seriously, would you like fries with your Mc-shove it? Hahaha hahaha…

    Note: here’s the $100,000 question. Would these celebrities even care if their boards are hijac/ked by a million different Lena’s? Dr. Drew says actors and actresses are mostly narcissistic from an early age. So, are they soooooo narcissistic that they would get ticked if their (cough cough) fan boards are derailed by a cough cough insigniforamous nobody like me. Or…do they care so little about their fans that adore them and idolize them sooooooooo much, that they couldn’t care less what is said or who derails the conversation about them on sites like these.

    I hope it’s the latter. Why??? That way maybe people might get that celebrities dont care about their legions of admirers. And not waste their lives idolizing self absorbed egoists who don’t care about people they’ve never met. But then again, why should they? Humans are not conditioned for that. We live in small fishbowls and love our friends and family. Not legions of strangers. But, celebrities prey upon loneliness and the base human desire to be loved. They knowingly send out the fantasy of love, through PR snakes, and they do that for one reason, and one reason only. Power and money. Oh…oops…that’s 2…just my opinion…

  • stfu

    @Lena: too stupid to figure it out I see well let me break it to you the reason why just all the comments on here are about you because you do nothing but flood any page about Michael fassbender so we’re all use to you. and look at you now still going on and on and talking about nothing important. we know you hate michael and everything about him.

  • Lola

    Oh please don’t tell me that you think I am Zoe … girl you know better than that! – although I would not mind being in my 20′s again, with the knowledge I have now of course-
    Had no clue she had a band until the other actress of the X Man franchise (forgot her name, I think she was in Juno) came out of the gym with a hat. (no pun intended … she did not get it from Fassbender) and JJ posted a story about her coming out.

    Hope you are well.

    @stfu: I gotta call you out on this one … some of you were asking for Lena to write … she was not the 1st poster and the monikers -others used- say it all. Saw the other article about the movie and also, someone mentioned Lena’s name… I am starting to think that it is because subconsciously you all want her here posting. Think about that for a minute.

  • Lola

    Also, have no idea why she named her band that. Have not heard any of her music, and in all honesty I have never been a fan her dad’s music, not my thing. For me liking music has to do more with your state of mind and emotions at a particular time in your life…. …. but there are famous Lola’s, like Lola Flores…

    Hope adding this link won’t land me again in moderation.

  • Lena


    No @Lola. I don’t think that. I just wanted an EXCUSE to say Lola WOOF. Especially after the watchdog signs in the Partridge family video. I thought it was called Lola wolf. Not woof…Like when Fassbender sings “I love you all….” It sounds like “I love you WALL.”

    But, to be honest, I’m giving a side eye to you when I hear this song…

    Please tell me you were NOT the inspiration for those purple ruffles. I think he still got a lot of s/ex offers even with the sleeve nightmares…scary…

    Hahaha hahaha

    By the way, I heard Zoe can’t read or spell. You can speak more than one language. I would not insult you that way. Not with the intelligent EXPERIENCED insight you have offered. Please do NOT retaliate by accusing me of being Miley Cyrus. That would be below the belt crewwwwwwellll… LOL. :)

  • Lena


    Love that video…. Awesome! Thanks!!! :)

    And yes, I think they DO want me to show up. A poster spent 2 days taking pot shots at me on IMDB and then finally said they liked conversing with me. :) Silly bunny…

  • stfu

    @Lola i know what you’re saying. had that person not mention her name she wouldn’t said anything. but when no one mentions her name at all tell me why is it that she always goes off the reels whenever jj has something about michael? no doesn’t have to mention her because we’re all use to her posting history. it never fails she has something to say about him or people afflicted with him. if she was really wanted to prove everyone wrong by not commenting eveytime there’s a story about michael then she shouldn’t comment. take the high road and don’t comment. if someone is talking about her then be mature enough to ignore them. i doubt she has any moral fibers to ever do that. just my opinion.

  • stfu

    @whatever” riding her parents coattails”. bitter much? she doesn’t have to depend on mommy and daddy to make her way.
    she’s taking care of herself and making like her parents did. i gather you must be in envy of her. jealously will get you know where a##@!$%. so stay pressed about zoe k.

  • anais

    Zoe is bland.

