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Jamie Dornan Is Worried He Keeps Playing 'Sick Psychopaths'

Jamie Dornan Is Worried He Keeps Playing 'Sick Psychopaths'

Jamie Dornan is well aware of how often he is now playing some crazier characters and he’s talking all about it in a new interview.

“I consider myself quite lighthearted, pretty easygoing, and I keep playing sick psychopath bastards!” the 32-year-old actor told The Telegraph. “It kinda worries me sometimes how comfortable I am in that zone.”

Jamie has played BDSM-enthusiast Christian Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey and serial killer Paul Spector in The Fall. “That show has given me everything…It’s a serious bit of f—ing culture and just such a treat to do. I know that every opportunity I get from now on is because of The Fall.”

On Fifty Shades, Jamie said, “I knew with [director] Sam [Taylor-Johnson], and [cinematographer] Seamus McGarvey, the film would be in safe hands…And, you know, it does no harm to be in a film that makes half a billion dollars.” Jamie added that he’s doing the next two Fifty Shades movies, and about Sam returning, added, “The plan was always for her to do them, so hopefully that will happen. But I don’t think it’s going to be imminent.”

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  • GFW

    Please do not worry. Someone needs to shine a light on them. Their numbers grow because so much about them is swept under carpets in rich homes and in poor.

    I just wish that in playing these roles, more would be shared in how to show people, who I imagine aren’t watching them if their the wounded, but anyway one can’t never tell, but create an atmosphere of dignity showing how to manage their triggers, get some assistance, track their backsliding, form better habits, address their feelings, and so forth, rather than locking them away or killing them.

  • Barry

    So basically, he’s afraid to become Anthony Hopkins.
    Don’t worry, man.
    Unlike Hannibal, you can still be a lead in a romantic comedy.

  • Nova_Phoenixx

    He wasn’t Psychopath on Once Upon a Time.

  • Casual Observer

    Good grief. Will this guy not shut up. He isn’t too bright apparently. Lets break it down:

    1. He took this role for exposure and money. Well, the real money in this franchise is in the SEQUELS, but the way he keeps trashing the whole enterprise he is making it difficult to justify sequels since he has projected nothing but disgust with the whole thing. What a freakin’ turn-off to have the lead character trashing everything about this movie. Not only that, but he is jeopardizing the payday Dakota could have with the sequels as well. I’m sure she is wishing he would shut his pie hole.

    Also, notice how Dakota has not discussed the movie at all with the press since the premieres? She knows how to play the game. Dornan could take some lessons.

    2. In the Guardian article he talks about how he is not “naive” enough to know about the snobbery some people have with the film. I think he needs to take a look in the mirror because he is the one with the snobbery about the franchise.

    Methinks that this guy would be singing a different tune if his acting was at all praised by any of the critics. He lacked commitment to the role resulting in a lackluster performance. I really cannot see how he could reprise his role since he has and continues to dig himself in deeper.

    I feel sorry for Dakota because she did an awesome job with her character, and if Dornan had put in a good performance, then there would be no haggling over the sequel, pay raises, etc. and they both would have been looking at making some serious money. What a mess.

  • Casual Observer

    Oh, I don’t think he’s worried. This Guardian article was an effort in damage control for Dornan. The article was written by a personal friend who is on “team Dornan” to repair his butt-hurt reputation for putting out such a terrible acting job in FSoG IMO.

  • FlakesofSunlite

    Why is he complaining so much!? Maybe Francois Arnaud should have been Christian Grey, He doesn’t bitch like this Dornan dude.

  • Butters

    In what part in this article is he complaining? He’s scared of himself, because he feels “too comfortable in that zone” saying he’s so comfortable playing a psychopath kind of worries him. I didn’t see it as Complaining. Jey, my friend has a theory… Horror filmmakers are really serial killers using film to resist their urges. I find that to be a pretty interesting thought. Maybe Dornan is realizing his inner psycho isn’t so far from the surface. All of us have an inner psycho, some just more easily activated than others. Again… He’s scared of himself…. Other actors have been quoted on feelin the same way.

  • Butters

    Christian Grey is a psychopath, dude. Anyone who read these books or saw these movies and thought otherwise needs a reality check. Dornan is just being honest. Glad someone on this shitty film is… His character in the movie was a psychopath. End of story. Where is he character bashing? Besides, he was quoted about this a long time ago. Magazines and Internet pages continue to republish it. OR he gets interviewed yet again, to which they ask the same bs questions to which he has the same answer. It’s part of the contract. part of gaining publicity and keeping the movie in mainstream media. Dakota has ALSO been interviewed repeatedly about the film and repeatedly has answered the same questions with the same answers. Her interviews are also getting republished constantly. It gets old to see the same old crap about fifty shades, or just crap about fifty shades in general. I can’t begin to tell you how many times these quotes from him have popped up on random “news” sites. Whenever I’m browsing the internet. For a “casual observer” you don’t really pay attention, do you?

  • Casual Observer

    Butters, reading is your friend my dear. If you read the Just Jared post you would have known that it is referencing an interview Dornan gave to the Guardian just a few days ago and not some rehash of an old interview. It was an effort in damage control and yet another opportunity for him to distance himself and express negativity and embarassment for taking on a role which he actively pursued. So who is not paying attention??

  • GFW

    If he feels comfortable playing these tortured soul perhaps its a calling, which is a good thing. A tool to show us, the audience, what they go through even if Jamie does not?

    “Horror filmmakers are really serial killers using film to resist their urges.”

