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Cara Delevingne Gets Put Through a Super Awkward Interview

Cara Delevingne Gets Put Through a Super Awkward Interview

Cara Delevingne has sat through a lot of interviews for her new movie Paper Towns, but none were as awkward as her one with Good Day Sacramento.

In her own signature style, the 22-year-old model-turned-actress gave sarcastic responses to a lot of the questions before letting the hosts know that she was joking and answered them for real.

When one of the hosts noted that she seemed “more excited” in past interviews and asked if she is “just exhausted,” Cara gave a surprised reaction.

“The premiere was last night. It was a very emotional night, felt like the end of an era,” she replied. “But I’m not any less excited than I was a couple of weeks ago.”

After the hosts said they’d let her go, Cara‘s feed cut out and one of them noted, “she was in a mood!”

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  • Lee Zellwe

    what a bitch

  • LA Girl

    Maybe her tongue was tired…

  • AngiePangie21

    Cara is the hottest Lesbian ever! Check out these pretty lesbians getting harassed while walking the streets of NYC- it’s awful

  • VanityInsecurity

    How is this behavior acceptable? Classless, is what comes to mind.. it’s no wonder she’s friends with the Kartrahians/Jenners

  • Jay

    Lol, I think she was just being sarcastic, she didn’t mean to be rude. Don’t think she was rude just our British sense of humour. I think Americans are used to huge smiles, that being said her energy level was low.

  • AeeJay

    She’s a Brit.. that pretty much sums it up. When you want to “make it” in AMERICA you don’t piss off Americans.. or you can go work in London & call it a day.. with this attitude no one would want to hire her..

  • AeeJay

    Perhaps American Film should stop hiring these low-class Brits for parts.

  • Mike1288

    Then maybe she should get a better understanding of American culture. Many Americans adhere to the culture norms wherever they are. Would she go to Japan and not take her shoes off in someone’s house? Or would she forget her manners if she met the queen of your country? And would it be acceptable to blame it on being tired? I don’t think it’s asking to much for a smile. Her job is NOT hard and she does it for a couple of weeks at most try making the best of it.

  • Mike1288

    This woman is just not attractive. She is not Brooke shields and can’t pull off the brows. And to top it off her attitude sucks (her biggest flaw). She is way to new to be “over it.” Her job isn’t hard. Her being asked questions for 8-10 hours isn’t any different from normal people entering data for hours or giving presentations. And people make the best of it. And she only has to do it for a couple of weeks. I’d take interviews and making hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars.

  • YupVideoFever

    I think, the hosts were bullying her. Mocking someone in front of millions, when she couldn’t even respond – that’s not cool. She was all real.
    I prefer this version, than if she was faking a huge smile and not mean it.

  • kmoliver

    She definitely was unprofessional and rude. Terrible PR for the movie, and I sure hope she didn’t get paid for that interview. That being said, they were unprofessional too, especially when they started talking about her afterward. And their questions for her were so lame and unoriginal, so I can’t blame her for being unenthused by them. The trouble is, she’s not supposed to be entertained in an interview: she’s supposed to do the entertaining. As they said, that’s why she’s paid millions.

  • Cotton

    Not awkward she was being rude and the anchors got her together for it #gohavearedbull. It was funny.

  • Wendy

    She was a bitch! What the hell was that about? I agree exactly what the guy said, you make 5 million dollars a movie, sit through an interview and act like you want to be there. I don’t think they were unprofessional at all, they just called it how they saw it. I hope her publicist knows how terrible that was to promote the movie, that makes me not want to see it at all.

  • Sofia

    Yes, the questions were weird, but she has to be professional. Suck it up, answer with the best attitude possible and then go home and relax enjoying your money. As someone said, she’s supposed to do the entertaining. Like, if any of us were at a store or something and the person who’s attending us has a resting bitch face like that, we’ll be like “I don’t need your attitude, I can find someone nicer to assist me, bye”.

    I don’t think we should blame it to the “English humour”. Not an excuse, sorry.

  • pterio

    +1000000000 couldnt have said it better, seriously.

  • Ryder

    Are you guys serious with these comments? Cara didn’t even get a word in before they called her “Carla” and disrespected and mocked her for WORKING and READING the book! I don’t even know how you could offer a cheeky reply to that, when it comes across as an insult.
    Then calling someone out for being tired on live television, questioning
    their commitment to a project they care deeply about – and THEY were
    offended? they treated her like a five year old. “take a nap”?? ridiculous.
    Then they went on to rip her to shreds post interview was completely unprofessional. Just like a group of mean girls.

  • YupVideoFever

    +1 “get red bull” wtf, pardon my french.

  • AmberMRooney

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  • Naynay

    The hosts were obviously looking for blood, I mean the girl has the nerve to ask her if she read the book (but the way she asked) was like you stupid model can you read ?

