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Hilary Duff on Life After Divorce: 'I Don't Know if People Are Meant to Be Together Forever'

Hilary Duff on Life After Divorce: 'I Don't Know if People Are Meant to Be Together Forever'

Hilary Duff looks smokin’ hot in short shorts and a tight jacket on the cover of Cosmopolitan magazine’s April 2015 issue, on newsstands March 10.

Here’s what the 27-year-old Younger star had to share with the mag:

On her ex Mike Comrie: “Mike and I were very in love when we met. We both really wanted to get married. I’d been working since the age of 11 or 12, so making that choice at a young age seemed right for me. Maybe it wasn’t, but we spent the majority of our time together really happy. It wasn’t working well enough to stay together, but there was still a lot of love involved. It was just a slow set-in of us not being the match that we used to be. I’m lucky for the person he is and I am and how we decided to handle this.”

On Aaron Carter‘s declarations of love: “Him reaching out through social media? It’s ridiculous! But then people do it all the time, like Chris Brown and Karrueche? Come on, guys. Keep it between text messages.”

On her view of marriage post divorce: “I don’t want to sound bitter because I’m definitely not, but I don’t know if people are meant to be together forever. Things happen over a long relationship that you can’t always fight. A marriage of 20 years, the accomplishment of that must feel really great, but there are also huge sacrifices. I just always want to fight for happiness.”

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FYI: Hilary is wearing American Eagle Outfitters denim shorts on the cover.

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  • John

    Ya damn right she’s back.

    Disney Channel and Nickelodeon.

    Bow down bitches

  • Brett

    I think people get really offended when someone speaks out with the opinion that realistically people aren’t meant to be together forever. I’ve noticed younger engaged/newly married couples take it as an insult, as if it’s an attack/criticism on their choice to get married. I’ve met older couples though that are like ‘whatever, it’s chill, not everybody stays together’. Old age mellows you i think.

  • plez

    What a weird answer about her view of marriage. I guess when her son starts giving her problems (because no child is a saint) and she has to fight and make huge sacrifices; she will say that maybe it’s not worth having a child.

  • Lula Noboa

    If it wasnt working well enough but there was still plenty of love, why dont just go to couple’s therapy. Unless she is sugarcoating it and they had a lot of problemas and didnt want to be together anymore, and she just doesnt want to say it, which is understandable but sound unrealistic

  • urkel

    the reason people get offended is because it’s such a egotistical and short sighted answer. She can’t admit that she sucks at marriage so instead she has to claim that nobody could be good at it (despite many people being successful and many people working through problems before giving up).

  • urkel

    No, people get offended when they get lumped in with idiots. It’s a “speak for yourself” and “take accountability” situation that she is instead claiming to be a “If I wasn’t good at it so probably nobody could be”.

  • PlayNice

    I don’t really care about what went wrong in her marriage. It’s none of my business. That cover though…. Who the hell airbrushed that??? SCARY! What did they do to her cheekbones? She looks 37.

  • DashDancer

    plot twist: urkel is a mombie.

  • DashDancer

    why when I envision you do I see an overweight suburban stay-at-home mom who scrapbooks and hasn’t had sex with her husband in years?

  • evie

    I totally agree with everything she said! Wish her luck!

  • BeaglesSnore

    How long have you been married now, Urkel?

  • evie

    Love doesn’t always bring you happiness. And If I’m correct, they tried couple’s therapy. That’s why they’re divorcing now after a year of seperation, it was not a hasty decision.

  • B Petros

    How cow batman talk about photoshop Hilary Duff doesn’t look that good these magazines really need to start posing what the actual person looks like and the photoshop besides each other.

  • JC

    What is she famous for actually? I Googled her. She’s not that attractive – airbrushed & all. She’s not that great of a singer. Is it her acting? I wouldn’t know because I’ve never watched kiddie shows even when I was a kid. I hope she’s one heck of an actor because I don’t see much appeal about her otherwise – not that I do about 90% of the entertainment world either.

  • Tina501

    Nice breast implants Hil.

  • lala

    Lizzie Mcguire, a kids tv show from the 2000s.

  • Victoria Elizabeth

    “it wasn’t working well enough to stay together”. It’s called marriage sweetheart. You have to work on it. Of course this is Hollywood, so what do you expect? On a positive note she looks amazing on the cover.

  • Delores Pauldo

    She should have filed papers in 2012. People break up for different reasons and get back together. But she should say things like that. Children Shouldn’t be the reason to get together or get a baby your ex boyfriend like Rachel bilson did. It didn’t do Hillary and Rachel any good. At least Hillary did marry him. But Rachel won’t even talk about her relationship or the baby that she had. Not a good sign the relationship going to last either. Rachel used hayden like Hillary used her husband. Neither one need to be in a relationship with kids. At least people don’t make up stories about Hillary. They don’t know what to call Rachel relationship to hayden these days. Partner they are not married or she supports what he does. Cause she had a baby that don’t mean nothing when you not supporting your child.And wanting somsone to do it.why can’t she call it quits too? Hayden career is not going well at all and her either. She dumped for that reason. And be honest hayden don’t live with her when he be in California. At least Hillary knew when to get a bad relationship.

  • k emps

    You need a fucking life

  • Michello Rc

    Yes, they are kiddie.

  • Butch

    I’ve been married for 15 years and what the hell does that have to do with anything@BeaglesSnore:disqus? Urkel is right and at least she’s married. I doubt either one of you are. Please @dashdancer:disqus @BeaglesSnore sit down and STFU. Nobody would really want your a*ses. H. Duff is basically a DUFF. Do you know what a DUFF is? A lable that apply applies the the both of you.

  • Guest

    She looks like Ryan Phillippe’s girlfriend, Paulina Slagter.

  • Jane Lawrense

    In my opinion people shouldn’t be afraid of divorce. Personally I could never imagine that my husband and I coul divorce, but finally it happened …And now I don’t complain, because I began a new life! I met a nice man on, and soon we’ll get married:) So don’t be afraid of changing your life!