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Colin Farrell's Six-Year-Old Son Doesn't Want Donald Trump to Be President

Colin Farrell's Six-Year-Old Son Doesn't Want Donald Trump to Be President

Colin Farrell gives Ellen DeGeneres a hug while making an appearance on her show, airing today.

The 39-year-old actor spoke about his son and Donald Trump while on the show.

“I came in the other day and CNN was on and he said, Daddy? I said, yeah. He said. Can I ask you something? I go oh no, here we go. I said yeah and he said that man Donald Trump’s not gonna be President, right?,” Colin said. “Six years old. I said, I don’t know little man. I think the race is gonna be a lot tighter than people anticipated when it set out. And he went, If I was a vote I’d vote for that lady person.”

Ellen and Colin also played a fun round of “Guesstures” while he was on the show. Watch below!

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Credit: Michael Rozman/ Warner Bros.
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  • Cruizin1960

    And at 6 yo he has formed his own political opinions….right. Just another way for an overpaid celebrity to foist their political opinions on the rest of us. Just another foreigner sticking their nose in our political process. Love how they b*tch and moan about America and Americans commenting on or interfering with THEIR countries, yet they feel that they have a right to mouth off about us.

  • MollyBD

    Sounds like something Colin made up. That’s not how a six-year-old talks. The kid probably doesn’t know who Donald Trump or “that woman” is. No kid that age sits and watches the news.

  • Arx

    He’s an american citizen tho. You’re just another hateful trump supporter turning a joke into a political statement.

  • Anna

    My little cousin who’s 5 hates Trump. He says he has an ugly mouth and that’s the reason he hates him. Kids will hate people just because of their looks, the way they talk, or because they’re just old. I remember getting teased just because my bangs were too short when I was 8. Kids are just mean in general. So a kid hates Trump. Why are you angry over a child? It seems so silly. Kids will be kids. It’s not like the kid is old enough to vote.

  • Tommi

    No, he’s Irish actually and you’re the hateful idiot, don’t have some black culture crap to moan about.

    And Ellen is just a Clinton/ liberal hack, she’s probably make up the dumb story and this idiot actor agreed to say it.

    A 2009 State Department Memo:
    The memo stated that Ellen DeGeneres is “a big supporter of Hillary Clinton and is willing to use her platform to help promote the agenda of the new Secretary of State.”

  • Cruizin1960

    Because adults have a history of using children with regards to politics. And, one would hope that someone would teach your cousin that it is not appropriate to hate someone because of their looks. Exactly how would a child of 5 understand what Trump has been saying? It’s not as if he is swearing (which kids would understand is bad). No, a child who has this sort of opinion is aping what they have heard adults talk about. They are not forming these opinions on their own.

  • Cruizin1960

    The kid or Colin? Colin is not an American citizen…he is Irish.

  • Anna

    He also hates my grandfather because he smells funny. Nothing we can do. We can’t force him to like someone or something. My grandfather tried giving him cookies and toys to win his affection, nothing worked. Kids get turned off easily. We’re also Canadian and don’t really talk about American politics, so it’s not like he heard anything about Trump from us. Don’t you think you’re being over sensitive about this? Literally just a kid. What does it matter? It’s not like they’re old enough to vote. And when they are old enough, they’ll have completely different opinions than they had as a 5 year old. It’s not like full grown adults will be swayed by what a 5 year old likes and dislikes. “My 5 year old kid doesn’t like this person. So I won’t vote for them”. No one is that dumb.

  • Arx

    He lives in LA tho… Its called dual citizenship?

  • Arx

    So why are u watching this liberal agenda? Go back to watching the racist republican agenda on Fox news.

  • Gina

    Kids are intuitive.

  • Arx

    Wow “black culture crap”. Your not racist at all [sarcasm]. I never mentioned black people but your hateful ass is obviously desperate to talk about them.

  • Arx

    Don’t waste your time. Cruizin1960 wants a reality star to be president of the United States. No way you can take his opinion seriously.

  • Anna

    Colin has a duel citizenship. His kids and their mother lives in LA full time and are pretty much full on Americans.

  • FerCat

    Look, if you can’t see off one old white haired socialist in a capitalist country what can you do?

  • Christine Hooper

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  • Amber

    You articulated that perfectly.

  • SW

    This propaganda is getting annoying. Clinton is not what the US needs, but maybe what it deserves.

  • Sandy McFarlane


  • Cruizin1960

    No, he is a legal resident…that is different than citizenship. He has never been naturalized and is still a citizen of Ireland…not the US. His child is, however a US citizen having been born in this country.

  • Bluerskies

    People really need to let 6 year olds be six. Politics have no place in little childrens lives. Also, I feel like people aren’t angry, it just seems very far-fetched… lol

  • Bluerskies

    People really need to let 6 year olds be six. Politics have no place in little childrens lives. Also, I feel like people aren’t angry, it just seems very far-fetched… lol

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