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Jared Leto Leaves Little to the Imagination with His Crotch Grab

Jared Leto Leaves Little to the Imagination with His Crotch Grab

There is an obsession these days with photos featuring bulges in male celebrities’ pants and now a video of Jared Leto is going viral online for that reason.

In the clip, the 42-year-old entertainer is singing his song “End of All Days” alongside his band Thirty Seconds to Mars at a recent show.

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When he gets to the point of the song where he sings “seduction is my game,” Jared grabs his crotch and a huge bulge in his pants appears. See the GIF below for the moment!

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  • sdfghjuhg


  • ..

    lmao ..That’s the news? Like really? Pretty sure he is holding some bottle underneath-

  • MEL

    hurts like satan.. yum… ;)

  • mitchie


  • alyssa

    Hey women show off their privates all the time. Why not men??

  • Bree

    he is wearing a skirt? or something tied around his waist over a pair of pants, that is simply fabric…. or does no one else have eyes?

  • Alexis Arquette

    Alexis Arquette has just confessed that he had s e x with Jared when he was still a man and describes Jared’s pe nis just like that.

  • xvlmxx

    @Alexis Arquette: I don’t buy it.

  • To Bree

    Yes, that’s a skirt.
    Jared has been wearing skirts AND DRESSES in his tour.

  • to xvlmxx

    That’s your problem.
    It’s obvious that Leto is a free spirit and he has said in some interviews that” regarding s e x u a l i t y, his limit is the sky” and also,

    ”If I saw a man and I was attracted, I would follow through with it”.

    .- Jared Leto

  • hitgirlrrrr

    He sure grabbed a handful!

  • xvlmxx

    @to xvlmxx: LOL chill. Believe it or not, celebrities say all kinds of crap, so don’t take Jared for a word. Literally.

  • to xvlmxx

    It has been one of the worst kept secrets in Hollywood, so I believe Alexis when he says that he had s e x with Leto.

    And the people from ”Alexander” movie set also could spill the beans about Jared and Colin Farrell. That would even be much more interesting…..

  • S

    Everyone knows he has a big ****. And he knows how to use it ;)

    Come to mama!! lol

  • libbiey

    ooh, nice !!

  • IPreferTheDrummer

    If you think that’s impressive, you should check out his brother. :)

  • Rocker Rocker

    Then why have sex sith Arquette? As a man AND woman, she’s hideous!

  • HMinogue

    Ok that was too hot ;)

  • Tyla

    oh lordy! Hottttt!

  • S (real)

    I’ll pass!

  • Mark

    @Alexis Arquette: Jared is a classic case of a bisexual man in the closet so I believe her.

  • LoL

    @S: you must have a big lady basement.
    He is a weirdo with and he can’t sing. Is talking voice is actually more annoying than his singing.

  • Me

    LOL! Oh Jared… Baby. I don’t know what it is about that song that gets him so horny but he does it all the time, we are so used to it. But you should see the bulge his brother Shannon spots almost all the time. They are definitely gifted in that department.

  • mary


  • menatlive

    Gerard Butler super sexy in Hugo Boss new photo shoot !

  • Mo

    @IPreferTheDrummer: saw him recently. Too short and his eyebrows are weird. Makes him look like a major pervert. Not impressed.


    MR. KGB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • burp

    A man who can’t resist grabbing his crotch, especially on stage, needs to go back to potty training. And best he sees a psychiatrist too if he thinks that is attractive.

  • Melissa

    Oh my Jeebus! Some nice man candy right there!

  • Stoopid

    Hilarious, that’s so fake and obviously some attachment. People get real – the dude wears skinny jeans! Guys with something there DON’T wear skinny jeans. – Yeah this looks more like it haha

  • GFW

    What happened? Ticket sales drop? Why stoop so low as this?

  • The hunger of a Lion

    ” I don’t know what it is about that song that gets him so horny but he does it all the time”,

    That song is End of All Days and in it, there are several images about Colin Farrell in ‘Alexander’.

    Like the line ‘the hunger of a lion is written in your face”

  • http://alessandraconte alex

    for me jared is bisex and he goes to bad to everyone that he’s like it. but he’s a really beautiful boy and like many others people in the world, he make that really want he wants.we don’t know what these people do.there’s not our business.

  • Dagmar

    So just before the carnivores big tour that he sells tickets to through his own brand of youtube account, these videos that have been around for months suddenly go viral. Okay maybe doubt it. That’s a bumbag filled with a plastic bottle if you ask me.

    The whole alexis story was probably made up as well. He likes any story that will keep him in the public eye. At least he’s chilled a bit on making up stories of being with stars like Lindsay and Katy.

  • Timmy

    Good point. You can’t go to a female performers concerts these days without a bunch of sequins covered vaginas grinding in everyone’s faces.

  • the secret is out

    @The hunger of a Lion:

    And there’s also this tweet about him and Colin and Jared replied with a ”xo”.

    24-2-2013 05:42

    ” jared leto, You’re happy now I can feel it. That beautiful Irish man is able to do miracles”.

    Jared Leto: xo

  • Olive

    Nothing new. He is well-endowed. No big deal.

  • Frankiie

    Say what you want but I saw this with my own eyes on M&G… He was wearing just pants and holyyy shiiit., !!! I was sitting 2,5 m from him and there was certainly something to see underneath them…. My eyes almost fell out!!

  • Size doesn’t matter

    What it really matters is that Jared Leto likes man-sex.

    Alexis Arquette has confirmed the gay rumors that have been floating for years.

  • Mo

    @Size doesn’t matter: So? Like that’s a bad thing? It’s 2014. He can have sex with whoever he wants to. He can be straight, bi or gay for all I care. The only bad thing is that he had sex with an attention whore like Alexis.

  • Size doesn’t matter

    I didn’t say as a bad thing. It’s just that people seem too focused in the size….lol

    Colin Farrell is hotter and not an attention w h o r e.

  • Mo

    @Size doesn’t matter: People seemed to focus in the size because that was what this article is all about. So I don’t get why some wanted to turn it into about him being gay and all that. Colin Farrell is gone to me since his sex tape.

  • Confirming rumors

    Alexis Arquette has just confessed that he had s e x with Jared when he was still a man and describes Jared’s pe nis just like this,…

  • LPU3000

    If you want to see Jared Leto’s performance Live-Tune in to for a Live Concert from the Hollywood Bowl Monday Sept. 15 only on VyRT! @JaredLeto #LinkinPark #CarnivoresTour #30SecondstoMars

  • LPU3000

    @sdfghjuhg: See for yourself Sept 15 Live from the Hollywood Bowl on

  • Amy
  • thesedays_99

    Damn, my boys packing a beast.