  • Mapгapитa Бaбoвниковa

    Being fake is not a culture.

  • Mapгapитa Бaбoвниковa

    If you get mad at worker for being tired — you are an asshole, not a worker.

  • Mapгapитa Бaбoвниковa

    If someone rich or recently get paid more money than average — that’s not reason you can bully them.
    When people at work, serve you, wait your table — you still can’t mock them and they have absolutely right to return to you your rudeness. Surprise? #murica

  • laura

    She’s so rude! This new generation of young “celebrities” often feel so entitled… And I’m not an old person, I’m just in my mid to late twenties, but I’m shocked at how rude and unprofessional she is!

    At an interview promoting the movie that’s going to boost your career as an actress you should be more pleasant and nice and not mock the journalists, even if their questions aren’t particularly original.

    Some people are ctiticizing their comments, but they are professionals who’ve been doing their job for quite sometime, while she’s just a 20 year old who gets paid millions just to be there. She owes them some respect, gosh!

  • laura

    No, but being nice is polite! After all she gets paid millions to do it, if she had any ethics she would have ben a bit more polite and pleasant.
    If you get paid millions and live in a fake world of celebrities and parties, you can’t claim that the questions were stupid or whatever, you answer the stupid questions, smile, and respect people who are older than you.

  • laura

    If she’s attractive or not is not the point: let’s not turn into bullies ourselves. She’s been incredibly rude, but the coment on her appearance is just as out of place.

  • laura

    Yeah there’s the difference that workers in shops don’t make as much ,oney in their whole career as she makes with just this movie… I mean, she shoudl be faaaaaaar more polite and nice than them.

  • nicky

    Well they certainly did not act like professionals there, that interviewer called her Carla at the beginning and then later telling her to take a nap or red bull and cut the interview short, and all of them bitching about her after that..very unprofessional..the lady also seemed bitter and talked to her as she was some stupid brainless model..and so what she is just 22 years old and getting paid millions, thats the way it is in Hollywood, she doesn’t have to take their shit just because they are older..while she wasn’t super cheerful or playful, she was just a bit sarcastic but immediately answered seriously (their lame questions)..and then they started going at her, she told them it might be the morning, but they wouldn’t let it someone who is from Europe, she seemed pleasant, but now I have to admit that she might be more pleasant, but after their comments on her being irritated, I don’t know whou wouldn! t really be irritated

  • nicky

    completely agree with you!

  • Exposed

    Just watched the video and they were very rude to her and continued to mock her after they cut her off. What did they expect? When you ask a stupid question, you get a stupid answer. It was that guy on the left who really irritated her because he was trying to cause an issue. Then they talked behind her back like high school kids. Of course she was being sarcastic. I’m not even a Cara fan, but come on now. Let’s not be catty.

  • Max

    She’s just a bitch like her BFF Tay!!

  • krtmom


  • laura

    Calling her Carla is not an insult, they just got her name wrong, which in my opinion is excusable, since it’s not a very common name: it’s not like they said “Sarla” instead of “Sara”, which would have been a stupid mistake.

    Second of all, I’m not saying that she is a stupid model, but she still does have to prove herself.

    She’s been given a huge chance with this movie, since it’s obviously her first big thing and John Green is popular enough (thaks to TFIOS) to take her to the next level as an actress. So, I mean, she should be humble and nice, not a shitty bitch as she is in this interview.

  • laura

    And yeah, the questions were quite lame, but that’s how it is, if you do press with 50 media outlets for your movie you have to expect that all of them will start from the basics and ask, to start, the same questions over and over again.
    This doesn’t mean it’s allright to be rude!

  • nicky

    Well I did not say that calling her Carla was an insult, yes it was a mistake, that everyone could make, but it would be polite, if that reporter at least apologized and corrected herself immediately, which she didn’t and that just gave the vibe like whatever, I don’t really care who you are and that’s not a great way to start an interview. But Cara didn’t say anything and ignored it.
    I did not say that you said she was a stupid model :)
    I just think that the interviewers were not professional at the slightest and did a very poor job and they seemed a bit ignorant and like they did not do much research. Like who starts a question with – I’m looking at your Imdb and you look really busy?! I agree with with your comment about the questions, she must have heard similar or the same questions a million times and she replied, firstly sarcastically, but then she tried to laugh it off, nothing rude..if you ask lame questions, expect sarcasm. To me she just seemed a little tired, so how professional it is to state that she seems a bit irritated? After hearing that, then I would be irritated. I think she handled it very well and tried to make a light of it, yet they continued picking on her. And afterwards, they were discussing her mood or even mentioning her wage?! So unprofessional..If they worked for me, I’d fire them. They didn’t care about the interview and so neither did she.
    Anyway, I still have to disagree with you about her being a shitty bitch, I appreciate her being real and not all bubbly and smiley when they were mocking her, she handled it pretty well, I would have probably walked away, so I think it was the other way around, the interviewers were the shitty bitches there.

