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Kristen Stewart On Her Career: 'I'm Such a Lucky Bastard'

Kristen Stewart On Her Career: 'I'm Such a Lucky Bastard'

Kristen Stewart rocks her favorite Mercenaries cap while stepping out for dinner with friends at Momofuku on Wednesday (January 14) in New York City’s East Village.

The 24-year-old actress recently chatted about how she picks projects to work on.

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“People always ask if I chose the projects I’ve chosen because I’m trying to redefine myself or people’s perception of me. Uh, no. In a word: ‘Nah,’ Kristen shared to Salon.

She added, “I haven’t planned, I haven’t thought about my trajectory or how to design my career in a way that I can get what I want. Luckily I’ve gotten what I wanted naturally – I’m such a lucky bastard.”

10+ pictures inside of Kristen Stewart grabbing dinner with friends…

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  • GFW

    No truer sentiments ever expressed. She forgot “undeserving”.

  • Aching

    Lucky, indeed. She certainly cannot attribute talent prowess for her “career” aka her one-dimensional acting.

  • bailey

    Lucky bastard ha yeah right shes only lucky because other bigger stars make her look better she can’t carry a movie on her own with her stone expressionless face she stutters and looks like Bella in very fucking movie she stared in give me a break I give 5 years then everyones not gonna care what she does what’s sad is a nine year has had nominations for both a golden globe and an Oscar a nine year old now that’s talent

  • Jake93

    Too much luck being picked by Catherine Hardwick to play Bella in twilight or else she couldnt afford to pay an agent looking a job for her and PR holding a broom 24/7 cleaning up her messed.

  • Vy Nguyen

    Well, eventually her fame from Twilight will dry out and then she’ll realize she has to get serious. She has no method to her acting and you can tell due to her obvious inability to act. Nevertheless, she still has that cool tomboy attitude about her. But will it still be cool when she’s into her 30′s – 40′s? I don’t think so.

  • Heidi

    Awe look jake and bailey are here Kristen’s number one fans they never miss an article about her RME!! She’s done awesome in still Alice and Cosm so ya I’d say she’s been really lucky this year on her own merits and it’s obvious from all the critics and reviews she’s been getting, she’s come a long way from twilight

  • Heidi

    What? This year alone she proved twilight is a thing of the past go read THR and variety educate yourself

  • tia maria

    Her acting career was perfectly fine before twilight and is still perfectly fine now that twilight is over. To be fair the acting in twilight by everyone was sub par but that’s because the books are sub par but everybody played the characters as they were say she stutters in every film but bet you have never actually seen any of her films other than twilight and snow white which really aren’t great films.

  • Guest

    Wow, 15 days in to the year and she’s already outdone herself!

  • bailey

    Yeah critics didn’t give her Oscar did they nope didn’t see her on the.list for a Kristen fan u should be upset Heidi I’m mean u tall a lot of shit and ur her.number one supporter?? she’s not on the list when so many of u Kristen fans said she would be getting I this year hahahaha yeah right her career is bad she picks shitty movie after shitty movie twilight was fucking joke everyone made fun it and so was her do u see anyone making fun of.hunger games or divergent or back then lord of the rings h.p nope you don’t her career is a joke critics still call her stone face what u see is faw foreign who don’t really count she’s been in this business what 15 years and still nothing congrats to ur girl heidi

  • bailey

    Actually i have seen all of them since she started till last year and they are horrible are u kidding me or are u ignorant or drinking stupid juice it gets her make fun of daily or is she that moody for no reason snow white which I’m sure u heard made her a permit slut in everyone’s eyes she has no regrets remember lol name one movie that has everyone saying she damn good because I’ve read her reviews and its all the same.for every movie she needs help to carry it or emotions class with her blank face lol

  • tia maria

    Panic room, clouds of sils maria,adventureland,into the wild,the runaways are just some of the films she has been praised for by critics.

  • bailey

    Uh yeah barley panic room she got minamal adventureland straight to DVD into wild barley where’s her recognition 15 years maria if she is that good where are they she’s mediocre at best average bigger alisters like Moore and Juliet making her look good because critics know she’s not that good now maria not trying to be mean about ask anybody they will say the twilight chick or who is she she attracts teeny boppers not adults adults like Moore well except for twilight crazy moms lol twilight was a sick teen obsession that reminded a lot.of people of a soap opera ft rob Taylor and ur girl

  • tia maria

    next time you reply to a comment at least try writing coherently

  • bailey

    Shut up ! At least know what ur talking about good actress my ass

  • bailey

    Thank u jake93 ur the coolest and honest one here

  • bailey

    Maria tell me something if she’s so good where her awards Teen choice and MTV don’t count they mean nothing if u arent taken seriously by ur peers no award at all a nine year old had and Oscar nod and a golden globe nod before she did I’m not trying g to critize Kristen but she really needs to step up her game there are actresses coming in and up around her age that are passing her up big time and just a little better to

  • SP

    This article is so badly written to attract everybody who hated/hates her. Never gets old huh. If people can’t pick on her because of who she dates, people pick on how she never smiles, then they pick on her acting skills. SAD. Well, guess what. she’s having movies, she’s promoting movies, she’s making movies, she’s working with great actors.. and these little commentaries cannot change that fact!

  • Daisy duck

    You know something I have been off the net for two months. I come back and the idiot haters are still shoving the same cahcah. They don’t even come up with new charges. Kristen has got many complements on all of her latest work, but do you people listen. No. She stopped running for the Oscars. Why run when she has an ex boyfriend and his new girlfriend who are slamming everything you currently doing. It would just be a waste of time. It could cost Julianna her nomination. You people wouldn’t know a good performance if you saw it