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Gerard Butler, Vanessa Hudgens, & Selena Gomez Sing Farewell to Chelsea Handler on 'Chelsea Lately'

Gerard Butler, Vanessa Hudgens, & Selena Gomez Sing Farewell to Chelsea Handler on 'Chelsea Lately'

Check out Chelsea Handler getting a nice farewell on the series finale of her hit show Chelsea Lately!

The 39-year-old talk show host was joined on her last episode by well-known celebs, such as Gerard Butler, Jennifer Aniston, Justin Theroux, Gwen Stefani, Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, Fergie, Miley Cyrus, Avril Lavigne, Kate Beckinsale, Melissa McCarthy, and Anna Faris, who all sang a spoof of Michael Jackson‘s “We Are the World.”

“Goodbye to E! It’s time to move on. She wants to sing. She wants to dance and get her groove on,” the stars sang to Chelsea.

Chelsea Handler – ‘Chelsea Lately’ Farewell

FYI: Vanessa is wearing a Misha Collection jumpsuit.

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705 Responses to “Gerard Butler, Vanessa Hudgens, & Selena Gomez Sing Farewell to Chelsea Handler on 'Chelsea Lately'”

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  1. 1
    Hilarious Says:

    What a hilarious goodbye to Chelsea Chandler. Good for you Gerry you got invited too and nice singing :)

  2. 2
    Sexual Assault Says:

    Bravo to whoever posted the following, It needs to be said again and again:

    This qualifies as a date from hell along the lines of sexual assault, sexual harassment, etc. this is a date rape situation. These pictures are not something to be celebrated they show sexual assault in progress. They are proof that gb cannot be trusted around any woman and all kids should stay the heck away from him.

    Looks like a sexual assault to to me
    If I were her I’d complain about him to the police department
    No woman deserves to be touched inappropriately. NONE.
    It is so obvious to me that gb and his male fan who is posting on this thread hate women and go out of their way to offend women. He and his male pr are intentionally sexually offending and sexually harassing all women including the one in these pics. the comments are proof of that.
    His male pr friend that is posting on this thread sounds like a sex offender to me, might even work in the sex industry from the sounds of it and should be arrested for sexual harassment and stalking as well. I bet he has a record and if not, he can be investigated and spied on by the authorities to prove intent to sexually harass and stalk women.

    Also, this woman in the pics and all others as well, should never allow any man to see what he can get away with and that is what gerry is doing here. He is not a gentleman at all, and whoever says so needs their head examined. this is not a worthwhile man. he is a worthless piece of ****.
    She should have smacked him in the face and beat the **** out of him. His advances are unwelcome. How do I know? She immediately needed a cigarette. If it was good, which it wasn’t, she wouldn’t have needed one.

    Too bad I missed speechless’ post. I would have liked to have read it. Can anyone fill me in on the most pointed things that got to you?

    I don’t think hugo boss wants to be associated with sex offenders.

    Thank god tmz was there to document his sexually harassing behavior. I’m sure it breaks indecency laws as well.

  3. 3
    Diedre Says:

    ‘Goodbye you sn@tch,
    Goodbye you gash
    I hope you fade
    Into the past….’

  4. 4
    Georgia Says:

    TV will be all the better without her, she was cr ap.

  5. 5
    Tasty Says:
    Getting an over the shoulder pose from Gwen Stefani and a hot smile from Gerard Butler!

  6. 6
    Charlie Says:

    I love the friendship between Vanessa and Selena and Chelsea Lately was so a good show.

  7. 7
    Thank You! Says:

    Who was the little blond girl standing next to Gerry when they were singing?
    Thanks again Tasty.
    Is this our new thread for Gerry or are we still on the other one?

  8. 8
    gia Says:

    it was avril lavigne

  9. 9
    @The Cut & Paste Troll Says:

    Is a regular poster. I’m sure of it. It’s someone with a split personality disorder.
    I bet she posts nice things about Gerry all the time.
    It’s unusual for a troll to just cut and paste every comment.
    Think about it.
    She cuts and pastes to make it look like she’s writing these lengthy comments. She’s not. They were pre-written a day ago and she’ll just cut and paste the same thing for a few days.
    She posts as sniper, the racist CNN tool and so forth.
    Initially, I thought it was just a redneck that has just been granted access to the internet, but it doesn’t make sense that she cuts and pastes every comment.
    She doesn’t believe what she posts. I mean let’s get real, as one of the other posters who confronted her yesterday morning said, if she really thought it was an assault, wouldn’t she complain and try to have the photos removed?
    So that proves that she doesn’t believe what she’s writing. Which means she’s spamming the board.
    But why?
    She only seems to do this when Gerry’s involved with someone. Hmmmm.
    Could it be she can’t contain her anger because she knows deep down that Gerry will never be hers?
    Why accuse him of sexual assault when it’s clear that he’s only making out with some chick.
    Why do that? Sexual assault? Really?
    It’s easier to be angry at him for “assaulting” someone than to deal with the pain that he’ll never want you.
    We’ve seen these obsessed fans come and go over the years. They can’t hide their true colors for long.
    Cutting and pasting is just spamming.
    You spam a board to get attention.
    Why would someone that lives on the Gerry thread want attention from his fans?
    Because it’s the closest she’ll ever get to getting attention from anything related to Gerry.
    That’s why!

