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Matt Dallas & Husband Blue Hamilton Adopt a 2-Year-Old Son Named Crow! (Exclusive Pics!)

Matt Dallas & Husband Blue Hamilton Adopt a 2-Year-Old Son Named Crow! (Exclusive Pics!)

Matt Dallas and his husband Blue Hamilton just introduced their two-year-old son named Crow to the world, who they recently adopted!

The married couple announced the amazing news via a YouTube video, telling their fans they really wanted to have a child.

“We just happen to fall in love with this certain little boy who came to stay with us…the car ride home, we decided that he was gonna be ours and we weren’t gonna give him up,” Blue said.

“There was supposed to be a six month trial period, and there was about a six-minute trial period before we knew he was gonna be ours,” Matt said.

Matt and Blue told Just Jared that they adopted the adorable little boy earlier in the year, and was originally born in Arizona. They chose to do an adoption out of Arizona because there are over 18,000 children in the foster/adoption system in the state. His dads also tell us that Crow is a big football fan!

Matt Dallas & Husband Blue Hamilton Adopt a 2-Year-Old Boy

Just Jared on Facebook
matt dallas blue hamilton adopt baby boy crow 01
matt dallas blue hamilton adopt baby boy crow 02
matt dallas blue hamilton adopt baby boy crow 03
matt dallas blue hamilton adopt baby boy crow 04
matt dallas blue hamilton adopt baby boy crow 05
matt dallas blue hamilton adopt baby boy crow 06
matt dallas blue hamilton adopt baby boy crow 07
matt dallas blue hamilton adopt baby boy crow 08

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