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Kris Humphries Tweets Seemingly Offensive Message After Bruce Jenner's Interview

Kris Humphries Tweets Seemingly Offensive Message After Bruce Jenner's Interview

While most celebrities have taken to social media to show support for Bruce Jenner‘s bravery, Kim Kardashian‘s ex-husband Kris Humphries had a different opinion.

“Man, I’m glad I got out when I did. #Gottadoyou,” Kris tweeted after the former Olympian’s interview with Diane Sawyer.

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In case you forgot, Kim and Kris were married for 72 days in 2011 before separating and weren’t officially divorced until 2013.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Kris Humphries response to Bruce Jenner’s interview about transitioning?

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  • julia

    he’s so stupid

  • Jen

    He’s a piece of trash. I can’t believe people are that hateful and insensitive.

  • Alexandra

    of course he’s gonna tweet crap like that, he has to have attention bc otherwise who the will remember him?

  • Mrs.K

    I dont find it offensive. People are so oversensitive. He dodged a bullet with that family. They will do and say anything for attention and more $$$.

  • Jessepi

    He just played Toronto in Game 3 tonight. Are we sure this has nothing to do with him being pulled?

  • Mads_22

    His hashtag pretty much insinuates he’s talking about Bruce.

  • JM

    Kris Humphries is like a dog who chewed up your favorite pair of shoes. They’re not smart enough to understand that they did wrong. So being mad at Kris for this would be like being upset at a very stupid person for-oh wait, he is a stupid person. Never mind, not worth anyone’s time Kris.

  • Melissann

    I don’t even think he may have been referring to Bruce in particular. It may have simply triggered the time he was married to Kim. Glad he got out too, not because the Kardashians/Jenners are bad people, because he didn’t fit in AT ALL!

  • Jenny from the flop

    What an evil person this man has no soul and it will be his defeat in life

  • princefan4life

    How is that offensive? Apart from Bruce Jenner and Rob Kardashian, most of the family is a sad, fake, reality show joke. Everybody is praising Bruce for sharing his truth, rightfully so, and Kris H. shared his.

  • James25

    What a jerk.

  • Amelia

    He was kicked to the curb involuntarily and he still tried to hang on for as long as he could. Totally classless human.

  • Guest

    man Kris Humphries is a scumbag. Bruce is loved and supported by his family. There’s nothing for Bruce to “get out” of. I don’t say that in defense of the Kardashians, but because it is important to celebrate that this transgender woman is embraced and beloved by his family. (I’m using “his” pronoun because that’s what Bruce has publicly requested for now.)

  • RapFENDI

    Why do you guys expect everyone to support bruce jenner?? Not everyone is into that weird creepy shit.

    Let hm keep his fetish lifestyle choice to himself. NO need giving him all this publicity.

  • John


  • sandy

    It’s particularly senseless, given that the hashtag is “gotta do you”: Wouldn’t that suggest a more compassionate attitude? The tweet is just one more excellent explanation of Kim’s desire to end that marriage.

  • disqus_RwCocrlPKu

    jenner has his feelings and kris has his. who are any of us to say that one person’s feelings are evil and another’s are legitimate. stop judging both people, get off your high horse and live your own life first.

  • Dee

    Now I can understand why Kris divorced him. How could anybody be married to someone that doesn’t have a heart. I am so proud of Bruce Jenner, always was, and more so now. Bruce is a beautiful person.

  • Dee

    That should read, now I understand why Kim divorced Kris etc.

  • sunnyroberto

    Wow, something offensive on Twitter. Have you ever looked at Twitter?? Ninety percent of it is offensive, the rest is junk

  • Violet

    The man is not insulting Bruce Jenner but praising him. Bruce is now free to be who he wants without Kris holding him back.

  • Thebuzzklub

    The fact that Kris Humphries is being attacked on here is a true testament of how much mind control the media has over people. Did you all forget what this family did to him???!! That particular season that he was on KUWTK was pure madness. A big joke that everyone was in on but him. He wanted true love and thought she was family oriented instead he was used and then thrown out when she realized she could gain more Noriety, wealth, and fame by being with someone else. Thank God he did get out when he could because if not where would he be? That family may have fame but they are cursed and their men have all suffered because of it. Kim’s mom was rumored to be screwing O.J. And then Rob Kardashian defended him, got sick and died. Rob jr. Is obese. Lamar Odem… Where is he? Possibly on drugs? And now this Bruce Jenner fiasco that NO ONE saw coming? Come on people…. Wake up.

  • ivan

    People hate on whom they dislike and praise those they like; simple but true even if both do the same things. See it all the time. With that said, Jenner deserves compassion even if don’t agree with his choices.

  • Marianne Steinmetz

    He was gross on that show. Who wouldn’t have left him…they are all publicity hounds. Liked Bruce the best.

  • Nancy Doll

    Who. cares what he thinks. He’s not as important as he thinks he is.

