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Amanda Bynes Says She's Engaged to 19-Year-Old Boyfriend

Amanda Bynes Says She's Engaged to 19-Year-Old Boyfriend

Amanda Bynes just dropped a major bombshell – she says she is engaged to a 19-year-old bait shop employee named Caleb.

“I am very needy for friendship and I hate men. I want to f— them, but I can now say I’m engaged – get away from me,” the 28-year-old former actress reportedly told In Touch. “I want to be married and I want to be away from people.” See photos of the diamond engagement ring she was seen wearing this weekend!

Amanda says her fiance lives in Costa Mesa, Calif., but she hopes they can both relocate to New York because she “really [likes] walking and riding [her] bike, and in California, you need to drive.”

On the topic of having babies, Amanda said “I want boys, for sure. However many I can pop out. I don’t want a gorgeous girl around. Then I [would] feel way jealous. Ew.”

The news comes just one week after Amanda was arrested for DUI in Los Angeles.

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  • happyface

    Congrats Amanda!!!! I will always love you. Get well soon girl.

  • SSS

    “Then I [would] feel way jealous. Ew” How PATHETIC!

  • Jennifer

    She’s probably off her meds and needs to be back under psychiatric care. Hope she gets better!

  • Maria

    Like she is stable enough to have a child. She is seriously crazy.

  • VanillaMidget

    am I a bad person because I miss crazy Amanda and I having been praying for her to come back to her insane persona.?

  • miki_f

    OMG this girl is crazy ,and she need help ,not a married or kids ! So sad ,she has sush a potential :(

  • Guest

    She needs more therapy

  • CM

    It’s time these magazines and publications realize this girl is sick and do the right thing by stop reporting on her. How sad for her family.

  • :(

    I was rooting for her so hard. She was doing so well :/

  • wtf
    it’s way worse than we thought !

  • Yeah right

    So….She wants to be away from people, but she moves back to MANHATTAN, which is nothing BUT people.

  • Danielle

    Who the hell would marry that nutcase?! Ew.

  • seasoning

    would i lean out wide to say there’s something in the oven. perhaps. :D

  • Rob

    Ahhh. White people problems. Whatever shall we do?

  • josh

    I can’t believe this is the same actress from She’s The Man, What I Like About You, Hairspray ! She gets compared to Lindsay Lohan, but at least Lohan is still somehow sane. Amanda has completely lost it it’s heartbreaking !

  • yoyo

    Maybe you guys should stop saying she’s crazy, it doesn’t help.

    I wish her luck with her marriage!

  • Grr

    Folks are saying she’s crazy because something is very wrong. She’s not well and instead of helping her the media wants her to exploit her.

  • Dick

    This chick is a complete hot mess. 28 and gunna marry a 19 yr. old bait salesman…yeah…that will work out. I have no sympathy for this tw at…she had money and fame and pissed it all away with drugs and booze……she’s a no talent has-been.

  • Thomas

    Sounds like she’s definitely off her meds again.
    Would somebody please get a competent mental health professional to provide the psychiatric help she obviously needs. And tell the “bait shop boy” that taking advantage of mentally ill rich girls is pretty sleazy.

  • Sienna

    fame and mental illness – the worst combination ever. amanda probably had this illness for a long time, and fame in a way, is traumatic to get accustomed to it. maybe it just pushed her into this craziness. problem is people are entertained by it (even if they dont admit it) and are unwilling to step in….

  • puleazee


    I hate how judgmental people are. I bet most of the people judging Amanda and acting like they are normal are lunatics in real life. What’s so normal about going on a celebrity website and talking all high and mighty about someone you don’t even know? you’re all as crazy or even crazier than Amanda. Check your own lives first before you judge someone you don’t even know.

  • peeps

    Normal is only what the majority deems it to be. There are people who are truly insane and they walk around looking super normal. Amanda is just being herself 100% I bet it’s quite liberating to not give a fu.k and say whatever comes out of your mouth without thinking about it.

  • PauloCoelho

    What is reality? It’s whatever the majority deems it to be. It’s not necessarily the best or the most logical, but it’s the one that supports the desires of the society as a whole.

  • jtw

    @Danielle: He’s probably not even real. (I’m being dead serious, she’s obviously very mentally ill, so it’s very possible that he’s a figment of her imagination)

  • Adrianna

    This girl needs to be locked out… before she hurt herself or someone else, or worse… reproduce…

  • Delusional


  • M

    She’s not prepared to have a baby!! People are crazy…

  • Anna W.

    This guy is going to take all her money. Her parents need to get some control again.

  • Amy

    Shame on In Touch for interviewing Amanda while she’s off her meds. That’s not cool.

  • Meh

    Amanda has 3 twitter accounts, 2 unofficial and 1 official. She talks to herself through two of these accounts. This woman is seriously delusional and I agree, I don’t think Caleb even exists. In Touch is seriously taking advantage of a mentally ill person.

  • Meh

    @Anna W.:
    In less than a year she spent 1.4 million of her 4 million. Do the math and June 2015 she’ll be broke.

  • Kitty

    She is not sick, she’s a dumb girl who wants attention and says and does crazy stuff to get it. Being sick is having cancer or ebola or something MEDICALLY INTERFERING WITH YOUR SURVIVAL. Not a stupid gorl posting crap on twitter and giving interviews for magazines. Don’t feel sorry for her. Feel sorry for people who are actually sick.

  • love it

    i think she is a hoot
    she should be a writer for a comedy show
    she is really funny and clever
    i love her turns of phrase and the way she pisses off jerks in real time
    i seriously think there is a future for her in situation comedy shows
    she needs female writers to work with
    she is not the only one who is sick of men who are jerks

  • i love it

    its funny as hell, whether she is serious or not about the fishing guy
    she really knows how to rile up men who are jerks because they are all saying she’s crazy because they think its not right for her to hate them, when she should…she is running into a lot of jerks, its perfectly understandable that they would be hated
    there is a whole population of women who hate jerks
    we don’t love them
    we hate them
    these men are not god’s gift to women
    instead, its these jerks that are the crazy ones who are abusing women, not just her

  • Amy


    She’s mentally ill. She is bipolar and schizophrenic.

  • growingup

    @love it:

    I agree!!!!!! she’s awesome. All you have to do is watch “The Amanda Show” and you’ll know she’s just being herself.
    Everyone in this society is a follower and when someone original comes along we call them crazy and other mean name to put them back in their place aka like the rest of the boring population. I admire true originality.

  • totally not cool

    totally not cool–in touch weekly is harassing her and are totally out of touch

    totally not cool

  • retrobanana

    I cant believe people buy this crap…she hasnt been relevant in a while…ao she needs to say some outragous crap to get our attention…and talk to press…attention seeker and she clearly gets all your attention….the people who continue to believe her nonsense

  • Uglypeople

    She’s not crazy, she said drake was fugly and he totally is. She’s quite sane actually :)