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Katy Perry Talks Taylor Swift Feud in 'Billboard' Super Bowl Issue

Katy Perry Talks Taylor Swift Feud in 'Billboard' Super Bowl Issue

Katy Perry poses for the cover of Billboard‘s latest issue, on newsstands February 2.

Here is what the 30-year-old singer had to share with the mag:

On her social media feud with
Taylor Swift: ​”​If somebody is trying to defame my character, you’re going to hear about it.”

On performing at the Super Bowl: “Everyone has been asking me if I’m going to be nervous before the halftime show. I’m like, I’m…human. This is the biggest event of my career. I want the show to be quintessential Katy. It’s like the exclamation point on the whole last cycle. This is the cherry on top to everything I’ve already done.”

On being cautious with relationships: “There is no handbook. In all my relationships, I’ve learned how I have to be more careful and that it’s not up for public consumption.”

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FYI: Katy is wearing RVN.

Bigger cover pic inside…

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katy perry talks taylor swift feud in billboard

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  • Jay

    I don’t think it’s a feud. Taylor Swift gave an interview to rolling stone in which she said things about Katy. And then Katy Perry responded with a short and sweet tweet, ‘watch out for Regina George in sheeps clothing’. I don’t think she expected Perry to respond. Her exes have never responded to any of her comments about them.
    It was calculated, a huge magazine like Rolling Stone, she wanted the attention.

  • piste_five

    i can’t stand this person what so ever. what is the fascination with her? besides her big tits

  • Francesca Simoni

    what did Taylor say about Katy in the RS interview?

  • Baseliner

    well at least taylor isn’t friends with someone

  • dafaq

    Reasons why taylor swift is Regina George dressed in a day dream:

    “According to TMZ, the three girls who left Taylor’s tour to go to Katy’s…had actually worked with Katy first!
    Supposedly these three girls had been working with Katy, but when her tour ended, they needed work. So they signed onto Taylor’s tour, supposedly with the caveat that they weren’t signing on for the full tour; they were upfront with Taylor about returning to Katy’s team if she went back on tour, so they wanted to make sure they had a thirty-day out.
    Then when Katy hit the road again, those three dancers gave their notice, but supposedly Taylor felt so pissed and betrayed that she fired them on the spot. So there’s that.”"

    Not to mention she wrote a diss song about katy called “Bad Blood” like who fucking does this shit?? She made it super obvious who this song was about (other wise she wouldn’t give out details in an interview on who the song was about)
    I mean writing a diss song about an ex is one thing but to do it to another pop female artist especially when taylor is new to the pop game is shady as hell and unprofessional. Taylor was the one who made this feud public.

    Taylor also took a jab at katy when she brought Sara Bareilles to her Red Tour and called Sarah’s song “original” .This was during the whole sara’s Brave & katy’s Roar song comparisons.

    Taylor Swift also refused to work with a director if he takes on Perry’s upcoming Super bowl performance!
    Taylor swift would try to crush anyone who DARES to step on her toes even if it means firing an irrelevant Victoria Secret super model over a stupid comment or taking down a youtube video making fun of her made by Shane Dawson.

  • piste_five
  • i75Sunshine

    Taylor seems like a Scientologist. (Either that, or she’s tapping into her Kanye-side!) Both Katy and Taylor are full of themselves! At least, Katy doesn’t expose horse teeth when she opens her mouth…..

  • hill92

    Taylor didnt say a thing about Katy in the Rolling Stone interview! She said someone tried to sabotaged her tour. Period. Katy raised her hand and said–”yeah! I’m guilty!” Duh. If she’d never DONE anything, and never made weird comments to Swift at award shows–shy would she ever send her guilty tweet?

    Katy’s just jealous anyway. She can’t come near the number of albums Taylor has sold. She has what–11.1? Meeeoow.

  • gail.enigma

    Katy should grow up.
    She’s much more older than Taylor.
    Keeps acting like don’ t want to lose to someone.
    Leave it there and case close.

  • hill92

    Taylor NEVER mentioned Katy’s name in the Rolling Stone interview!! There is someone named Jay who commented here that Taylor did that, but he is wrong! He got a lot of up votes, too, so let’s get it straight, guys!

    In her Rolling Stone interview. Taylor simply said that someone had sabotaged her tour. And that this person prior to that would come up to her at awards shows and make comments that left Taylor wondering–was that one of the worst insults I’ve ever received in my life?

    Sooo. out of the blue–Katy raises her hand!! Tweets and Pleads guilty! Whoops! Think: If she didn’t recognize herself in what Taylor said–the sabotaging and the nasty insults–why the guilty Tweet?

    Sorry Katy. Guilty as charged!

  • hill92

    Taylor didnt say anything about Katy in her Rolling Stone. See my comment above, or short version:Tsylor said someone tried to sabotage her tour. Prior to that, this person would walk up to Taylor and hit her with a comment that left Taylor wondering if she’d just gotten the worst insult of her life.

    After that, Katy basically pleased guilty with her Tweet. Can we say: guilty?

