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Jake Gyllenhaal Mingles With Lucy Liu at Academy of Motion Pictures New Member Reception

Jake Gyllenhaal Mingles With Lucy Liu at Academy of Motion Pictures New Member Reception

Jake Gyllenhaal is dapper in a suit while attending The Academy Of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences New Member Reception held at Lincoln Ristorante on Monday (October 6) in New York City.

The 33-year-old actor was joined by Lucy Liu and Ethan Hawke.

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Earlier in the day, Jake was spotted giving Naomi Watts a piggyback ride on the set of their upcoming movie Demolition.

It was recently reported that Jake donated $5,000 at the Words of War benefit to help raise money for the Headstrong Project, which aids those suffering from PTSD, according to PageSix.

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  • Burp

    he looks old and tired.

  • 5

    next there will be some staged photo ops with rachel. and jake will look ridiculous with her. and they will be selling their movie with their relationship, yawn, holllyweird, they are willing to do anything for more fame.

  • Lina

    nice to see he donated….

  • Hope

    Nice to see people donating to this cause, but people who don’t have PTSD don’t know what they are talking about. It’s a vey serious issue and it takes over your life;

  • Zzzzzzzz

    He had donated years ago, and now this bring this back up? wtf? he donated once and they keep saying it as if he did it again again and again.

  • Guitar

    He looks terrible, yikes. he looks 10 years older than he is.

  • Sam

    @Hope: Jake doesn’t know crap about trauma disorder. This guy spends his time working on movies, is over paid and lives the easy life of a movie star. he lacks life experience and has a very lucky life.

  • Tangerine

    @Hope: they write that to make him look good. it’s all for their image, to make them look good. oh look, I donated money! They don’t give a flying fkcu about the cause, it’s just good for them.

  • 676

    jake looks depressed

  • Janet

    I tell you my husband has PTSD and no these rich Hollywood actors don’t have a clue. I wonder if any of them even know someone with this affliction. I doubt it.


    Homeo And Jewliet!!!!!!!!

  • Ski

    PTSD is being talked about…isn’t that what matters?! The haters on this site…..jeez….guess I shouldn’t say anything more.

  • M

    OMG blog trying to make Jake look bad. They are upset that Jake is working and very busy.

  • Mason

    Jake is one of the most disingenuous, manipulative celebrities out there. He could care less about fans, except when its awards season. That guy is so hungry for an Oscar he’ll do anything for it. Did everyone see the pic circulating around of him recently with this German Shepherd puppy? Yup, supposedly he has another puppy now. Just in time for awards season. Where’s Boo? Where’s Atticus? He goes through dogs like they are props and suddenly they vanish when they don’t fit his public image any longer. He’s gay and ashamed of it. And, I wouldn’t be surprised if he takes up with Rachel McAdams to make him appear “normal.” Maybe his mom or sister will join him on the next romantic date. This is one screwed up family.

  • ace11

    and still has no wife?

  • Delilah

    Jake seems to bring out the crazy people like Mason and some of these others all the time. The small group of dedicated, vicious people who are negative and ugly. Jake had Atticus, a rescue dog, for years. Back when he was dating Kristen Dunst in 2000. Atticus got old. A blind man could see how old and slow Atticus got. He couldn’t travel much and he might even be dead by now. So now Jake has a new puppy and you even want to criticize him for that. You don’t even know what you’re talking about.

    Also, here’s another example of how dumb you are. According to the people in charge, themselves, what I have read, Jake knew the man in charge of the soldiers event from when Jake and his family have been to Martha Vineyards. This is at least the second time Jake has went to the event and did a reading and at least the second time that Jake donated money.

    According to these ugly, crazy people who even run a blog of fiction, Jake has a long time boyfriend and they are hiding six children together! These people are spreading this for years and they are finally being seen for the nut cases they are. All three or four of them. They are disconnected from reality, and they are vicious and destructive. They try to ridicule and bully anyone who confronts them

    Jake has relationships with women all the time, short or long term, they date, they are friends, etc. So what! He is living his life, being busy working, doing great work. He is not using Rachel to promote anything. If something is going on, it is private and low key and if it wasn’t for the stalkers no one would have a clue. Jake’s fans are sick of the ugly garbage of the little bullies.

  • Pda

    @Delilah: you just gave them away as a couple; when are the pdas?

  • Ross

    @Delilah: they are dating and it is a very serious relationship. Pretty soon, we’ll hear about them and see them and everybody is going to talk about that.

  • Table

    @Delilah: you are one frustrated dude!

  • bicurious

    There have been rumors swirling around Jake for YEARS that he is gay and where there is smoke there is always fire…….besides he never ever looks natural and at ease next to any woman he is “supposedly” romantically linked to either in real life or in a role. The only time he seemed natural and truly connected was when he was with Heath Ledger both on screen in Brokeback Mountain and alongside him in interviews and such. Jake’s hobby is cooking for pete’s sake, we’ve never known him to have lived with a woman, plus he grew up in Los Angeles. I wish he was willing to celebrate his true self along with his fans who truly care about the real Jake,

  • Far away

    jake and rachel are a couple, perfect for award season!

  • Delilah

    You can mock me all you want but nothing I said is a lie. Everything I said is the truth. Just go look thru the pictures on his fan sit at I Heart Jake to see his dog Atticus thru the years.

    You do not even know Jake. I don’t either. But I also don’t pretend to have inside information. Some people post on here like they are in the room with him or his PR team, or they have insider information. But it is all fantasy told by ugly bullies.

    So go ahead and mock me and attack me, I am not some sensitive little child who will be scared by you. You are imbeciles. You think you know about “Hollywood” and you speak like you are an authority, but you know nothing. You are probably sitting in your mother’s basement or your tiny bedroom your whole life inventing nonsense. Why these posts of Jared, bring out ugly people who attack Jake and attack his fans is something people need to talk to psychologist about.

  • Maybe

    @Delilah: what’s up with you and that so called ugliness? are you ugly perhaps? or you had plastic surgery and can’t assume it?
    You sure like to speak as if you were above everyone else.

  • Delilah

    @Maybe: LOL! The most beautiful person in the world will be ugly if the behavior of them is ugly. You know this. You just want to mock me some more. Go ahead and attack me. It is nothing to me and shows people how stupid you are.

  • Maybe

    @Delilah: You think like a teenager. I hope you’re not an adult because I feel like I’m talking to a guy going through a teenage crisis.

  • M

    PG, SK and others, post lies about jake will not make it true.

    Jake’s new puppy will make him be nominated for the Oscar. lol lol lol You don’t really know how the Oscar campaign works! hahahahahaha

  • Ronald

    jake is a snobbish and arrogant guy. His self centeredness makes him skin deep.

  • 777

    Rachel is way too good for Jake.

  • Nerd

    This guy has such a strange face. his features make me nautious. i’m out

  • WOW

    @Delilah: You are so spot on,you rock girl!

  • it was just a movie

    @bicurious: you have marked the record of inaccuracies in a single post

    there was never any gay rumors about Jake before BBM, I challenge you to prove otherwise, not that there’s anything wrong, just never happened before the movie
    jake and kirsten lived together
    and please, let Heath rest in peace, his disappearance is already painful enough without having to endure the ramblings about him from you crazy fanatics

  • Listen

    Jake and rachel pap pics real soon.

  • Jackie

    Jake is known for his immaturity. The guy doesn’t know much about life or struggles. easy life. You can tell by the way he is, the way he acts and the way he speaks. There is a lack of depth in that guy.

  • M

    @Mason: Hi Florida Tom!!!

  • harold

    Jake’s eyes remind me of that doll Chucky in Child’s Play