  10. 10
    @9 Says:

    Cromwell, you’re ugly and no one wants you. Not even the woman in the pics wants you so your fantasies are not reality. Your interpretation is false and an attempt to get women to accept being sexually harassed.
    Women deserve to be treated with respect and men who have sexual deviancy or who sexually harass or sexually assault women should be reported to the police and locked up. It sounds like you have engaged in acts of sexual coercion in the past. I bet if i called the cops on you they would find a rap sheet indicating that you’ve been previously arrested for sexual assault.

    None of the women that were featured with chelsea want gb touching them like he did that woman in the pics.

    I’ll let you know when its time to stop digging and roll over into your own grave. (your pretty close now) no bathroom breaks for you

  11. 11
    @The Cut & Paste Troll Says:

    I see your spelling hasn’t improved from the last thread lol! Keep cutting and pasting all you want.
    I have you figured out now ; – )
    You’re madly in love with Gerry and you know for a fact that he wouldn’t look in your direction if you paid him.
    Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned….

  12. 12
    Gerry looks HAPPY! Says:

    I bet he and his girlfriend had a big laugh when those photos came out. Chilling at a spa to escape the heat (pun intended) was the perfect remedy.
    I don’t think being at the Chelsea show is the only thing putting a smile like that on his face. I’m seeing a man in love.

  13. 13
    @ 9/11 Says:

    Actually the person who posted post #9/11 sounds desperate for attention from gb and wants to sleep with him. See how desperate you sound by wanting him to sexually harass and sexually assault you.
    Roll over and die scumbag and take gb with you.

  14. 14
    AKA Says:

    @@The Cut & Paste Troll:
    Can’t help thinking the troll is aka Pamela or Christina Iwanitza going completely bonkers. They are the only one who have displayed such vile and psycho behaviour and especially when Gerry hooks up with someone. Even GFW looks like a lamb compared with these two.
    And I most definetely believe you are right. This person is the very one Ms Psychic warned Gerry about and probably the one why he needed a bodyguard. She screams like someone possesed “If I can’t have him no one can and I will make sure he burns in hell with me.” lol

  15. 15
    @The Cut & Paste Troll Says:

    Whoever this person is, she is sick. The attacks are so vile, completely unfounded and constant that I believe it stems from a need, a heartfelt need for her to be “heard” in someway by someone connected to Gerard Butler.
    As Gerard’s fans, we are the closest thing that she has, where she can illicit a response, and still feel like she’s “connected” to him in some way. We’ve all disagreed with one another at some point, but we don’t spam the board, just to get attention.
    That’s a fundamental difference between her, and those with genuine gripes against the man or his fans.
    When Gerry does settle down, as I believe he will one day. This person is going to go off the deep end in a big way.
    Hope she gets the help she needs. I honestly mean that.

  16. 16
    Sent to JJ Says:

    @@The Cut & Paste Troll:

    Wrote a letter to JJ with all 20 posts sent by “Sexual Assault” Maybe he can do something about it. Hope so. Defamation of character and slander shouldn’t be allowed. Think it has gone on to long.

  17. 17
    Best Way To Deal With Them Says:

    These people are mentally disturbed, full stop.
    They might be fans whose fantasy day dream has been broken by reality or just people who look for a reaction and don’t really care about the subject on hand, just the reaction his fans have when provoked.
    Either way they have a clear mental instability and I guess we can all see that.
    I see people keep on engage them in conversation and while everyone is free to do so, I don’t think it is worth wasting any time trying to reason with them.
    The best way to deal with someone like them is probably just ignore them, act like they don’t exist, like they never posted what they did.
    By all means do report them if they cross the line, but all those endless “YOU’VE BEEN FLAGGED” they won’t stop their behavior, if anything they will make it last longer.
    That’s what I do anyway, saves me all the drama and the aggro, I know I won’t change their mind and I also know that GB doesn’t really need me to wear his colors against someone who doesn’t have the brain to reason, he would be the first one to laugh at them and walk away.
    My advice, take it or leave it, not for theirs, but for your own sake.
    Life is a lot better when you shut such people out of it and pay attention to those who make it better, not worse.

  18. 18
    Embla Says:

    Fan pic from the after party

  19. 19
    IDIOT Says:

    @Gerry looks HAPPY!:

  20. 20
    Phannie ALERT Says:


  21. 21
    cupcake Says:

    Hello I think for the most part Gerry is happy regardless of his personal life. He always lives in the moment

  22. 22
    Phannie ALERT Says:

    Wait, didn’t everyone here say that he looked miserable all the time when he dated MG? Regardless if she was by his side or not? Make up your minds!

  23. 23
    cupcake Says:

    I am not talking about his personal life. If you want to go there. When the pics first came out of him and mg dating he was very happy initially. I didn’t want to talk about him personal life . Will have to wait and see what happens.

  24. 24
    nutter alert Says:

    @Sexual Assault: Stuff it loser. You forgot the concept of consent. Very important. Make sure you don’t get sued. Don’t think you can hide behind your anonymity, people have been successfully sued online in the past year or so. Since sadly this is a unmoderated site or it moderated on a haphazard basis.

  25. 25
    ha ha Says:

    Wow Chelsea was brave even attempting to sing beside some of that talent on stage. Who knew Chuey was Dave Grohl’s love child.

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