  • Lily

    @stfu: You’re not seriously talking about Lena taking the high road and morals while you’re out here attacking everyone who doesn’t agree with you? You’re calling posters name just because they don’t agree with your opinions? Everyone is entitled to an opinion; you may not like them but there isn’t anything you can do.
    So what a poster or two doesn’t like the girl, you fly off the rail calling them names? That behaviour is sickening! You don’t like what they’re typing? Suck it up and move on!
    Not everyone is going to share the same sentiments as you. You may not agree with Lena’s posts but I do respect the fact that the woman stands for what she believes in and won’t be bullied into a corner because she doesn’t share everyone’s view on a Fassbender thread. Skip over her posts and any other post that doesn’t appeal to you, but resorting to name calling is childish and pathetic and I truly hope you don’t respond to real life in this manner.
    @board: Enjoy your day lovely ladies including you @stfu :)

  • Lola

    Have no clue about that. I have not seen the film (Frank) and I don’t see his films because he is in them. I need to find them interesting. Plus, you know I just watched The Counselor and I felt insulted …. like they thought the public had no common sense … so I think I will pass.
    But the jest of it is … remember, it was not Yesterday the original title or lyric of the song, but Scramble Eggs according to Sir Paul so, maybe it has something to do with that. Don’t know.

    @stfu: Look, I understand she writes in a lot of sites. I only see two and recently I saw IMBD because she wrote something that I did not understand HERE, and it was her observation THERE about IF certain unofficial sites and or individuals BULLY Fassbender’s Fans by telling them that they can’t post pictures of the kid on THEIR personal social media because they (the unofficial web sites people) allegedly own the pictures… That for me is an interesting convo, but I did not see many replies.

    Yes, there is a disjoint on what his fandom is willing to write about (presentation on tv shows, his projects etc) and what she is willing to write about (tax credits for the film industry when local governments are broke out of their a$$) …. Imho, neither side uses persuasion techniques when convening information. But both sides have a constitutional right of free speech, if either side does not like what the other is writing, tune out! there is enough hate in the world, but for some reason we want to also bring it to the interwebz! I don’t get that.

  • Lola

    Don’t know about a wall … but I know about a window, does that count?
    Here you go girl!
    -Hopefully I won’t get into moderation bc of this link-



  • Rodriguez

    This Zoe is a lot prettier and lighter than Zoe Saldana.

  • Lola

    @OH MY GOD:
    LMAO! Thank you for making me laugh girl (or is it boy!) LUV’D IT! ;-)

  • Lena


    I enjoyed the Soda Stereo song. :) It sounded like 80′s to me. When was the song made? I saw the band is HUGE in popularity. And has been since the 80′s. The most successful Hispanic band of something like that??? And me the ding dong…. I hadn’t heard of it? Isn’t that terrible? America top 40 music is so awful and foreign music (well to me foreign…as American music is foreign to you I believe) is so diverse and interesting, yet it gets NO air play here. I like when you post new music. I love hearing new music. Some I like, some I don’t. I like music that REQUIRES talent or is different or innovative somehow. Across the genres. Although the heavier or more raw the metal the better.

    I don’t like thump thump thump music. Or fluffy alternative music. Don’t like fraternity Bruce Springsteen, or Dave Matthews… too blah blah or clangy thump thump thump. Or music that seems to just have lyrics attached to an unchanging tune in the background. It just goes to one level and stays there as background. I do not like that. Some clangy punk does that too. Same with Katy Perry and 30 Seconds to Mars. I like the more industrial rock. I like old punk but not just screaming to bad guitar play.

    I like to groove when listening to music, all genres. Different levels and change ups.

    Here’s BARONESS again. Only to show the extreme talent with the instruments. Those guys can play FAST. It’s amazing to watch. I don’t love the lyrics to this song. Don’t dislike them.. But I like the taste of Southern rock, raw heavy metal, wah wah groovin in this tune. I do NOT go near a mosh pit, but for a song as energetic as this one, who could keep their composure? It’s a head banging tune for sure.

    And, during the video, the drummer is moving so fast you can’t see his sticks. They are all working so hard on stage at this music. I’m a pretty intense person (if you hadn’t guessed… LOL…:)) And I like the intensity of the music)

    When you get a chance I’d love to see more of your music choices. They have been excellent. :). It’s the only chance I get to expand my overseas musical horizons.

  • Lola


    OK, I was savvy this time and copied the post. So here it is minus the links, cause I think that is what got me into moderation. I will give you the names of the bands in caps and the name of the song, and you search for them on youtube. Here is the original message….

