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Khloe Kardashian & NeNe Leakes Could Replace Kelly Osbourne on 'Fashion Police'?

Khloe Kardashian & NeNe Leakes Could Replace Kelly Osbourne on 'Fashion Police'?

Rumors are swirling that Khloe Kardashian and NeNe Leakes are being considered for the vacant spot on Fashion Police, according to Us Weekly!

The network is currently searching for a replacement after Kelly Osbourne decided to quit the show over the controversial comments on her friend Zendaya, who was criticized for her Oscars 2015 look.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Khloe Kardashian

Khloe has contributed to the network as an E! correspondent, so it would not be a huge shock to see her on Fashion Police.

WOULD YOU LIKE to see Khloe Kardashian or NeNe Leakes on Fashion Police?

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  • sydney jane

    Khloe would be a horrible choice. I’ve watched her on the E Red Carpet shows and she doesn’t seem to know anything about fashion. But, if you want someone who’s going to trash everybody and say how their clothes look like hooker clothes or some kind of nonsense like that, I guess Khloe is the right person. Kelly’s not a great intellect, but she seems to know fashion. I wish they would stop trying to force the Kardashians on us, but I guess Khloe has some kind of contract.

  • mandyz

    Nene over Khloe, please E!!! Khloe will be another celebrity ass kisser like Kelly. Plus Nene has a sense of humor and tells it like it is, she doesn’t care if she’s friends with the celeb or not. And Nene is better looking than manly Khloe.

  • Sam

    its Khloe duh!! for the ratings… I never liked FB so i couldnt care less lol

  • duh

    Rachel Zoe should replace Kathy, replace Kelly with Tyra and give G’s spot to a celebrity guest host each week. Boom

  • mandyz

    No, Khloe would be like Kelly and be an ass kisser and say they look “amazing”, especially if it was a powerful celeb that’s an A-lister which got so nauseating and redundant. That was Kelly’s favorite word to use, “amazing” blegh. Kelly would only gang up and criticize a celeb if Giuliana, Brad, Joan, or Kathy would criticize the outfit first since Kelly is seated to have the last opinion which made Kelly look like she didn’t have any spine at all to say a different critique. Nene will keep it real, trust me, she’s the better choice hands down.

  • mandyz

    Khloe isn’t a ratings bait at all, she wouldn’t make me wana watch FP for nothin.

  • Nosey Ned

    Oh H€LL No!!

  • mandyz

    Ugh screw Rachel Zoe, she can’t even style Jennifer Lawrence well at all and sounds like a stuckup valley girl and always dresses the same with those long ass bellbottoms. Tyra lost her ratings power that she used to have in her ANTM early days and sounds like an annoying mama bear. They need someone funny, not bully funny.

  • etc.

    Khole Kardashian, because she will single handily torpedo this show and hopefully get it off the air permanently.

  • beautylover

    I prefer Khloe of course but both of them will be better than annoying Kelly who looks like Ursula

  • whatever

    Either way, they’re both a million times better than Kelly. She has always been the weakest host, not funny at all, and her critiques are lame. Good on her for quitting the show, since she’s one of the reasons it became a trainwreck like it is now.

  • Rita Fernandes

    Nene please…i’m sick of watching the kardashians all over the tv, magazines and internet…please move on to something new!!!!

  • carrie

    Why not someone with fashion style?

  • j k

    Joan is rolling in her grave. If this is true I hope they pick Nene

  • neil adlington

    Why oh why hasn’t SNL or some other comic group done a parody about this idiocy? Fashion Gestapo, Fashion Bureaucracy or Fashion Mean Girls. Why do people take these people seriously? These people are the arbiters of good taste and fashion? Italians from Italy must howl with laughter over such a presumption that these “Americans” know anything at all about fashion. I guess this is what you get when it all starts with Joan and her daughter being the role models here. Laughable.

  • plez

    Two women who should not be attacking anyone for their looks. Do we really need to show the pictures of them when they first came to reality tv. Good grief. Cancel Fashion Police already.

  • devvv

    No one in their right mind wants to see anymore Kardashian than they already do…if they pick Khloe, they might as well go ahead and cancel it.

  • louflo

    Wow they are really scraping the bottom of the barrel .

  • louflo

    Melissa please cancel the show. You are insulting your mother’s memory by even considering any kartrashian or fake trashy “housewife.”

  • j k

    Fashion Police has no weight on anything whatsoever other than drama. Nobody cares about it other than people that watch E. This show was just another stage for Joan Rivers to perform.

  • Christine

    Neither! Get someone who really knows fashion please!

  • AnitaC24

    These two are the best they can come up with?! The only one on that show who knows fashion and design is Brad. Either end FP or bring on some serious fashion people who can critique with knowledge, not insults!

  • Willow Siva

    Two Bad choices! Khloe talks like a three year old and NeNe is just Annoying!

  • Guest

    Khloe looks like an ewok. Horrible family.

  • JLover

    Hell frickkin noooo…. non! there is only one person in the panel actually knows fashion… please get someone else who knows fashion!

  • greer

    Chloe K, puhlease…….. She would spend all her time twirling her hair and voicing how bored she is. She is not and never will b host material. I feel for Melissa with all the crap going on. Ryan Seacrest is the one that is so pro Kardashian.

  • Doris Martin

    Khloe Kardashian ?!?!?! Say is isn’t so…..Yeah, Fashion Police, hire Khloe and watch your ratings bomb. Melissa is obviously grasping at straws here if she thinks Khloe is the answer. Giuliananorexic thinks she’s Joan now, & it is not working!! What about hiring Ross Mathews, or Carson Kressley? Hire anybody, except a Kardashian.

  • rainy

    Yes, Nene over Khloe. Khloe is boring. Nene is fun.Nene is really funny. Nene is my girl. Team Nene all the way. Nene works very hard. She deserves the Fashion Police job. Joan was fond of Nene. Also, Nene had great respect for Joan.