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Jennifer Lopez's 'Booty' Remix Feat. Iggy Azalea - Listen Now!

Jennifer Lopez's 'Booty' Remix Feat. Iggy Azalea - Listen Now!

Check out this first listen of Jennifer Lopez‘s remix to “Booty” featuring Iggy Azalea!

The 45-year-old superstar released the track today, along with the sexy cover art featuring the duo – we love it!

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“#jlobooty aint seen a booty like this since jenny from the block #jloiggybooty” JLo tweeted earlier in the day to her fans. Take a listen below and tell us what you think in the comments!

In case you missed it, check out Jennifer looking amazing at the 2014 MTV VMAs over the weekend, where she was spotted sitting with her ex Casper Smart.

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  • apple

    I really hate that type of butt. It looks like créme caramel: fat and movable.
    Poor Iggy…

  • Jay

    What is popular talented Iggy doing posting with that old haggard cosmetic junkie, skin bleached, nose thinning, blond weave wearing, saggy butt twiggy legged J-LOW for? This will ruin Iggy’s career.

  • Anya

    @Jay: What career?

  • Fred

    Iggy looks great.

  • oh boy

    Umm Jlo are you 45 or 15??? Hon, it is time to put your booty away. I’m sure you have more than enough money to last you 3 lifetimes. You need to squash these immature songs, get rid of the little boy and grow up! You should be a mother first and venture into doing other profitable businesses. Leave the nasty booty popping for the newbies that are being pimped by their labels and making hardly nothing for their efforts. You can actually say you’re above that mess. You can be a sexy woman but owning your maturity is more sexier.

  • GhettoTrash

    JLO is a ghetto POOR HOE REEK (GARBAGE(CAN! Iggy is a beautiful. young woman who shouldn’t lower her brand with the likes of Lopez. Ben dumped her for a good reason now she has moved on trying to snare hot young white girls to be on her crappy album to increase her sales.

  • HelloKitty

    Iggy is hot Jennifer is not and looks pathetic trying to relive her 20′s.

  • Jay

    This song just doesn’t have anything to it. It’s not bad but neither is it good. It’s just blahhh. Also people seem to forget that Jlo use to make really good music in the 2000′s, well popular at least. I think she would be more successful if she did her own thing, rather than following the trends.

  • Rodriguez

    The only reason Jlo had a career in the first place is because of her light skin that’s what made her popular for a short time. The Negra Puerto Ricans never make it big in Hollywood because society only likes the lightest to whitest Latino people.

  • yawn

    Jennifer is in a midlife crisis having to resort to looking like a h** to stay in with the young crowd with her talentless music and iggys a$$ is fake. Nothing to see here but 2 desperate girls.

  • eek

    @Rodriguez: well Zoe Saldana seems to be doing very well considering she’s a dark Dominican-Puerto Rican mix. Zoe is the only talented Hispanic in Hollywood these days while shakira sounds like a dying goat and jessica alba is as bottom of the barrell as you can get with actresses. Jho has been always talentless, she got lucky cause of the movie Selena and diddy. She’s making American idol go broke, she ain’t worth the millions she’s asking for.

  • Yurena

    @Rodriguez: Zoe that is sad but true color and small facial features rules the day in the Latino world, the lighter the better. Zoe only gets roles playing black characters because she has a black phenotype. Jessica is half white, so is Selena. Shakira is Lebanese, Italian and Spanish, basically white. When Zoe tried to play a Colombian she was blasted by that country who didn’t want a black Dominican portraying them on screen because it gave society the wrong impression. They only wanted the white Sofia Vegara who has a white/Spanish appearance.

  • Freida

    Jlo needs to stay at home with her ugly gross looking spiclett twins. She is pitiful and has zero talent. Never won a Grammy and was never even nominated for an Oscar.

  • Carlos

    @eek: Zoe looks like Chris Rock in a wig.

  • Tammy

    Clearly Iggy is the better of the two in every possible way. She doesn’t need jlo, jlo needs her.

  • Truthie

    @Yurena: You sound dumb. There ARE black Colombians.

  • Truthie

    @Yurena: Please list the evidence of Zoe being blasted?

    Colombians are concerned about their image? Zoe playing Colombian is an upgrade from what Colombia is known for: DRUG CARTELS.

  • Ortiz

    It’s true the Colombians objected to Zoe playing a Colombian character they clearly stated that she could not represent a Colombian.people.

  • Roberto

    Colombians are Olive skinned or white, not black.

  • Stanley

    I´m sorry guys but quit b*tching….I’m not fan of Jennifer, but damn….She is 45 years old woman and she look sexy as hell. She looks at least 15 years younger than she is. In your logic, she can´t be sexy and a little bit silly just because she is older now? What a stupid logic. You can have fun in any age.

  • Yeah

    Regardless of what they look like it’s an AWFUL song. Period!

  • She Stinks!

    JHO’s desperation continues here. Why does this old no talent sl ut think she is 20? It’s really time to step aside JHO and let girls like Iggy do this. You are an old has been that never was, JHO! Give it up.

  • erika

    Nice photoshop. Poor Iggy has cankles in real life…

  • JustSay’n

    There goes J-Ho again being delusional.

  • Lapiz Conciente

    My two long time cruxh Iggy Azalea and jlo omg

  • Lol

    Atleast jlo has a real booty & didn’t have to fake it to get some attention unlike miss fake booty & hips iggy azalea

  • pan86

    OMFG This is FIRE!!!! Girls are pure SEX and the song is such a BANGER!!! Can’t wait for the video and the first performance!!! :)

  • hulla

    i’m glad that someone still has job as a cankle photoshoper since Minka kelly turned into an old soccer mom. Iggy i crown u the new cankle queen

  • troll

    You know Iggys ass is fake when it looks bigger than a puerto ricans.

  • llama

    Isn’t Iggy as pale as an albino?

  • T.

    Skin bleach??? Cosmetic surgery?? you jealous ass h’hole I’ve seen Jen in Person back in the 90′s and her skin is naturally olive, and she covers it with fake tan. If you think she bleaches it white you are probably black brother. It seems to me that you are describing Beyonce, LOL!

  • Mike


    What white girls?? ha ha ha ha ha ha
    Ben asslick married garner because she got pregnant duh! and she is a mixed woman from West Virginia. And iGGy AZALEA is not white either

  • Retardia


    Are you sure you’re not describing your wife Beyonce?

  • Verity

    Sorry folks, I caved, this song rocks!!

  • April

    @Mike: Yeah, that would have made him and her the only couple in Hollywood who was not married with a baby….NOT. Why not try living in this century…it’s not the 50′s anymore.

  • Elena


    Iggy has 3 hits on the Billboard Top 100 and is the IT girl now. I don’t care for her music but she is hot and Lopez is desperately latching on to her. She would do anything for a hit but her music career is dead

  • alex

    Some racist people here, j lo looks great..she does have a great body and dosent look 45., J LO is a talented dancer who.started in in living color..a played several roles and an entertainer. It looks to me like alot of the are racist and biased towards j lo..typical white racism that cant stand a latina making it in showbiz…