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DL Hughley Slammed for Tweet About Debbie Reynolds' Death

DL Hughley Slammed for Tweet About Debbie Reynolds' Death

DL Hughley has received a lot of criticism for a tweet he wrote about the death of Debbie Reynolds.

The legendary actress died one day after her daughter Carrie Fisher and the comedian seems to suggest she would not have died had she been an African-American woman.

Click inside to read the insensitive tweet…

“Debbie Reynolds died a day after her daughter did! Black Mama’s don’t die cuz they kids do! They cry and say God don’t make no mistakes!” DL tweeted.

Lots of fans wrote back saying that his tweet was not appropriate. “As a human being you could have more compassion. As a father you could have more heart. As a comedian, you should have a seat,” one person responded.

DL responded to the tweet by saying, “Nah!! As a comedian I should say what I see.” He responded to another person by saying, “Do I actually care what u think of what I said?”

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  • kittenparanoia

    what an ass

  • sunni_daze

    Wow. That was way to soon.

  • Roman

    I’d be ok with it if it were a funny joke, but that was lame.

  • eternalozzie

    hes a topical comedian people … i am so sick of ignorant people attacking free speech …

  • eternalozzie

    hes a topical comedian people … i am so sick of ignorant people attacking free speech …

  • chun key pipe

    Ahahahaha… OK… king of comedy ?… Ahahahaha

  • moonriver

    fuck him. who cares what he thinks. people are morons on twatter.

  • Visitor

    Trying to be funny by using Reynolds’ death to insult the intelligence of black women

  • Cindy Miles

    What would he have said if it was a white comedian saying that about a black mother? I bet he would be saying all kinds of racist shit about white people.

  • Casey C

    Free speech doesn’t protect your from being criticised or facing consequences. Free speech doesn’t mean you can say what ever the feck you like and nobody can say anything back. I’m so sick of ignorant people not understanding what ‘free speech’ actually means.

  • eternalozzie

    put your pitch fork away. we are arguing the same point of view. you just went in to more detail to make yourself feel morally superior. ;)

  • NeNeish Wilson

    You aren’t arguing the same point, your argument is that people can say whatever they want and people shouldn’t care. His was that you aren’t free from consequences. He only seems like he was trying to make himself superior because you wrote a stupid comment.

  • Casey C

    I’m a woman, but yes.

  • Casey C

    I’m a woman, but yes.

  • Bernie K

    Free speech only means you cannot be arrested for expressing yourself. Nothing else.

  • eternalozzie

    where in my comment did i say “people can say whatever they want and people shouldn’t care” ???

  • eternalozzie

    you are very correct

  • LymeCT

    I have sat through insurance seminars that were funnier than anything this guy
    has ever said…so…funny in what way? I am sure the Fisher family
    could not care any less about his racist opinion.

  • Francesfkraft

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  • Legendary Trolly

    Has nothing to do with comedy. Dude is one of those wierdo race charcacters. Very obsessed with race related stuff, and he dragged thse people’s death and combined it with the race stuff.

  • NeNeish Wilson

    You were mad that people were attacking freedom of speech. Casey C comment was that you aren’t free from the consequences of what you say. How is that he same argument?

  • Jackiejakie

    He is just a nasty bitter man….horrible thing to say. Color does not factor into this.

  • Anointed1

    umm, go take a civics class, then post again. That only applies to the Government not interfering with you, it doesn’t mean you can say what you want and not have consequences or blow back.

  • Areader

    DL Hughley is the first in line to get on his soap box and scream racism. Yet, he has the audacity to to say this…not funny at all. He should be ashamed of himself!

  • vighorois

    If that’s his “brand” of comedy, now I know I should ignore or get away from whatever he’s involved with.

  • Guest

    There was a time when he was one of my favorite comedians, but I must admit this is neither funny nor respectful.

  • Lenny

    When all you ever see is life thru race, how do you enjoy life for life’s sake? Just a flat out stupid remark.

  • Sharon Capuria

    what an ass who cares what any woman would say black or white. he is IGNORANT and not funny. used to like his comedy then seen more and more he is RACIST without a doubt. wouldn’t go see him for free. NOTHING can be worse than to bury your child. god may not make mistakes but that doesn’t mean it isn’t DEVASTATING ass

  • Guest2

    Who is this idiot?

  • Abby

    Ignorant thing to say.

  • Hisself

    He wishes Debbie was his mother, then he wouldn’t be so ugly.

  • kenn3304

    Hughley looks like Obama’s son

  • kenn3304

    Reynold’s was too pretty to be Hughley’s mom

  • jetfanglo

    A Richard Pryor wanna be……..NEVER be !!!

  • ohmyohmyohmy

    Why don’t you try speaking and writing proper English. Then perhaps you won’t sound like such an ignorant moron.

  • bh

    I can’t stand this guy. I remember him having a heated discussion with Meghan Kelly. He totally embarrassed himself.

  • fran

    Yes , you are right . There are consequences that come with free speech, for sure

  • Sam ragan

    in chicago blk women don’t cry, they forgive…over 700 murdered..many under 18

  • Moe Grayson

    He is a HUUUUUGE ASSHOLE! He was never ever funny and never ever will be.

  • Cynthia Foxe

    he caint git no work
    typical of him to do dis to git attention
    he a old homo fobic fug from way bak…

  • Jack Thompson

    Comedian? Go back to shining shoes burr-head.

  • bh

    That was his point.