    Let’s talk about music!!! YES!!!!
    SODA STEREO stared in the 80′s, they disbanded and then re-united. But the last I heard the lead singer was still in a coma due to a stroke, I have no idea if he passed away. They are from Argentina.
    In Mejico you had CAIFANES. If memory serves, problems with who owned the name happened and JAGUARES was formed. But I liked the music by CAIFANES better. I did include a link to one of their songs in another thread.

    If you like metal, there are groups like CARAJO, also from Argentina. Go to youtube and seach the song “Triste.” They have an electronica version of this song, I think it is awesome! I love this song, it basically says that is sad when people don’t find their happiness. Best part for me, “y aun vencido, no renuncian. Y a aquellos que nunca dan nada a cambio, jamas encontraran felicidad.” [even if you are defeated, you never quit. And those that never give anything in return will never obtain happiness.]
    You can, now a days, look at the internet, specially youtube and people add a lot of bands to the site.

    And, thanks for the music (Baroness), I had no clue they existed.

    Semi-underground you have groups like PUYA (look for “Fundamental’) They are back together I believe, but not sure. I liked them because they fuse metal with Caribbean – Latin – Afro sounds, but of course they do they are from Puerto Rico.

    I am going to add MAGO DE OZ here. Did not really follow all of their music, just some of their songs. I believe this is one of the most recognized, “Fiesta Pagana.”

    I don’t know if I keep posting I will be sent to moderation, specially with including all the links so I am going to divide the post.

  • Lola

    Part TWO of the post … and I got sent to moderation anyways! God all mighty!

    US POP music I think goes around the world. While, music from other countries doesn’t necessarily reach the US. Now, I don’t know if that is due to a language barrier. The US public not embracing music in another language, maybe? Nena’s 99 “Luftballons” is the only song I remember playing on MTV – maybe lack of videos at the time? I mean, I liked the song, but if memory serves I have not seen anything like that since (in the US). While the rest of the world doesn’t mind really.

    I mean, Penso Positivo by Jovanotti was HUGE in Latin America and the song was in Italian. [And I think Lorenzo Jovanotti is gorgeous!] Now, take Shakira for instance, when she was only known in Latin America and maybe Spain, her lyrics had content. She told a story. Now, they don’t, they are just pop music. It feels weird to me, as if in order to gain popularity in the US, she needed a “hook” and that was it.

    Ok, Music Choices – I already posted a few on the other post but – get youtube ready … here we go with the music! – again bands or artists in caps, songs in “”
    1. HEROES DEL SILENCIO: (no longer a band) “Entre Dos Tierras” [I think one of the best F/U songs ever!!!!]
    2. VOLBEAT: “Radiogirl” [And WHERE IS MY UNIBROW MAN!!! -- not explaining the comment, I am just still P.O]
    3. DISTURBED: “Ten thousand fists” [I don't own anything else by them but that whole CD is awesome]
    5. RUBEN BLADES & SEIS DEL SOLAR: “Buscando America” …ah! Did you know Ruben Blades, besides acting is a singer and ………wait for it …… a LAWYER!!!!!!!!!!!

    Take care!

  • sad but true

    Zoe if anything is Michaels willing rebound chick

    Hooked up with her after the lady who said he beat her up who he was clearly nuts about at one point

    And now after the Romanian lost pregnancy (I was almost a baby daddy) fiasco.

    She is a safe bet, easy slice, is never gonna say no, doesnt lose it with him, plays it cool type of chick with him so she can have him in her life.

    She is fun, no head messing and puts out. Always available when he is in town girl.

    But unfortunately thats the problem she is no challenge and for him she is not the one (if there is such a thing). Her laid back ways are nice hassle free but they dont make him want to commit.
    A stint with Zoe allows him to lick wounds and eventually move on without too much trouble.
    She is young a little bit slutty and hence doesnt bother her that he is using her. She remained his friend after he clearly cheated on her with Nicole Beharie. Nothing wrong with that but does reek of woman holding on waiting for another chance. She makes a point of being at anything he has that side of the pond. But not for JLaw who was apparently her best buddy for a while. If your ex does that it kinda says one thing really.
    Its not until she matures that she will realise she was short changed he will do another amicable run off when someone he really digs turns up.
    Just hope Zoe doesnt make a fool of herself again. Not sure if she can style it out a second time.

  • Lena


    PUYA!!!!! :)

    Love them!!! They rock!

