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Celebs Send Love to Minorities After Trump Wins the Election

Celebs Send Love to Minorities After Trump Wins the Election

Tons of celebrities have taken to social media to send their love to minorities – women, people of color, the LGBT community, immigrants, and more – after Donald Trump was elected the next President of the United States.

The Republican candidate said some terrible things about all these groups throughout his campaign and it was widely believed that love would trump hate on election day, but that sadly did not happen.

Celebs like Oscar winner Brie Larson, Connie Britton, Janelle Monae, Ruby Rose, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, and more have spoken out to show their support for minorities during this tough time.

Click inside to read more inspiring tweets from celebrities to minorities in America…

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  • Douglas from Brazil

    LOL at those hypocrite celebrities.

  • John Dow

    Who are these people? Why you call them celebs? :)

  • sydney jane

    Geez, what a bunch of drama queens. This is what I’ve come to hate about the left is how they treat us (minorities) as if we’re ignorant children that need to be protected by the government. What they (Democrats…and I used to be one up until a few years ago) don’t get is we care about jobs, security, border control. We don’t need the government to take care of us.

  • sydney jane

    Geez, what a bunch of drama queens. This is what I’ve come to hate about the left is how they treat us (minorities) as if we’re ignorant children that need to be protected by the government. What they (Democrats…and I used to be one up until a few years ago) don’t get is we care about jobs, security, border control. We don’t need the government to take care of us.

  • James Townsend

    Electing Trump is a low point in American History, the so called “Americans” that voted for him made a huge mistake

  • Sabrina

    So sad :-(…

  • Arrow 12

    They need to hurry up and leave. They all need one way tickets. No one needs them.

  • rubie

    Time to tighten the wallet………

  • rubie

    Time to tighten the wallet………

  • Kitty

    “Tomorrow we fight?”

    Fight against what? Our country? Our democracy? Our fellow Americans?

    This is why celebs shouldn’t get so much political attention. These celebs are so selfishly focused on things they think are important that they crap all over the things everyone else values.

  • VisionAri

    I’m a minority also. I don’t need the government to take care of me; I just need it not to actively come at me.

  • Orcus

    where were these american celebrities when their hillary clinton bombed lybia?destroying and robbing other countries?arming ISIS and ruined syria for money.WHERE?that caused the migrant crisis.they have no problem with saud arabia is massmurdering yemeni civilians with AMERICAN weapons?clinton foundation accepted money from saud arabia the great friends of human rights.

  • Elizabeth Connell

    Time to start packing celebs

  • HG

    Why are they still here? They promised to leave !! Canada is waiting !!

  • HG

    No the mistake was taking hard working Americans who suffer through obamacare and the crooked establishment for granted !! America won their country back deal with it !!

  • HG

    You know the ones who are rich and don’t have to worry about obamacare premiums or violence in their neighborhoods !,

  • Colm Ó Maoilchiaráin

    HG, your entire brain is a mess.

  • Colm Ó Maoilchiaráin

    You complete eejit. You obviously voted for a president that DOESN’T GIVE AN ACTUAL FLYING FU£K about the people. He only stands to gain, and that’s all he cares about. You’re all so bloody blind that you can’t see how utterly fu£ked you really are!

  • MD

    in what way are you a minority?

  • VisionAri


  • go to

    Prove Trump is wrong? few leftists have more than 100 I.Q. their tweets are of a kindergartener, and mindless copies…NO ORIGINALITY…NO intelligence…

    You idiot leftists that are RACIST! calling all white conservatives losers or deeply flawed, makes you RACIST! Florida had 33% of Latinos vote for Trump!


    Would i learn Calculus from Michael Jordan?

    NO…so why are you whiny liberals OPENING YOUR MOUTH, about socio-ethical Philosophical analysis?

    Have you taken Symbolic Logic? Physics or Set Theory or Group Theory?

    Can you do a proof?
    NO you are 100-120 I.Q. simple minded BRATS! …referred to AS BOHEMIANS…go do your ARTS …its what you get paid for….DONT OPEN YOUR MOUTH, YOU CANNOT THINK, BOHEMIANS!!!

    Government = (Trump + Pence)(Cabinet)/Congress
    If Trump makes a mistake, He gets impeached, and he is no longer President…

    What you guys really are whining, is YOU are anti Christian!!

    You guys love your drugs, your anything,anyway sex, your perversion.

