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Josh Duggar Releases Statement After Molestation Scandal: 'I Acted Inexcusably'

Josh Duggar Releases Statement After Molestation Scandal: 'I Acted Inexcusably'

19 Kids and Counting star Josh Duggar is responding to allegations that he sexually molested several underage girls while he was a teenager.

“Twelve years ago, as a young teenager, I acted inexcusably for which I am extremely sorry and deeply regret,” the 27-year-old reality star told People. “I hurt others, including my family and close friends. I confessed this to my parents who took several steps to help me address the situation. We spoke with the authorities where I confessed my wrongdoing, and my parents arranged for me and those affected by my actions to receive counseling. I understood that if I continued down this wrong road that I would end up ruining my life.”

Josh‘s parents Jim Bob and Michelle said, “Back 12 years ago our family went through one of the most difficult times of our lives. When Josh was a young teenager, he made some very bad mistakes, and we were shocked. We had tried to teach him right from wrong. That dark and difficult time caused us to seek God like never before.”

“I can imagine the shock many of you are going through reading this. I remember feeling that same shock,” Josh‘s wife Anna said. “When my family and I first visited the Duggar home, Josh shared his past teenage mistakes. I was surprised at his openness and humility and at the same time didn’t know why he was sharing it. For Josh, he wanted not just me but my parents to know who he really was – even every difficult past mistakes.”

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  • gradybridges

    Scum. I bet he’s still doing it too. Just more careful.

  • lshelton22

    Disgusting people, all of them. DIAF.

  • Jenny

    Ummm… He was 15 y.o., made stupid things, life goes on.

  • devvv

    TLC needs to yank their show now, just like they did Honey Boo Boo after her mother was associated with a child molester.

  • smokeskater

    Gross! His wife said she was surprise by his openness and humility in sharing his past mistakes, but why wait until now, when the allegations have been brought out into the public to be all ‘openness’ and regretful. If he was indeed very open about his mistakes, the Duggar family, especially Josh, would have shared this when they first entered televised media. At least then, I would have been more empathetic towards them. Now it just seems, ‘Oh, I’ve been outed by the media now let me proceed to find a way to control the damage.’

  • Which one is Pink?

    WTF? He molested children, that’s not stupid it ruins lives.

  • Mads_22

    Are you serious? At 15 he knew what he was doing was wrong. There is no excuse for this kind of behavior. Life goes on? True it does. But how about the kids he molested? They have to live with what he did to them. While Josh got off scott-free and lands a reality show. Disgusting.

  • Welly

    This whole family is gross. All thet thing about is having kids one after the other.

  • Jenny

    I know it isn’t stupid. We do not know what he exactly did. He was 15 y.o. in a family, which does not allow first kiss or touch of a hand before engagement. If he was in normal family he would watch porn and do some things with himself, alone. But they had no personal computer and single rooms for children. I do not absolve him, but what know happens is sick. This family went through difficult time and now people want them to go through it again. It can be painfull for other children.

  • gradybridges

    so molesting your sister is just a mistake?

  • sb

    I hope TCL will finally open their eyes to how toxic this family is. It’s convenient that he is going public now that he can’t be prosecuted and I would like to know what type of “counseling” they went through and I don’t care how old he was he still deserves to be punished

  • Gaia Johnson

    It is okay to talk to your children about sex. It would, perhaps, prevent mistakes. He was young but old enough to know what he was doing was wrong. The Duggar parents make it to be such a taboo. It is not. Sexual feelings are human. Treat it as such. It is physiologically normal. Explain it that way.

    The other thing I don’t get is how the Duggar parents can get away with telling their twenty-something adult children whether they can hug their romantic partners or not. It is messed up.

  • Nicola

    Do you know what’s difficult? Having your parents choose your brother/abuser over you by covering this up for years and then being forced to interact with him on a daily basis.

  • Nicola

    It disgusts me that Anna knew everything from the beginning and still chose to marry and have children with him.

  • Donna

    I think that the way they are so strict with their children it makes them more curious and more apt to explore. What he did was wrong, but what the parents did by covering up was even more wrong. All Jim -bob does is talk sex and having Babies.