  • plez

    Just because Jenner is going through something that deserves compassion does not change the fact that the Kardashians (which includes Bruce Jenner) are Famewhores. He is doing a E show about the changes he is making.
    Just like they use to tear down Robert on the show and still are tearing him down even though he seems to have a problem. The Kardashians use to tear down Kris. I’m sure Kris is glad they he is away from that family and knows that regardless of the tweets from this family they will still find a way to tear down Bruce Jenner if he stops being a asset to their Famewhoring.

  • CLX

    Yeah, that’s why she divorced him. It couldn’t be because she had already moved on to someone with more fame, and that she was too self-centered to even live with the guy after they got married. He was just a publicity stunt to her. They got divorced because she saw greener pastures.

  • Duncan Idaho

    Why is it offensive? It’s Kris’s opinion that he’s glad he escaped that train wreck of a family. I’m sure it was just a coincidence that it coincided with Bruce Jenner’s freak show.

  • Jen

    what an idiotic comment to make

  • jane

    the people that defend the K family aren’t smart enough to know better. you can’t fault them for their stupidity

  • Carmen


  • Carmen

    People aren’t defending the Kardashians. They’re defending Bruce who is a transgender person. The Kardashians still suck!

  • Carmen

    Closed minded people like you scare me. ‘Let’s hate everyone who is different’ is a scary, scary way to think…

  • suzybel

    He escaped by the skin of his teeth.

  • Mapгapитa Бaбoвниковa

    empathy needs intelligence.

  • Mapгapитa Бaбoвниковa

    “Famewhoring” is in human nature, don’t be hypocrite.

  • Mapгapитa Бaбoвниковa

    weird creepy, but you can’t call it shit.


    Maybe some people here are condemning Kris Humpries because of his tweet. But honestly it was refreshing because at least what he say was REAL AND SINCERE. unlike some who will cover their feelings because they want to be seen as “compassionate”, “Emphatic” or “kind” even though inside they are cringing. Honestly by changing his sex. Bruce is figuratively killing a person we all knew as a men an Olympic medalist who represent and won the country honor during his days as a dicathalon . And also a father HE IS GOING TO BE A WOMAN WITH A NEW IDENTITY what is going to be his role now to his children and to his friends. it’s like losing somebody and some people who used to be in his life or in his life is GRIEVING FOR THAT PERSON And in the grieving process part of this is ANGER. Maybe Kris Humpries is just being himself and allowing himself to express how he feels. Maybe he was close to him at one time and blames the ball blasting Kardashian for making Bruce change his sexual orientation. Just my take on it.

  • myprerogative

    If you can’t see that Humphries comment was rude and taken just like he wrote it, it say’s more about you not being smart enough than anyone else. People are right to be offended. He got out of the family because neither of them wanted to be married to each other which was the best move for both of them…except Kris did find someone who looks just like Kim so perhaps he protests too much??

  • fromrooftop

    Its amazing how the liberal left juggernaut exercises their right to say almost anything they want about things related to homosexuality while those who don’t agree with their opinions can’t event comment things like “I think homosexuality is a sin” or “Homosexuality is repulsive to me” or even “Man, I’m glad I got out when I did” without being jumped on by those same liberals and called names like “intolerant” or “homophobic”. Sad times in America.

  • truthbetold

    The fact that people waste emotional energy hating on people they don’t even know, or who has done nothing to them personally, is beyond my understanding.!!! Human nature is cruel,and it sucks big time.!!! I save all that hateration for those who “REALLY” have done something to me.GEEZ!!!!!!!!!!

  • Debra

    I read he had male guests over and dressed as a woman, so the people who meant much to him already knew. Kris Jenner knew and both of his ex wives. Who are you talking about ????

  • SunnyAutumnn

    No doubt that men don’t fare well in that family. He wasn’t talking about Bruce Jenner, but what those women do to the men. It all started with Kim being a toilet bowl for Ray J. Now they have millions of fans and meeting foreign dignitaries???? Backwards.

  • Rich

    Kris is right on the mooney – the Kardasians are media whores and Bruce is one of them – if he wants to change who he is, just do it – but no, make a 3-ring cicus out of it instead to reak in more money form the dimwits who think the Kardasians are royalty. 99% of the idiots who worship this family didn’t even know who was until the stupid reality show. And let’s all remember that the Kardasians rose to fame on Kim’s naked body and her famous sex tape – they should be so proud!

  • Rich

    And you would remember Bruce Jenner as an Olympia? Doubt it.
    You only know him becaue he hangs with the Kardasian whores

  • Rich

    Truthbetold – your writing shows your utter stupidity. You make no sense and should get an education before you embarass yourself again with another pathetic post.r

  • Rich

    Wake up myperogative – you are a moron. Plain and simple.

  • Rich

    That’s exactly the point

  • Rich

    Famewhoring is human nature? What planet are you from?

  • Rich

    While I wouldn’t all it creepy shit, it’s his life choice and that’s okay – but you are 100% right that it is NOT something to be used as a publicity tool. And that reminds me – just wai until after the operation to see how much his “tool” sells for on Ebay. The Kardasians will promote the hell oout of that.