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Kristen Stewart Will Take Time to Master New Forms of Art

Kristen Stewart Will Take Time to Master New Forms of Art

Kristen Stewart has announced that she plans on taking a break from acting to spend time working on different forms of art.

“I’m taking some time off because I’ve been working for two years. I’m an actor and that’s my art form, and because I started that so young, I’ve always felt intimidated and insufficient when I think about other forms of art I want to create,” the 24-year-old actress said in an interview with USA Today.

“I’m going to take so much time off,” Kristen added. “I’m going to buy a live-work space in downtown LA and I’m going to make some (stuff) with my hands. Literally, I made that decision a few weeks ago… I’m making a bunch of (stuff). I don’t know how I’ll put it out. But I’m not going to hold it so preciously close to me. I write all the time.”

ARE YOU SAD that Kristen Stewart will take time off from acting?

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  • Ignorantworld

    Oh yeah like we will be really missing something. Sike!!!

  • VanityInsecurity

    good riddance.

  • elisa

    great news !!! finally we take a break from her at least i wont miss her

  • Jake93

    After her minicoopering she was trying to Prove that she still could get a job so her agent grabbed anything offered it to her in a silver platter while her PR was also busy did a lot of make over and cleaning up her tarnished image. so in the ends it was not really necessary her fans dont really mind about cheating and homewrecking.

  • soggybiscuit

    when did she start?

  • aaudrey

    I’m SO here for her crazy stans meltdown

  • Lylian

    Good for her. Hope she finds fulfilment and self discovery.

  • Jersey

    She can’t open her mouth without lying. She hasn’t been working for “two years.” She went to work on CXR in July, 2013, that was 15 months ago, just over a year, not two.

    And she had time off in the past 15 months, too, she wasn’t working that whole time. She just can’t tell the truth.

    And she’s not choosing to take time off, the fact is she’s
    unemployed because she isn’t being offered any roles. The Big Shoe fell apart, like so many of her projects, and the good directors don’t want to be associated with her.

    If she was offered anything, she’d jump at the chance to do it. You don’t employ a full time PR team if you aren’t incredibly ambitious. She plays the Hollywood game harder than anyone but she’s such a fake.

  • liz

    she wants to be a writer? what da fuq does “make some stuff with my hands” mean? weird

  • Jersey

    Yes, she took whatever she was offered, and it wasn’t much. Seriously, actors over 30 don’t want to work with KStew. They care more about their reputation.

    No men in Sils Maria or Still Alice. She has no love interest in either film, unless you count Juliette Binoche. Poor Nick Hoult needed the work, he took Equals because he isn’t being offered anything else and had just broken up with JenLaw anyway. Now that Equals is done, she’s out of work again. She’s got nothing on the horizon, not even buzz about a new role. Looks like she used up all her favors.

    And Universal canned her from her own franchise. No SW2 for her. So this makes Cali, Focus, SW2 and The Big Shoe that have all fallen apart because of her affair with Rupert. And she’s not getting nominated for any awards, either, she’s too unlikable and has too many scandals attached to her name.

  • Jana Cardenas

    We love you Kristen and can’t wait to see all your movies. You are so talented. I wish the haters would mind their own business. What happens in your personal life is yours not ours. Don’t pay attention to haters, they are not saints or perfect.

  • Jersey

    You need to learn the difference between a “hater” and someone who has a different opinion than you. This is the problem with her fans.

    You’re required to worship her or they call you a “hater.” They can’t deal with reality. And no one has to be perfect, all they need to be is a decent human being and respect themselves and the institution of marriage.

    She knew Rupert was married, she knew Liberty and the kids. But she put her desire for a cheat thrill ahead of everything else. And it wasn’t private, she did it on a public road and issued a public apology. She made it everyone’s business, with her stupidity.

    And all of her indies have flopped, so her fanbase must be very small, since they can never make her films show a profit.


    Play-Doh Balls!!!!!!!! She’ll be making Play-Doh Balls!!!!!!!! 8O



  • Trice

    Wow!!! Haters are incredibly stupid…. you idiots think you’re making a difference or hurting KSTEW with all your comments? Get a life and stop judging her it’s never anyone’s place to judge her, it’s GOD’S and if she’s still in the business that’s exactly where HE wants her to be.

  • alfie

    I’ll never understand what motivates all of you jealous trolls.
    clicking on an article just to spew your filthy, venomous tripe.
    rest assured that none of you are worthy to clean her toilets.

