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Robert Pattinson Heads to L.A. Amid FKA Twigs Dating Rumors

Robert Pattinson Heads to L.A. Amid FKA Twigs Dating Rumors

Robert Pattinson listens to music on his headphones while heading through LAX Airport on Wednesday evening (September 3) in Los Angeles.

The 28-year-old actor was seen out and about just hours after rumors spread that he might be dating emerging artist FKA Twigs.

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Rob and the singer, whose real name is Tahliah Debrett Barnett, were seen out and about together with his good friend Tom Sturridge. If they are dating, it seems she gets along with his friends already!

10+ pictures inside of Robert Pattinson at the airport…

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robert pattinson heads to la amid fka twigs dating rumors 01
robert pattinson heads to la amid fka twigs dating rumors 02
robert pattinson heads to la amid fka twigs dating rumors 03
robert pattinson heads to la amid fka twigs dating rumors 04
robert pattinson heads to la amid fka twigs dating rumors 05
robert pattinson heads to la amid fka twigs dating rumors 06
robert pattinson heads to la amid fka twigs dating rumors 07
robert pattinson heads to la amid fka twigs dating rumors 08
robert pattinson heads to la amid fka twigs dating rumors 09
robert pattinson heads to la amid fka twigs dating rumors 10
robert pattinson heads to la amid fka twigs dating rumors 11
robert pattinson heads to la amid fka twigs dating rumors 12
robert pattinson heads to la amid fka twigs dating rumors 13
robert pattinson heads to la amid fka twigs dating rumors 14

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  • Me

    He looks great. He’ll be getting ready for TIFF next week. Can’t wait to see him!

  • Noa

    Hi Rob, looking good


    Brits are globally-known jewish terrorist faggoze, henceforth antisexual liars, so this thing sneaking around within Americas NYC airport isn’t going to help its image any.

  • LoveRob

    He looks great! love the pants!

  • katy Perry

    Welcome to LA

  • irina

    back to being a star after having fun in nyc with his childhood friends

  • A

    I want to name my cat after Robert Pattinson. I’ll call him Robert Cattinson since he has a lot of similarities with Rob.

  • nope

    is it true that he going to be declared as a saint by Pope Francis? just asking

  • tanya


  • tanya

    LA is hotter now! lol

  • jen

    Rob is gorgeous and he can act the pants off anyone. People know this now. HW now lease cast him in a Romance. I can guarantee it will be a superduper hit

  • jen

    Rob please please do a Romance and look like the Hot and sexy guy you are!

  • J

    If the media actually believed he was dating FKA Twigs, this wouldn’t be titled “amid rumors”… it would simply say “Robert Pattinson Heads to LA After FKA Twigs Dating Report” or something along those lines to make the rumor seem less than a rumor. Like the saying goes “innocent until proven guilty”, well he’s still single until it’s truly proven he’s not. I don’t want him with Kristen but this never ending trail of “maybe” girlfriends is growing tiresome and some he said/she said tweets don’t prove credibility of the two together. I could go on Twitter right now and say the same just to see how fast the rumor travels. People love stirring the pot just to see the reaction.

  • J

    and FYI…I know he went to her concert and hung out with her in NYC…I saw the totally platonic pics…I was referring to people who read about a rumor and try to score some 15 minutes of fame by seeing how they can start a rumor. Some dude the other night said he was having dinner with Rob at Soho House LA when Rob was still in NYC. Trolls who aren’t in the Twilight/Robsten fandom do exist. People just love attention.

  • J

    I was referring to people who read about a rumor and try to score some 15 minutes of fame by seeing how they can start a rumor with those tweets of them hooking up and walking in the East Village* ………in fact, he was DEFINITELY at the Lolawolf show at Baby’s All Right in Brooklyn yet the girl who saw him ‘hooking up with an unattractive girl’ was somewhere in the West Village at the very same time. Pot stirring, my friends.

  • poppyseeds

    he is the most overrated dude in Hollywood right now more famous for his dating life than his acting talent. If I were him I would do a lot of ad campaigns and rake in as much as $$$$ as possible while I’m famous cause I don’t see him sticking around 5 years from now on

  • Annie

    he seems like someone who wants to be female in relationship

  • M

    you sound like a bitter and pathetic loser.

  • bebo

    @J: Why is it so important to you that Rob be a monk? He’s a young, gorgeous, famous single guy, of course there will be rumours of him dating. Who cares, it’s not exactly harming him. Every women he’s seen with isn’t his gf, just as every women he’s seen with isn’t necessarily just a friend. He’s a hetero guy, he likes girls, what’s the big deal? Time will tell if they’re really an item.

  • Moomin

    Gorgeous man, nice to see him back in LA. Can’t wait for filming to start on Idol’s Eye with De Niro. Go Rob!

  • dolo

    Go Rob , TIFF promo and Next Idol eyes for 2 months , busy man !

  • jen

    @dolo: There is NYFF too! So Rob is a busy man!

  • jen

    @bebo: Yeah some people love to think Rob is a Monk. If he is with Tahliah i am so happy for him. This guy deserves to be happy

  • 9999


  • melly

    Gorgeous guy. He looks so hot with that scruff

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  • Just

    Gay copycat 2

  • gina

    Rob is a cool guy! nice to see a HW man going for exotic good looks and talent rather than conventional good looks.

