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Angelica Ross Reveals What Emma Roberts Said During Apology Phone Call, Tells All in New Interview

Angelica Ross Reveals What Emma Roberts Said During Apology Phone Call, Tells All in New Interview

Angelica Ross is telling the full story of what happened on her phone call with Emma Roberts this week.

After the Pose and American Horror Story actress accused her former co-star Emma of making a transphobic comment, they spoke on the phone to clear the air.

Angelica originally made the allegation during an Instagram Live on Tuesday night (September 19) while speaking about something that happened on the AHS set. She said during the stream, “[Emma]’s just being whatever. And John is like, ‘OK, ladies, that’s enough. Let’s get back to work.’ And she then looks at me and she goes, ‘Don’t you mean lady?’ And she turns around like this and covers her mouth [with her shirt].”

Angelica took to Twitter on Wednesday afternoon (September 20) to reveal that she had a phone call with Emma after the story went viral.

Now, Angelica has revealed the full story about what Emma said on the phone call.

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“It was a bumpy conversation,” Angelica told THR in an interview published on Friday. “She apologized and she said, ‘I hate that you walked away from our experience together feeling like that. I see in hindsight what I did and how stupid that was. I’m an ally.’ I was like, ‘No, you’re not. You can’t call yourself an ally. [Allyship] is an action. You need to be real with me in this conversation. I’m being real with you. You were being messy.’ She said, ‘I hope that we can go move forward and fix this. I see you out there doing such great work out there.”"

Angelica said that she responded by saying, “Oh, so you see me? You see me talking about the anti-Blackness? Are you using your platform to amplify the work that I’m doing? No, you haven’t. So what kind of ally are you?”

She says Emma replied, “Well, OK. There’s more to be said there. I would love to support causes that you support.”

Angelica continued, “The truth of the matter is I know Emma’s got big balls. I’ve seen them on the set, so I’m not surprised that she called me. This girl is no damsel in distress, ever.”

Angelica was asked if Emma had an explanation for misgendering her on set and she said, “She goes, ‘“I was really just referring to myself.’ I said, ‘Don’t. Don’t do it.’ What happened is this: She had not allowed the makeup team to age her that much. We were supposed to be aged several years. So I knew from the makeup department about what was going on. So she comes to set and I’m like, ‘Oh, you look rested.’ And she goes, ‘John, [the director] — Angelica’s being mean!’ And he goes, ‘OK, ladies…’ And she goes, ‘Don’t you mean…lady?’”

Angelica Ross also said that Ryan Murphy accepted her pitch of doing a season of American Horror Story starring four Black women, but then ghosted her and never responded to follow-ups about the project.

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