  • bct

    There is so much moronic in this post.

    1. Explain to me how she was getting work two years ago right after the scandal and she isn’t getting any jobs now when no one outside of pressed bitches even cares about the scandal ?

    2. “Poor” Nicholas Hoult has finished 7 movies in the past two years and will start shooting the next X-Men movie in a few months. He doesn’t lack for work.

    3. What does having a love interest mean anything in the grand scheme of things ? Kristen is getting raves for Sils Maria and Still Alice is an Oscars contender so Kristen picked well.

    4. Kristen has done six movies in the past 15 months. Emma Watson did fewer movies in 2012 and still took a one year + break in 2013-2014.

    5. Jesse Eisenberg was 31 years old last I checked.

    Here is how it works. Most lead actors make 2-3 movies a year. Kristen didn’t work for 18 months so she ended up doing more than that in the last 15 months and now she can easily take a year or so off while those movies are going to be released in the next 12-18 months.

  • alfie

    Kristen, I can’t wait to see your new movies that are coming out.
    Best wishes on your new endeavors.

  • Legendary Trolly

    I dont think anyone cares about the scandal! Are you sure it impossible for her to get work? KStew is a superstar and the only thing that will change that is the fact that her shoulders have gotten masculine lately, and she no longer looks pretty like she used to. But I dont think the media notices it yet! Other than that, Kstew is Kstew! The golden child of this era. J Law is cool and very talented, but her destiny is the be second fiddle to Kstew, Awards, or not!

  • Trice

    Haters use derogatory words like some are, that’s the difference. Those who have a different opinion of someone will only state an opinion. The problem with those who don’t like her post the most hurtful and filthy “words” ….that is not voicing out an opinion. I for one don’t care much for this girl but when I read comments like this on anyone, it’s sickening. By the way, it takes two to tango, she wasn’t at fault “solely” for this cheating scandal. This happens to ordinary people and especially in high school? I know a few who are involved with married men . And they’re the first ones to attack Hollywood stars that do this.

  • JEN

    Wow… those who are doing the condemning…you do know that little phrase “he among you who is without sin, cast the first stone” probably applies to typing.
    just might wanna think about that.

  • sam

    I saw Camp Xray and the movie and Kristen Stewart were outstanding. I cannot wait to see her other 6 upcoming movies. She is an outstanding actress.

  • Ignorantworld

    Yeah like finally admitting she is a lesbian because it’s pretty damn obvious already.

  • Lylian

    Are you using the term lesbian here as a Pejorative? You wouldn’t be soooo narrow minded and bigoted would you? :-)

    I don’t care if someone, anyone, is lesbian/gay, heterosexual or swings both ways or celibate. Being a lesbian or a bi is no better or worse then being heterosexual or a celibate. Each to their own with consenting adults.

  • alfie

    sadly, Camp X-Ray is not playing in my city…
    lucky you.

  • Jake93

    the first 2 years after her mini coopering just testing the water.The real truth she is just lucky she had millions of money from twilight she can afford paying a good agent finding her a job feed it to her in a sliver platter and silver spoon. her PR did everything in her power to sweep her momentary indiscretion under the rug.The biggest triumph of all her delusional fans dont really give an importance to character integrity honesty cheating & homewrecking issue. whats important she is Bella in twilight

  • DeeDee00

    Such a horrible actress

  • Jake93

    Before she do that she need to be honest to her fans hanging to their Robsten delusions of happily ever after. Look at Rob not scared of the wrath /backlash from all the crazy Robstem he sure flaunted it to their faces that he finally moved on away but KRISTEN WILL NOT DO THAT SHE IS USING THE LUNACY OF HER FANS TO HER CAREER ADVANTANGE.pleaseeeee help them so they can move on So scared of losing some support from them. they are only hanging to her because of the Robsten epic love which died long time ago

  • Richard Stephen

    just stream it on the web.

  • alfie

    I can do that with a movie that just came out i theaters ? wow !

  • alfie

    your comments read like a broken record.
    Judging solely by your trolling addiction,I’d say you lack integrity.
    Go to an article you can comment positively on.

  • CLX

    Can’t tell if you are just kidding, but Kristen’s career has not come close to the trajectory of Jennifer’s. I can see being a fan of both, but there is no comparison in terms of their careers – Jennifer is much more in demand as an adult actress, and her movies are more varied, have amazing casts, and consistently do well.