    And Los Fabulosos Cadlillacs, I dig that sound. More mellow but still a great sound. I mean I’m the one who loves “Let It Go” from Frozen. Good music is good music. :)

    I like the song you referred. But, I also listened to Matador, which I really like.

    VOLBEAT not so much. I’ve heard them before.

    To me, they’ve got that thump thump thump thump sound. All the band members just strumming their guitars up and down with similar cords making a wall of music to sing to. Like that AWESOME PUYA went EVERYWHERE and into two languages in the song. That band kept my attention. :)

    Thanks again.

    I really also liked the French rap song and the Scottish band ?? was it from the other day. Same unique sound. Not just lyrics with a wall of sound. :)

  • Lena


    Thank you for a very articulate post. I think you get it! There are plenty of adoring fans. It’s NOT the end of the world for there to be ONE anti-fan. Even someone playing devil’s advocate to keep the playing field even. Yes, I do feel strongly about what I write. But, I can separate a human soul from behavior. In my business we fight for clients and when the battle is over we make up. It’s a battle of words not fists…
    I can criticize very harshly human behavior which I feel is WRONG without having hate in my heart for the actor. And when I say actor, I don’t mean actor, like as in “an actor” Fassbender. But rather a human actor. One who acts. People keep saying I hate or love Fassbender. Why is that a prerequisite to criticism? One of the points I have been trying to make.
    There would be much less bad behavior in this world if people were not afraid to speak out against things that are wrong. Or to get in there to oppose bad actions or behavior before it is too late (meaning armies are amassed…or kids buy gu/ns). I am so surprised at how many parents I see who are afraid to discipline or scold their children’s bad behavior because they”ve convinced themselves that it will mean they don’t love their children if they do so. Meanwhile, those poor kids grow up lost and without boundaries.

    Same with the Hollywood tax credit thing. Har/vey Weinst/ein is responsible for the majority of my favorite movies in recent times. I think he has a great eye for choosing movies. BUT, he’s a huge lobbying presence for that ridiculous tax credit nonsense in my opinion. Do I give a sh/t if a guy like Weins/tein would not approve of my disapproval of his efforts to fleece poor taxpayers? He’ll no! I can praise the man for his choosing films and criticize him for the tax thing. It’s my right as a free citizen.
    And besides, if I’m upset enough to write, I suspect it’s a pressure cooker issue for people albeit those who are silent. This out of control train needs to stop or I fear it will be a catalyst to other anger triggers that I believe the middle class is developing globally. That’s what scares me. Not the bullying here.
    I was watching Spartacus. And I had an epiphany. That humans have progressed over the years to transform battles from MOSTLY physical, to mostly mental, written and oral (court battles). I am a warrior of sorts but I battle in my job my opponents through words (court) not fists or swords (gladiator arena). Can you imagine a world where wars which were once bloodshed theater were exclusively fought on paper through logical arguments and popular vote instead, etc? Wow!

    I think people need to learn to CONTROL themselves and their minds, not the physical space and speech of others. Your post addressed that. Words cannot pierce flesh. And they can only hurt if you let them. And, people need an avenue to blow off steam and feel like they are being heard, in my opinion. Better the safety of the internet than for those frustrated folks to take to the streets with mo/lotov cocktails and other tools of violence. I think more people should speak their minds. It’s not a bad thing necessarily. As long as on the other hand, people can work on getting stronger and not be so sensitive. Or be willing to fight on behalf of ISSUES not idols.

  • ILike

    @sad but true:
    I like what you aid here, good points

  • Lola

    @sab but true:
    Liked your observations, if true, very sad indeed. Unfortunately she is not the only woman out there that this “happens” to. I write “happens” with “” because a male friend told me ages ago that women are the ones to have the power in a relationship with a man. He was and is correct, imho. And, it saddens me to think that we as women, it seems by what you read and the convos we participate in, have not realized this fully.

    Do you know of music web pages where you can comment or blogs? Let me know. I have to admit it’s time consuming following the Fassbender threads to see where I left my last comment, [when there are many like now, I forget where I have written] I need a one source deal ;-) Plus, some of his fans just don’t accept observations, its daunting.
    the Scottish band was BIFFY CLYRO. Got into their music by playing around with I Tunes. Volbeat I started listening to them due to the art work of their records. It reminded me of a local comic / graphic novel. Similar art work.
    How I learned French (have not spoken it in ages, so I have forgotten a lot all ready) was by listening to music (and classes of course) here is one
    I found out about DeeNasty when I bought a acid jazz tape, yup tape … that is how long ago that was.
    What other bands do you recommend?

