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Ian Somerhalder & Nikki Reed Attend the Creative Arts Emmys 2014

Ian Somerhalder & Nikki Reed Attend the Creative Arts Emmys 2014

Ian Somerhalder looks super studly in his tuxedo while walking the red carpet at the 2014 Creative Arts Emmy Awards on Saturday (August 16) at the Nokia Theatre L.A. Live in Los Angeles.

The 35-year-old actor went to the awards show in support of his documentary Years of Living Dangerously, which is nominated for the Outstanding Documentary or Nonfiction Series award this evening.

Ian‘s girlfriend Nikki Reed was also seen in attendance at the awards show. She walked the red carpet with her dad Seth.

“Beautiful California! So happy to be here for the Creative Arts EMMYS! I hope @YEARSofLIVING wins tonight! Thanks so much for the support! Wow!!” Ian tweeted. “The fact that programming like Years of Living Dangerously can affect so many and be so impactful gives me hope, hopefully gives us all hope.”

FYI: Ian is wearing Dior. Nikki is wearing a Versace dress, earrings by Graziela Gems and Dana Rebecca Designs, and rings by Graziela Gems and EF Collection.

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  • Anya thefictionalyst

    @Whatever!!!: don’t be stupid, his hair is longer, so the way he styles moving it from back to front looks messy and looks like he has more hair. Ian always had widow’s peak, his forehead doesn’t show too much because of how she styles it and all men at age 32+ start to have receding hearline, it’s normal. He is gorgeous anyway

  • .

    I’m tired of reading this argument. They broke up for over a year. Newsflash. They’re the main couple of a hit series! They’ll make steamy scened together, and everyone will be able to see their chemistry! On the other hand, Iast time I heard of Nikki who was when she was in an ad with the lovely Nina Dobrev.

  • Mindy Ann

    So happy Ian and Nikki are together. They are a Gorgeous – HOT – Sexy – Couple.

  • assman

    terrible actors

  • noele

    why do you guys keep saying he should be with nina. He does’t have a say in it, nina dumped ian. He suffered for months and now he finally got over her and started to try and be happy again. what do you morons want from him?

  • Leah

    My God I couldnt get through the first page of comments. Bitter, mean and sulky Nian shippers are so painful and so obvious. Move on. Stop living in the past, it was a long time ago. Many couples broke up last year and continued on with their lives. Why should Ian and Nina be any different?. I hope Ian runs after season 6 and you can all blame your horrible, selfish selves. Insulting his girlfriend, so embarrassing and annoying as hell you’ve all become.

  • Caret

    @Lindsey: Actually, Nina is doing much better in her career then Nikki. And Niki is 26, she looks 10 years older. And how do you know she is so good? Apparently she is a crappy friend in the first place!What does that say of a person. Nikki will never have the class and fame of Nina no matter how much she uses Ian for that!

  • shipperjunkie

    as a stelena shipper I thank nian stans for the end of delena. Because of your obsession and disrespect are making ian leave the show, he is not signing for season 7. And with no Ian, there is no damon and without damon there is no delena. Thank you Nian shippers! Thanks to you we’ll have stelena again, keep the hate against Ian and his girlfriend, this way you’ll guarantee he won’t accept more money to stay in season 7

  • Sanny

    Wow, Ian is in the best dress list everywhere and Nikki in the worst dressed list.

  • Amy


    Huh? Nina and Paul have both said they’re leaving if Ian leaves. Season 6 will be the last season.

  • Martha

    Pfft! Nina is complete irrelevant to this article. This article is about the lovely and very beautiful Nikki Reed and the very handsome and very sexy and very hot Ian Somerhalder. Ian & Nikki are the New hot celebrity super couple. All the nasty and hateful comments towards Ian and Nikki is NOT going to change the fact they are a romantic couple.

  • Lindsey

    @Caret: Again! Nina who?
    This article is all about the beautiful Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder. The HOTTEST and the SEXIEST new celebrity super couple.

  • .

    Lovely? Beautiful? Put Nina Dobrev and Nikki Who? side by side, and you’ll see who is the fairest of the two. Nikki sucks, her dress sucks… She also sucks being a friend… This couple won’t pass through the summer!

  • swiftie

    Don’t wear a dress like that if you have no breasts. What an ugly girl.

  • Leah

    @.: wow you believe little kids on the net that make up stories. The girl who was on set said the pathetic shippers twisted her words. Ian and Nina didnt even film together that day. It was Ian and Kat. And Nina and Paul.

  • Jenifer

    Somereed is the NEW news and a very HOT commodity!

  • Sara

    Nina is the one out. Sorry it’s the truth.
    “Always the last to know” …………………
    Ps nina hasn’t done cryptic posts in weeks now, why is that? Because she doesn’t care anymore, she realizes ian and nikki were friends first, and In this business where everyone screw everyone she knows it would be hypocritical to be mad at ian and nikki. Since I am sure she has made her fair share of mistakes.

  • Vessy

    nian shippers crying while ian somerhalder goes down on nikki reed under the emmy’s table. Yep, he’ll suck her p*ssy and lick deliciously and in the car going back home nikki will ride ian’s c*ck like it belongs to her lololol. NINA NOW HAS A LOOSE A$$ AFTER IAN’S F*CKED IT ROUGH TOO MANY TIMES AND IT DIDN’T HELP, HE WON’T COME BACK TO HER. POOR NIAN STANS, YOU CRY WHILE SOMEREED COME

  • Nicole

    Incrível a falta de maturidade de certas pessoas, aff!
    A Nikki está linda como sempre, ela é super simpática, educada e uma garota maravilhosa e isso é o que, realmente, importa. ♥

  • Nicole

    Nikki LINDA!

