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Jeremy Renner Responds to Rumors That He's Gay

Jeremy Renner Responds to Rumors That He's Gay

Jeremy Renner is opening up about his sex life, rumors that he is gay, and his daughter Ava in a revealing interview with Playboy.

Here is what the 44-year-old Avengers: Age of Ultron actor had to share with the mag:

On addressing rumors about his sexual preferences: “When you google yourself and the first thing that comes up is ‘Jeremy Renner gay,’ it’s like, ‘Oh, now you’ve arrived. You’re now a giant movie star.’ I don’t care, ultimately, if that’s what people want to think, read and care about. F**king say whatever the hell you want about me. Look at where we’re at socially”leaps and bounds ahead of where we started. That’s an amazing thing. To suggest that it’s negative, that being gay is a terrible thing, a perversion or whatever”I just don’t get it. Don’t you wish we were in a world where we’re not shaming, judging and boxing people in?”

On his relationship with daughter, Ava: “When she drew her first breath and with that palmar reflex grabbed my finger, the thought came to me, If all goes well, this same scenario will happen when I take my last breath. I see anything that takes me away from my daughter, whether it’s something good like making Mission: Impossible 5 or something bad like my divorce, as a distraction and an obstacle. Now, if anything takes me away and I don’t get to see her, I just won’t do it. I don’t care what you pay me. All my energy goes toward her and her well-being. The ultimate challenge on that movie and Avengers: Age of Ultron was that they both shot in London, which took me 11 hours away from Ava. That was what caused any cantankerousness, agitation or negative feelings I had about the whole movie making experience.”

On losing his virginity: “My story was awful, just like everybody else’s. It was just this random, uncomfortable thing, and I was so nervous. I remember my dad’s sex talk was ‘Son, no glove, no love.’ He opened a drawer. ‘Here are the condoms.’ But I have no idea what she thinks. Maybe she goes to the movies and thinks, Okay, Hawkeye was my first. Or she could have a voodoo doll of me, for all I know.”

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  • j b

    It is the 21st century. So what if he takes it up the ass and sucks guys off in his private life.

  • Martha Bartha

    Faggot ass Faggot!

  • NEO

    Interview with Playboy? Ohh great role model for his daughter ….

  • j0b

    If there is nothing wrong with being gay at all, why aren’t you showing that to closeted young/old gay men everywhere who are afraid to be themselves? If we’ve reached that point in history like he says, then why isn’t he being honest? I get he wants to maintain a neutrality where he can morph into any character whether its the hunky heterosexual action hero or a sensitive gay, creative artist from some indie and his personal life doesn’t affect it……but at what cost? He’s preaching openness, etc one way and doing the exact opposite by being closeted. But to vilify him and only him is wrong. This isnt just him, it’s rampant, it’s everywhere (yes, even in liberal hollywood). A lot of A+ list actors are closeted. Isnt it time for everybody to show their acceptance in action instead of putting a rainbow as their fb profile picture?

  • YupVideoFever

    Who shames, who says it’s negative, we just like to know.

    As for movies, he is a straight type male actor, and will continue looking straight to me in his movies anyway… till I see the pics of him kissing his boyfriend on streets all the time. Then I reconsider.

    Matt Bomer didn’t look that straight to me on screen, and he does a wise job not hanging over his husband when travelling or running errands.

    Zachary Quinto did look straight to me even when came out, but then I saw pics of him and his boyfriend kissing on streets, now I see them all the time and now it’s harder to believe in his straight characters.

  • lshelton22

    Gay rumors don’t mean you’ve “arrived,” you hamster-looking dope. It means the rest of us aren’t complete morons.

  • Mia Miaw

    I like this article..i like the actor and….i like the man :)

  • Barb

    I have a feeling he is bi-sexual

  • smooshy

    I love Jeremy and have since I saw him in Hurt Locker. Terrific actor and he lives life on his terms.

  • ApMillz-CT

    No such thing as a man being bi***** Either you are or your are not! If any man takes it up the @** he’s gay! Any man giving it to another man up the @** he’s GAY

  • Barb

    what would you call a man who has sex with both women and men then…?

  • ApMillz-CT

    Confused and disgusting… Probably hates women and wants to give her A I D S or something..

  • RileyMarie

    Interesting how Gays claim to be proud to be that way but will accuse a straight man of being gay to insult and demean him. In their hearts they don’t think being gay is so great.

  • Eeww

    Jeremy just stated that he’s NOT Gay yet people on here are missing that point.

    All he’s saying is that he doesn’t care if that’s what people think about him as it shouldn’t be considered an insult to be called Gay.

    It amazes me that people are too stupid to understand what he’s talking about, that even though he’s not Gay he’s still sticking up for Gay people.

    He’s right when he says the more famous you become as an actor then the “Gay” rumors start.

  • Bren

    I think you need a hug :/

  • suk bin

    Charlize theron sends him some signs …

    and .. we all know the rest ..

  • Nicola

    Don’t bother. It’s hard to explain things to such a simpleton.

  • eternalozzie

    wow … someone is mad about love winning ;)

  • Ash

    “hamster-looking dope” LOL!!!

  • Baseliner

    presidents have done interviews with playboy so shut up

  • Baseliner

    it’s true, you know you’re popular and successful when gay rumors start

  • AnnRVelasquez
  • Alpha Flyer

    Why should he “come out of the closet” if he isn’t actually gay? He makes the point that he doesn’t care what people like you think, because even though he isn’t gay himself the whole thing shouldn’t matter in the first place. I salute him for a nuanced approach to unfounded speculation.

  • disqus_xP462HSYTt

    I worked with Jeremy on ‘Kill the messenger’. The dude is a consummate professional , down to earth, straight talkin’ no BS kinda guy. Liked him….

  • NEO

    don’t care If presidents have done interviews with this shitty magazine :P If he supports misogynistic and sexist magazine he’s bad role model for his daughter :P so SHUT UP

  • vickylou

    It is quite clear that Jeremy does like his women 😛 but just because he doesn’t fall into the same pit as every other celeb (sleeping with anything that wears a skirt) he’s accused of being gay 😕 its a cynical world we live in today isn’t it?
    His response was really dignified ☺

  • Baseliner

    i feel like you’re one of those people that just throws those words around.

  • NEO

    You can feel what you want, but truth is the truth :P

  • vickylou

    Hamster looking dope? Wtf? IDIOT!

  • vickylou

    I don’t know why people can’t just leave the guy alone 😕 he never said being gay is a bad thing! Jeremy wouldn’t say such a thing… He’s far too nice for that!
    At least he doesn’t give a toss either way, I like that about him, he’s so real and that’s what makes us love him even more 😀