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Miley Cyrus Calls Nicki Minaj's VMA Tweets 'Not Very Polite'

Miley Cyrus Calls Nicki Minaj's VMA Tweets 'Not Very Polite'

Miley Cyrus is opening up about Nicki Minaj‘s recent tweets about getting snubbed for 2015 MTV Video Music Award nominations, which resulted in a public argument with Taylor Swift.

The 22-year-old “Wrecking Ball” singer, who is hosting the show this year, didn’t like the 32-year-old rapper’s approach.

“She was saying that everyone was white and blonde that got nominated, I heard? And then Taylor Swift butted in,” Miley told the New York Times. “What I read sounded very Nicki Minaj, which, if you know Nicki Minaj is not too kind. It’s not very polite. I think there’s a way you speak to people with openness and love. You don’t have to start this pop star against pop star war. It became Nicki Minaj and Taylor in a fight, so now the story isn’t even on what you wanted it to be about. Now you’ve just given E! News ‘Catfight! Taylor and Nicki Go at It.’”

She added, “If you do things with an open heart and you come at things with love, you would be heard and I would respect your statement. You made it about you. Not to sound like a bitch, but that’s like, ‘Eh, I didn’t get my VMA.’”

Miley continued, “I know you can make it seem like, Oh I just don’t understand because I’m a white pop star. I know the statistics. I know what’s going on in the world. But to be honest, I don’t think MTV did that on purpose.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Miley’s reaction to Nicki’s tweets?

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  • Sinden

    Miley just had to stick her two flat titties into this already dead fight. Nicki was right to call the VMA’S out on their obvious racism, just because they nominated Beyonce the token black woman don’t mean shit. it’s not like she’s gonna win it anyway, but they could have at least nominated Nicki, her song did have more of an impact then some of the songs that were nominated.

  • Heidi

    Whether you love or hate Miley Cyrus, you can’t deny that she’s making some good points. You don’t need to single out and attack one group of people to get promote your social agenda. Plus “Anaconda” one of her worst songs

  • Sandy McFarlane

    ………..get the fuck outta here miley,, you don’t want this heat

  • Sandy McFarlane


  • moonlight

    Bless her she constantly shows how young and dumb she is. I actually am starting to like her because I used to think her stupidity was just marketing but it actually looks like she is a true good old fashioned prettydummy.

  • b324

    I’m pretty sure the blogs and media flipped out and pitted “scary” Nicki Minaj against “innocent” pop princess Taylor Swift.

    Come on, Miley, you act like you like to be at the forefront of political and social discussions but you couldn’t be bothered to read what that “fight” was really about. Tsk tsk.

  • b324

    Yet it had more Youtube views than Taylor, Kendrick AND Beyonce at the time when the nominations came out.

    How can you have an award show about popular music videos and then deny one of the most popular videos of the year a VMA Video of the Year award ??

  • blubell

    annoying as hell. they either complain the same people win or they complain they don’t win every year. Nicki has received awards before, no?
    that was a HORRIBLE video! and song.

  • Fah Q

    Miley tryna act like she never dissed Talor before

  • dalovelee

    God forbid if a strong black woman speaks her mind that happens to offend delicate white females who want to make it about them..because in this society an assertive vocal black woman should only shuck and smile wide to make white females feel comfortable.

  • plez

    Stop it. Nicki rant had nothing to do with race. It had to do with her EGO.
    Her argument was that Miley got nominated for showing her ass last year so why didn’t I get nominated? Different year and different competition. Get over it and fight real problems.

  • FatalFacts

    Really? Black people are under represented at music award shows? That is totally false. Most of the top 100 artists in the WORLD are black now….The reason Nicki didn’t get nominated was the videos she had released in time for nominations were absolute CRAP compared to the other nominees. There are plenty of MALE black stars that pretty much win ALL the awards now and dominated pop culture. There are not as many black FEMALE artists because there are less female artists period plus the black community continues to support men more so than woman other than Beyonce of course. If Nicki was nominated at all again it would have been because of her race just to get a black girl in there even if she sucked…….Which by the way false phrase and pity over because someone is black or female is ALSO racist/sexist people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This sounds more like a cultural issue and less of a VMAs issue. Over all Nicki is a spoiled, ungrateful vapid creature that was having a hissy fit over not getting what she wanted. Instead of using that anger to maybe make BETTER MUCH BETTER music videos/music and come back with a reckoning…..she decided to tweet. The woman won’t have a career in three years.

  • Bad Citizen

    WOW! Miley Cyrus is 22? I thought she is in her late 30s. She look awful, like a cheap crack whore or chewed and used tampon.

  • ed

    the biggest shade in all of this is Miley calling Nicki a POP STAR jajajaja

  • Anastatia Bagans

    As much as I can’t stand Miley, she has just won major points with me for calling out Nicki and her biased behavior. What’s the difference between what she did and Kanye? She threw a jab at the white nominees and the way they look like. How petty do you want to get? Miley is saying what everyone with half a brain thought AND had the balls to say it. Damn. I give her credit. Nick and her behavior was low class and playing the victim isn’t going to get you a VMA or some form of respect.