  • LaCroix

    This is the thing.. when you go around sticking your tongue out/middle finger, humping cars, & all the other unprofessional crap this girl does.. no one really respects you as an artist.. our perception of her is easy going, free spirited and rebellious. And these interviews come with the acting job, they don’t get paid to do them.. it’s in their contract.

    The questions weren’t serious towards her, because no one looks at her as a serious actor. She got offended cus 1. they called her Carla instead of Cara.. at that point she made up her mind to be rude towards them.. instead of salvaging the interview, (its her job) she went around being bratty as she always is. Very unprofessional.

  • LaCroix

    actually she isn’t low-class, her family has loads of money, hence the career she achieved so quickly.

  • JustThat

    I don’t get it,why she is been called rude ?? If we got exactly the same answers from Jennifer Lawrence it would have been ‘oh so funnny’

  • VanityInsecurity

    so spot on! and yet there are struggling actors of all races, cultures trying to ‘make it’ and she goes around doing this.. smh

  • LaCroix

    when you go around acting like a carefree wild rebellious person humping cars and sticking your tongue & middle finger everywhere.. you get labelled & in this industry it’s all you are is a label/brand! Please get a clue & stop defending nitwit wonders.

  • nicky

    What does that have to do with the interview? The interviewers were uninformed ignorant bunch of bullies and I hate to break it to you, but it is actually the interviewer, who is responsible for setting the tone of the interview so who is to blame here? And speaking badly about her afterwards while still on air?! She is Brittish, so she is not going to act like America´s sweetheart by being fake and just taking their shit. If the interviewers did not respect her enough, why conducting the interview at all? Get a clue yourself :)

  • LaCroix

    So being an American sweetheart= fake to you? And being British means what exactly that she can talk to people they way she wants? good to know you’re not
    labeling much.. And it has alot to do with the interview.. When they
    call her Carla instead of Cara watch her face.. she’s annoyed instantly.
    The woman asks her a question if she’s read the book or not cus she’s
    been so busy lately & then laughs.. Its not a bad question many
    actors get asked this..She responds with big time sarcasm & alot of
    gimme a break answers. Why?

    The second question they ask her
    again on how busy she is, is it hard to focus on the stuff she’s
    doing… legitimate question yet she responds as if she really doesn’t
    understand the question, being standoffish “Im living my dream” with an
    eye roll.. Why?

    Then they ask if she shares any similarities to her character.. nothing wrong with this question as well..
    She responds with more sarcasm & attitude this time.. it goes on..

    At this point the media has had enough of her crap really..And I don’t blame them. FYI the actor has to do media & sell a movie it’s her job to take whatever questions they throw at you & remain professional at all times.

  • Mapгapитa Бaбoвниковa

    money, money, money, money.

  • Mapгapитa Бaбoвниковa

    ethics and money don’t related. never. stop thinking only about money. see the human.

  • Mapгapитa Бaбoвниковa

    you have zero reasons to be polite with people who bullying you.

  • VanityInsecurity

    Its offensive to go around stating Americans are fake & British people aren’t. There is a difference between selling your brand & not caring about your brand…Even though journalists asked the questions it’s up to the interviewee in how they want this interview to go. Her sarcastic responses show how entitled she really is. She could have just answered the questions normally & got off the air quickly. Instead she chose to answer argumentatively. She didn’t expect the flat out rudeness back towards her.. and the journalist really did take it a bit far at the end..but make no mistake Cara wants to be an actor.. act your way out of an interview just like all actors do..

  • Angus12

    Too many people here wishing they were her. She’s nowhere near irritating or self ingratiating as a Kardashian. Everbody has a bad day. Be prepared to see a lot more of her.

  • VanityInsecurity

    Asking someone if you’ve read the book has been asked to many actors when they play characters that were from a novel. She took it offensive. Why? Cus she was already annoyed with being called Carla.. I don’t agree with bashing people on Live TV the way they did..but she should have behaved like an actor not a punk kid.

  • nicky

    I am sorry for implying that being an American means being fake, I didn’t mean it like that. The thing is, that when she was not all bubbly, smiley and chatty with them, they took it as she is being irritated and they didnt get her sarcasm. She answered sarcastically and a second later gave an honest answer, what is wrong with that? Sarcasm is not a bad thing, it is part of her personality.

  • C.R.

    Suck it up and do your damn job you clueless bitch.

  • VanityInsecurity

    Thanks for the apology. I understand Cara’s personality but when you are promoting a film, you need the media to get your brand/film out there. Sarcasm can be a good thing when you mix it with humor, like what Jen Lawrence does.. this however came across as she was agitated over the questions. She needs more PR training if she wants to make it into acting.