  • Lola

    On your reply to @Lily I found this very interesting, you wrote: ” I am so surprised at how many parents I see who are afraid to discipline or scold their children’s bad behavior because they”ve convinced themselves that it will mean they don’t love their children if they do so. Meanwhile, those poor kids grow up lost and without boundaries.”

    I was listening to a radio program the other day and they (the DJ’s) were talking about Miley C. and the necessity of parents talking to their children actively and telling them that one thing is to enjoy her music and a totally different thing to act like she does, or Justin B. etc. And that parents NEEDED to get involved. The best was when one of them talked about looking at Ozzy and the whole bat incident and saying we had similar situations and they (now as parents) had to realize the importance of what it is to have someone talk to you about what you are seeing in pop culture, cause they -and we- were kids once.
    And, we even had songs like this one
    -The lyrics are hilarious!-
    Take care!


    Cute dress on Zoe! Love her parents!

  • Fassy and Zoe

    Zoe posted this pic yesterday. In the comments section someone says they saw her and Fass all over each other.

  • Lola

    @Fassy and Zoe:
    You should -if you want to – read what @sad but true wrote… Scroll up.

  • Totes

    Zoe and Michael together again I love it! Be still my beating heart these two will be the death of me. @Fassy and Zoe: I knew it. Michael said Zoe is his best friend and he can talk to her about anything so no wonder their connection is so strong after all these years. I am jealous too but no hate like some others. LOL

  • Informed

    Is Zoe the only sane chick Michael’s dated?

    I was checking out Nicole Beharie’s instagram to see who she’s following a few months ago and I learned Nicole is following Franthebean. At the time I didn’t know who Fran was until Zoe made her IG and I saw Zoe was following her as well. Turns out Franthebean is Zoe’s good friend and Nicole followed her to be able to stalk Zoe! DEAD

    This Fran woman is great friends with Zoe from childhood and you can tell by going through her IG. Nicole started following Fran BEFORE Zoe got her public instagram in order to be able to stalk Zoe like Madalina stalked Louise on her Instagram. Whew them bi***s cray.

    Leasi was said to be cray, Madalina was cray for stalking, now Nicole stalking Zoe. All cray! Zoe you in danger girl.

    I think Nicole started following Zoe’s friend after she set her sight on Fassy knowing he was dating Zoe. Nicole then started Fckn Fass and knew that he’s known to get back with Zoe when they are in the same city and wanted a way to keep up with Zoe’s wherabouts so that she wouldn’t keep getting the Fassdong while Nikki was getting it. LAWD

  • SMHH

    @Totes: Michael also went to Zoe’s concert a couple months ago, my bb’s supporting each other and ISH!

    @Informed: WTF I can not! I remember fran from when Zoe was hanging out with Drake she posted those pics. I kind of admire Madalina and Nicole for Instagram stalking, you know peeping out the competition and outlining their plan: operation get sharkbender!

    Zoe boo you were up against a professional and didn’t even know it.This is too funny. Madalina and Nicole gone come for you! “You in danger girl”. Smh Michael’s D game must be on point to have these women doing the most out here.

  • LFD

    @Informed: Oop I think Nicole is over him now though because they seemed to have ended on bad terms. She stays throwing shade towards him on her twitter account. He probably found out she was cray like he did with Madalina and that’s why they split. Nicole you wrong for that. haha

  • Well

    @Informed: I used to do that with my ex. I knew I couldn’t fully trust him so I sure did check out his ex IG and twitter on the regular. Also some women are just insecure of the ex. His ex was a beauty and she had a reputation of having men wrapped around her finger so yeah, I checked her instagram and twitter like Nicole and Madalina did. Now, I didn’t do it before we started dating in order to “steal” her man (not my thing) only after to stay in the know. Perhaps the stories of Michael cheating on Zoe with Nicole were true then, Nicole pulled a Madalina and got him, only to lose him shortly thereafter. As women we have to do better, I am no longer insecure nor do I deal with fools like my ex.

  • Galaxy


    He has always said Emerson Johnson is his best friend – not Zoe.
    No doubt they are close and they have a connection, but best friends.
    the best friend with benefits maybe …hehehe

  • Juice

    @Informed: LAWD Nicole??? Jesus Fix It