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Ian Somerhalder & Nikki Reed Are Married!

Ian Somerhalder & Nikki Reed Are Married!

Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed are officially married!

The 36-year-old actor and 26-year-old actress said “I do” on Sunday (April 26) just at sunset in Malibu, Calif., according to E! Online.

Photos show the couple dressed in all white while sharing kisses on their big day. Earlier that morning, Ian wrote a sweet tweet about the special occasion. See below!

Ian and Nikki, who have been dating since July 2014, reportedly asked their guests to donate to their animal rescue charity in lieu of wedding gifts.

Congratulations to the happy couple on the exciting news!

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  • vn_102

    How long this second speedy marriage will last for Nikki?
    Let’s start our bet on it.
    For people who think this will last, think about her first marriage that happened for 5 seconds after she hook up with her ex and how fast they separated, and how quick she jumped on this relationship before her divorce even finalized duh.
    Nothing that happened so sudden will stand the test of time, people that falling in love too quickly will falling out of it as quickly as well.

  • LiiL

    Congratulations them!! :)
    Hope they found truly soulmates in eachother. Beauty couple with the biggest heart. These two deserve to be happy. Haters gonna hate. But I wish time a long and awesome marriage. :)

  • k.

    I’m so excited for the two of them! They’ve both seemed so happy lately
    It’s so sad, though, the amount of hate NIkki gets, for Nina leaving TVD and the fact that there’s no “Nian” anymore – both of which have nothing to do with Nikki.
    Can’t wait for the wedding pictures and maybe also some future babies!

  • Mike1288

    Congrats! Can you two now stop being so thirsty for the cameras? I am tried of the were a couple look how cute we are campaign they have been parading around in.

  • Mike1288

    Trust there is plenty of hate to go around. Nina decided she didn’t want to get married so she shouldn’t be bitter with anything and I do not think she is. I can’t stand Nikki cause she seems thirsty for attention. Ever since Ian hooked up with her all there ever is them walking with paps everywhere. He used to be about his organization and did not need this extra attention and he seems to do it for her (since she is the unemployed one). That is why people do not like her. It has nothing to do with Nina.

  • xyz

    The old PR stunt. I give them max 6 months.

  • xyz

    Congrats for what more exactly?

  • xyz

    What did u smoke? U believe everything u see, dumbass?

  • xyz

    Ure just another idiot….

  • Mara

    I really doubt this will last.

  • LiiL

    oh please and you are just another pathetic jealous nian maniac childish teengirl who cant stop saying that this is a pr stunt. what would you say if they will have kids?
    Stop being such an assholes, and try to grow up..

  • Sandy McFarlane


  • tia maria

    Congrats to the happy couple but I hope for Ian’s sake that it actually lasts unlike her previous marriage.

  • Bumble

    congratulations you two, saw the wedding photo’s so sweet I bet he will tweet more are he was taking selfies and photos.

  • Anchy Briški

    shit !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cindy1988

    Has Ian ever dated a woman his own age? He only dates women at least a decade younger than him.

    For someone who claims to be a spriritual and progressive person, he seems pretty sexist and shallow.

  • Francesca Longo


  • anon

    It’s okay cause Nikki looks like she’s a few years older than her actual age,not trying to be mean,she just has a mature face. And Ian can pass for a couple of years younger like 32 or so

  • Mike1288

    So true. The only guys I have ever seen that like girls that much younger like having more power in the relationship. It surprises me to because he wants to be taken so seriously for his humanitarian work and intellect yet he only dates young, hot actress types at least a decade younger.

  • Mike1288

    It is okay all I see when I look at her is manface.

  • Maria E. Segura

    Way too fast for everything that happened betweenthose two since they start dating, hook up, got engaged and now married. I dont think it will last that long. Nikki hook up with Ian not long before she was divorced or sepaerted from her ex. That is a red flag if you ask me. Sounds like she is a needy person

  • Cheyenne

    I’m very happy for both of them but good lord, that dress is hideous.

  • karl

    I wish Ian & Nikki hapiness.But i don’t believe marriages in Hollywood.And stop writing as if Ian is Nikki’s true love.Nikki was engaged 4 times and it is her 2 nd marriage.She said the same words about her 1st husband Paul.She always talked how the most amazing man Paul was,how he was her soulmate,true love.I hope Ian Nikki stop this pap reality show and keep their personal life in private,but i doubt it.

  • Jennifer Fielding

    Not really a fan of Nikki but she’s an upgrade from that twit he dated before her. Congrats.

  • MollyBD

    This girl will have ten marriages under her belt by the time she turns 30.

  • Dominik Lengyel

    very beautiful couple i wish them so much luck.

  • JSDA

    Um stop clicking on stories about them then. Simple solution.

  • anon

    And what would you say about people like Leonardo Dicaprio or Bradley Cooper

  • anon

    Or even Brad Pitt for that matter cause you do know that Anjie is nearly 11 years younger than him right

  • anon

    Wouldn’t that make Brad Pitt,Leonardo Dicaprio and Bradley Cooper sexist/shallow as well?

  • Nicola

    Those two seem especially desperate to reclaim their youth.

  • Guest

    Congratulations to this gorgeous couple! This is very exciting news! Cheers to the happy couple!

  • RubyRed

    Yes! lol

  • clmguest

    God bless your marriage, Ian and Nikki. May you have the longevity of Marcus (95) and Madelyn (94) Yensen. They married one month after they met when he took a dance lesson from her at a studio. After 74 years of marriage they passed on April 7, 2015 within 5 hours of each other. It does not matter how long you dated, how many failed relationships you were involved in, or that there is ten years age difference. Keep loving and being good to each other, and treating each other with respect. Before you know it you will have many years to your marriage credit.

  • Karliu

    Beautiful couple.Congrats.

  • niagirl

    Congrats! It won’t last but congrats anyway.

  • Lilly

    26 and on her second marriage I see this not ending well and their excusove to E news sounded more like a promo for their production company more than anything else .

  • Lilly

    He might get a kid out of this marriage so that’s good from him he’s not getting any younger he’s way older than her


    Aww, she finally got a vampire..not Rpatz….but I’m sure he’s a nice fellow.

  • mills90

    Well… is it me, or is it too suspicious that Nina left TVD. I will never understand friendship in Hollywood.

    They are great as a couple and they’re really love animals. But I can’t shake a feeling that is build on too many broken hearts. But heyyy… the truth may be different than I think.

  • Dee

    I give it a year. Maybe two. (Me being generous)

  • karl

    How much money did Ian and Nikki’s pr team pay for these articles about this wedding! .When will media stop writing about this wedding! Please write another things.People are dead in Nepal,there are more important things in the world than D lister celebrities weddings in the farm.OK we got,they are couple,married.We wish them happy life.

  • Revengefan0101

    Blind Gossip posted a blind today about this wedding.

  • Revengefan0101

    You don’t know much about Hollyweird, do you?

  • JakeGelfand

    most beautiful morning ever

  • vn_102

    26? 😲I thought she was 36 judging from how desperate she jumped from one marriage to next one so quickly before her expired date.

  • vn_102

    Two years is definitely too much, lol.

  • Faria Noor

    I was looking sites for the videos and photos of Nikki reed and Ian Somerhalder wedding. I found the videos here with photos at

  • Dee

    i was in a good mood. what can i say? :)

  • LiiL

    I know that it is not just about pr stunts and attention seeking, fake feelings and acting.
    And I rather rooting for them to have a good marriage, than saying all this shit and sarcastic disaproval, I KNOW that it is disgusting.