  • Casey C

    She’s doing EXACTLY what she’s supposedly calling Nicki out on! Nicki and Taylor made peace real quick, and both derided how the media went all ‘feud feud feud’. not only has Miley misinterpreted it, she’s blown up an old feud, made an ass of herself and made herself a target again. F*&^ off you little idiot – she’s wittering on about how you shouldn’t start drama etc and yet here she is. doing it. showing how uneducated and bigoted sheis

  • Anastatia Bagans

    Oh shut up. Your post reeks of pettyness and a complete biased point of view with your labeling black women “strong” and white women “delicate”.

  • dalovelee

    Shut up yourself keyboard gangsta….you don’t like what I wrote because it struck that nerve of truth. White women can’t stand if a black woman has strong opinions and don’t choose to dance around in order to state it. Clearly white women get all flustered and need to have people sugar coat opinions or they get their delicate feelings hurt. AND that’s why Taylor Swift got schooled by Nikki Minaj and then backed down when she realized she made a fool of herself trying to confront Nikki.

  • Anastatia Bagans

    LOL. I think Taylor struck a nerve with you, considering how much you’re whining. I can tell you don’t even have a basic level of a college education. All you’re doing is playing a power game to hide your own biased bullsh*t your complaining other race groups do. Taylor isn’t ratchet like Hoe Minaj and doesn’t have to degrade herself as a woman to break records lmao. Stay mad over there.

  • Abigeal Cruz

    Bitch, don’t you have a KKK meeting you’re late for?

  • j k

    “Friday” by Rebecca Black also had many views.

  • Poison Ivy

    Miley is actually right, for the most part, for once. Nicki started off insinuating an MTV video nom was a shoo-in if only you add skinny models. OK, maybe a point. Taylor then correctly assumed that was directed at her as she had a lot of skinny chicks in her video. Then for extra punch and attention, Nicki changed it up and made it seem like she was snubbed due to her race and body type, which doesn’t fly since Beyonce was nommed in the same catagory. Then it became something about the laughable idea that Anaconda had a huge impact on pop culture, lol. It was hard to know what the hell Nicki was trying to say and it just came off as sour grapes that she did not get nommed. She wasn’t convincing in nailing down her point and furthermore, she copped out and made it seem like there was nothing personal against the other nominees, which isn’t genuine. I think Taylor apologized as she didn’t want to offend, especially since a certain card was played. Hopefully, Miley will own her comments and not back down to political correctness. I think she will back down.

  • Poison Ivy

    A lot of people do watch car accidents, freak shows and the Kardashians as well. That don’t make it art.

  • evelynbprices

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  • louise_1

    Nicki Minaj is such a jerk. She’s always complaining about something or someone. Maybe she she give up music and become Donald Trump’s campaign manager. They’re two of a kind.

  • louise_1

    And in my opinion Beyonce doesn’t even deserve the recognition with the silly novelty music she makes. Shes so very overrated for doing much of nothing.

  • iLoveMe

    I love Miley, but hate what she represents today. I don’t agree with her statement though. Nicki Minaj was responding to tweets from her fans, when she made that statement about skinny pop stars vs curvy girls. It’s not like she randomly attacked them. The reason Nicki’s argument held no weight is because out of 5-6 nominees, the only skinny “pop star” nominated was Taylor Swift, so… I guess Nicki will get that vanguard award next year. I felt Nicki pointed out Taylor Swift because their videos had the same message, with cameos from friends, just different tastes. I prefer Taylor’s action flick inspired video over that porn Nicki did any day, and both videos were horrible by the way. Taylor’s Black Space video was better than Bad Blood.

  • iLoveMe

    If Nicki argued about all the nominees, especially the lesser ones, I would’ve more than happily agreed with her. She chose to make it about race and tried to disguise it with body-shaming. Taylor Swift is the only skinny white girl nominated for video of the year. Nicki’s argument made no sense.

  • iLoveMe

    With her last two albums flopping, I more than likely agree with you.

  • iLoveMe

    Yup, she’s pretty much like J’LO. Desperate to be “sexy.” It’s almost laughable, how much these artists, especially the older ones are trying to so hard to be something that they are not.

  • iLoveMe

    This argument is so played out. If the strong black woman, I’m assuming you mean Nicki, wants to be recognized then she needs to earn it. What Nicki is doing in her videos is nothing we haven’t already seen before. Beyonce and Taylor will automatically get nominated every time due to their level of success, regardless if their videos suck or not. Nicki Minaj has a long way to go before she even touches either of them. The more people use race as an excuse for failure, the more others stop listening.

  • lola cherry cola

    discrimination is a real problem, something that white people don’t seem to get, or don’t want to.

  • dalovelee

    Your reply = Joke of the Year. You clearly don’t know that Minaj has been in the business and has earned her recognition…from those who have been around alot longer that Beyonce and Swift…and wannabe whigger Miley. A long way to go..the ignorance in that statement is so vast and embarrassing that it’s best to let you wallow in it.