    Your sorcery!! HINT: its why you ALL think the same, without difference!


    You guys are under sorcery and you dont know it…You guys are clones. You think the same way. You talk the same way, you cry the same way. You believe the same way…You define things the same way…

    Socialites get money for no skill?

    You guys make me sick? You BETTER WATCH IT, DID you SEE THE MAP?!!! ALLLLLLLLL REDDDDDDDDDDD! ACCEPT for Los Angeles and New York, and New Mexico!!!

    Which means if you DONT SHUT UP, we will BOYCOTT YOU!!!

    We wont watch a single movie or TV SHOW!!! We wont go to your concerts ….. WE WILL MAKE SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA DUST FINACIALLY!!!

    You stars better SHUT UP! We will start with KATY PERRY! No more shows…We WILL WATCH ONLY ….HACKSAW RIDGE. no other movie EVER AGAIN!

  • go to

    YOU mean EVERYONE ELSE besides LA and NY, BOSTON, NEW MEXICO…33% of Latinos in Florida voted for Trump! More Blacks voted for Trump, than Romney…

    He took OH, WI, MI, PA…ONLY POLITICALLY DYNAMIC PEOPLE vote in those states…thats why they are SWING STATES!!!

    Who ever wins swing states, deserves to be President…

    by VERY DEFINITION OF swing states…

    The American people have spoken…its YOU liberals

    That America NO LONGER likes…

  • go to

    What if I’m white? I am a minority in California and Texas…Only if you are illegal, will you have a problem…If you are not illegal, then no problem at all.

  • go to

    If the majority of people voted ‘racist’, then by logic, the definition of racism has changed.

  • go to

    Mexican-Americans mean they are American. they care about American lives and citizens…What we have is Mexican-Americans by birthright ONLY, but they vote like Mexican Nationals…which is Treasonous…

  • go to

    Prove it: list the facts and string them together to form a logical valid proof…if you cant do that, then you are only an artist, and NOT a logician…so therefore your reasoning is INVALID.

  • go to

    True! but have you noticed they are very dumb as well? they sound like 6th graders…no logic. nothing…no reasoning…Drugs take a toll on them…

  • go to

    Bro…your I.Q. is above 120…they cant understand one of your sentences…notice these celebs sound like 6th graders? They are REALLY stupid…i am actually shocked…i gotta leave, its gonna be there nap time soon.

  • VisionAri

    Whites are 70% of the population in Texas and 73% of the population in California. In what way is that a minority?

  • Colm Ó Maoilchiaráin

    I’m not going to write out an entire thesis just to prove my point because that’s the sort of research YOU’RE supposed to be carrying out before you pick the appropriate man or woman to govern your country. I will, however, leave you with two parables of his lack of support for the ‘little man’ and the complete in-existence of his moral code.

    First, there was Trump University, which was a complete con establishment. He bullshitted about having a 98% success rate, and then fleeced everyone who’d signed up out of their money. You can google this yourself, I’ll just tell you the basics because it’s too long to get into.

    Then there was the contractor who had him build on a site for him. He gave him half the pay and promised the other half once completed. Upon completion, Trump dodged his calls for yonks before finally having enough with being “harassed” he decided he’d meet the man. When he did, the man demanded the other half of the pay so that he could pay for the supplies and the wages of the labourers, but Trump told him he’d already paid him. Once the man argued, Trump repeated that he’d already paid him and if he had a problem he was to sue him because “who are they going to believe?”

    You’ve exalted a money man. He’s all money, money, money. The little man and middle man of America is screwed. And at this point I’m almost accepting that he’s the president, because America probably deserves it … that it deserves to be taught a lesson.

  • Chimi Changa

    Those tweets were the most delusional, nauseating bunch of sanctimonious vomit I’ve ever seen written. Dear God, get over yourselves.

  • saris1

    They miscalculated and they did it being so patronizing all of the way through. Trump wants to get rid of NAFTA, impose tariffs and make China play fair – I like all of that. They also need to stop calling illegals ‘immigrants’ they are NOT immigrants god damn it.

