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Zac Efron Is Giving His First Car Away to One Lucky Fan!

Zac Efron Is Giving His First Car Away to One Lucky Fan!

Zac Efron is giving away the first car he ever owned and he even will hang out with the lucky fan who wins it!

“I really want to do something special for the Make a Wish foundation, so I teamed up with to give you a shot to win a few special prizes,” the 26-year-old actor says in a new video posted online.

“For just a $10 donation to the Make a Wish foundation, you’ll be entered to win a chance to fly to Los Angeles and take home my first car. This is the car I learned everything in. How to drive in, got my first driver’s license in, got in my first car accident in, which was not my fault for the record,” Zac added.

You have 43 days to send in your donation for a chance to win the experience! Head on over to to enter now.

Zac Efron Announces His Prizeo Contest
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  • lauren901

    sounds interesting.

  • Uh

    In before hate comments.
    I love this dude. He will turn his life around and become more famous than ever. Keep the good work, Zac, You have my support. You can do it kiddo.

  • lauren901

    u know it about 20 minutes someone is gonna make a awful comment about this.

  • Free Coke?

    Doss it come with free coke on the dashboard? If so, I’m in Zachyboy!

  • Uh

    @lauren901: I know. I love the haters. They waste time hating instead of loving. They must feel very empty inside. Or trolls will come here as usual leaving the usual comments.

  • Free Coke?

    Does it come with free coke on the dashboard? If so, I’m in Zachyboy!

  • lauren901

    it looks like free coke started :(

  • lauren901

    @free coke
    grow up tbh

  • Free Coke?

    How many 8 balls does the winner have to bring to hang out with Zac?

  • lauren901

    @free coke
    grow up? do you really think your funny ?

  • Cate

    Umm…I mean I guess it’s a nice idea and it’s for a good cause but it is such an odd prize. I guess the winner at least gets a flight to LA…and an old car out of it.

  • hehe

    Tho I like him, I have to admit that this is just a start…. Wild summer is over, his team starts to clean up the mess. He’s a nice guy, sure, but even though he wants to shake off Troy Bolton, everytime he does something stupid and not teen idiol like, he’s doing something like this. Maybe that’s not it, but timing tells a lot.

  • Whatever

    What a shocker. Bad news for weeks on his sleazy lifestyle and hookups with Michelle Rodriquez, and wallah! Charity news. I have lost count on how many times his PR comes to the resue by coming up with some charity news. It’s disgusting.

  • A


  • lauren901

    then dont comment???

  • Gangho19

    The drivers sit has a strap on? and a dashboard that has an automatic coke dispenser? and a spoon.

  • Lulli

    First car to roam around Skid Row?

  • Uh

    @Whatever: Pretty sure he has done charities during his HSM hype when he wasn’t like this. PR team move my ass. I’ll defend him because I know he’s struggling with his soberity, but you people always need to turn a positive thing into negative, saying we fans fool ourselves, when we KNOW more than others.

  • Take Back

    Time to get good publicity after a dope-ful summer? This idiot thinks people are crazy just like his delusional fans. This cokehead is a joke.

  • Uh


  • Uh

    @Take Back: ”This cokehead is a joke.” ROFLMAOOOOOOO OH AND YOU TWO. I CAN’T BREATH.

  • Free Coke?

    Even his own fans know he’s a junkie. How tragic. I wonder if this is the car that “ran out of gas” in skid row. No wait, that was his drug dealer’s Mercedes.

  • troll

    If i get pulled over and they find drugs, I’m suing him.

  • kami

    what kind of car is it?

  • Take Back

    OK aka Uh: You’re pathetic, you think you can hide using another handle?

  • Zacbemyfirst

    Want my virginity?
    It’s yours, if you leave Michael and that awful lifestyle the shemale brings.

  • xvlmxx

    @Free Coke?: Don’t you have anything else to do with your life besides making drug joke which aren’t funny?

  • RebelJoe

    He should just donate his car to the Drug Enforcement Agency.

  • Linds

    Whether he finally realizes it or not, the Ibiza thing along with this Michelle fling has damaged his credibility and there is alot of fallout. Some fans may never believe in him again and will just move on. Life is way to short to invest in people who don’t care for themselve or others. It is a slap in the face to everyone who genuinely tried to help him.

  • RebelJoe

    Before this junkie offer help to any organization, he should donate himself to Rehab and get better. Stupid propaganda to make him look good doesn’t help change anything.

