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Kanye West Boasts 'I'm So Lucky,' Posts Topless Photos of Kim Kardashian - Read the Tweets!

Kanye West Boasts 'I'm So Lucky,' Posts Topless Photos of Kim Kardashian - Read the Tweets!

Kanye West just exuberantly took to his Twitter account to praise his wife Kim Kardashian on her recent accomplishments.

“I’M SO LUCKY” the 37-year-old rapper wrote on his Twitter account, along with a topless pic of his 34-year-old wife.


After posting his congrats messages, Kanye updated his account with the word “SWISH!!!!” several times with more topless photos.

Click inside for all of Kanye West’s tweets about Kim Kardashian…

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  • kellyf

    Is she ever NOT taking her clothes off?

  • Scarlett


  • Angel

    She has nothing left to do. She has done and showed it all. SMH

  • Kim Jones

    Yuk who wants to see more of this hoe. Kanye has lost his pride and his mind.

  • Kim Jones

    Yuk who wants to see more of this hoe. Kanye has lost his pride and his mind.

  • Randy M

    What a skank! Take your ugly wife and baby, and head northwest out of this country, loser.

  • Andra Ana-Maria

    i have to agree here, he’s gone bonkers……

  • Mirela Muhić

    Can these people sink any lower? How can someone be interested in anything that a fat, only famous for being naked, whore and her narcissistic big mouth husband do? How can these people be famous and have fans?

  • Ifigeneia

    I remember watching one of the first episodes of KUWTK (the one where she was struggling to decide whether or not to pose for Playboy back when her Tape scandal was a hot-topic). She said something along the lines of : If I decide to do the shoot people will be like ‘Oh, all she is good for is taking her clothes off’ *insert irony here*
    Flash forward to today.She predicted her future correctly and continues to take off her clothes for the cameras.

  • sunshine

    Kanye is a drug addict just like Lamar and Scott. There is a huge pattern of these men including Bruce with drug dependenancy. They would have to be in order to deal with these women. The TRUTH.

  • Aloel96

    Lol I remember that episode

  • girl93

    That’s her only talent.

  • Ifigeneia

    :P It keeps ringing in my head whenever these kinds of pictures of her surface. And surely that’s what all of us are thinking ”All she is god for is taking her clothes off” combined with … ”Enough is enough”

  • Mirela Muhić

    I am surprised that she can speak, because I have never seen any news about her that was about something she said, it is always about being naked somewhere or what she is wearing. Like anybody cares about the style of a porn slut, she can wear a f*****g tiara, she is still a whore, no piece of clothes can hide that and make a lady out of her

  • isan7

    I read that Kanye’s best friend designer Marc Jacobs wants to control the entire media. He has great influence on Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian and more. Jacobs made a top model out of Cara Delevingne. Read more at styleangelique blogspot

  • Mary Najdzion-Gagnon

    they are both sooo friggin sick…I feel so sorry for thier child. absolutely NO morals.

  • saphiry

    Yea… such a lucky guy to have a wife with the IQ of a piece of bread and who has no other ‘talent’ than getting naked in front of the camera and filming herself while having sex. I’m sure every man in this world is dying of jealousy.

  • Guest

    30 million twitter followers:
    98% are fake, paid for
    15 are family members
    remaining 1.99% percent or so are bogans and hicks who have below average IQs and have “Selfie” as their religion.

  • The Enchanted Boudoir

    I wish I could say we are lucky too , Kanye…
    BTW I don’t mind her taking nude pictures or him praising her, my only question is: WHY DO WE NEED TO SEE THIS?? Do they even know the meaning of the word “private” ? We have 10 articles per day on every blog/magazine/website about her basically getting out of ther house/hotel: the day she will do anything socially relevant than I will be ok with all the buzz surrounding her family.
    And for the record: Kendall is a cute girl, but she’s obviously poor modeling material -.- she booked kind of 6 runway shows in Europe, while models like Aya Jones or Taylor Hill booked almost all the shows with no mention or esteem by the media…
    No hate, but please let’s try to recognize talent…

  • Welly

    If Jayne wants to take pictures of his’s wife. But don’t put in twitter so. Everyone looks at it. No one wants to see kim naked anymore. Sick of you idiots posting this junk on here. Why the hell did kim agree to do this. Take your bitchy wife and kid and get the hell out of the country. stStop this,!!!!!!!