  • hill92

    Nope. Taylor said someone had tried to sabotage her show. Never talked about three dancers. TMZ came up with that story. 22 year old dancers, in need of some money maybe? Well, just sayin! Why would Taylor hire 3 dancers if they were going to leave 6 months into the show? She wouldn’t of course.

  • hill92

    Katy Perry is the Regina George! Taylor Swift never said a word about Katy Perry in her Rolling Stone interview! She said someone would come up to her at award shows and say things that made her wonder if she had just been given the worst insults in her life. She knew for sure this person was not a friend when she tried to sabotage Taylor’s tour by hiring people away. She never said a word about three dancers, either. For all we know, Katy tried to hire six dancers, a stage manager and the choreographer. Ha!
    Katy must have recognized herself in what Taylor said. If she was innocent, why her famous Tweet?
    Do you read at all? Or do you just come up with stuff as you write? Because it wasn’t 3 female dancers. And it was TMZ that told the story about the 3 dancers! Now you tell me–how did it happen that those three 22 year olds magically showed up on TMZ”s doorstep to tell their tale? I believe TMZ pays money for stories, don’t they? And what a story.
    Fact: Taylor Swift has been touring since she was 16 or 17. Why in the world would she hire 3 dancers who said they might leave in the middle of her tour? I live in LA, it’s full of great dancers looking for work. So why would she hire 3 dancers who might leaver? Mid tour, new dancers would have to be auditioned, and it would take weeks to master the cues and the choreography for a 1.5 or 2 hour show. All this while the tour was moving from one city to the next? This story is BS. They never would’ve been hired. and who cooked it up the story, hmmm?
    You try to drag every bit of gossip rag BS into your rant as you can. But fact–TS has been a STAR longer than Perry. TS has sold far more than twice as many albums, and Katy is supposed to be jealous as hell. Taylor had Sarah as a guest at a concert, and praised her song. Big whoop, she always talked about how great guests songs were. And it was Katy’s song that was called too much like Sarah’s, not vice versa. And the Victoria’s Secret story was totally discredited, she couldn’t do the show due to a foot injury, and she’s still a VS model. Swift has the reputation of being one of the nicest, most genuine people in the music biz. Sam Smith was just saying that this week, that she’s a role model. It’s strange how you collect and distort gossip and discredited junk about someone you don’t like. Weird, and twisted. Sick, really.

  • Lou Vasquez

    You Swifties are all the same a bunch of lairs and excuse makers just like that low down scandalous liar herself Taylor Swift.

  • marcthepig

    They should settle this with strap-ons at 12″.

  • hill92

    Fool. Read the article.

  • Lou Vasquez

    I know all the facts unlike you I’m not here to kiss anybody’s ass Swiftie I’m only here to tell the truth about this greedy, fake, toothpick anorexic looking woman!! Go away before I hurt your feelings like Taylor Swift gets hers hurt every time she gets dumped.

  • hill92

    Katy is such a phony. It’s obvious she’s finally talking about this now just to get publicity for her Super Bowl show. Pepsi probably loves it, too, because they sponsor the show, and Taylor is spokesperson for Diet Coke.

    Defame her character? Katy doesn’t have any character to defame. She doesn’t care if she steals Diplo away from his pregnant girlfriend or tries to steal people away from Taylor’s show.

  • hill92

    She didn’t say anything about Katy in RS! Taylor just said someone tried to sabotage her show. Next thing you know–Katy’s Tweeting about Regina! if Katy never did anything wrong–why would she think Taylor was talking about her? Guilty much?

  • Avril

    Taylor didn’t even mentioned Katy, in fact, she clarified she didn’t want people to obsessed about who the song is about, she said she just wants people to apply her songs on their lives.
    And you’re calling that a sweet tweet? LOL.
    And FYI her exes have responded to her before even in interviews but Taylor always ends up winning bc she knows how to play the game.

  • Lou Vasquez

    That’s already two big reasons to like Katy over flat chested Taylor Swift.

  • Suz

    You can spin this feud anyway you want, but this Katie character messed with the wrong person. If you should invest that much time and energy into ruining another person’s tour which is synonymous to livelihood then, my friend, you have “A VERY SERIOUS CHARACTER FLAW!!!” That means, if this is true, it was premeditated and malicious to say the least. For one thing, there are so many dancers who will jump at the chance to dance with Ms. Swift and knowing how intelligent Ms. Swift is, she would not even hire anyone who she knows will live her in six months into the tour. Do you all have any idea the amount of time and energy and not to talk of funds that will be dispensed to find replacement? So that story of the dancers giving Ms. Swift notice to live in six months to anyone with grey matter in their brains will conclude as total false. Katie taught Ms. Swift will take it lying down because she is young. Another note, as said before, if this is remotely true, then Katie does not have any character to be defamed. Anyone with character will never ever let jealousy stand in the way of friendship. Even if she apologizes which we seriously doubt, Ms. Swift should not bother with this friendship anymore but should forgive her which we know Ms. Swift already has. Why no more friendship? Because trust is out of the window. You should “CELEBRATE YOUR FRIENDS NOT HARM THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  • i75Sunshine


  • piste_five

    hate them both with or without boobs