  • May

    Rob is looking so gorgeous cant wait to see him on the TIFF RC

  • amee

    this is the weirdest celebrity coupling since zac efron & michelle rodriguez.

    i know that in terms of fame & popularity that he is the more well known of the two but she is way cooler & more talented than he can ever possible wish to be.

    i mean, have you ever read her lyrics or seen her perform live? she looks like she would eat him alive. maybe he is trying to get one up on kristen stewart or launch his singing career which we keep hearing about but which never materialises…

  • Fthizshizz

    @amee: he needs help from that lady who looks like dude to launch his music career? hahahahahahahahahahahaha.

  • Reality Check

    @amee: Is that you Twigs? trying to promote yourself using this pansy’s name? Gurl you dime a dozen. Music industry has 6463652542 “talented” girls like you who are recording their mix tapes on some music producer guy’s bed LOL. Go shave you face,hun and stop trolling

    someone who knows what real music is

  • O HELL O

    Click on my name to see Twig’s beauty. You CANNOT tell me Pattinson is not secretly into dudes and just fulfilling his fantasy with this girl.

  • J

    @bebo: My apologies. I wasn’t trying to give off the implication that I thought he should be a monk at all. I hope he has a very fulfilled love life and I wish him the best. I also see nothing wrong with people being curious about his love life; he wouldn’t be the first celeb and he won’t be the last for people to be curious about. I was only pointing out that JJ keeps saying it’s a “rumor” about FKA Twigs…that they “might” be dating. I was just stressing that JJ is keeping an open mind about it while other media outlets are trying to sell a confirmed relationship. It’s one thing to speculate, it’s another thing to act as if you have a story of confirmed sources…it sends people into a tailspin. Also, Rob always talks about how he doesn’t want to give the paps and media a story because he KNOWS they make money off of something he doesn’t want them to make money off of, which they do. They are making money off of people thinking they have a scoop and they don’t. They have speculation and “sources” that come from Tumblr. I personally think him and Twigs are friends, possibly FWB…or maybe they were on the way to dating, but I don’t think they ARE dating or that she is something as far a “girlfriend” which is kind of a commitment when you’re thinking of an exclusive title like that. I think Rob is dating around and I wish the media would say “he has a new lady friend” rather than “meet his new girlfriend” if it’s not true. That’s all I was saying. I most certainly think he’s seeing a couple of girls. I doubt he’s been celibate this last year, but that’s an assumption on my part…just as it’s an assumption on the medias part to confirm a “girlfriend” for him if she’s not his girlfriend. I’m probably just really wordy, so I’m sorry…I wasn’t trying to go fangirl, I wasn’t trying to say he was a monk, and I wasn’t trying to be delusional..I was just trying to be logical about the whole thing. Again, my apologies.

  • J

    @jen: I honestly wasn’t trying to call him a Monk. I just replied to “bebo”, which you can see above this comment. I hope he’s happy if he’s with her too and I think he deserves to be happy… I just personally don’t think he is with her just because Us Weekly got some Tumblr sources and a couple of platonic pap pictures. If it ends up her is, good for him. People think because everyone reports the same story with references to Us Weekly that it makes it more true. Strength in rumors doesn’t strengthen truth, that’s all I was saying. If they’re truly together…telling photos of romantic nature or interviews proving that will come to light.

  • http://justjared cb

    kristen at LAX airport wednesday….rob LAX airport wedesday…?

  • Heidi

    I still think he’s hot but seriously what was he thinking ? Her video was degrading to women and the vile words just yuk and add the unattractive factor and I’m speechless, bring back PR Dylan penn lmao…

  • Logic

    @Heidi: Dylan was all PR (from her team), he was never with her. I don’t know if he’s with Twigs as friends or more, but considering he keeps boasting about being into Hip Hop music, he might like being around her and meeting other people she’s associated with. It’s not easy to get cred from the Hip Hop community when you’re known for being a sparkly vampire, but if he’s friends or dates one of the huge emerging hip hop alternative artists, he may find himself getting a little association interest from that music community which could learn him to working with Hip Hop music and artists. Rob is strategic about everything he does, he has said that before. I’m not saying he doesn’t like Twigs (as a friend or more), but he’s definitely getting something out of his association that could benefit him in the long run. If he really likes the work Twigs does, he may not date her, he may just become good friends with her so that he can stay in her circle.

  • Logic

    lead him to working with Hip Hop artists and producers*

  • Logic

    Think about it…he’s been chilling with The Weeknd, Death Grips, FKA Twigs, Tyga and Chris Brown…he’s invested in the music community and he may be trying to work with Twigs while the media could be blowing it out of proportion. Twigs was spotted with Rob’s arm around her but she was also spotted hooking up with another guy within a couple of days. The girl is friendly and flirty. Don’t read too much into it.

  • Roselie

    This girl is ugly not pretty like kristen stewart omg u went from best to worst

  • Roselie

    This girl is UGLY Man U lost your test in women

  • just me

    Epsom salt?

  • Shelly allen

    Robert Pattinson – Music. Brad Paisley Robert Pattinson. Lyric.