  • jane

    she’s his personal porn star and he’s forcing the rest of us to see her too. i dunno if she’s really that dumb that she doesn’t see how she is being manipulated, or if she’s smart and just doing it anyway. what a fool she is making of herself, or he is making of her. too bad.

  • Angieleigh Eads

    Could you please translate what you just tried to say, but failed miserably at?

  • Erma

    lmao. “Swish” is right…. Nelly Kanye, trying too hard as usual. That’s too funny.

  • Simon

    Yes, so lucky everyone has seen her naked body and most everyone could care less now. How lucky does he feel that Ray J pissed on her first? haha

  • Frieda Claxton

    I.Q. of a piece of bread, lol.

  • hoodmistress

    Kum Kartrashian is naked again. Water is wet.

  • parissucksliterally

    Right? I don’t think Kanye knows what it means…..haha

  • Elizabeth Lipp

    I wish my father had posted a bunch of nude pictures of my mother.

  • Coffy

    Being manipulated is all she’s known. Her mom was the first and pimps out all her daughters! I hate to see what she has in store for North. All around crappy family!

  • Coffy

    Kanye, Kanye…smh how low you have fallen man! Maybe it’s just me, but I would never want some used up plastic fake assed, pissed on whore that Ray J pounded into fame!

  • mandyz

    Wow, this is the only thing she CAN do. She is the definition of a basic bitch.

  • BczIcan

    look at her eyes… she is used up. She has the same look as her poor baby girl. So sad.

  • Sandyy S.

    Are they really that stupid?

  • lotfi00

    found real
    great stuff every thing you want to know about kim’s sexe
    tape ! when why how lol !! and of course you can watch it (adult only
    ) and understand why it’s still famous

  • 2xreader

    Funny typo there!

  • barbiecpa

    i think she looks better with black hair.

  • lken

    It’s not pride it’s an overinflated ego.

  • lken

    have you ever seen the inside of a classroom, what friggin language are you butchering?

  • Ifigeneia

    good eye :P

  • lexi

    I always wondered about the realness of this. I mean 30 million followers and only about 2 – 3 million tune in to see the show????? How’s that?


    This is inappropriate for a husband to published a nude picture of his wife.
    He has no shame at all. WHERE IS KANYE’S DIGNITY, He’s acting like a pimp for his wife. Well I hope next time he will not be embarrassed if wherever they go people will yell slut and other derogatory words to her again

  • Ifigeneia

    Now that I think about it …Kanye would probably agree with my typo lol.

  • Guest

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  • BoBuck Ulant

    for kanye, it would have to be luck since he has no talent, or skills

  • Shenanigans

    he also made a model of kendull.

  • Shenanigans

    he made up for it by shitting on her first.

  • tarantina

    so gross, so gross. The slut and the fool. why does this woman insist in showing her body?

  • tarantina

    hum, the bread can be eaten, unlike plastic. Plastic is toxic, oK? and that woman, is a pile of fat and plastic.

  • cloud9

    Good for Kanye! Kanye Kardashian’s into Kim’s multiple butt injections (brazilian butt lifts), botox, and lots and lots of plastic surgery. Kim’s a plastic surgery star for the millennium! Role model for anyone wanting plastic surgery, especially butt injections (Kims specialty) ,then learning to market it, do publicity stunts, and most important learning how to lie about it, right down to the X-rays! Incredible! Fantastic that he loves her no matter what. Clap Clap Clap. Hoorah!!!

  • suemg

    lfig that created the drama for the masses to tune in for upcoming episodes. Kim is in her mid thirties and before to long the looks start to fade, she is already having work on her face done.
    Kanye will kick her to the curb ,he sure did get the free publicity out of her.
    The younger Jenner sisters are already generating alot of attention away from the aging Kardash ‘s…..