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Roseanne Barr Explains Why She Voted for Donald Trump

Roseanne Barr Explains Why She Voted for Donald Trump

Roseanne Barr is speaking out about her political views.

The Roseanne actress opened up about why she decided to vote for Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential election in a series of tweets.

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“4 those who wonder-back in the day when I was called a ‘liberal’ by journalists, I used to answer-’I'm not a Liberal, I’m a radical’ & I still am-I voted Trump 2 shake up the status quo & the staid establishment,” she wrote on her Twitter on Tuesday (December 26).

“When ‘Roseanne’ first went on the air in ’88, it was boycotted by women on the right who felt that fat working class opinionated moms were a disgrace 2 America. Now, it’s those same women, but they r on the left. #LeftIsTheNewRight #SameShitDifferentDay,” she added on Thursday (December 28).

“When the narrative gets too righty, run to the middle. When the narrative gets too lefty, run to the middle. HOW TO SAVE AMERICA. you’re welcome! #MiddleWay.”

See all of her tweets below.

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  • gwen

    She makes more sense than a lot of the stuff you hear on the news these days.

  • Paul Ester

    What a nutter.

  • DEADP00L

    She voted for a man who just condemned us all, our families and stolen our future. She has more days behind her than ahead of her and like her entire generation she has absolutely ZERO humanity in her. She is a psychopath who collaborated with the rot of this world who should be cursed everywhere she goes and damned for what she helped to enable.

    Karma will get her.

  • BeautifulSupreme

    Roseanne is right. The left has become symbolic of crazy hate and intolerance. Roseanne’s twitter is great.

  • Brian L.

    Trump is a plague and so are those who support him. The so-called “right” are a cancer.

    With that said, I have no faith in the so-called “left,” either.

    Frankly, both general sides are entropic.

    Both suffer from deterioration, both suffer from corruption, both contribute to social instability, and both have long exhibited a denial about it.

    The right’s just the shorter path to an unfortunate climax for societal structure. The greater of two evils, currently in charge, unfortunately.

    Also, karma doesn’t exist. If it did, Trump wouldn’t be President.

  • DEADP00L

    But it does. He is POTUS because that was karma for all the years people sat on their butts thinking ‘ politics doesn’t affect me’

  • Hockeypoc

    What an incredibly shallow reason to vote for someone. Because she doesn’t like the people who didn’t like her show. “When ‘Roseanne’ first went on the air in ’88, it was boycotted by women on the right who felt that fat working class opinionated moms were a disgrace 2 America. Now, it’s those same women, but they r on the left. #LeftIsTheNewRight #SameShitDifferentDay,” she added on Thursday (December 28).

  • Danangme

    Great job singing our national anthem you fing pig

  • Danangme

    Nothing to do with karma has everything to do with 43 million registered voters sitting on their dead azzes and not voting

  • Brian L.

    That’s still not “karma.” Karma is a bullshit way of viewing reality (even if you are saying a bit in jest here).

    I’m generally a realist. There’s no sense of “balance” to be achieved but the ones we set for ourselves.

    Nothing inherently happens for vindictive or justifying reasons. Everything is cause-and-effect. Everything takes its natural toll.

    What you’re describing is how a hell of a lot of America is self-evident with complacency, which got coupled with how a hell of a lot of America is still deplorable.

    During the Obama era (the same time I told my friends that half of America is still racist, and they scoffed), the overtones of white nationalism and bigotry became bolder than they’ve been in decades. Then Trump sounded a dog whistle to incite these attitudes even bolder.

    Also, a hell of a lot of people didn’t trust this election’s crop of candidates. Of course, Trump’s the most obvious as the least trustworthy. But a lot of folks saw this as a battle between a mediocre politician, and an orange moron.

    It also didn’t help how much media carried a false sense of confidence.
    Many people, including many Hillary supporters (and, candidly, even Trump himself) thought she had this one in the bag.

    Complacency set in as half of why Trump won. Bigotry filled in as the other half. That’s not karma. That’s just fallible human nature.

  • Brian L.

    You mean, 43 million registered not voting for Hillary? Or just at all?

    Because I’ve seen the same sentiment of animosity expressed towards folks who chose to vote for Gary or Jill.

    See, everyone’s all “go vote!” and “rock the vote” and whatnot, as if they mean, “just be involved at all.”

    Until someone else wins the election, and half the nation mourns over it. Then it’s “why’d you vote for THIS person?! You should’ve gone with ____ instead!”