  • iLoveMe

    White people get discriminated against as well. It’s a two way street. Some blacks just use it as an excuse for why they suck.

  • iLoveMe

    Oh I do know. She hasn’t earned anything. All she did was rip off Lil’Kim and Lady Gaga, had one hit album, her latest two flopped bad. She fell off because she had no real substance to begin with, just shoving sex, her un-jiggable butt and nasty lyrics down our throats. When that didn’t work she decided to use her ex boyfriend as a ploy to sell this last album… I guess her fans didn’t buy into it, cause it tanked. Now she’s convinced her and Meek is the new Jay and Beyonce. LOL. The chick is done. Like I said, she’s not even in Taylor and Beyonce’s backyard. She’s got a long way to go. The ignorance in your response is embarrassing for you. It’s best you bite your tongue next time.

  • lola cherry cola

    lol thanks for making me laugh

    it’s perceived discrimination because white people feel like they are being attacked. it’s not real, institutionalized discrimination.

  • iLoveMe

    White people don’t have their own channels, magazines, and scholarship programs and other advantages that ethnics have been given. It’s easier to play the blame game than admit the truth. I’m not implying racism is dead, but you are referring to something that happened a long time ago, probably before you existed. We need to stop looking at race and look at other reasons such as income, reputation, education and other reasons for why one could be discriminated against. As I said before white people are being discriminated against too, they are just not complaining about it.

  • lola cherry cola

    I understand and appreciate your point of view, but the white ‘ethnicity’ is the dominant political and cultural group as the country was and is dominated by this group who has more klout and opportunity. Actually, I found this interesting open sourced data from NY that shows the disparity between white and black people; when you filter ‘black population,’ the correlating categories are poverty, low-income housing, single parent households, etc. When you filter ‘white population,’ the correlating categories are higher education and home owners. It’s interesting data. So the point of these scholarship programs and other advantages, i.e. affirmative action, is to try to get disparaged populations to the same level as privileged populations and access the opportunities they have. But statistics still show that despite these scholarship programs, white students are still more likely to get scholarships and receive higher education.

    While ‘it’ happened a long time ago, it is still an institutionalized phenomenon that affects disparaged communities today because it’s never been truly addressed and solved, and both sides haven’t really been educated on it.

    The other reasons why one would be discriminated against, such as income and education as you pointed out, are related to racism and asymmetrical opportunities and inequity. If disadvantaged populations are generationally poor, it’s hard to think about investing and passing wealth down to future generations and own property. These are things white communities can do, so the wealth gets passed around.

    I can understand why you say white people feel discriminated against, but I see it differently.

    Thank you for initiating this conversation that more people should be having !!

  • louise_1

    Seems like they cannot accept when its time to pass the tourch. I think Beyonce is worse than J Lo. I mean she just will not go away.

  • louise_1

    And Beyonce is definitely. NOT going to win.

  • louise_1

    Beyonce should not even be in the same breath as Taylor Swift.

  • iLoveMe

    I can’t argue with that, Cherry.

  • SaraJ

    The song is basically 80% a rip-off of an ’80s song. Yes songs DO matter for nominations, because all of the big winners have been important songs.
    And the video only got those views because of her one *asset*. It wasn’t well-done.

  • Gina

    Miley of all people schooling somebody on politeness & tact?? Don’t make me laugh. She has the nerve to tell someone how they should appropriately respond to racial inequality; something she has never experienced a day in her privileged life. Girl bye.

  • myname

    First of all miley young and stupid. YES stupid WHITE GIRL YOU CANT SAY SHIT CUZ YOU DONT KNOW WHAT WE GO THROUGH!
    Second of all Nicki didnt even mention Taylor over rated no talent ass! Taylor responded to what Nicki said so SHE must of been feeling some kind of way.
    White people win most of the awards on every award show whether they deserve the dam award or not!
    I dont particularly think Ananconda was a good song or video but it was popular. I love Bey but I dont think 7/11 was a good video but i think that was just chosen just to have a black person to nominate. As someone pointed out Bey is the industrys token black woman. (Rihanna also) When put up against Taylor they always lose even though they are more talented. Bey can sing and dance Taylors ass under a rug.
    I do not see the draw. Taylor cant sing or dance but “you people” love her. Hey these days it doesnt take talent to become famous or “make” it! Kardashans anyone?!
    Black people constantly getting snubbed, and overlooked at award shows, mackelmore won a grammy over Kendrick, mackelmore is awful not even real rap! If Em put out a song or album he will win in the rap category at any show just so they can give it to the white boy. I like em but cone on?!!

  • DjacksonRodriguez

    I am a gay minority, and understand the frustration with the white “majority” However we as minorities can’t cry foul on racism and then thrust that light of stereotypes right back… It makes us hypocrites and takes away from the point that we are trying to make…
    Insulting a woman because she is black or white or asian or gay or of a different religion or place, is not okay… No matter if you are a minority or not…

  • bbm

    I think you meant it the other way around. You swiftes loooooooooool. I can’t even….