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'Fifty Shades of Grey' Has Biggest February Opening Ever!

'Fifty Shades of Grey' Has Biggest February Opening Ever!

It’s official – Fifty Shades of Grey had the best February opening of all time!

The Jamie Dornan-Dakota Johnson led film brought in $85 million domestically over the three-day weekend, Variety reports. Over the four-day weekend, the movie made $93 million total.

Previous record holder was Mel Gibson‘s “Passion of the Christ,” which earned $83.8 million during its premiere in 2004.

The film is a huge success for Universal as it only took $40 million to produce and is looking to make a ton more money this upcoming weekend.

Fifty Shades of Grey yet???

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  • Tia


  • Sim

    Biggest for the month of Febururay , last month American Sniper brought in 108 million 4 day weekend

    But unlike Passion of Christ in 2004 which went on to gross 370 million domestically and even American Sniper that’s earned already 309 million and is on course to make 350 million , higest grossing movie of 2014

    Fifty Shades will have huge drop and at most gross 200 million.

  • Curt Noydb

    Bet no one watched it twice.


    Are they going to blame the marketing staff for its success now?

  • ale

    i watched it three times

  • ale

    i watched it three times

  • dalovelee

    Why is that awesome? It’s not quality movie.. it just appeals to the lonely people, predominately females, who need to see a Hollywood produced movie to experience voyeurism of fictional characters to get erotically stimulated? Or are people going because this is some great work of art?

  • jessica408

    I really think this is expected. It has a female driven audience, unlike American Sniper. Movies like this tend to have huge openings and drop 65 percent the following weekend. If it does drop 65 percent it will probably do $30 million this weekend. I compared it to Twilight. Twilight didn’t sell $ 200 million domestically. This will probably do around $180 million domestically. Even if you factor in production and promotion, it is already a massive hit. If it didn’t make anymore money in coming weeks, Universal Pictures is still counting their cash.

  • jessica408

    People are seeing this because the books sold $100 million copies. They don’t care if it’s good. They liked the books, so they went to see the movie. People are even going to hate-watch. Even if you hate-watch, they will still give Universal a profit , really stupid. Bigger profit equals more movies.

  • Violet

    You need better taste in movies.

  • Violet

    The next two movies will be successful as well, people love foolishness, it sells.

  • Chris

    Lonely people ? lol speak for yourself .The theater i was in was full of couples of 20′s to 40′s & everyone seemed to enjoy the movie which suprisely had some really funny moments.I have not read the books so i went to watch it with an open mind.& i found it very entertaining.

  • Missy

    Surprisingly good movie ;)

  • Nikki Tomas

    Are they counting in the rise of ticket prices since 2004? And how many people walked out on this movie? I read many comments online from people who walked out and people who say people walk out. And how many of the people who bought the book stopped reading it? Just because something sold a certain amount doesn’t mean everyone of those people liked it and/or finished it.

  • Sonya

    The books were very entertaining, you should read them and stop being so serious.

  • Tia

    For your information I am happily Married thank you very much and My husband is watching it with me. So I am definitely not lonely.

  • Nikki Tomas

    I did read them. Worst books in the world but I pushed through so I could talk about them. Also you don’t need to have read the books to watch the movie and talk about the movie. Did everyone read Lord of The Rings? Harry Potter? I am sure not but they saw the movie and had opinions on it.

  • GFW

    But it is a serious topic, this movie, that’s just it. And the atrocious writing with lack of respect for those, not me I might add, into that type of thing are truly insulted, not to mention every psychoanalyst in practice. The age-old fairy tale where she is completed by his penis and he is fixed by her purity. Seriously, really? Love is a terrific change catalyst, I’ve witnessed it and been the catalyst so I know, but it does not cure mental illness. Therapy does.

    And they did not even mention he was in therapy in the movie. Why not? For the same reason so many fail to get the treatment they need to live connected.

    And, wait for it, the author is a bit of a control freak herself grown punch drunk by money, fame and power so it is reported Sam is not doing the sequel and this nutter wants to write the script herself? Nailed. I knew she’d not be back. She made the film better than the book which is The ultimate insult to any book ever written.

    E.L. James Wants To Write The ’50 Shades’ Sequel Script

  • GFW

    I read the first one because my neighbor started talking about the poor tortured soul (in Florence Nightingale mode) which is the ‘turn on’ for many women. What they don’t know is every man out there knows what’s wrong with him and can fix himself. He does not want a project manager for a partner. He wants a partner of the heart. If you want something to fix, redo the tiles in your bathroom.

    I was one of the ones that was rolling my eyes constantly, turned off the Kindle (the equivalent of tossing it) and didn’t pick it up until my old perfectionism (guilt for not finishing a project) kicked in. It too me ages to read the large-font double-spaced pathetic ‘novel’ about a topic she knows nothing about. And no, a Google search and site visits are not enough ‘research’ at all.

  • Chiyoe

    I think the movie getting bad lashes… for what? The movie was GREAT. The movie captured something totally different to what the essence of the book was. Jamie and Dakota did a great/fantastic job in capturing those moment that made the movie entertaining and claps to the director Sam for the brilliant work that made a beautiful movie.