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The 'Gay Moment' in 'Beauty & The Beast' Might Not Be What You Expect (Spoilers)

The 'Gay Moment' in 'Beauty & The Beast' Might Not Be What You Expect (Spoilers)

By now, you’ve likely heard that there is an “exclusively gay moment” featured in the live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast.

The film’s director Bill Condon opened up about the moment in a recent interview and the comments made headlines around the world. A theater in Alabama decided to not show the movie in its establishment because of the scene and there have been reports that Russia will not show the film at all.

Condon later said that the comments were “overblown” and that all of the anticipation for the scene has hurt the moment.

The moment in the film involves Josh Gad‘s character LeFou, who is the faithful sidekick to the villain Gaston (Luke Evans). It shouldn’t be a shock to some viewers that this character is gay as there were always some subtle references to it in the animated film. While many people probably expect the “exclusively gay moment” to happen between LeFou and Gaston, this is not the case.

Click inside for spoilers on what happens in the moment…

There are several moments throughout the film that could possibly pass as the “gay moment,” but when the moment finally happens at the very end of the film, you definitely recognize it as the moment you were waiting for. And the moment doesn’t involve Gaston at all despite LeFou having several close encounters with him during the movie.

During the scene where the villagers attack the castle to kill the Beast, LeFou gets trampled by Cadenza the piano and Gaston decides to leave him there. When he frees himself from the large instrument, LeFou shares a moment with Mrs. Potts in which he says he has switched sides in this fight because he deserves better than Gaston. Also during this scene, three men get attacked by the enchanted wardrobe Garderobe and they end up dressed up as women. While two of the men are clearly in shock and run away, the other man realizes how he likes the way he looks and walks away with a smile on his face.

Fast forward to the final scene of the movie when the spell has been lifted from the castle and everyone is celebrating with a dance… LeFou is seen dancing with a woman and then he switches partners and ends up with the man who enjoyed dressing in drag!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of the “exclusively gay moment” in Beauty and the Beast?

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  • Lo’s Mom

    What year is this again? It’s ridiculous and disgusting that people are still getting riled up about such insignificant things like some scenes that only incline that a character might be gay. Nobody is forcing anybody to see this movie. Homophobes need to grow up.

  • AoT

    I guess the complainers never watched the animated version of TBATB because LeFou has always been in love with Gaston. I mean, he sang a whole song about how incredible Gaston is.

    I’m sure Josh Gad will be wonderful.

  • Mika

    Someone better call the wambulance for those oversensitive people.

  • Aimee

    But the director himself is at fault with this. Did he have to say “exclusively gay moment”? People love to shout equality but don’t mind showing the difference when they want it. Did he say the scenes between Beauty and the Beast are exclusively straight? No. He wanted controversy so he got controversy.

  • Bill Bradley

    I know, these people need to get a life.

  • Bill Bradley

    I know, it so fkng stupid. I guess Jar Jar Binks from Star Wars is next for the firing squad. Don’t forget Velma from Scooby Doo and Bert and Ernie are a bit suspect.

  • lucy

    I don’t agree with not showing a film because of some obscure “gay” scene, but I have to say I saw the interview on TV with this lady.

    It is just a small obscure “family drive-in” that shows no films with cursing, nudity or anything she believes is “sinful”. I doubt this lady shows many films, in fact, I’m not even sure her drive-in has even opened.

    This is a non-story, but it gives the film free publicity.

    I think the worst thing they did to the film was miscast the main character.

  • lucy

    I agree, this is not a story. The scene is not the issue, the issue is the media making a mountain out of a molehill. Free publicity.

  • Bethelesley

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  • MaxxFlash

    That’s it? Really. Seriously. Sheeesh!

  • Jason

    This movie is for small children, they don’t need to grow up or be exposed this this

  • Bonnie /

    I can’t believe how depraved people have become that they think this is appropriate in a children’s movie. I don’t care what year it is, perversion and sexual inappropriateness are never ok. Maybe we need to start being more intolerant instead of giving in to a fringe minority that scream, whine and yell every time they feel they aren’t represented. You are less than 3% of the population, why should you be represented? (Rhetorical- I don’t care about your answer) oh and for a group that constantly cries about and demands accepatance, you sure won’t give it to anyone with an opposing view so why would I give it to you?

  • Farah Farhat

    This explanation is even worse than what we thought about the gay moment. The film is targeted to children and showing happy gay characters is harmful. The initial animated film shows that Lefou loves Gaston but doesn’t focus on this. So why now the director is focusing on this gay character and the gay moment? Most probably, the director has the aim to support gays and to tell children that also gays’ love is a nice story! This is obvious since the whole film is exactly the same as the old one except for this part which the director insisted on adding gay moments.

  • Scott

    exposed to what? two men dancing together? the horror!