  • Pamela Kennedy

    The problem is that under the Republicans all people with a certain shade of skin will be TREATED like “illegal” and like crap, there will be more racial profiling, more of that “stop and frisk” nonsense that we have been fighting against since Operation Pipeline in the 80′s to try to eradicate, more of a “police state” in which any brown-skinned person who is deemed by the officer to “pose a threat” in any way, shape or form, will be shot and killed, ask questions later. When police officers will have free reign to do whatever they want to minorities and just excuse it with “we assumed you were here illegally” and no apologies for running through and harassing people who were not only NOT, but who happen to be attorneys! What kind of police state this will turn into for everyone “darker than a paper bag” in skin tone, is the problem.

  • Pamela Kennedy

    I hope you get sick and can’t afford to go to the doctor, the way you oppose free health care for those who need it and can’t afford the outrageous amounts that doctors charge!!

  • Pamela Kennedy

    So they can go to some country that does have free health care such that when people get sick with treatable illnesses they can afford to go to the doctor and don’t DIE just from “lack of money for the doctor.”

  • Pamela Kennedy

    Minorities who voted for Trump did so because they believe that his racist policies won’t affect THEM PERSONALLY. I can’t count up how many times some minority has told me that they actually believe that ONLY the illegals and ONLY the criminals will be targeted. ALL minorities will be “stopped and frisked” on an increasingly more regular basis, it won’t be safe for ANYONE with brown skin to drive a car anywhere EVER without being pulled over by the police who ASSUME we must be illegal, criminals, or otherwise “up to no good” JUST because we’re a minority – and those of us whom this happens to on a regular basis who DO have law degrees will spend ALL of our time in court suing the police for racial profiling and harassment which will of course no longer be illegal or against the constitution. Racial Profiling will become the law of the land. And other minorities are so stupid they actually voted FOR this. To slit their own throats. It’s like Jews back in 1933 who voted FOR Hitler even after he made himself clear that he was going to exterminate all Jewish people for some personal problem in his own life with some Jewish people he knew.

  • go to

    im sorry but almost everyone here cant debate…listen, do i ask Michael Jordan to teach me calculus? why? because he knows basketball, not math…

    you people have to understand you may not know anything…do you think most actors know any politics?

    politics is political science, political science is philosophy, philosophy can only be discussed in logic, symbolic logic, or mathematics…

    so if we dont discuss proofs, than we are NOT discussing politics…

    so eventhough some thngs make sense, they really arent correct.

    Pamela Obamacare takes your inheretence away…if any money or land is owed to you, its taken away. Obamacare charges you.

    2. would you rather have Obamacare, or a $35,000/yr job?

    thats the question. liberals want you to have Obamacare qualifications…NO JOB , or worth working…I WANT you to have $35,-50,000 so you dont qualify for Obamacare…think about it, why do we need it, we just need better jobs.

    3. i had insurance from CA before Obamacare…so everyone is on drugs, if they think they didnt have coverage…

    difference is you had to wait longer at the fewer free clinics…we ALWAYS HAD these free county clinics and hospitals USC-LAC hospital, and such…

    Dont let liberals lie to you…they hand out tents and blankets to homeless , and let 7 Million illegals work in CA…i say deport and 1/2 of all homeless that are not mentally ill will get a job.

  • go to

    prove it…my proof is :
    outside cental LA, hispanics went from 15% to 70%…look at high school yearbooks…70% white in Orange Country to 30% , hispanics went from 10% in La Habra, Fullerton , Anaheim, Placentia , Brea, Whittier, Hacienda Heights, Diamond Bar , Chino, Covina, etc and 5,000 square miles of middle class neighbor hoods and went from 10% to up to 70%…Asians went to 20% so leaving whites blacks and middle eastern to 10% total…only Temecula, Glendora, West LA, Santa Monica, remain white…

    check ALL yearbooks 5 years at a time…from 2000 to 2015.
    look at the growth of hispanics..4-6 kids each cycle, except for (conservative Protestant Christian, and 3rd generation educated)…add x^3 + x^2 + x = 75 Million…

    x^3= legal hispanics before 1986 amnesty
    x^2= illegal hispanics since 1986
    x= legal hispanics born from illegals

    you find the growth factors to be from a total of 75 Million hispanics throughout USA, legal and illegal, 35 Million are illegal + legal born from illegals.

    so the 73% white is a 1962 stat…

    i have spent 20,000 hours on illegal immigration and illegal hispanics and Asians…more than anyone in the USA…

    i studied Physics, so my brain chomped on this for 20,000 hours in 15 years…i will be on youtube with OVERWHELMING proof…