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Kelly Rutherford Finally Granted Sole Custody of Her Kids

Kelly Rutherford Finally Granted Sole Custody of Her Kids

Kelly Rutherford has finally earned a major victory in her long legal battle for the custody of her children.

The 46-year-old former Gossip Girl actress has been granted sole legal and physical custody of her two kids – Hermes, 8, and Helena, almost 6.

A California judge has ordered that the kids are brought back to the United States from Monaco. They have been living with their father Daniel Giersch in Europe since 2012 after a judge had ruled that he would get custody due to his U.S. visa being revoked. The judge had said at the time that Kelly was able to visit the children in Europe, even though her ex-husband never made an attempt to renew his visa.

The happy news for Kelly comes just days after she reportedly tried to visit the kids in France on Thursday (May 21), but was turned away by Daniel unless she gave their U.S. passports to someone from his team.

UPDATE: See what celebs like Kim Kardashian are saying about the big win.

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  • Christina

    it’s about time! Congratulations!!

  • tia maria

    That’s great news for her but hope the children still get to see and spend time with their dad.

  • MollyBD

    That is good news. Kids need a mother. I hope they also bring their current nanny along so the kids can make a smooth transition to living with their mom.

  • shoes4life

    Well, based on the reports from this case I hope she will not block the father from seeing his children. If she had agreed to the 50/50 custody in the first place and had not been such a brutal bully towards the father things may would have turned out differently. Also, her character is very questionable knowing that she abandoned her first husband immediately after he was diagnosed with a severe heart condition. I mean literally less than a few months after they took their vows. Later he died. She basically seems to have done the same with this husband. Got her kids and she is done with him and lied to get the man’s VISA revoked. She is Halle Berry to the next level.

  • Davis

    This while thing was her fault, the dad did nothing wrong

  • Davis

    We do know this whole thing was her fault? She tried to screw the father and got screwed herself

  • shoes4life

    With her receiving sole legal and physical custody, I have a feeling those kids will never see their father again. He will now have to apply for his VISA and if it is granted the fight will continue on US soil so he can see them. Hell, she made a public plea for a stranger to kidnap them. Therefore, I don’t believe she will ever allow those children to see him again, if she has anything to do with it.

  • xyz

    Kids need a father too FYI

  • really really

    I thought this case was being herd in NY, why is a California judge weighing in on this?

  • really really

    What’s the bet she parades the kids around for the media when/if they get to the states. She seems like a very spiteful and vindictive women.

  • jane

    i don’t understand how a judge in California has any authority in Monaco? what’s to stop the husband by just ignoring the court order? he seems to not care.

  • Tina Mallette

    The bottomline is they were both immature by both ignoring what was best for those kids. I give her credit for not giving up on her kids though the legal fight had likely bankrupted her. Now he behaved in a way that is not very trustworthy. Tsk tsk.

  • k.

    How was it her fault?

  • k.

    What happened with Halle Berry?

  • k.

    Without knowing the whole story, it seems the father tried to keep her from seeing the children (not claiming she’s a saint in any way, okay), so while yes, it would be hard on them to never see this person they know as their father ever again, but we don’t really know anything here

  • Mary

    Thank you !!!!!

    I posted this comment a while ago: “Kelly is not the innocent victim as whom she wants to be seen.
    Giersch’s visa was cancelled after Kelly made false accusations that he was dealing drugs. Her plan was to keep him away from the children because she
    thought the children would remain in the US. After her accusations were found to be baseless, Giersch was allowed to keep the kids. Kelly had a plan and it
    backfired on her. If she cares for their children, then maybe she should move to France.”

    Still have the same opinion about her. I really don’t understand why she gets all this support from
    various celebrities, who don’t even know the case….
    And also the articles about her on “justjared” are totally partial. She was allowed to see her kids in France, but had to give away their passports, otherwise she would tried
    to kidnap them (again)!

    Hope the children can stay with their father! He wanted shared custody in the first place, she just didn’t accept this and made false accusations instead…

  • kellyf

    She had his visa taken away, and now he’s not allowed in the US. She can go there to see her kids, he cannot come here to see them.

  • kellyf

    Sorry, but if you think she’s the victim, you’re a moron.

  • MasakoGPayne

    ✔✌✔ $73.. per-hr @mi23//


  • The Last Word

    She will. She’s unstable and cold. I still can’t believe what she did to her first husband.