  • Mike1288

    Can someone tell me how anyone even found this out? Records are suppose to be sealed for minors. I think a lot of people are making a lot of judgements on few pieces of info. Obviously he was sick but this is a difficult situation. What realistically was his parents suppose to do. If having that many kids is normal for their family and religion it is probably nearly impossible to keep him away from kids. Plus he was 14 (I thought) parents can not just kick their pervert/sick son to the curb. So I think people need to lay off the parents a bit. They took him to the police, got him help and removed him away for as long as they could. The situation is just f-ed up. And yeah it is horrible the sisters had to look at their attacker. It explains why he wasn’t involved in any of the weddings in the show.

  • jane

    is it possible the show knew and carried on anyway? they have been on about that long

  • jane

    the family wrote a letter or something to purge themselves by writing it down and trying to come clean. the letter was eventually put in a bible. the bible was found by a member of the church. the church member gave the letter she/he found in the bible to Oprah of all people, right before the 1st time the Duggars ever went on her show. it was Oprah (or her people) who called the cops

  • NerdyBirdy

    I hate this stupid family and I hope they pull their dumb show off the air. gtfo cult!


    So the Morally Superior Duggar’s son molests his sisters and a family friend and then does it again. The authorities are not informed but his church is and he is sent to “Christian Counseling” which according to his mother he never received..
    The he is sent to a friend who is an Arkansas State Trooper who is now in jail for 56 years for
    child porn.

    And he was allowed to be Executive Director of the Family Research Council.
    This is total hypocrisy.
    Any other teen would have been placed in juvie jail, gotten real counseling
    and not be allowed near young children unsupervised.

    So privilege does exist.

  • karl59

    I would not be surprised

  • Other Side

    & now he has his own children. I would leave and take the children with me. They don’t stop just get better at hiding what they are doing.

  • LauraJMacomber

    ⇛➤➤⇛ $73.. per-hr @mi20//


  • b324

    But but but Josh prayed to God, so all is forgiven! I bet Honey Boo Boo mom couldn’t even be bothered to pray. That’s the difference. Josh and his family know the real importance in situations like this…blame the victims, issue an apology admitting your mistake and say all is well
    because you prayed to God.

  • b324

    *** Plus he was 14 (I thought) parents can not just kick their pervert/sick son to the curb.***

    Tell that to the millions of street kids who have been kicked out of their home before 18 because they came out to their parents that they were gay.

  • b324

    What kind of sick pervert thinks this is just a stupid mistake?

    In your mind, it’s okay for a 15 year old to touch his younger sisters in a sexual manner?

    Is that the excuse we are going to give every sexual predator? Ooh boys will be boys, it’s what they do. It’s okay that he touched the young girl’s breasts or touched her vagina. Boys will be boys. Life goes on. Who cares if the 15 year old stuck his penis into a 10 year old’s vagina. Boys will be boys. Girls shouldn’t dress so sexual, it’s just an invitation to be assaulted or raped. If you don’t want to be sexually assaulted or raped, don’t wear that t-shirt and jeans, or in this case, don’t wear the long sleeved shirt and long skirts. You’re just asking for trouble.

  • b324

    You do realize that those who sexually assault or rape others come from several different family backgrounds. Why don’t you Google and educate yourself. Plenty of rapists came from wholesome, all-American looking families who had personal computers and single rooms for children and probably masturbated and weren’t told that normal sexual thoughts, even at 15, were a sin.

    It’s no wonder we are such a victim blaming country.

  • Jessie

    Umm, it happened twice when he was 15 and also 17…so he made ”stupid things” twice??? Educate yourself girl.

  • Meme

    Not surprised that Anna will stand by her man. Better keep both eyes on that little girl, tho. Sidenote: Anna needs to stop already with that queer pucker face, leaning into Josh like they’re JimBob and Michelle. It’s still like watching two people have awkward sex.

  • Lisa Irwin

    I hope you mean it WASN’T a sin.

  • Lisa Irwin

    Did placing it in a bible make it better?

  • Jenny

    I’m not blaming these girls, I feel sorry for them. I all just said was that he was 15 (I didn’t know that it happend again, when he was 17). We don’t know what he did (maybe someone has searched for information, please share). If it was ONE situation and he changed I would think that he was not normal at this time. And his sisters should kick his balls so he would remember something. And please search information about sexual tension and how does it work with people, who have certain predisposition.