    Granted, I see the issue with Trump. He’s the biggest moron we’ve ever seen, in recent memory. Horribly inept. Disastrous choice.

    But if 43 million had participated and Trump still won, you’d still be singing the same tune about how someone did (or didn’t) vote.

    Frankly, I think there was still a good chance Trump would’ve still won. Because people patted themselves on the back for voting for Obama twice, a lot of America grew this false idea of us being “post-racial.”

    Last time I checked, white people are still 66% of America. You act as if that remaining 43% were all going to vote for Hillary. You don’t know how that 43% would’ve resulted. A majority of that 43% were still white.

    And, as we’ve seen, sadly, even many white women who weren’t traditionally conservative, still chose Trump. He flat-out insulted women and still won 53% of white women.

    Whiteness won, over everything else. Nationalism won, over everything else.
    Even among many who “voted for Obama twice.”

    It’s utter hubris to think fault just lies on those who didn’t vote. They have fault here. But how about placing more blame on those who did vote?

    Because we took the inherent risk of democracy. We gambled and we lost. Worst form of government, best one we’ve got, and whatnot.

  • Kevin Byrne

    ROSEANNE IS A TRUMPER WTF, I hope she retires, no one will watch a trumpers show, I used to be a fan , no longer, cannot support a trumper!

  • Kevin Byrne

    Why would ROSEANNE vote for that moron TRUMP? I thought only idiots supported that vile appalling evil pig.

  • baruchzed

    I was surprised and disappointed to learn, Roseanne, that you have embraced the misogynist racist tRump regime. I won’t be watching your reboot.

  • C.C.


  • Sleddawg63

    Instead of writing long diatribes, maybe you should re-read and understand the post. Trump won because he mobilized the vote. A Trump voter would have driven 6 hours through a snowstorm to vote for him. Undoubtedly many DEM voters didn’t even cross the street to vote for her. Two reasons, an uninspiring campaign and the assumption she would win. Many lessons to be learned here, way too late.

  • ivan

    Good thing we are not in a totalitarian country where you vote for whom you are told to vote not whom Hollywood tells you to vote for; seems it’s the cool thing these days to say you hate Trump by the mindless. She’s a gutsy woman among the cowards there.

  • Timothy W Dalbeck

    My issue regarding those who abstained from voting isn’t the fact that Trump won, rather they’re the ones who probably screamed the loudest when he did.

  • Brian L.

    Trump won, because the participating white voters at large voted for him in droves, and it proved enough.

    He didn’t mobilize the vote. Trump didn’t win by some sort of clever strategy or meeting people were they’re at. He simply appealed to their (general) working-class white American interest…and pretty much nobody else’s.

    Trump won, just by being a white guy, standing up for the “forgotten” white people of America. It’s how he could win most of the white female vote, despite being as despicable as possible regarding women.

    He used a lifestyle/racial dog whistle, and it worked. When that’s their motivation, SURE, they’ll come out to vote in high numbers. The remnants of the “good ol’ days” lifestyles and comfort as being the (waning) white majority was at stake.

    Frankly, you’re also ignoring the numbers. Hillary won the popular vote, meaning that more people individually, voted for her. So, technically, more people DID “cross the street” to vote for her.

    In addition to lower voting turnout overall, Hillary lost the election, due to the technicality that is Electoral College vote. Trump had just enough to win, by a technicality. Otherwise, he saw a similar rate of turn-out for voting.

    This all means, you can easily say that many people didn’t cross drive through a snowstorm to vote for him, any more than those who didn’t cross the street for Hillary.

    After all, that 43 million means that nearly half of eligible U.S. voters didn’t choose ANY candidate. It’s true against both Trump and Hillary. Trump just won, by a technicality.

    Oh, and about my “long diatribes,” the beauty about writing is, it’s completely optional to read.

    If you don’t like it, either ignore it, or find issue with something I wrote, then say that you don’t like what I wrote, and address what you didn’t like.

    But don’t gripe to me about the length. I’m not interested in writing in Tweet-sized comments, just to satisfy your whim, nor anyone’s reading impatience.

    Sometimes, it takes some words to make one’s point. If you’re interested, pick something and aptly address it. If not, move along.

    Oh, and go learn what a “diatribe” is. Nothing about my comments were angry or bitter. My criticisms weren’t even that sharp. I spoke in more of a tone of observation–not bitterness. Personally, I had no dog in this political race.