    Not too sure I agree with this. They could be cowards or maybe too impotent to go through with it, then use scaring others as their ‘high’?

  • GFW

    “…and if Dornan had put in a good performance, then there would be no haggling over the sequel, pay raises, etc. and they both would have been looking at making some serious money. What a mess.”

    You’ve got it backward. It is because of his good performance there will be haggling. He deserved to be paid better for this but he’s smarter than people realize. He knew he could ace the part and they’d want more.

  • GFW

    “Christian Grey is a psychopath, dude. Anyone who read these books or saw these movies and thought otherwise needs a reality check. Dornan is just being honest.”

    His honesty is refreshing. Agreed. But even psychopaths are human. Not one psychopath woke up that way. Not one psychopath is returned to wellness overnight either.

    What I don’t like is the Love cures all thing. It helps to help those who need help, if they can even feel love, to want to seek help. What bothered me most was alluding that his penis completes her and her purity saves him. Utter crap.

  • mary

    That’s because Dakota is a completely DUMB, the woman doesn’t know how to elaborate an answer, have you seen her doing interviews, her answers are only giggling or yeah…I feel sorry for Jamie, everytime they do interviews together we can the embarrassment on jamie’s face

  • Casual Observer

    Yeah, okay. Whatever you say. Most critics and many fans (even honest Dornan fans) beg to differ. You are delusional if you think he aced this role. Now, I’m not saying Dornan can’t act and I know the script was poor, but his performance in this movie was lackluster and his attitude toward the franchise in multiple interviews sucks. I think these issues with Dornan (along with others–such as the author’s grip on the script) are part of the reason why there is a lot of hand-wringing by the studio over whether to do the sequels and how much money they will make next time around after the movie was roundly panned.

    My problem with Dornan is that he had no business pursuing this role if he felt he could not do it justice because he did not like the character or the franchise. Dakota made something out of the pathetic character of Ana and Dornan had an opportunity to do the same with Christian, but he seemed to be uptight in this role IMO. It is too bad because these two actors look great on screen together and the movie could have been smoking hot.

  • GFW

    Aced the performance.

  • GFW

    Grey is a lackluster character. Self-focused and cold. He relayed that well.

  • Casual Observer

    Yeah, Dakota is so dumb and that is why she got the best reviews of the movie (other than the music score). I’ve seen her in plenty of interviews (especially alone) and she has been engaging and funny. Maybe she develops a sort of PTSD in interviews with Dornan because the questions are always the same ones about their sex scenes and then she and Dornan have to assure everyone that it is make believe and choreographed, and blah, blah, blah. So boring. Check out her interviews on You Tube with MTV, Kelley & Michael, Harpers Baazar and others. I think you’ll see she is far from dumb and in fact quite funny.

    Anyhow, you did not address any of the points in my post. So, I guess you concede that I was correct in my view of the FSoG mess.

  • Casual Observer

    I think “wooden” is how most of the critics described him.

  • Butters

    I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it to sound like I don’t think psychopaths or sociopaths are lot human. You’re absolutely right, they are. I agree about love cures all thing. I personally don’t mind because it’s just fiction and I believe that anyone who isn’t smart enough to know the difference probably needs a reality check. (Sorry to repeat a phrase). But as far as what you’re concerned I agree. I wish love cured all, unfortunately it doesn’t. I definitely agree that it could be an ingredient to a cure but not THEE cure. the book encourage co-dependency, which is rarely healthy. He is most definitely not secure with himself if he NEEDS her in order to be stable. People in his shoes need to accept themselves and learn to love themselves. They are never going to get better if they themselves don’t find stability. I saw it as… He changed for her, not himself, which isn’t the answer. :(

  • Butters

    You missed the fact that I also said that he has been repeatedly asked the same questions to, which he repeatedly answers the same. I remember he said the same exact thing a few months ago before the film release. Just worded slightly different. Mentioning of tired of tying up women. He mentioned even earlier than that how it startles him playing villains and psychologically strained characters. This isn’t anything he hasn’t said before. I disagree, I see no proof that he expresses joy OR negativity for the film. He’s classifying Grey as a psychopath, Grey was a psychopath. He also played a serial killer, who indeed was… A psychopath? He stating a fact, not character bashing. Are you sure you aren’t referring to when he stated that if he were to meet Grey in person he wouldn’t really like him? Well if that is under the same reasons you have to think he’s bein negative, once again, I appreciate his honesty. But why should a actor “like” the haracyet he plays? Maybe they should, maybe the idea of Hannible convinced Hoptkins to try human flesh. Maybe that’s why he played the part so well…?
    Then again… You never know….

  • Butters

    I didn’t like these books because Grey was cold and lacking in any human emotions. He gave me the image of a very rude and arrogant robot. I think what you are getting confused is the fact the book was poorly written in the first place. Indeed as a Dornan fan I don’t think this was his best performance, but that’s because he chose a 2-dimensional character. Dornan didn’t have to put any effort at all into the role. Whereas The Fall, as Paul Spector, his efforts are limitless. The character is an octagon. A very complex human being. It required Dornan to do the immense amount of research and work it takes to know a serial killer. Yes with his he had to do research, but i don’t care what anyone says, the work ethics put into Paul Spector is more work. Serial killers are mysterious creatures. We know very little about them. (As a whole)

  • Butters

    Lol it was just a thought that I really liked I’m sure it’s not entirely true…maybe 50-50 lol. I agree with you though about it being his calling. I think it could be. Maybe he just knows what makes them tick. Maybe in another life he helps people like the ones he portrays in his films. Who knows :)