  • Jenny

    I’ve got to agree with that.

  • Jenny

    I didn’t know that it happend twice. Sorry

  • Jenny

    I’m NOT blaming girls. They are victims. They got to go again through this difficult time. And we don’t know what he exactly did (if you know, please share). If it happend in my family, I would spank my son really hard and then leave him in some psychiatric institution for 6 months. Then try to forgive him. That’s all. And once again: I didn’t know that it happend twice (this is some pattern of behaving). My firend was sexually abused by her brother. I know how hard for her was it, she tries to live normal, has beautiful baby girl and does not want to talk about it again. Her brother asked her for forgivness, lives totally different that he used to. Should we kill him for it? No. Should he be punished. YES. That’s all.

  • Jenny

    I think that the crew at their home, has a written agreement that does not allow them to talk about things outside. This is why people didn’t know and allowed him to be Executive Director of the Family Research Council.

  • Jenny

    Love is blind, unfortunately.

  • ImOpining

    4 of his sisters and another girl.
    That’s not just curiosity, that’ a sickness. And at 14-18 he knew better.
    I hope he’s never left alone with his daughters.

  • Mike1288

    Do you have kids? I don’t, but I’d imagine that even if your kid is a monster you would still have a protective instinct over your children. I mean 14 years is a long time to have memories of a child you loved 100%. And yes there are a lot of children who are homeless. 1 in 30 but many are runways (most for good reasons) not necessarily just kicked out because they were gay but it is still a small fraction when you add it up. 2.5 million children are homeless out of a population of 317 million. My point is a child getting kicked out for being gay is not the norm here. And while I agree and see your point I think you can only pass judgment like that if you have a kid. That bond is very different from any other relationship you have. That being said more info. has come out and the family just seems like they are lying now and throwing god in there every chance they get. So whatever comments they get they an deal with. Liars always get caught in the end. I do feel bad for these poor girls. I just can not fathom what I would do if he was my son ( I know I wouldn’t lie and cover it up though) but they say relatives can be the worst perpetrators of these types of things.

  • ImOpining

    sisterS (plural as he molested 4 of them). You know he didn’t just do it once. No telling how many years it went on. No cure for pedophilia.

  • Mike1288

    Ugh that is sick. I hate how the news will come out with a story and then leak information slowly rather than doing their due diligence and release what exactly happened so we can get the facts. It becomes a muddled mess. I didn’t know it happened from 14-18 either. My question is this happened from the ages 16-18 why did he not get charged? Where were the police, there was a report so why was nothing done? The department needs to be investigated as well.

  • ImOpining

    And with his 4 sisters and another girl, it’s doubtful it only happened once with each girl. I also wonder about his other sisters and how his parents tried to hush it all up.

  • Margret Marks

    NO TV – NO COMPUTER….. NOT allowed to do normal stuff – like watch porn & other …… REALLY? WHAT family did YOU grow up in? – 14 14 YEARS OLD NOT totally a KID – AND your SISTER is YOUR SISTER …. you KNOW it is WRONG ANYONE knows it is WRONG – HE knew what he was doing was WRONG…….

  • Candycane5

    The link above has very real stats about abuse. There are 19 kids in this family. Skeletons are not in the closet if they chose to be on reality tv. Now many will be wondering who are the victims. The kids and grandkids need to protected from the backlash. Very sad.

  • Mara

    Yes, I was thinking that too. Especially because Josh is the oldest. Who knows how much more conservative they were back when he was a young teen. I can’t imagine he ever had much education regarding personal development, puberty, sex etc. It doesn’t make it okay, by any means. But I do see how it could happen. That said, I was still very surprised. He seemed like a nice guy and I am sad for all involved. I also regret that this was made public, considering he was a minor at the time.

  • Mara

    I understood your point, Jenny. For what it’s worth. :)

  • Donna

    Micheal Jackson seemed like a nice guy also. Just saying.

  • Donna

    If they feel they have instilled moral values in these kids at 20 something years old they shouldn’t have to have a chaperone.

  • Donna

    Karma always comes around and bites you in the ass.

  • SB52

    It was just announced that “The Duggars” have been taken off the TLC line-up. No word on whether it is temporary or permanent.