  • Oh no Not Again

    Don’t you get the trend? After Puddlegate he also did a charity propaganda to divert from his real issues. No one believed he slipped in a puddle of water and slammed his jaw. Most people think his “fainting ” was related to his addiction. Now it is happening again after what many people believed to be an alcohol-and-drug-fueled partying in Ibiza.

  • FC

    At least three of his fans have deleted their fan accounts already. I can’t stand the kid but I would have a bit of respect for him if he put himself in rehab again. The whole universe is observing his year long relapse.

  • Oh no Not Again

    Same thing he did (Charity for Publicity) after his got mugged Skid Row. Does this dude really think his fans are that stupid?

  • Oh no Not Again

    correction – “after he got mugged in Skid Row.”

  • Yup

    @Free Coke?: lol poor little druggie zac. We should enjoy what decent looks he has left before the meth takes over.

  • Jules

    This is “How to clean up your image 101″ sadly its not the first time he uses “charity work” to make him look better after he screw up his image. That’s why he comes across as a fake and narcissistic man. I lost all my credibility on him…

  • Whatever

    And there ya go, Lauren. I am not the only one who has noticed his need to save face after his stupidities. It’s SO obvious. And if I want to say so, I will. This guy has sailed along with his little fangirls drooling and enabling his every dumb move, and frankly, he does NOT deserve it. He knows the girls will drool and forget. Well, I ain’t like that, and i don’t know how you support this sleaze. He’s dirty and stupid.

  • Claudia

    And this is the important thing! Keep helping, Zac! We’ll support you!!! Love you!! <3

  • blah blah trolls

    You trolls/haters babble so much and waste so much of your time and you’re not even funny, you’re just repetitive & boring.
    This is a cute idea for a prize imo.

  • allison
  • Blah blah idiots

    Here come the little blind girls gushing over him. “Oh Zac, i love you, no matter how many times you sleep with sleazy girls like MRod, or how many times you go to rehab, no matter how many raunchy stupid movies you make, or how you run around with sleazy rich people.”

  • OK

    Take back Sorry but you are wrong about that other poster being me.
    I have been on a set location for most the day and this is the first I have seen this. (Saw there was an announcement coming) before I left.
    That being said Zac has always charitable deeds. (Some you don’t even know about.
    If you like it or not and for what ever reason he is doing this one thing is clear. Haters can only hate and a very worthy organization is getting help from Zac.

  • Emilee

    Rehab is what he needs to clean up, not charity. Hoping his family steps up and not leave his well being to his handlers and himself.

  • Jessica W

    Why don’t he raffles off the sobriety bracelets he waved in the NBA games? He’s got no use of them anyways except to show off. They might be useful to others who are serious to get well from their addictions. Not him.

  • Jessica W


  • TBH

    Oh no! this dude gets more pathetic with the years

  • Sam20

    What a joke. He thinks charity work will take away his addictions?

  • Kylie

    I’ve been following his career for several years and I can honestly say, if he’s going to play the sobriety card than either commit or don’t say anything at all. If he’s going to hang out with enablers and fellow partiers like Michelle, Bieber, Paris and Mo than don’t even pretend to be clean and sober. Just do so at your own risk and stop lying to yourself and your fans. You only let your fans and yourself down. He needs therapy and he needs rehab to get to the bottom why he feels so sh&tty that he needs to self medicate to feel normal. It’s tough, and it’s extremely hard work but you can’t put on a band-aid when you’re hemorrhaging. At this point, I don’t believe him anymore and sadly, I’m starting not to even care.

  • reeven

    I like him, no matter what i like him

  • Fruitfly

    I haven’t stopped loving him because unconditional love has nothing to do with the receiver of that love and everything to do with the one who loves. That said, there’s an old expression in AA: What do you call a drunk when he’s sober? A dry drunk. The psychological and personality make-up remains after the addict stops using. Unless the addict confronts those issues, he will go back to using.

    Understand, addicts are not bad people. Addiction is a disease with primary symptoms of self-centeredness and self-will run riot. These transform the individual into someone virtually unrecognizable. Like syphilis transforms the physical body into something grotesque, so does addiction transform the soul into something equally as horrible.

    Zac is not responsible for his addiction (his body’s pre-disposition), but he is responsible for his recovery. An addict living sober and clean lives in an unnatural state – his natural state is intoxication/highness. In order to achieve this state, then, he must work hard. This is what Zac needs to do, and what he hasn’t done yet.