  • Jackie

    So happy for Ian and Nikki. This one is going to last!

  • Pepper

    I’m on board with the – Nina who? LMAO
    Ian and Nikki are my favorite new couple. They both looked fantastic tonight.

  • Franny

    Both are stunning!!!! Ian <3

  • Sanny

    @Lindsey: And this is why Nikki is worst dressed and Ian is best dressed haha

  • Valeria

    Ian is so handsome

  • Gabriele

    @Vessy: The real Vessy is right. You can tell its not her. You cant compare to her. And we know she would never say stuff like this. You must be a very sad and lonely thing. Sorry about you!

  • Heba

    what do u mean

  • Clod

    @0001: It explains a lot how she got in the business in the first place…, it was not that difficult when your family is in the business. Not to mention that her career is nothing special except for some small part in the Twilight saga. I guess she could not get herself into something more special…for now.

  • aneta

    I wanna suck nikki’s boobs

  • cityof_jessica

    NIKKI IS SUCH A FLOP! i wanna eat nina dobrev out while ian watches

  • pinksman

    gorgeous couple

  • delenasanarchy

    Ian’s c*ck was too delicious for Nina, glad he moved on and now Nikki is riding him all the time. You go girl

  • Clod

    @bella: Nina did not show any boobs ever. She some a naked back, that’s all. See the film before going to be so bitter.

  • delenaftdobrev

    How do you know Nina’s assh*le is loose? Just because she let Ian f*ck it doesn’t mean it’s that loose. I don’t believe that’s why Ian left Nina, just to find a more tight hole. But Nina looks fat lately, she put some weight lately. Maybe that’s why he left her. NIna, eat a carrot or some lettuce. Maybe Nina can get back together with albino gay derek hough. He looked so gay with that purple suit tonight, I guess who have a small p*nis needs to offer the assh*le to get f*cked

  • Pia

    Ian is so gorgeous! Congrats on the Emmy for YOLD ;) amazing!

  • Noelle

    I don’t know if Nina’s assh*le is loose but I know she let Ian finger it all the time. I worked as an extra once and he was always with his hand inside her pants or under her skirt. She tried to cover up but I know he was fingering her. Not sure if it was in her hole, could be the p*ssy.

  • prettygirlbeme


  • felicitysmoak

    nikki and ian are so hot, they should make love on the red carpet

  • prettygirlbeme


  • pinksmans

    Nikki has a lucky c*nt. He have Ian every night while Nina has only her had after Derek’s gay small c*ck last summer. So sad.

  • Yamna

    Nikki and Ian are the best couple I’ve ever saw. They are talented, hot, have good heart and they must be wild in bed. Of course I’m sad Nian is over, I’m single, old and I have no sex life, so I put too much on Nian relationship, I projected my whole life in them and now that is over it’s hard because I spend my days staring at the my computer with no purpose. Finally Ian found Nikki, now I can masturb*ate imagining Ian and Nikki having sex all day. It’s a good way to forget how useless is my life.

  • bella

    beautiful couple. All the workout with Nikki is doing good to Ian, he looks hotter than ever.

  • OhMyDEHeart

    I’m here with my 27 cats staring at Ian and Nikki, I love Ian but hate Nikki. He should marry Nina. I don’t know about their sex life because I’m still a virgin. No boy would want to stick something in my smelly p*ssy, but I’m sad Ian is not having naked nina anymore. anyway he is gorgeous

  • May

    They both look gorgeous! So happy YOld won, such an important and amazing series

  • Sue


  • delenaftdobrev

    Stelena will happen again in season 7, nian shippers scared Ian away, he is leaving tvd after season 6. Thank you, finally I won’t have to look at damon’s face anymore

  • Nina

    No one could look better than nina at the Emmys in that red dress. My bf now has a crush after lets be cops. And I agree she was hot as ell in the movie, but nowadays she seems flabby, and fat and miserable. I jean smoke, your smile was so cute and made you seem more approachable, and lose weight, some more salads instead of ribs me thinks.

  • Thirsty

    Can you imagine the amount of thrusting these 2 do . Nikki s dress could have been better, but her makeup and hair is stunning.

  • Nina

    Nina had to have surgery to reconstruct her damaged pussy after ian fingered it too hard, nikki no doubt will have to get the same surgery. That guy is skilled. You never ever forget your first love, and nina has a permanent reminder every time she tries to sit down, her ass still hurts. Ian is that big he made her bleed. Lucky nikki, gets her turn now. No wonder she is smiling, the only time either nikki or nina ever cried when with ian was when they had to take a dump. We should all appauld these girls, they got to have Ian’s dick and fingers inside them. Respect.

  • Why?

    First Ih ave to say that nikkis dress is awful and it does not fit her well.Second whythe heck she does not pluck those eyebrows, theyl ook terrible.
    Now I have a question. Why if Ian and Nikki are a couple now, why theheck so far they had not been together in photos in the recent awards or entertainem events. They arrive together but they they go thei separate ways and are photographed separately. That is not normal I mean if u are a couple, and go together what is wrong of being photographed together as a couple? Dont u have trust in your relationship with ur partner? Arent you proud of ur gf/bg? this looks fishy..

    And dont come and say ohhthat is because they do not want to raise bador hateful comments, etc, etc that is lame. If you made all the effort to make your relationship public and let all the paps following you and now is kind of offical you are a couple, what is wrong then of being photographed together in events like this?. im not a nina fan but when Ian and Nna were together they always were photographed together attending events like this and you can see photos of it easily on the internet. But with Nikki is like they do not want to be seen together in events like this.

    I find that strange