  • Legendary Trolly

    To Jennifer’s credit she, like most actresses, are chasing big movies with all star casts! While Kstew kind of hated fame and loves doing indie films. Im a fan of both but just sharing my thoughts.

  • Arriety

    Jlaw the second fiddle to KStew? HAHAHA Are you drunk? They aren’t in the same league. JLaw is one of the biggest star in the world. Keeping to dream

  • Legendary Trolly

    Yea because she chased big films! Kstew was always the young Lebron James in the game! KStew seems mysterious to me! I believe I could talk JLaw into having sex easy. I think Kstew is a jigsaw puzzle very difficult to mack! JLaw is pretty but without make up she is basic. And she is piggish sometimes. Kstew wears raggedy clothes, and recently it seems like her shoulders have gotten masculine! But before that, she was perfect!

  • Legendary Trolly

    Yea because she chased big films! Kstew was always the young Lebron James in the game! KStew seems mysterious to me! I believe I could talk JLaw into having s** easy. I think Kstew is a jigsaw puzzle very difficult to mack! JLaw is pretty but without make up she is basic. And she is piggish sometimes. Kstew wears raggedy clothes, and recently it seems like her shoulders have gotten masculine! But before that, she was perfect!

  • Lilly

    How on earth is she doing that ? You’re insane, it’s not her job to control morons out there , she’s been living her life healthy and happy away from the circus robs created In his life , she owes you nothing and shw owes rob and his talentless gf nothing , they’ve been apart two years and she’s been non stop working , if loonies like yourself don’t get that then that’s not her problem and she’s done nothing to encourage them in any way.

  • Lilly

    Six movies and awesome reviews in a year ya no one wants to work with her RMFE! Shouldn’t you be on robs board trying to sell his horrid gf album which sounds like a dead cat , I’m sure your fellow delusional friends who think rob doesn’t look like a hobo lately are waiting for you on the other side but you prefer to come here instead how sweet.

  • deea

    don’t you people have anything better to do? I truly don’t understand why people are so judgemental and mean. is not as you all were perfect. everyone is different, everyone has flaws and qualities. no wonder she doesn’t want to be in the public eye anymore.

  • deea

    I agree with you. people are mean and judgemental.

  • JuneC69

    You missed American Ultra with Jessie Eisenberg and Anethisia. Six movies since last July. Three fairly big ones back to back, Still Alicia, American Ultra and Equals – that’s months away from home. The Big Shoe fell apart because they moved the start date until January to accomodate Jim Sturgis and apparently Kristen had already decided it was time for break.

  • bluebird

    KRISTEN STEWART is KRISTEN STEWART! Bash or crash her… still she has the charm to make heads turn! She’s a SUPERSTAR!!!

  • Ignorantworld

    Have a seat ass! She is a lesbian……any other questions? Your getting too deep for nothing! She likes women end of story.

  • JustMe

    I find this so hilarious how she talks. How old is she? 24? 25? How long is this going to go on??

    Is she for real? Is this some kind of performance art?! LMFAO!

  • Georgiana

    Also Jlaw has made many indie movies. Stop your trolling. Jlaw is the more successfull young actress today. Kristen is long behind her. I’m sorry for you but also Woodley and Stone are more estimeed than Stewart

  • Legendary Trolly

    Yea but Kstew mostly does only indie films! JLaw is handling her career like any actress who wants big roles and awards. Jlaw is more successful today this is true, but its because of the reasons I stated. But thats not my point! Kstew is the Lebron James of the game. JLaw is like a Carmelo Anthony type to me. regardless of success, or fame!

  • Georgiana

    Maybe because they are the only movies who are given to her? Also Stone, Woodley, Watson make indie movies and they are ahead of kristen with their careers.

  • Legendary Trolly

    Kristen hates fame and big budget films she only has about 2 big budget films. We all know how Kstew is. Look buddy, 100% of you on this site either hate Kstew or is obsessed with her. Im not in neither catagory but Im not here hating or jocking. Jlaw looks prettier than Kstew, but Jlaw is ordinary as well. Kstew is a mystery and smarter than she is supposed to be. I dont understand anything Kstew says. She goes over my head. Jlaw to me is a regular smart person. You all need to get a life and stop trolling!

  • Georgiana

    She hates fame? if she could be able to has a nomination for some awards someday you can see that she will campaign like other actresses

  • Legendary Trolly

    She doesnt care about nominations! Quit hating! Like I said before, I dont come here to hate on this famous person and fall in love with the next. Im just being real. Your one of these internet haters.