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Freida Pinto & Dev Patel Split After 6 Years of Dating (Report)

Freida Pinto & Dev Patel Split After 6 Years of Dating (Report)

Freida Pinto and her boyfriend of six years Dev Patel have called it quits.

The Slumdog Millionaire co-stars met on the set of their film back in 2008 and started up a romantic relationship.

Dev and Freida have broken up,” a source told Us Weekly. “They have been done for a while.”

Freida is single and happy,” another source added. “Friends are setting her up.”

Dev, 24, and Freida, 30, were last photographed out together in October, 2013.

ARE YOU SURPRISED that Freida Pinto and Dev Patel have gone their separate ways??

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  • Molly1958

    No surprise. She has a career and he doesn’t.

  • Paradise

    Jared, last time they were seen together was in april 2014!

  • bbm

    these on screen loves don’t last

  • bbm

    unless you’re Brangelina :p

  • xedos

    I thought he’s was on that HBO show “newsroom”?

  • IM

    Still the biggest WTF of all time: Slumdog Millionaire beating Benjamin Button for best picture award.

  • niagirl

    Old news. Been done.

  • Barry

    He has 5 upcoming movies for 2015, inclunding Best Exotic Marigold Hotel 2, the next Neil Blomkamp, and one with Nicole Kidman.
    Professionnaly, I think he’s ok.

  • mountainbdywhs

    They’re both one hit wonders. Did some good for diversity, though. I can’t remember anything he was last in (except Marigold, which I didn’t see). And she’s not a good actress; made James Franco come across like Daniel Day Lewis in Apes. Very pretty though.

  • sturling

    It’s to bad gerard.butler have a girlfriend now or he be going with freida gerry love slumdog.millionaire he met freida at the Oscar but she and dev was going together they would have made a beautiful couple.

  • tom

    ugly and uglier

  • Rachael T.

    Thank you for shedding some truth and light to Dev’s career. He’s slept on mainstream wise, but he ain’t worried about nothing professionally. I look forward to his projects! Dev will be fine.

  • Rachael T.

    Lies and more lies smh….

  • b324

    Her and Henry Cavill are both single now; they’d make a sexy couple.

  • karenkns

    umm what? He’s been on HBO’s Newsroom for 2 seasons.

  • Dee

    What?? Nooo! Love them together!

  • Jayba

    She doesn’t have a career. Please tell me what films has she been in since after 2012? She has no acting talent to get more roles. Dev atleast is in some upcoming movies and is on the Newsroom. He is better then her career wise.

  • Jayba

    I never understood the comments years ago about her being too ‘pretty for him”. She is very average looking for an Indian woman. She looks like an indian housemaid . Dev is a real cutie tho.
    Anyone remember she dumped her fiance the minute she became famous? I have a feeling she might have done that with Dev. I bet you she thinks he is of no more use to her and will latch onto someone else for fame and money. She is reportedly trying to date the son of a mega-millionare from India now.

  • alex

    she was too much for him. He is more of home boy

  • neil adlington

    Maybe Indians see it that way but I can assure you, as a white man, she is VERY beautiful and I can very much understand those comments about her being “too pretty for him”.

  • Gina

    Yup, and lets not forget the brilliance that is The Newsroom. He’s great in that.

  • HaylorToU

    Well she’s 30 and he’s 24…girls mature way faster than guys…plus he looks like a child

  • LOL

    6 years is actually quite long and not only for Hollywood.

  • LOL

    Me too. Its sad. I like Dev Patel, he seems so sympathic. I think he did a very good jop, to make his fist relationship last so long. He was 19 when he met her. I mean six years is a long time and with their time consuming jobs, its actually wonderful that they made it that long.

  • xyz

    As a white man, u are dumb and have no idea of what beauty is. She looks average.

  • KissOfDanger

    I see the hater is back!!! Still being an idiot I see. Calling people ugly becuase they look like “housemaids” is not a good look for Indians. AT ALL.

  • KissOfDanger

    Yes, lets insult other’s personal perspective on beauty.

  • KissOfDanger

    She just turned 30 so I’m assuming she had an epiphany and decided to call it quits. It happens. I like em both.

  • Jabya

    “as a white man”. Most white guys I know don’t find her attractive, Yeah hard to believe that but its true.

  • Jabya

    The only idiot and re-tard I see here is you. Please, its not an insult to say someone looks like a housemaid.So I have a different opinion then you that makes me a ‘jelli h8ter”? God you sound like those brangeloonies on the brange posts .Where did I say she was ugly in my post? I said she was average looking, which she is! You are incredibly stupid and uneducated. Go learn how to read you idiot. The only ‘h8ter” I see here is YOU!

  • KissOfDanger

    Housemaids can look like ANYTHING! So saying she’s a housemaid makes no sense. What is it about Freida Pinto that makes her look like a housemaid to you? You used the term “housemaid” in a derogatory manner. It’s a job that many people take up to feed themselves and their families. There is nothing wrong with that! It’s classist. Freida is a beautiful woman acoording to the general public. Deal with it. I’ve seen some gorgeous housemaids, but according to you that just isn’t possible. *head desk*

  • KissOfDanger

    Sounds like you don’t know many.

  • Jabya

    Sounds like you don’t know many either loser. I don’t have give you a list of names , but there are plenty of non-brown people who DON’T think she is pretty! Would you call those white guys I know racist? Come and ask one of my good friends, who is white and thinks she is downright ugly. Come here motherf–ker. Come and ask him. He is right here with me laughing at you.
    I don’t think Freida is ugly, but she is not beautiful like she is claimed to be. She is overrated, average looking and one of the most untalented actresses I have ever seen in Hollywood. Also seems like a social climber and serial user too.

  • Jabya

    Yeah, its still not an insult. I am sure you have made comments about women/men of other races like ” Oh she looks like a girl/guy you see working at Wal-Mart” type comments. So calling a girl average because she looks like a Wal-Mart worker is racist too? No its not! Same with calling Freida average because she looks like someone who cleans the houses back in India! Its not racist or rude, it means she is average looking. She is not ugly, but not beautiful either.
    I never called her ugly in my original post but you decided to go ahead and label me as a racist first.
    You are labeling me as a raicst because I am brown and I called her average and looks like a maid. But if a white or black person calls her average and say she looks like a maid, I bet you wouldn’t dare to fight with them and call them a racist, just like how you called ME a racist!
    You are the one who is being a racist.
    You are an idiot, I highly suggest you enroll in a local community college to at least appear intelligent or gain some perspective.

  • KissOfDanger

    She’s beautiful get over it.

  • Raising Self

    This is just vicious! She is a lovely girl by any ethnic standards!